Monday, February 25, 2013

Gulab Jamun sold in eBay!

I could not suppress my surprise when I saw that gulab jamun is now available in eBay! Welcome eBay India! You are really catering to the needs of every Indian.

I am glad eBay has thrown open its door wide open for Internet entrepreneurs. Just sign up as an affiliate of any product that you think there is a market, signup with eBay and start selling others' products for a commission.

Similar to Amazon, eBay has been beckoning entrepreneurs who always wanted to earn big money working from home. It is wise to enter the field of Internet Business as the market is ripe.

Thank you eBay.

Click the link below if you want to learn the basics of selling on eBay.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

The cutest cake ever baked.

I stumbled on to this cutest cake ever made. Man, what a color combination! What an imagination!
I saw it Pinterest. There was no link to its original source or to its recipe.

Even if a recipe was given, I would never attempt to bake such a cake. Nevertheless, I would definitely hesitate to share a piece of it with anyone except my son and my husband.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Online printing artwork software.

With the advent of extremely user friendly web to print software, the quality of commercial printing has enhanced considerably. The proof is on what we receive as product catalogues, services brochures, one page sale flyers etc while we attend events, seminars and local business exhibitions.

So much is information is packed in these printed materials and presented in a way that tends to remain in our memory for a long time. The other day, I was looking at the : web to print software from and found the entire customer friendly customization facilities both from the perspective of printers and business customers.

The two-way interactive customization facility is made possible with very well developed prepress software as it also called. I like this term ‘prepress software’ that is more apt than ‘web to print software’.

Even people like me who cringe at hearing the word ‘design’ can use their EonDesigner with ease and create online printing art work.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Ricky Ponting is smiling in relief in Australia.

I apprecaite the courage our Cricket team selectors in dropping Gambir. He is in very poor form. I have been watching the way he was getting out. It indicated that he did not know where his off stump was. He is out of confidence region. I don't think he would stage a comeback in the near future.

On the other hand, not selecting Mohammed Shammi and opting for Dinda is shocking. The whole nation, every expert commentator was full of praise for Shammi. We all heard what Gavaskar said about Dinda. Very perplexing selection.

I think Murali Vijay would continue to sit in the pavilion. I am glad for Shikar Dhawan. He would firmly shut the doors for Gambir and other contenders for the opening batsman slot.

I am more than shocked that the selectors opted for Rahane in place of Suresh Raina. He certainly deserve this shabby treatment. Very ungrateful of selectors. At least they should have roped Ambatti Rayudu in place of Rahane.

I don't think Harbajan would threaten even the number 11 Aussie batsman though I wish he create another history. Ricky Ponting is smiling in relief in Australia.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Handy BP measuring gadgets.

That the blood pressure measuring device is called sphygmomanometer is known to almost everyone but only few people (those unfortunately frequent the hospital) know that the BP measuring gadget has changed over the years. 

The most commonly used in hospitals is welch allyn sphygmomanometer that is known for its accuracy. Since it comes with a 2 year replacement warranty, it is the most preferred one by big hospitals that is always fully packed.

Individual doctors who maintain a personal hi-tech clinic in posh localities use expensive sphygmomanometer that gives consistent readings with digital display.

My husband’s BP is always normal but still he has to undergo the diagnostic procedure more often than me with a chronic low BP score.

What a contrast!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Home loan credit score.

Maintaining my credit score was my primary aim while paying the EMI promptly. I was particular about always paying the EMI on a certain date, never a day before or never a day after. Whenever the bank checks my record, the uniformity in the dates of credit would instantly attract the eyes and a good impression created.

Home loan credit score is more important than any other credit score such as personal loans and credit cards.Credit bureaus gathers information from reliable private and public sources about the debtor’s credit history or files 

Yesterday, I cleared the housing loan. It was a pre-closure by 200 months! Citing my excellent repayment pattern, I asked for some discount sheepishly. Naturally it was turned down by smiling face executive.

Interesting range of equestrian gears.

I was speechless to the question raised by a nine year old girl who accompanied for a horse racing event last Sunday. Looking at the long boot better known as half chaps worn by the jockey, she asked how such footwear are measured. Oh, let me put it this way: “What are the sizes of half chaps”. Both the foot size and the calf size have to be taken into consideration.

I admitted I don’t know but looked up in the Internet for an answer. I learnt that the measurement is taken from the ankle and up towards the upper part of the calf. Very interesting!

In addition, I learnt that these protective riding gears did not evolve much over the years except that they are now fastened with Velcro strap replacing the zip that men manipulated with certain flair. Oh yes, we all have seen it in cowboy movies in the early sixties.

I expected them to be expensive but it is not so. Most of the leading brands such as Turf Rider and Ovation cost more or less the same.

Equestrian is an interesting and exciting sport.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Moving again.

The dreaded relocation is staring at me again. I thought my home shifting woes have ended once for all when I bought my 3 bedroom apartment in 2010. Now, I am forced to move again because I sold this house to raise funds for my son's marriage.

Though I would be moving into a 3 BR apartment again, I am afraid of packing and moving. It is a lot of work in spite of hiring a mover's service. It may take a week to settle down. Fortunately, the weather is friendly and would remain so until March 15th.

I would be seeking for a few quotations from packers and movers today.