Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why should it be always Eagles and Maple Leaves?

My last two investments on bullion market didn’t yield the desired results but still, that was my desire only whereas the result was as expected and predicted by gold investment experts.

My husband has strictly instructed me to keep buying gold coins whenever there is a slump in the gold bullion market price. Even when there was a boom in the oil market, he advised me strongly against investing in it or in any other commodity.

What would a typically obedient Indian wife do but to curb her instincts and obey the lord of the house?

But again, like all other ladies, I too stood to gain by not exercising my freedom. After all, the lord of my house has been proving his wisdom in financial matters of my house.

The one thing that I want to add to my collection of gold coins (hey, I have only a fistful; don’t imagine otherwise) is Chinese Gold Panda, that is sold slightly higher than the other gold coins.

Why should it be always Eagles and Maple Leaves?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Health symptoms search engine.

What is the use of writing hundreds of articles on various health and beauty related issues when I can't be useful to people who ask me questions on various symptoms that are very common to all of us?

Searching for relevant information for a symptom related to health or beauty is absolutely time consuming.

I wished there is a search engine exclusively for symptoms and today, has directed me to such that-a symptoms search engine called Med Help.

This came just when I was trying to find information about the cause and treatment for blood in the urine which seems to affect people of all class.

Bloody urine is called hematuria and this a common occurrence in women.

Med Help is beautifully designed with top notch, authentic information. The site is visited by 8 million people monthly.

Visit Med Help's symptom search by visting this URL:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What do you know about lipozene?

I read product reviews but I don’t take them seriously to the letter. Tell me honestly, haven’t you read reviews of a particular product that differed.

For example, I just compiled a list of websites that published lipozene reviews and read some of them. There are distinct difference of opinions and feedback.

I agree there may a semblance of truth and sincerity in them but don’t they all confuse us?

Not all weight loss pills are suitable for every obese person. Their other body conditions might influence the medications either way and one is naturally inclined to give his feedback based on his experience.

So what is the solution?

Read the reviews, gather facts and finally consult your doctor too.

Songs in Vijay's films.

"Kadukiniya kuthu padalgal"-this is how a cine critic described about the songs in Vijay's latest film 'Vettaikkaran'.

Kadukiniya kuthu padalgal means pleasant songs. What a description! How can you say pleasant to hear the kuthu padalgal? They are all too loud and to me, there is really no music in them.

Every song is the same and shot in the same way.

I am a big fan of Vijay's boyish looks but I certainly go out of the cinema hall during song scenes. I fail to understand why Vijay's is so obsessed with these type music! It is time that he collects feedbacks from his fans.

Yeah, yeah, I hear you, "taste differs madam". And I truly agree.

Big list of free web directories.

When I was asked to use one free seo software to boost this blog’s search engine rankings, I didn’t show much interest because of lack of time. So, I dumped the link in the cold storage only to retrieve it back yesterday on second thoughts.

When I opened the link in my browser, I was surprised to realize the usefulness of the website. It offers huge list of free and paid web directories where we can submit our blogs to gain one way backlinks.

On a quick glance over the list, I found out that my directory is missing in the list. I was able to suggest to to include my directory in the list.

Directory submission is a must for every bloggers to increase link popularity. The task is definitely monotonous but still, it has to be done.

Free mathematics e-book for high school students.

Who can tolerate the banal syllabus of high school mathematics? Even Einstein would have admired our present day school students for their endurance power.

I have always wished to find something interesting and new to teach my math students. That should be something that is not included in their curriculum but still, the subject should stimulate their overall math solving ability.

Today, I came across an e-book that has several interesting topics not covered in the standard high school curriculum of most countries. It is for 14 to 18 year olds who are interested in mathematics in general.

It is free and is available at

Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh no, it is too late!

How else can I feel when I saw an advertisement in a magazine about a wonder product that has female specific ingredients that is claimed as an all in one pill?

Though I was attracted by female fat burner title, I was surprised that the product called ‘Curvatrim” (isn’t the name very apt) also works against acne and works for enhancing the overall female body appearance apart from its main function of burning the fat.

See, I don’t need to reduce weight but which female will say no to anything that promises to work on the body to improve appearance?

But I have to say no. Hey, age does matter to take certain decisions-right?

As Curvatrim contains only natural ingredients, I would recommend to females who are passionate about maintaining their appearance.

Sachin, I salute you.

Man, this Tendulkar is the only cricketer that India has ever produced who is the most dedicated and talented cricketer. Probably, he is going to be voted as the most consummate cricketer in the world.

He is simply amazing; his talent, his temperament, his dedication and above all, his pride for playing for his country is not found in any other single cricketer.

We may applaud Shewag, enjoy the brutal assault f the bowlers by Yuvraj, but they can replace Sachin Tendulkar.

Look how he alone pulled India from being humiliated by scoring a defiant century when the likes of Dravid and Laxman failed to justify their reputation!

Sachin, I salute you.

Can you program your mind to cure eczema?

I noticed the part time driver whom I have appointed has eczema in his right foot. But I was very sorry when I asked him about his foot condition. He was terribly embarrassed that I noticed.

After I conveyed my apologies for my indecency, I enquired about how got it. His reply revealed that he didn’t know much about the causes for eczema but he has been treating his foot condition as per doctor’s guidance.

I asked him how long he has been driving for which he replied that he has been driving for the past 6 years. He admitted that even after 6 years, he is tensed on the road.

I think that might be the cause for eczema. I know stress is one of the causes for eczema but most of the sufferers of eczema are not aware of this fact.

Being a life coach, I gave him some mind control methods to relieve him of his nervousness. I hope he follows that

I bought my first car.

I bought my first car last week. I am learning to drive independently. I have engaged a part time driver and with his help, so far, I have driven 200 Kms! Wow! I can't express my delight!

I have fitted my car with all the accessories my son wanted. The music system has a facility to play music through USB drive and that is a big advantage. I have all the music and religious discourse by Sri. Velukkudi Krishnan in my USB drive only.

Now, I can visit all the temples happily listening to the discourses. It is my biggest desire. I am planning to visit Srirangam and Mannargudi this weekend.

The car is a Maruti Suzuki Alto black color with a/c. Will blog about my trip next week.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Which online backup service would you recommend?

Do you think there are review sites that only focus on physical products such as diet pills, acne creams and mobile phones? Even services provided by various websites are reviewed honestly and rated before publishing.

I frequently use to read reviews about online backup services, web hosting packages, online tuitions and home security services. One of my trusted sources for unbiased reviews is

They have formed a nice team of dedicated reviewers who mostly use the services first before giving their feedback and rating.

Like many bloggers, I backup my blogs using a few online backup services and I use both free and paid backup services. Though I am satisfied with those that I use, I will not risk keeping all the fruits in one basket.

Online backup is a serious matter I advise all the probloggers to take backup of their entire blogs along with images and tags/labels.

Fruitful tips to avoid headache.

Probably, I am the most benefited person when I read a blog post on useful tips to avoid headache. I think I carried the headache from my previous birth. My headache is known to just about everyone who knows me.

I used to take very strong headache pills and apply pain balms but they all work alright but only for a short while.

Then I read several tips to avoid headache and I think the my headache has finally left me. I am happy to share with you some of the tips here.
* Never watch television while lying down.
* Be free of tooth infection
* Avoid stuffy rooms.
* Don't cry
* Eat carrots.

I am ashamed!

How else can I feel when I said I don’t know about in spite of being a web entrepreneur since 1998? How I could have missed such a large job search site, probably much larger than any other jobs and career search engine however popular they may be?

The question “Do you know is the biggest job search portal in the web?” was openly asked by a participant in a bloggers’ meet.

When I checked it out, I was simply dumbfounded. It is as they claim-the world’s largest niche career opportunities. The niches are categorized into hundreds of channels for quick search.

Browse the niche networks by location as well as by the industry.
Some of the niche job categories:
Customer service

For the benefit of prospective employers, they can search the resume database.

I could go on and on about the site and still I may miss a few features. Please take time to visit this biggest niche job search site now and share your findings with your friends.

Beautiful Madras in Pongal holidays.

I never have seen my Madras so brightly lit. Yesterday, I happen to visit a few friends to show off my new car that my son bought it for me.

When I was returning, it was late in the evening. All the main roads were brilliantly lit with colored lamps. The trees were decorated with serial lamps and some of them were very innovatively lit.

The second avenue in Anna Nagar, the Mugappiar main road, Kathipara flyover, Koyambedu bus terminus-all looked beautiful.

The 4 day long Pongal festival is being celebrated in high spirits. I should have visited T.Nagar and Marina beach. They would have made a pleasant sight.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The perfect imperfection.

Do you know why my husband said ok for our marriage proposal? It is because of a fairly large pimple that was ripe red and looked like it is about to burst anytime. He liked the imperfection so much that he advised me not to treat it till the marriage is over.

My God, how embarrassed I was on the eventful day that turned to be the luckiest day in my life! It was a cultural ceremony arranged for the sake of me to meet my man. The pimple was too big to be hidden by any home made paste. The adult acne treatment (yes, I was 26 then) cream was yet to work its magic on my face.

In those days, a bride is usually surrounded by younger girls who giggle and giggle and do nothing but that. Their constant shriek made me very uncomfortable. I became more conscious of the blemish on my face.

But much to the shock and surprise of everyone, I let the acne on my face as it is (my husband insisted) till my marriage and then only started taking the acne treatment pill.

So, girls, know that sometimes acne might work in your favor.

The solar eclipse just peaked.

The sun just now is completely covered and the atmosphere is a bit eerie. It is 1.40 PM and there are no clouds but still, it is slightly dark outside as though there is a cloud cover.

It is the peak of the total solar eclipse, a rare phenomenon that is expected to happen again only in 2086.

I am hungry now and I am not supposed to eat before 3 pm and that too I must take a bath again to wash down the harmful sun rays.

After the bath, my husband has to perform a religious rite and then only sappadu(food). I watched the natural phenomenon live in the television but soon I got bored and started blogging.

I feel the festival day (mattu pongal) is slightly spoiled by the solar eclipse.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

If you lose, then you are a winner!

Losers need not always end up being branded as unsuccessful. I realized this fact when one of my students knocked on my door yesterday. I have not seen him in several weeks. When I opened the door, I could not hide my pleasure and I literally screamed in delight at his pencil thin appearance.

His obesity was an eyesore among everyone and his parents were really worried. I then suggested he use treadmill. I know of a treadmill that burns 3 times more calories than the treadmill that we see in every house.

It is called “Incline Treadmill” (see picture). This is now the hottest weight loss machine in the U.S. and it is recommended by Jillian Michaels, a famous weight loss trainer and a TV celebrity.

The price of this Incline Treadmill is also much less than the flat treadmill.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet your bedroom planner.

Certain things are bought only on recommendations-right? Things that we want to last long like furniture are better purchased at shops that are recommended by our friends and relatives who can vouch for quality of wood and craftsmanship.

I am a poor shopper when it comes to select wooden furniture. That is why we recently moved into a fully furnished bungalow. Everything we asked for such as a modern platform bed with a hinged design for more portability, king sized wardrobes to dump more unused dresses (we all do that-right?)(Smile), kitchen cabinets etc.

Sure, I could have saved money if I had bought all the modern furniture on my own but now I am a satisfied woman because I saved precious time in shopping for all of them. With no stress at all, I furnished my house with top quality wooden furniture in Italian style.

I only conveyed my preferences for headboard panels for the platform bed, color of kitchen cabinets and the real estate executive took care of the rest.

Hey, I must make a confession; I used the online interactive bedroom planner at

I am yet to throw a party for my relatives and friends.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Save money smartly without depriving yourself of any comforts.

There is an aunt of mine, now living in Australia. She is rich beyond imagination and she used all her savings to migrate to Australia a couple of years ago. Though she was only a Government employee (they earn less when compared to others), her bank balance made me and many others envy.

She used to tell everyone about how she is able to spend less on things that others pay a fortune. She always bought used gadgets, fitness equipments and electrical appliances. When she left for Australia, she gifted her used fitness equipment to me.

She jokingly said to me one day that even while buying cookies and snacks, she will ask for broken cookies and pay less. That is how smart she is and that is why, she is living in Australia.

She might sound a bit miserly but also taught others on how to save money smartly without depriving oneself of any comforts.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Mission impossible at Karisma Hotel.

My friend, who just returned from a Riviera maya family vacation, was low on confidence because her pride took a beat in Mexico.

She used to have her ways around restaurants in the hotels all over the world and get the chef divulge the secret ingredients of the food she liked.

My friend who is a well known author of rare recipes of the world prides herself with sweet talking techniques in hotel kitchens.

During her recent stay at one of the top resorts in Karisma Hotels in Riviera Maya, she happened to eat the Mexican dish ‘Fajita’. (See image) She immediately liked it so much that she ordered it for five consecutive days at the restaurant.

Her ploy was to impress the chef and somehow get the recipe from him. But, to her disappointment, the chef didn’t budge.

This mission took so much of her time that she was not able to enjoy the other luxuries offered at Azul Blue resort such as the low-carb lobsters, tequila and non-motorized water sports.

May be she can think of applying for a job at Karisma Hotels?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How to excel in algebra?

In my 12 years of experience, I have never seen such fantastic batch of students as the present batch. They seem to produce excellent work that is evident from the marks they have obtained so far in all the tests that I have conducted.

They especially have shown great improvement in algebra. Even students that I expected to be dull have surprised me with their brilliant performance.

Unable to hide her pride, one girl confided in me the reason for her better marks. She has purchased a CD named “Algebrator” that seems to teach Algebra better than me!

This girl student then recommended the algebrator to her friends and the entire lot has purchased as they are impressed with the marks of the girl who was actually marked as dull student by me.

I have visited the site and was quite impressed with what they offer. It is a big boon really for math students.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A one stop shop to buy mobile phones and laptops.

The year 2001 (if I remember right) saw the first mobile phones in India. The mobile instruments were big in size but abysmally low in communication features.

In the 8 years that followed, something phenomenal has happened.

  • Great communication features
  • Advanced user interface
  • Touch screen
  • GPRS
  • Reduction in tariff

The list can be even longer. How all this had happened? How the customers are treated as kings and how the mobile companies fall head over heals to service a street vendor who is thinking of buying a mobile phone?

There are myriad reasons and to my mind, the most prominent one is the ability to compare and shop online with the help of websites such as It is so easy and fun to compare mobile phones in and more over, one can use the “Ask Us” section to post any queries regarding any particular mobile phone model.

Just by using that facility, a prospective mobile phone buyer gets the best deals from different vendors. This facility is extended even to laptops which is a more costly affair and needs careful shopping around.

Don’t waste time searching the entire web for latest deals in Mobile Phones India. Finding the mobile phone that fits your budget or that has the right features you want is just a breeze in

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Contact me for tips to save on auto insurance.

Even before the money goes out of the bank or wallet, the word goes out. It is simply amazing how sales people of insurance companies’ smell the air. I made a few inquiries to buy a second hand car for my son.

Before taking a short nap, I have compiled the call made and data collected in a piece of paper. I was surprised to find 35 missed calls in my mobile when I woke up; and I slept for only 35 minutes!

Since none of the callers were known to me, I tentatively returned the first 3 calls. Guess what! All of them were eager to submit auto insurance quote for a car I am yet to buy.

Well, due to my prior experience, I drove hard for maximum auto insurance discount for the used car that I planned to buy. I know auto insurance agents are hard nuts to crack and they are tough negotiators when it comes to parting with some of their own commission.

After talking to half a dozen salesmen, I am yet to finalize my auto insurance deal.

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