Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Diamond Head Ukulele price dropped.

Diamond Head Ukulele
This is Diamond Head DU-10 Soprano Ukulele. It is now being sold at a big price drop. I suppose it may be the reason the entry level ukulele players are grabbing them fast at musicians friend.

Yes, the Diamond Head ukulele for sale at is the latest happening at the music world.

Do you know that there are eleven colors of ukulele available in the above category?

In addition, every ukulele is bundled with a gig bag that matches the color of ukulele that you choose to buy.

I saw a wonderful hanger to keep the ukulele safely at the website. See the image below. 
Ukulele hanger ukulele stand

Doesn’t it look sturdy? The rubber coated arm can be gentle on your ukulele. The price of this hanger is truly a steal considering the solid wood work.

Spread the world folks.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Free blogging platforms.

There are more free blogging platforms other than Blogger and Wordpress. Oh, I know you point out to Weebly as one of them but I assure you there are some more.

I would rate Wordpress as the best when it comes to blogging software but in its free version, you are not allowed to monetize it like

Nevertheless, for people who are not keen on earning money from their blogs, there are quite few options.

There is Wix and the traffic attractive Quora.

I recently read a blog post featuring the best of free blogging platforms. It is written neat and simple.
Do pay visit to and create a space for your thoughts and opinions.

Thursday, March 02, 2017

From where 5 star hotels procure their bathroom accessories?

I must confess that I make a big fuss of bathrooms in the hotels I stay. I can stand unclean and stained bathrooms. I expect them to be spotless. I can’t answer people’s raised eyebrows whenever I express my dissatisfaction on seeing a dirty bathroom where we all spend very little time on any given day.

As I said, I have no answer. It may be due to how I brought up. My teacher used to tell me that one can gauge one’s character by the way he maintains the bathroom in his home.

Whenever I stay in hotels, I look for:
  • shower enclosures,
  •  gleaming mixer taps,
  • screens in walk-in baths,
  • water closets with feather touch flushing,
Of course, not all hotels can boast of that high standards. Hotels in small towns these days are providing all the above than the hotels in big cities like Madras or Hyderabad.

I always make it a point to leave my feedback and insist on giving it to the housekeeping manager. Several hotels that I have appreciated for their bathroom accessories are buying only expensive bathroom fittings.

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