Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Invitation for the graduation day.

Let me be frank; till date, I have not heard about graduation invitations. But when I received one from one of my ex-students, I realized what a proud moment for her it will be-the honors day.

Oh my God, how I wish I had known about graduation invitations 2 years ago when my son got his engineering degree? The graduation day-every youth’s most memorable day should be shared with parents, relatives, friends and past teachers.

When I showed the graduation invitation I received (see below) to my present students, there was a loud cheer and some talked about who they will invite on their graduation day.

Surprisingly, the next day, several of my students showed me their own hand drawn design of the future graduation day invitation.

They were childish alright but I appreciated the spirit.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Easy online resume builder.

It is heartening note my students using the Internet more productively than just playing games online or engage in useless chatting and gossiping.

One of my students studying in 10th standard showed a resume of her sister that she built online using JobSpice.

The resume was built with more useful information than any other resume built using online resume builders. The format was uncluttered and the style was sophisticated.

Composing your resume with Job Spice must be easy since you only choose the fields that you want to include. After building your resume, you can convert it into a PDF doc and get it printed.

Part time clerical jobs in Philadelpia.

What a learning experience for me exploring jobs philadelphia, a complete portal for several kinds of jobs those are available in Philadelphia and New Jersey!

My duties as an academician don’t just stop at imparting mathematics to high school students. I take it my responsibility to help them find the best courses for higher studies.

Many of my students remember me even after 4 or 5 years of higher studies and approach me again to help them locate the best jobs. This has not only given me immense pleasure of helping but also has given me lots of opportunities to learn to search for jobs for candidates with different qualifications.

I was amazed to know about the abundance of job opportunities in Philadelphia. Though, more openings are open in the sales industry, there are a few opportunities for writers and office assistants.

Hmmm... May be I should think of starting a job consultancy service.

Friday, December 25, 2009

We are not happy because of what we don't have.

Yesterday, I was taking a drive along with my friend in her new car. She was showing off the fittings and during that process, she switched on the FM radio. The car even has iPod charger that reminded me of my iPod which I didn't use in the last 4 months.

I started thinking whether I have more such gadgets that are lying unused for long.
Here they are:
Handy cam not used in 9 months
Digital Camera last saw a year ago

Then why did I buy those things? I think many will sail along with me-am I right?

We are not happy with what we have and also not happy because of what we don't have.

Better laptop, bigger TV, faster car, bigger house, more money…oh endless madness!

I remember reading a famous writer in Tamil who mentioned about his father in a weekly newspaper. He has a simple BPL colour TV, a basic mobile phone that cost only Rs.2500

Of course, he is happy because he bought things only because it made his life easy.

Food for thought?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Non-drug allergy relief medicines.

There are times we have to pat ourselves for our wisdom. My recent trip for a short stay in a forest was one such occasion. At the start of the trip, I was ridiculed because of a small tote full of allergy relief material I carried.

I know I am not allergic to anything but I thought they could provide relief to the members of the group who might be affected by totally different living conditions.

Prior experience made me take extra home made anti-allergy medicines that were devoid of any chemicals. I know how people are allergic to unexpected things. Once, a child of just 7 years had to be rushed to a hospital that was far away from our camping site and because of that, we had to abandon our stay and head back to home.

Look, my list of home made allergy relief stuff is available to anyone. Do you want it?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Memory boosting food? No!

My husband doesn't eat none of these:
• Spinach
• Broccoli
• Blueberries
• Cod
• Salmon
• Sardines
• Tuna

But still, he possesses a memory that will make his creator shy.How is that possible?

I am sure he has no knowledge about Omega 3 fatty acids enable the brain to function sharply.

When I tell him that if he wants to keep up his super human image, he has to add olive oil in his food as it said to stop older adults from losing their memory.

He flatly refused.

He doesn't practice anything; nor does he play any memory games.

I think I will have to call his brilliant memory as a gift from God.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

College reviews by students.

Yesterday, a parent of one of my students called me to inquire if I know of a website that publish reviews of universities and colleges by students studying in them.

I told him to visit StuVu a website that he should look into if he wants to choose a college for his daughter. It has published college reviews by students. Students post videos and photos of their respective colleges that are read widely by prospective students.

StuVu also has a search engine using which one can find colleges by name or can also look up for educational institutions by brwosing through various faculties.  Another search feature is one can also search for colleges by loaction.

useful for both students and parents.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Which is the best car that I should consider buying?

My hands feel like driving a car but alas, I don't have a car. After getting a car driving license, I thought my husband will at least get me an used car but he is of late discouraging me from investing in a car and he strongly feels that our investment should be diverted to building our house in a plot we bought a few years ago.

He is sensible I know but I have an irresistible urge to own a car. So, for the past 15 days, I have been looking for a secondhand Maruti car but I am shocked at their prices. Even a 9 years old Maruti 800 car costs more than 125k!

I am also confused! Which is the best car that I should consider buying? Which is the vehicle ideal for a lady?
Any suggestions?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rationalize or revolutionize-the choice is yours.

If I am given the choice, I would revolutionize and leave the result to the power of miracles. If you want miracles to happen in your life, then you have to keep aside rationalism-right? How else can you explain miracles?

As far as I am concerned, there is only one reason why most people don't see great improvements in their lives. The comfort zone-this is where people stay put and refuse to embrace changes in their lives without fully realizing that changes mean growth.

Here are the only two choice given to all of us:
* Grab the opportunities that will make a difference in your life without over analyzing rationally

* Behave rationally and ignore the inner voice that shows you doors to new life.

Tell me honestly, if you are sure of your choices made thus far in life, then, why your life is not so as desired by you? Doesn't it indicate you need to do something differently?

Do you catch my point?

Just change your life principles and you are sure to land in a life you desired.

Why don't you check this out if you want a life that is better and different than your present life? You have nothing to lose.

Revolutionary ways to attract money, love and life.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Answer all your kid's odd and unanswerable questions.

* Why do teeth fall out?
* Why don't adults have to go to school?
* How flowers have fragrances?

Can you answer these and many more such questions that you never thought of raising so far?

Every parent stares blank daily when faced with questions from their kids that we all ought to know the answers for.

I suggest all the parents (including I and my husband) to get educated online by visiting that has built up a big database of common questions and answers.

Here is a sample for you:
Q: Why is milk white?
A: Milk gets its white color from all of the different nutrients it contains.

Detailed answer is here:

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Finding small manufactured homes for rent.

After I publicly sought help to find a cheap one bedroom house for my son in Florida, several people came forward with their ideas and suggestions. Out of them, I found out a bright idea.

In fact, it was from an owner of a few manufactured homes who offered one at rent that was quite attractive. It was well within the budget of my son who actually has to stay only for 4 months or so.

When I showed the photographs of the mobile home to my son, he initially was not receptive to the idea. He then talked to a few of his colleagues who advised him to go for it considering his short stay.

He has left for Florida only 4 days ago and I am yet to hear his feedback. I expect the manufactured home will be adequate and I hope he will have a pleasant stay.

Times of India-where are you?

What if:
* Sehwag scores nearly 300 runs in less than 5 hours?
* A rocket reaches the moon in 10 days
* A lady swims across the English channel in 48 hours
* A plane flies across the U.S. in 3 hours

None of the world achievements will inspire or motivate "The Times of India" to arrange to deliver their newspaper to my new address even after 45 days of intimating them about my request to deliver their newspaper to my news address.

Emails after emails passed on, several telephone calls made to their customer care office-all just failed to move them.

My God, what a disappointing service form the largest newspaper in India!

Friday, December 04, 2009

Samsung HDTV for just $240. Great offer from

Isn’t the price tempting to buy a second HDTV? I could have decided to buy it but it is not fair on my part to ask my husband to get another Samsung HDTV. After all, we bought one and mounted it on top of a stunning rounded glass table, just 40 days ago.

Though I paid more than $200 for it, I have no regrets for buying it a little early. We had a great time watching some of the best cricket matches in the past month. seems to dare anyone to buy a Samsung HDTV at a cheaper rate. Not only there is a whopping $200 plus discount; there is free shipping thrown in.

Hmm… a great deal to pass up but…

Oh well, there will always be more super offers from

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love you Indian Cricket Team!

I am very happy. India has won the test match against SriLanka in less than 4 days and that too, it is an innings win. What a victory.

The main contributor for this victory is our little boy Sreesanth and I am very glad for him. Like Dhoni said, I hope he doesn't get carried away with his sterling bowling performance.

Ah, the Wall Dravid-man, what a knock! He is truly a batsman of fantastic skill and temperament. Time and again, he has proved that he is the most consummate batsman that India has ever produced.

I wish India maintains their winning streak in the third test match too.

I love you Indian Cricket Team! Congrats!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do you like the Twitter search facility?

Do you like the Twitter search facility? I don't like even the appearance of search page results, not to mention the actual results which don't demand a second glance.

I am a Google addict but I never failed to appreciate any online tool that has delivered more than their promise.

Sometimes, Twitter has shocked me buy delivering zero search results.

I am not exaggerating mate; here is my observation.
I searched for kumara sangakkara without any quotes in Twitter and Google.
Twitter said 'nothing found' and Google returned 352,000 pages.

And I have Tweeted about kumara sangakkara. What do you say?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Customized shipping boxes.

“I have a few shipping boxes that I can spare Mala, do you want me to send them over to you?” –my sister asked me when she came over to help me pack my things. It was easy for her to have seen my confusion; I contemplated whether to dispose off certain things due to shortage of shipping boxes.

I know even if I accepted her offer, my new house is rather small to dump a few things that I thought of giving away either freely or sell at cheap price.

I spent time over the things that are already packed neatly in the custom shipping boxes that I last bought from a few years back. Every odd shaped item sat snugly in the box that was made specifically for them.

Now I realize I should have ordered some more shipping boxes; after all I tend to move to a new house every two years!

Oh yes, I am such a nomad.

I saw a blog made with autoblogging software.

Yesterday, I met an interesting person in my office. This is not the first time I meeting an online contact but thus gentleman is found to be a net savvy person and he has a fairly good knowledge of internet marketing, blogging and wordpress.

We chatted for nearly two hours and shared our knowledge in area of blogging and blog promotion. I learnt a couple of new things from him like how a autoblogging plugin works and how you can monetize your blog with a clickbank plugin.

It was the first time, I saw a blog made with autoblogging software. (Technopati)I instantly liked what I saw-the template, the placement of Google AdSense etc. But I am not at all impressed with the content pulled in by the plugin.

If you have a blog made with autoblogging software, can you please share your experience about it?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The future of business order fulfillment.

The concept of call center also known as fulfillment service has been seeing quite a lot of development, both in terms of technology and service. Even small business houses are successfully utilizing the fulfillment services offered by quality driven call center services.

But I always wondered how the outsourcing companies train their customer service personnel as and when a product or service they undertake from corporate enterprises.

Another very important service aspect that is widely appreciated is the way the fulfillment service providers get the feedback from the consumers whom they have serviced. Sometimes, I used to get a call from the call centers just five minutes after I have been attended to.

With both the product and service fulfillment services are being hired by almost every businessman, there is bound to be a stiff competition among the service providers leading to top quality client service.
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184 Google AdSense alternatives.

Yesterday, one of my blogging academy's trainee inquired if I know of any good PPC website, that is an alternative to Google AdSense since he could not participate anymore in Google AdSense.

I know of several companies that offer PPC revenue but none could match the potentiality of AdSense-right?

I did try out Bidvertiser once but quickly disassociated me from it. It was such a waste of effort.

I suggested to my friend, Linkworth, a company I respect from whom I get occasional links to place for money. But I have not tried their PPC ad network.

Here is a list of Google AdSense alternatives that I read in Hub Pages. I think this list contains not only PPC but also CPm and CPA based ad revenue programs; so you can't really call it as an alternative to adsense.

  1. Absolute Agency
  2. AcceleratorMedia
  3. ad pepper media
  4. adagency1 *
  5. AdBrite *
  6. Adconian
  7. AdDynamix
  8. ADEngage
  9. Adgenta QAds
  10. adgridwork
  11. Adicate
  12. Adify
  13. AdJungle
  14. Adknowledge *
  15. AdlandPro
  16. Adlink Media
  17. AdMentum
  18. AdMob
  19. AdOrigin
  20. Adperk
  21. Ads-Click
  22. ADSDAQ Ad Exchange
  23. adsmarket
  24. AdSmart
  25. adtechnica
  27. AdToll
  29. Advertlets
  30. AdVolcano *
  31. AffiliateFuel
  32. AffiliateFuture *
  33. Agendize
  34. AmaSensAds
  35. Amazon
  36. Ampira Media
  37. Anastasia International
  38. Auction Ads *
  39. AVN Ads *
  40. Axill
  41. AzoogleAds
  42. Bannerconnect
  43. BannerSpace
  44. BardzoMedia
  45. BClick
  46. Bidvertiser
  48. Black Label Ads *
  49. BlinkAccess
  50. BlogAds
  51. BlogKits
  52. BlueFN *
  53. BlueLithium
  54. BurstMedia *
  55. BusinessLinked
  56. buyat
  57. Casale Media
  58. CBprosense
  59. Chitika *
  60. Claxon *
  61. Click2Sell
  62. ClickBank
  63. Clickbooth
  64. Clickhype
  65. Clicksor *
  66. clickXchange
  67. clixGalore
  68. CNet Shopper
  69. Commission Junction
  70. Commission Monster
  71. Copernic Media
  72. CoverClicks *
  73. CPX Interactive
  74. CrispAds *
  75. CyberBounty
  76. DarkBlue
  77. Dragon Media Online
  78. easyAd
  79. eBay AdContext
  80. eClickZ
  81. Enhance Interactive
  82. Enikos
  83. eType Europe
  84. eType USA
  85. exoClick
  86. ExpoActive
  87. Fair Ads Network
  88. Federated Media
  89. FindItQuick
  90. FineClicks
  91. FluxAds
  92. Gokita
  93. Gorilla Nation
  94. Her Agency
  95. HispanoClick
  96. Hyperbidder
  97. IncentaClick*
  98. IndustryBrains
  99. InterClick
  100. Integri
  101. Interevco
  102. JoeTec
  103. Komli
  104. Kanoodle
  105. Kontera
  106. Kowabunga!
  107. LinkBliss
  108. LinkLike
  109. LinkShareAds *
  110. LinkWorth
  111. MaxBounty
  112. MetaReward
  113. Microsoft adCenter
  114. Mirago *
  115. MIVA *
  116. MochiAds
  117. Money4Banners
  118. MoreNiche
  119. MVAV Media
  120. NeverblueAds
  121. Nixxie *
  122. Nuffnang
  123. OneMonkey
  124. Opt-Media
  125. Oridian *
  126. Oxado *
  127. PayDotCom
  128. PayPerPost
  129. PayPopUp
  130. PerformancingAds
  131. Pheedo
  132. Phorm
  133. PointRoll
  134. PopUpTraffic
  135. Premium Network
  136. PrimaryAds
  137. ProfitCenter
  138. Project Wonderful
  139. PubMatic
  140. Pulse 360
  141. Quigo AdSonar
  142. QuinStreet
  143. Real Media *
  144. RealCast Media
  145. RealTechNetwork
  146. Revenue Science
  148. RevenuePILOT *
  149. ReviewMe
  150. RevoClix
  151. Right Media Exchange
  152. Robert Sherman Company
  153. ROI Rocket
  154. Rydium *
  155. ScribeFire
  156. Searchfeed
  157. Shareasale
  159. SpeedyAds
  160. Sponsored Reviews
  161. Strategic Affiliates
  162. Targetpoint *
  163. Text Link Ads
  164. Textads Dot Biz
  165. TextWise
  166. TNX.Net
  167. Trade Doubler
  168. Traffic Marketplace
  169. Tremor Media
  170. Tribal Fusion *
  171. TTZMedia
  172. ValidClick *
  173. ValueAd
  174. ValueClick Media *
  175. Veoda
  176. Vibrant Media SmartAds *
  177. Vizu Polls
  178. WayPointCash
  179. Web Advertising
  180. WebSponsors
  181. WhenU
  182. WidgetBucks *
  183. Yahoo Publisher Network *
  184. YesAdvertising

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Better options for health insurance.

I have been saving for the rainy day but it is just not sufficient; at least it what seems to be now from what I gathered from the doctor who just finished examining the complete health report of my husband.

The doctor’s prescriptions and more suggestions proved that the low cost health insurance of my husband is not going to meet all the expenses. I realized it is too late now to think of upgrading my health insurance policy.

Considering my husband’s age and few other conditions, the insurance broker suggested more beneficial health insurance covers but we didn’t listen and now we have to pay for our mistakes.

Since I am not getting younger, I decided to follow the insurance broker’s advice and ask for a free quote from, a better health insurance provider. They offer better options.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Will insulin really control blood glucose?

My husband started on insulin injections three days before. I feel sad for him. He is still clumsily handling the insulin pen twice a day.

His diabetes was detected 10 years before. He has been on medications almost regularly and as per doctors' advice, he changed his tablets several times till now and even the dosage was increased recently.

But nothing seemed to reduce his blood glucose level. His diet that is devoid of sugar consisted of the usual diabetics food, bland and tasteless.

Just after he started on insulin injections, he started eating slightly better.

I pray for his well being.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where to find information regarding latest mobiles?

The talk of the nation is the recent introduction of new tariff rates for mobile phone users. It seems all the leading mobile networks have started implementing the new call rate of 1 paisa per second.

I too received a call from my cell phone service provider offering the new call rates but I am yet to decide about switching over as the overall cost may end up slightly higher when compared to my existing plan.

With the new mobile call rates, there has been a spate of enticing offers from mobile phone manufacturers. To capitalize on these offers, one must visit to know the latest hot deals. Without comparing the offers from various mobile phone manufacturers, you may not grab the best deal.

Consumer mate deals with more than 20 leading mobile phone brands that include the industry leaders Nokia and Samsung. One can buy the best of mobiles after reading the latest mobile technology news and mobile buying guide published in

I too have raised some queries with consumermate’s “Ask Us’ section that is known to give highly informative answers.

There is new feature in that I have noticed. Consumers can post their feedbacks and complaints of about any product that they bought. This initiative taken by is a customer friendly move and needs to be appreciated.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention another useful feature which is not found in any of the websites that help consumers. has published all the important customer care contact information of every mobile phone manufacturers. Even the dealers from whom we purchase consumer durables won’t furnish us all the customer care contact details.

Thank you

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exotic coconut bay beach resort in the Caribbean.

I was shocked when my husband interrupted the conversation of small family in the hotel dining room. We did hear them talk about their wish to have their next Christmas holiday in the Caribbean but it no way concerned us.

After my husband turned back to me from them, I knew his rudeness was accepted rather kindly and with gratitude.

Sure, why not? After all, my husband just saved them several thousand rupees by giving the small family a brief introduction about st lucia resorts resorts and how they can book their luxury resort and save substantial money too.

This irresistible urge to help strangers, invariably earned my husband quite a few number of healthy relationships over the years.

Now it is my turn to gain some friendship. Do you want any assistance in planning your next holiday at a tropical paradise?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to earn money with PLR?

Who has got the guts to publish PLR content as such in their blogs in spite of hyped up assurances that Goggle will not ban you from their SERPs?

You might have read excerpts of interviews on the subject of duplicate content delivered by top IM veterans. You also would felt confident of publishing a free PLR article in your blog.

But when you are about to paste the PLR article, you would have found yourself withdraw from taking the real action.


It is most probably is your lack of knowledge of about the usability of PLR and the profits PLR content is supposed to bring.

Know the one major mistake novice marketers always make with PLR and how to avoid it!

Money with PLR

Friday, November 06, 2009

Bluray and Sachin Tendulkar.

I would regret the moment I said no to a new bluray dual layered DVD home theater system that my husband wanted to buy on my previous birthday. I still don’t know why I said no.

Yesterday, due to heavy rain, I missed watching Sachin Tendulkar’s onslaught of the Australian bowlers. The satellite TV fails whenever it rains. He scored a mammoth 175 runs that almost brought India to a highly improbable victory.

Had we bought the bluray DVD system, we could have programmed to record the entire innings to watch it today or on any other rainy day.

Yes, we can still buy the bluray DVD player but it is not every day that Sachin play such a fantastic innings!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What can a web hosting tutorial do for me?

See, even after I own 17 web sites, I am still not familiar with the control panel (cpanel) operation and of its various tools and tracking measures.

I do still manage to manipulate some of the cpanel features, I am not confident enough to know:

*How to use Webmail from within CPanel
*How to trace an email address in CPanel
*How to create a subdomain in CPanel

In my general web directory, there is a listing from which provides detail lessons for cpanel tutorial, web hosting tutorial and web hosting video tutorial.

Spread the word please.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Medical travel as an option to cut the medical expenses.

A Canadian Indian offered his immense gratitude to the Indian people before he left for Canada with a new knee. He came to India on a medical travel plan to set right his right knee that required urgent attention.

This person is one of the hundreds of people living abroad that come to India as a medical tourist to take advantage of cheaper medical expenses and experience the kindness of Indian doctors and nurses.

India, of late has been attracting plenty of medical tourists and most of them come here for eye care mainly.

I foresee the major tour operators in India start organizing medical travel packages soon. This is a good sign for Indian economy and can also stop Indian doctors’ brain drain to some extent.

How to be funny?

I have been reading some of the old Tamil literature that were written with punch of humor and they are all funny and entertaining. I wish I have that skill. How nice it will be to have international readers for your writing full of humor!

Master wit Max Matterson has worked in the comedy world for the past 20 years. He's the co-author of "Comedy Writing Secrets" and trained many of the big late night show hosts.

He knows EXACTLY how to train ANYONE to become super-witty in just minutes. Matterson claims there are just a series of simple rules that ANYONE can follow to become hilariously funny!

Do YOU want to discover his COMEDY SECRETS?

Max shares EVERYTHING with you -- and GUARANTEES that your new-found funny skills will ROCKET your business and social life. In fact he'll buy back the course if you're not absolutely THRILLED!

How to be funny?

Friday, October 30, 2009

The advantage of Bamboo mattress.

The offer for a new Memory Foam mattress is difficult to pass by. I know our present mattresses and foam pillows will serve my family for at least one more year.

But the offer from is really enticing. Their 120 nights free trial backed by best price guarantee may not come again.

I always wanted the big sized Bamboo Memory Foam mattress for its natural bacterial protection. At the time of my last purchase of mattresses, I didn’t have enough money.

Now, shall I buy it now itself and do I wait for one more year?

My husband thought it over for some time and finally told me to first go for the 120 nights free trial.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Factors to consider while taking term life insurance.

First time insurance policy takers should know that taking a wrong policy can be harmful financially. I know this from my personal experience. Recently my son has fallen victim to his own lack of knowledge. Obviously he has forgotten my advice. I told him a couple of times to choose term life insurance if an insurance agent manages to convince him to take a policy.

Insurance sales men who work for a particular company should not be our choice.

First decide on the type of policy you want
Then seek out the insurance agent that specializes in that type of insurance policy
Get his quotes
Open the web and get term life insurance online quote
Compare the quotes offered by different life insurance providers
Choose the insurance company that is rated “A”.

Just employed youth, be aware of these facts. Inform your colleagues too.

Reliance Netconnect browsing speed is 2.63 KBps.

May be I am exaggerating. The browsing speed goes down to o.62 sometimes.
It is no way near 3.1 MBps.

Look, Reliance has advertised smartly saying "Upto 3.1 MBps". But just 2.63 KBps? This is ridiculous.
The signal strength shows 4 bands out of a maximum of 5 bands.

So what it proves? It is blatantly deceitful advertising on the part of Reliance Communications. And they are giving wrong information boldly.

There are hundreds of complaints in the Internet about Reliance Netconnect. There are cries and woes every where and from everyone that has bought Reliance Netconnect-a wireless Internet.

I am yet to see one feedback that says positive about Reliance Netconnect.

We Indians-aren't we fools and cowards?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Anything new in life insurance rate?

Oh, how time flies! The passage of time is sometimes reminded by people who call on us after a long time to remind us about something.

So, yesterday, when my insurance agent called me on my mobile phone, I knew one year has passed. He keeps up his date very promptly as it concerns his income.

When I told him that I can meet him only by the first week of November , he tried to entice me with a new life insurance rate for a policy that offers surprise benefits.

I know he is serious and his intentions are always good. This is one insurance sales man who will never talk for a quick buck. That is why I am stuck with him for more than 20 years.

I relented and offered to meet him today. He will turn up in a few hours. Before that I must update my knowledge about the latest life insurance policies that are in the market.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Misleading real estate articles in newspaper.

A few weeks ago, there was an article in "Times of India" featuring a residential area called 'Nolambur'. It was featured in the real estate section.

I forgot the names of the authors (yes, there are two). I think they have not even visited the area mentioned in their articles. How else they can be so blind in heaping praise for a wretched area?

There are literally:
No roads,
No drainage,
No water supply,
No land line telephone connection
No post office
No public transportation

The garbage collection is highly erratic.
The entire is area is highly polluted.

Would the newspaper columnists dare visit Nolambur in their two wheeler?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An old hobby proves fatal.

Just Jump!Image by Sudhamshu via Flickr

It was the Balloon Boy a few days ago and now it is the banning of flying kites in Chennai that is being Tweeted by the good old Madrasis aka Chennaiites.

Don't you think the word 'Madrasi' sounds nice? Oh, yes, I am a good OLD Madrasi in the real sense, meaning I am yet to recognize the name Chennai and I am old.

So what is this kite banning?
It seems there are a few fatal accidents due to kites flying in Chennai.

Two kids died while they went chasing the kites that got loose and two 'two wheeler' riders got their throat slit by the thread of the kite.

Chennai police is contemplating the banning of kites flying within the city limits of Chennai.

Read "The Hindu" for more detail
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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spa filters for slow water inflow.

I know, the more I pay for the spa filters, the better cleaning it will be but what I am asked to pay is astronomical! I simply am not prepared to pay through my nose.

My husband placated me first and then took effort to convince me for the need to pay it up because of the poor quality of the water. The new house that we moved in only on last Sunday has a bore well and the water has high content of suspended particles (more than 1200 ppm).

We need to install a spa filter with more filtering capacity for our hot water bath tub. Also, the rate of inflow of water is slow. Considering these issues, we need to listen to the spa filter technician and heed to his advice.

Well, so be it. If I want luxuries, then I should be prepared to pay for them.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Don’t leave money on the table.

I was glad when someone approached me on a subject that I can be of real help. A total stranger who, after stumbling upon on my Twitter profile, emailed me to ask if I ever bought rare but certified coins online without even seeing the actual products on just trust.

Though I never bought rare coins from any source (I actually have some ancient but uncertified coins to sell), I know of a particular source from where I can blindly buy certified rare coins with complete faith.

Monaco Rare Coins offers vast and impressive rare coins that are carefully verified for authenticity and money value and recommended to world rare coins collectors.

As Monaco staff and advisers are members of the Professional Numismatic Guild and the American Numismatic Association, their recommendations can be treated with respect.

I passed on some more tips to the inquirer on how not to leave money on the table while buying rare coins.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don’t pay for insurance leads.

Before you buy a single life insurance lead, I feel you should know certain things which are usually overlooked by telemarketers.

In order to take full advantage of the insurance leads purchased, you must ensure that you are not paying every month to get the fresh leads.

Also, inquire before buying the insurance leads whether the leads include those who are interested in teenage life insurance and life insurance for over 50 years aged.

Do some research on the quality of insurance leads suppliers. I know of several insurance leads brokers who are just resellers. This means, you may be buying insurance leads that are already tapped by others well before you use them.

Though insurance marketing’s best resource is insurance leads, telemarketers should use only fresh leads supplied by reputed leads brokers.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Smile please.

When I started blogging about humorous video clips, stunningly beautiful images that evoke instant smile, I didn't know there is a demand for stuff like that.

In a short span of 4 months, my blog "Smile Please" has managed to get 72 subscribers. The comments have been sparse only, mostly from my friends but the subscribers are mostly strangers to me.

I have come across a few related blogs that are definitely better but I like what I am doing because I could make a few people smile. I know there are 72 eager faces that are looking forward to updated content. I do add new content approximately once in three days but this week there was nothing from me because i was busy settling down in my new home.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Irrecoverable loss!

My sister who switched over to a new weight loss pill from a recommended list of strong fat burners, called on me unannounced when I was teaching math. My God, what a transformation!

She lost so much weight in so short a time that she looked as thin as my husband. I know she has been trying to burn her fat that got accumulated on her unsolicited. She was very desperate to get back her pre-marriage frame and tried just about every other fat burner and dumped nearly 3 different exercise machines.

She asked me if I wanted her to reveal the high performance fat burner. I gave her a look that only she can understand. She apologized.

After all, weren’t my slender frame is the cause of envy for her since she started adding fat on her hips?

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Troubleshooting 101: What To Do When Your Laptop Battery Won't Charge

From time to time laptop users will experience an anomaly that's difficult to figure out. One such example is when your computer operates normally with an AC adapter, but the laptop battery will not charge. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, use this checklist to troubleshoot the problem.

1.) Check the batteries connection: First inspect the battery for signs of physical damage. Be sure to check the batteries connectors in the bay as well.

2.) Check batteries charge: Press the status button on the battery near the LEDs. If no lights display there is no charge in the battery. If all LEDs come on, the battery is fully charged. If the ac-160 battery does not light up it could be time to purchase a new one.

3.) Insert Battery: Put the laptops battery back into notebook. Push the pins until they fully lock into place. The latch should snap back when being put into the locked position.

4.) Try Your Laptops Battery in a Different Computer: If you've got a second laptop. Try switching the battery out if they are compatible. This will be a clear indicator of whether or not the really is in fact the battery that's causing the problem.

5.) Flash BIOS: By flashing the BIOS you can correct many hardware malfunctions. Click here for detailed instructions.

These are a few easy steps you can implement to test whether or not there is a problem with a laptop's battery. If you discover that there is a problem with the laptops battery there's little need for concern. These can be replaced inexpensively and don't require much technical savvy to perform.

This article is a guest post by David Sterik. David writes full-time for the laptop-battery and accessories distributor

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Poor, very poor Reliance Communications.

Today morning, I filled out an online form to inquire about Reliance Netconnect-a wireless internet service.

After a few hours, I received a call from New Delhi and the caller identified himself as a Reliance Communications executive.

After verifying my online request, he immediately wanted my credit card details. When I asked him why he wanted it, he told me it is to pay for the Reliance Netconnect.

But how can I pay in advance seeing a product? I specifically opted for "Pay on Delivery". Also, how can anyone buy a product without seeing it?

For this, he told me that I am dealing with RELIANCE. I reminded him to look into the hundreds of complaints on line about Reliance Netconnect.

But he insisted on having my credit card details which I gave him but refused to give the 3 digit CVV number. He said my credit card will be charged first and within three hours the product will be delivered. How is it possible for them to give me a product with out verifying the address proof and ID proof?

This is sheer madness!

He, without any manners, abruptly disconnected the call.

That is RELIANCE for you!

Monday, October 05, 2009

A reminder to Blue Cross members.

I am 100% sure not all Blue Cross members are aware of the Blue Advantage, a health insurance plan with cheaper premium offered to residents of North Carolina by Blue Cross Blue Shield Inc.

They offer several beneficial health insurance plans that are comprehensive. Employees, who are not offered health insurance by their employers, seek health cover offered by Blue Advantage.

This is a big money saver for Blue Cross members of North Carolina and it is reported that currently, more than 315K people have availed the health cover offered by Blue Advantage.

Blue Advantage offers health cover at a cheaper rate if all the family members come forward to take health insurance from them.

Visit the link above to ask for free insurance quotes.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

It is a positive trait to look at your best.

Do you know why San Diego Plastic Surgeons are among the busiest plastic surgeons in California?

San Diego is the second richest place in California next to Beverly Hills and some of the residents are said to be multi millionaires of America. These high end socialites that always want to look at their best seek the highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeons who have already performed thousands of beast augmentation, liposuction, face life, mascara replacement and rhinoplasty.

I once read in a beauty forum that only the women of California possess the right knowledge about breast augmentation because California is where maximum number of women undergo breast enhancement.

I guess Californian women are generally healthy and plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation only on healthy women. A few decades ago, breast augmentation is performed mostly to rectify uneven breasts and to increase the size of the breasts but it is a different scene now. The present concept of beauty is sporting smaller breasts but with an attractive shape.

San Diego plastic surgeons quickly equipped themselves to this change in concept and started serving their patients accordingly. Also the San Diego plastic surgeons are known to perform cosmetic surgeries without leaving scars.

To me, the very idea of taking care of your appearance itself is a healthy and positive trait.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Simple steps to boost Indian economy.

U Can Make A Huge Difference To The Indian Economy By Following Few Simple Steps.

Please Spare A Couple Of Minutes Here... For The Sake Of India ... Our Country.
I Got This Article From One Of My Friends, But It's True, I Can See This In Day To Day Life,

Small Example,
Before 5 Months 1 Us $ = Ind Rs 39
After 5 Months. Now It Is 1 $ = Ind Rs 49

Do You Think Us Economy Is Booming? No, But Indian Economy Is Going Down.

Our Economy Is In U'r Hands

Indian Economy Is In A Crisis. Our Country Like Many Other Asian Countries Is Undergoing A Severe Economic Crunch. Many Indian Industries Are Closing Down. The Indian Economy Is In A Crisis And If We Do Not Take Proper Steps To Control Those, We Will Be In A Critical Situation.

More Than 30000 Crore Rupees Of Foreign Exchange Are Being Siphoned Out Of Our Country On Products Such As Cosmetics, Snacks, Tea, Beverages... Etc Which Are Grown, Produced And Consumed Here.

A Cold Drink That Costs Only 70 / 80 Paisa To Produce Is Sold For Nine Rupees, And A Major Chunk Of Profits From These Are Sent Abroad. This Is A Serious Drain On Indian Economy.

We Have Nothing Against Multinational Companies, But To Protect Our Own Interests We Request Everybody To Use Indian Products Only For Next Two Years. With The Rise In Petrol Prices, If We Do Not Do This, The Rupee Will Devalue Further And We Will End Up Paying Much More For The Same Products In The Near Future.

What You Can Do About It?

1. Buy Only Products Manufactured By Wholly Indian Companies.
2. Enroll As Many People As Possible For This Cause.

Each Individual Should Become A Leader For This Awareness.

This Is The Only Way To Save Our Country From Severe Economic Crisis. You Don't Need To Give-Up Your Lifestyle. You Just Need To Choose An Alternate Product.

All Categories Of Products Are Available From Wholly Indian Companies.

List Of Products

Cold Drinks:

Use: - Lemon Juice, Fresh Fruit Juices, Chilled Lassi (Sweet Or Sour), Butter Milk, Coconut Water, Jaljeera, Enerjee, And Masala Milk...

Instead Of: -
Coca Cola, Pepsi, Limca, Mirinda, Sprite

Bathing Soap:
Use - Cinthol & Other Godrej Brands, Santoor, Wipro Shikakai, Mysore Sandal, Margo, Neem, Evita, Medimix, Ganga , Nirma Bath & Chandrika

Instead Of - Lux, Lifeboy, Rexona, Liril, Dove, Pears, Hamam, Lesancy, Camay, Palmolive

Tooth Paste: -
Use - Neem, Babool, Promise, Vico Vajradanti, Prudent, Dabur Products, Miswak, Himalya

Instead Of - Colgate, Close Up, Pepsodent, Cibaca, Forhans, Mentadent.

Tooth Brush: -
Use Prudent, Ajanta , Promise

Instead Of - Colgate, Close Up, Pepsodent, Forhans, Oral-B

Shaving Cream:
Use - Godrej, Emani

Instead Of - Palmolive, Old Spice, Gillete

Use - Supermax, Topaz, Lazer, Ashoka

Instead Of - Seven-O -Clock, 365, Gillette

Talcum Powder:
Use - Santoor, Gokul, Cinthol, Wipro Baby Powder, Boroplus

Instead Of - Ponds, Old Spice, Johnson Baby Powder, Shower To Shower

Milk Powder:
Use - Indiana, Amul, Amulya

Instead Of - Anikspray, Milkana, Everyday Milk, Milkmaid.

Use - Lakme, Nirma, Velvet

Instead Of - Halo, All Clear, Nyle, Sunsilk, Head And Shoulders, Pantene

Mobile Connections:
Use - Bsnl, Rtl, Airtel

Instead Of - Hutch
Every Indian Product You Buy Makes A Big Difference. It Saves India .. Let Us Take A Firm Decision Today.

Buy Indian To Be Indian We Are Not Against Of Foreign Products. We Are Not Anti-Multinational.

We Are Trying To Save Our Nation. Every Day Is A Struggle For A Real Freedom.

We Achieved Our Independence After Losing Many Lives..
They died painfully to ensure that we live peacefully. The current trend is very threatening.

Multinationals Call It Globalisation Of Indian Economy. For Indians Like You And Me It Is Recolonisation Of India ....

The Colonist's Left India Then. But This Time They Will Make Sure They Don't Make Any Mistakes.

Who Would Like To Let A" Goose That Lays Golden Eggs" Slip Away.

Please Remember: Political Freedom Is Useless Without Economic Independence .

Russia , S.Korea , Mexico ..........The List Is Very Long!!
Let Us Learn From Their Experience And From Our History.

Let Us Do The Duty Of Every True Indian..

Finally: It's Obvious That U Can't Give Up All Of The Items Mentioned Above,
So Give Up Atleast One Item To For The Sake Of Our Country. We Would Be Sending Useless Forwards To Our Friends Daily.

Instead Please Forward This Mail To All Your Friends To Create Awareness.

"Little Drops Make A Great Ocean "

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Create A Free Online CV

Even though online interviwes are the vogue of the day, every employer expects you to submit your curriculam vitae (CV).

The format and presentation of CV has undergone a sea of change. If I look at the CVs of present day candidates, my first CV was a pure junk. These days, CVs are prepared with utmost care and even pictures and phrases are included in them. Quite an artistic expression of a self-right?

CeeVee – This website allows you to create a free online CV with great ease because of an easy to use visual interface. One can easily edit and modify their CV and even apply different themes.

Of course, you can print out your CV and even convert it into a PDF file.

Read more: CeeVee – Lets You Create A Free Online CV

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buy Amazon books at 10% discount.

Have you heard? You can now buy Amazon books at a discount of 10% on the price listed in

Don’t you think it is a deal that just simply cannot be ignored? is supposed to be the world’s cheapest marketplace for books, offers 10% off Amazon books pricing and this is going to attract hoards of customers. Already is proving to be the most sought after shopping mall online because of lowest price guarantee.

In case if you are wondering whether you need a promotion code to avail this offer, the answer is ‘NO’. No coupons or promotion codes are necessary.

This 10% discount offer on Amazon Books will not last long. I just bought “The Lost Symbol” by Dan Brown.

Google Sidewiki acts as website reviewer.

When you are viewing a website either with a purpose or accidentally, when you are impressed with its content and are contemplating to buy anything from that website, you might feel like looking at some feedback or comments that may help you decide-right?

Google has come forward to help you. It has introduced an useful tool called "Sidewiki", a side toolbar that will resolve your wish.

I am using it since yesterday and I cannot stay away from it all. It is excellent and extremely useful.

I have written article about Google Sidewiki in my Web Tools Gallery. Please take time to read it. I am sure you will like it and pass it on to your friends.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Entire Indian population thanks Government of India.

I along with the entire Indian population should thank the Government of India for its initiative taken to put some meaningful regulation in the real estate operation.

Though late, it still a welcome move. Statistics can clearly show how many thousands of Indians have been cheated to the tune of several crones by real estate developers.

Government is considering the following.
* The legislation seeks to prevent advance payments being extracted from buyers without a written sale agreement containing project time line, payment details and possession date. The promoter will not be able to cancel the sale deed unilaterally. If there is sufficient reason to do so, a notice will have to be given and the money paid will be returned with interest fixed to bank rate. The promoters would furnish a bank guarantee equal to 5% of estimated cost of projects.
* Providing A Solid Foundation
* Builders will have to register with regulator and provide details of number and size of plots, layout plan and other facilities before launching any project
* They will not be able to take any advance payment from buyer without written sale agreement mentioning project timeline, payment details and possession date
* Promoter can’t cancel sale deed unilaterally. Will have to give notice and provide entire amount with interest
* Buyers will have to be clearly told the carpet area, super area, common area and other specifications of apartments by the promoter
* If developers fail to provide services like supply of electricity, water, sewage and drainage, consumers can approach the regulator for relief Builders can’t hide ‘actual living space’

Thank you Government of India. I wish you put all this into immediate effect.

Original article: Buying home to get safer

Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 words to help you shed weight.

What are all the weight loss methods you know of?
* Walking
* Medicines
* Diet plan
* Food supplements
* Autosuggestion

My mother-in-law has several aces up her sleeve and if only she is willing to talk in public, I am sure one can see a queue in front of my house to meet her.

But who has got faith in an old woman. I don’t blame anyone. After all, a weight loss pill promises to deliver quicker results with almost nil side effects-right?

Applying the very basic commonsense and fundamental science and math, we need only to equate-rather balance the calorie taken in and calorie spent.

How do we do that?
Eat Less and Move More! (Did you count 5 words?)

Note: This appliers to all actually.

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No Internet in Chennai.

Chennai aka Madras is known as a metropolitan city in India.

But the shocking fact is the Internet connection is not available in many parts of this ancient city.

I was misled and deceived by TV ads, newspaper advertisements and announcements that broadband internet connection is just a phone call or SMS away.

There are darker sides to such advertisements.

I am planning to shift my residence and I have been trying to buy an internet connection in the new locality.

First, my existing internet service provider Airtel resolutely said 'NO' to my request for shifting the connection stating non-feasibility as the reason. But the truth is they have provided Internet broadband to a huge apartment complex just a hundred meters away from my house where I am planning to move in.

Next, I approached BSNL, a Government of India organization and they also said it is not feasible to provide broadband internet connection in that area. Their reasons are more shocking.

And this is India for you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Find the latest mobile phones in

Have you heard of a person who has never owned a computer or a mobile phone, speaking about every other brands and models of them?

This person, whom I know about since 24 years, talks about every technical feature of even HDTVs and latest laptop computers more than a trained sales executive.

Oh, yes, I know him like the back of my hand simply because he happens to be my husband.

How did he possess all the technical knowledge and market information on LCD TVs and mobile phones without ever buying anything?

He has this habit of browsing through review sites that publishes reviews of electronic gadgets. His latest addition is, a 9.9 media company promoted by enthusiastic Indian entrepreneurs.

They started reviewing various top laptop computers. Then they added LCD TVs during the last IPL cricket tournament and now, thanks to them, they have started publishing authentic information about all the top branded mobile phones.

How is helpful to consumers?

  • They have their own testing center where they test the performance of all the products they deal with. This adds to the authenticity of the information they publish about LCD TVs, laptops and mobile phones. Their test ratings are taken seriously by the prospective buyers.
  • They have this unique feature called “Ask Us’ where you can ask technical questions on the gadgets you intend to buy.
  • One can compare various models of a single brand before buying. For example, there are 48 products of Sony laptop computers. With a single click, you can browse all of them and then decide.
  • If you are still unsure, use their virtual guru to guide you to buy a laptop that will suit your needs.

Now, can you guess what my husband has been up to?

Which Ephedra free diet pill works best?

I believe not all those who are looking for authentic information on how to lose belly fat are aware of the FDA's regulation that fat burners should not contain Ephedrine, the main ingredient in all the energy boosters and appetizer suppressants.

I know this for sure because of a conversation I had with a lady recently. This lady is a big snob and she assumes that she is very smart because she is knowledgeable.

I had a tough time convincing her about the Ephedra being banned by the FDA and all the weight loss pills, appetizer suppressants, calorie spenders and diet pills that now come in the market have replaced Ephedra with another chemical called Synephrine which is similar to its predecessor and this chemical is found in a fruit called bitter orange. is review site that has published reviews of Ephedrine free weight loss pills and consumers have also rated them considering several parameters.


The name of this bitter orange fruit is Zhi shi.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a gloomy prediction!

There is a full page advertisement in "The Times of India" today released by Quaker Oats.

The bold headlines read, "By 2010, 46.9 million Indians will suffer from Heart Disease".
This is the most effective way to poison our subconscious mind. I am deeply perturbed by the way a useful product is advertised. I consume Quaker Oats daily and I love the product.

I am sure there are better ways to take your product to the public. This highly negative and gloomy prediction is not a healthy practice to advertise. There are positive ways to educate people and the present Indian population is far wiser to succumb to statistics based promotion.

Oh no, this is too much folks, just too much.

I have no intention to mar any one's prestige. I sincerely hope the advertisers realize the psychological impact their advertisement might produce.

If I were to copywrite for the same ad:
"The big hearted Indians will have healthier hearts"
" Quaker Oats promises to make the heart of Indians healthier"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Online bus ticket booking through

Three days ago, I visited the K.S.R.T.C. counter in Koyambedu bus terminus. The lady behind the counter was friendly and answered all my questions patiently.

I took her advise and booked a bus ticket to Bangalore from Madras through their web site The entire booking process was smooth and bug free which itself is a surprise when compared to so many e-commerce websites in India including some of the nationalized banks and travel sites.

I already blogged about my unpleasant experience with some of the Indian websites.

I appreciate the web developers of and I thank them for providing an excellent online bus ticket booking portal.

Do you know that they published a detailed time table of their all bus routes? Very useful for all of us.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Buy cheap car accessories online.

“Opinion differs Malathy but not so much; what you are saying is weird”, shouted my husband when I offered an unsolicited opinion about the color of the floor mat he just bought from a leading online car accessories store.

My husband could be easily placated. I simply apologized for my criticism on his purchase and as a means to pacify my husband, I visited, my husband’s favorite car accessories store and bought a new skin for the steering wheel that was in contrast for the floor mat color.

But I told him that this is going to be the last purchase of any spare for the aging Toyota. It is time to dispose of the old hauler.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Buy gold from wholesale gold coins merchant.

I don’t think a money expert needs to tell us about the importance and value of investing in gold coins-right?

We all saw the newspaper a few days ago that reported new peak in gold prices. I think it is the first time that I noticed the price of gold rallied along with the stock market. It was always the other way so far. I mean, when the stock market took a dip, bullion market looked up.

Is the world population turning wiser by buying gold coins and gold bars? Isn’t that evident when the demand supply gap for gold widened and that should have been the cause for the rise of price of gold?

I recently came across a website that sells certified gold coins of various countries that includes Ethiopia! Wow!

Like majority of the people who strongly believes in bullion investing, I too have accumulated a fistful of cold coins that are easy to liquidate when compared to gold bars. I once bought this chunk of asset from a wholesale gold coins dealer.

But I request you not to disclose about my wealth to anyone. After all, some might turn jealous-eh?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

New source for laptops.

I was introduced to a new online store for laptops where I web shopped for latest laptops that offer 1 TB hard disc space. My husband wanted to know why I need 1 TB space. I told him I have plans but I refused to disclose the details.

But I didn’t buy any laptop immediately. I ignored my urge as I already promised a laptop for visually handicapped student who was once my neighbor. Laptop computer for blind people is not readily available off the shelf.

I need to buy a normal laptop from any store and look for screen access technology for the blind person who is going to receive as a gift from our math club.

This new online source for laptops also sell other electronic goods like digital camcorders, game consoles etc.

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Looking for free biology study materials?

Yesterday, I was the heroine in a math club because I have introduced to the hundreds of students and teachers who were present a new hero that can’t act in films.

It was the course hero who was the center of attraction. I informed all of them about my latest find called, an online database of hundreds of free quality study materials for college students in almost all the subjects that include Biology, mathematics, and economics and so on.

I patted myself for having thoughts of browsing through some of the Biology Homework Solutions even though my subject is mathematics. Since I have studied a little bit of biology and in fact enjoyed my time at Biology Lab, I was able to comprehend several notes in and realized they are valuable and of top quality.

Though I could not answer some of the questions of the biology teachers about Biology Lecture for college final students, I did manage somehow the students’ questions but actually ended up talking about mathematics more passionately than biology.

I strongly feel should be exposed to more colleges as it is a very useful online educational resource.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tough time with Religare.

Oh, not again but here it is again I am having a tough time with another Indian e-commerce website.

I have been an Internet entrepreneur since 1998. I have dealt with hundreds of e-commerce websites and and never faced any problem but for Indian based websites.

Right now, I am experiencing an harrowing time with

I keep trying to get into the trading screen but the server simply seem to have vanished. The response I see in my monitor, "Server not responding'.

I tried with password given, generated a new password but the screen remains adamantly silent after I keyed in my log in details. It neither says the password is accepted nor says 'wrong password.

Suddenly I see that frustrating message, , 'Server not responding'. My money is simply lying idle with Religare Securities and I don't know whether I will get some efficient technical help from them to resolve the issue.

Friday, August 28, 2009

RV on road breakdown assistance.

It is not everyday that a new recreational vehicle (rv) is being sold. They are pricey and its maintenance will create a big hole in your wallet even if you have a full rv warranty.

But, hundreds of motor homes are being rented out by celebrities, film production companies and even small families every day. I wonder whether rv rental agencies offer rv warranty to those who take rv for rent.

Another question that comes to my mind is whether such warranties on recreation vehicles cover amenities provided inside the vehicle such as air-conditioning, kitchen etc apart from breakdown.

May be I can find answers in, the sister concern of, world only RV owners online community.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zimbabwe Vs Australia test series?

:en:Shane Warne bowling to Ian Bell in the 200...Image via Wikipedia

So, what is going to be your next strategy Share Warne since your campaign for batting and bowling verbally failed to save your compatriots.?

Though I am not very happy that England has won the series, I am happy that the Aussies were beaten back and blue. None of their mind games including Warne's advise to play in other ways worked for the Australians.

I now anticipate Zimbabwe invite Australians for a full five test series. I wonder if Star Cricket will cover the series and Coke will be the sponsor.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cancun honeymoon packages-all inclusive.

“I am not interested in the statistics of the number of hotels and beach resorts in Mexico that I can choose from. I want only a hotel that gives me everything I need and of course they can charge for all at the time of booking the accommodation.”-my husband told firmly.

No, we are not planning for a second romantic cancun vacation; we have no romance left in us.

My husband promised his friend that he would use my internet knowledge to look for an all inclusive vacation package in Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico.

I hid my misgivings about a Mexican vacation and assured of my help but I told my husband it will take time to search for information.

Actually, I don’t need any time. I already have the information with me. Karisma Hotels is the best choice for an all inclusive vacation at the Riviera Maya.

Karisma Hotels offer:
Gourmet-Inclusive concept, designed especially for food connoisseurs.

Beach beds with retractable curtains

Beach Butlers

Ocean view rooms

Ultra cozy bedroom

Swim-up suites-just step out of your room into an artificial river leading to the pool.

I know of the Karisma’s five luxury resorts and my choice of them would be the Hidden Beach Resort. As the name suggests, it is secluded and that is what the romantic couple want-right?

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