Saturday, February 28, 2009

How gold is safe guarded?

I appreciate the western and middle east countries for their treatment of gold. They considered gold as the ultimately precious thing in the world. They are the ones to quickly raise their respective country’s financial value by just dumping gold in the reserves.

While Indian’s revealed their gold’s worth by wearing as ornaments on just about every part of their body, other countries silently gobbled up gold and safe guarded it.

They completely realized that the beauty of a gold bar lies in its proven ability to diversify investments, protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power and not in decorating humans and idols.

No, of course I am not against the Indians’ treatment of gold; after all I am an Indian. But I wear no more ornaments than what I am supposed to. But I buy gold; I buy pure gold every month from Monex Deposit Company (MDC).

How shoes can reduce stress on hips!

I think $159 for a pair of shoes is on the side of luxury spending. I never spent so much on foot wear. Just because you are going to walk on treadmill doesn’t mean you have to buy the costliest shoes-right? I was under the impression that my son is afraid to spoil treadmill floor with other shoes.

My son took all the rumblings of me in his usual cool self and went out. He came back 6 hours later. Enough time has lapsed and he thought some semblance of reasonableness would have settled in me.

Then he sat down and patiently explained why he is buying a pair of MBT shoes and what could they do to his feet.

He went on like this:

MBT shoes can please your feet as it is made of seven layers of comfort.

It can improve posture, activate neglected muscles, reduces stress on hips and knees, while also toning and shaping your body.

It increases rear…..

Enough! I have heard enough! I called out to my husband, “Badri, do you want a pair of MBT shoes?”

Will a baby get tired?

The baby was only a few months old. It was small and beautiful. One of my former students came to show her baby to me that was born on December 25th. What a day!

When the crying started, I showed of my experience by telling she may be hungry. The baby's mother smiled at me knowingly and revealed an empty milk bottle.

Just then, our servant maid told me that the baby may be tired and that is the reason for crying. How stupid! How can the baby lying simply be tired?

My former student had instantly acknowledged that she rode in her car to cover the 40 KMs to reach my house. Yes! I realized. If we can get tired by traveling, why can't the baby?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How I helped a stunt man.

This is not a new fashion dress for males but a back brace worn by a man working in films as a stunt man.

My husband has several friends working in film industry in various capacities like directors, stunt men (stunt women too), actors and production assistants. Among them, one stunt man is very close to my husband.

Combate Ejemplo 3Image via wikipedia

This stunt man used to spend hours hanging from ropes as part of his work. This has caused unbearable pain to him. I suggested this back brace that also acts as a lifting belt that provides firm support to the lower back.

It has adjustable inner belt for added comfort while being lifted up. In the world of stunt men, nothing is a secret.

I attended about 32 calls that sought appointment from me. A mathematician turned orthopedist?Hello 4

I then spent hours in looking for different types of back brace for different kinds of stunt men and women.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Faith unlocks the door; your fingers too.

I could not care less for newspaper reports of house breaks in suburban areas. This doesn’t imply that I live in the heart of city; I live far away from it.

Of course I have some valuables in my house that are obviously more valuable for intruders.

No, I have not insured my properties.

I have not posted any security at my house.

My house is not wired to any fancy home security gadgets.

Still, I am not afraid to go on a long holiday locking my house behind simply because my house is break proof; it has keyless lock. Oh, I know I am building up the suspense. I enjoy it more when I break the suspense.

My house door can be unlocked only by my finger. This keyless lock technology is based on ‘Biometrics’ that is used in authentication purposes by finger prints, eye contacts and even voice recognition.

BTW, my house’s main door is not fitted with biometric lock but my bedroom cum office where the most valuable property is the DATA in my computer.

Please have a look at this keyless lock that looks very sturdy and safe. Again, it recognizes only your finger prints.

Here is another ‘never-seen-before’ type of lock that has no keys. It is called ‘Keyless Mortise Door Lock’ and it costs only $100

Again, it recognizes only your finger prints.

Here is another ‘never-seen-before’ type of lock that has no keys. It is called Keyless Mortise Door Lock and it costs only $100

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reduced size multimedia card.

You can’t declare me a total zombie when it comes to technical matters. I confess I ask too many questions about mobile phone and computer accessories. But I own a very costly and advanced laptop and Black Berry. After all, one can handle hi-tech gadgets without some technical knowledge-right?

But my husband used to remind me that math teachers lack worldly knowledge when compared to other professionals. He cites several examples and the last one was when he asked me if I wanted a Reduced Size Multimedia Card to replace my old sd flash memory card.

He knew multimedia cards are more preferred nowadays but he also knew that I don’t know the difference. I replied to him that I am satisfied with single media card.

There! Now you know why they make fun of my ignorance! Oh well, let them have their fun. I am glad to be of use.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Looking for tips on effective usage of Twitter.

I think it has become difficult live without Twitter-right? I am late to join the Twitter train and I am yet to capture its full potential because I still have my doubts over its utility to build blog traffic.

I have been saying this ever since I came to know about Twitter-the micro blogging platform that is taking the Internet community by storm.

But of late, I have been collecting various tools to make the twitter life easy and fun. When someone recommended me to read this book called Twitter Power-How to dominate your market one Tweet at a time, I decided to read feedback on it. This book is authored by the AdSense guru Joel Comm.

There are some in Amazon but I am looking at other avenues. Any tips please?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Magnanimity personified.

I want to share with you about an incident involving me and As a part of their assignment to me, I was supposed to make a comment on a Youtube video clip.

I tried about 15 times to make my comment appear on the Youtube video clip and I realized only late that Youtube entertains a personal animosity towards me. (just kidding)

I informed this to Pay2blog and requested that they need not pay me the full amount. But I did receive the full amount in spite of my email to them.

I again contacted them about the whole incident and offered to pay back the excess money received. I received a reply from them thanking me for my offer to return the excess money but allowing me to keep it also with a nice "Enjoy" note.

Isn't it nice to work with such kind people? Friends

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The cheapest shopping place in the world

"Madras" would be my reply without hesitation if anyone asks me which the cheapest place in the world for shopping is.

I am amazed at the price range for everything that is available in Madras, especially in the 'Sowcarpet' area. It is truly a bargainer's place for shopping.

My son is leaving for Hyderabad on Monday for a three month training session. He wanted a 'pull on' type luggage and he also told me where I can buy it cheaply.

I took a local train to Madras Central and from there I reached the shop by walk. I headed straight for the luggage section and I was amazed at the great range of luggage. I spotted the one I wanted and asked for its price.

I was prepared for the price and when I offered to pay nearly 25% less, the shop owner agreed though reluctantly.

I browsed the shopping mall and saw the big range of imported goods that are cheaper than elsewhere in Madras.

No wonder, Sowcarpet is the busiest shopping area in good old Madras.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Which is 'easy to exchange gift'?

Although the Valentine’s Day is all about giving, instead of giving at most pleasure to the givers, it gives headache because just about everyone find their effort in choosing the right gift a harrowing experience. People tend to get stressed and in fact panic as the day of giving is only 24 hours away.

Why don’t they just purchase a nice gift card and place the gift card in a cute envelope and insert the envelope in the bouquet of their choice? Surely this is sensible as it gives the receiver a freedom of choice to buy.

This saves the receiver of the gift from the painful act of giving away one of the pair of ear rings.

Do you read between the lines? Happy 8

Even if a gift card is not a better suggestion to you, then, just give a hug. One size fits all and it is also easy to exchange.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Gold coins on the rise.

Internet is full of surprises. It is never ending source of interesting information. I have the sharp eyes for offbeat information. And whenever I learn something new, it is invariably accompanied by another extra detail by way of an email or through a visitor that I have not met before.

Today, I learnt that Canadian coin manufacturers are making different coins. I wonder how could this be true when only Governments are authorized to mint coins.

When I dug deeper into the subject, I realized I was fed half baked information. Canadian coin manufacturers are making new kinds of cold coins as an investment.

I am no expert in coin collecting but I would wield caution in this arena. This is a big investment. One should buy gold coins only from known sources.

The best choice of hotels in Dallas.

I never knew anyone in Texas till I met Mrs. Mary online. She is a real mother in all the motherly sense and a very dependable woman that is a very trait in women.

Naturally I sought her help a few months back when an ex-student of mine went to Dallas for higher studies. I requested Mary to accommodate the girl in her house for a couple of days or help her find an affordable hotel till she looks for a shared accommodation.

Mary, as usual, did more than I expected. She scoured several Dallas Texas hotels online and arranged to book the girl at Econo Lodge, just on the outskirts of Texas.

The girl was all praise for Mary and the Econo Lodge which was comfortable and away from noise.

Econo Lodge, a Dallas hotel

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Where all the money has gone?

A photo of a match between Chennai SuperKings ...Image via Wikipedia

I was wondering where all the money had vanished and the recession set in. It is India where all the money is.
The money in truck loads can be found in:
India and to be more precise in Indian cricketing bodies.
Indian cricketers and foreign cricketers
The business people that cover the cricket matches live
The TV channels the telecast the cricket matches live

The law of nature says, if someone is pocketing money, then someone is emptying his pockets.
These are they that loses money:
You and I that pay taxes, satellite TV charges, electricity charges
The stupid sponsors that pay king's ransom to advertise sanitary napkins

Who are all benefiting:
Cricketers and cricketing bodies
TV networks
Satellite TV channels providers

And who gets the blame for the recession:
You and I for spending

What a vicious circle and how absurd all these!

If you don't get what I am speaking about, read the news on 'bidding on cricketers by IPL". It is there every where and even former India Prime Minister's poor health condition commanded an obscure space in the newspapers.
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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Ocean facing apartments at Sneads Ferry.

An aspiring blogger is getting trained by me. For his new blog topic, I suggested he prepares a list communities living around the beaches in the U.S. Beaches are favorite among Americans for the warmth and the sea food that is available always afresh. Hotels on coastal cities are fully booked and this a high traffic niche for bloggers.

My idea was accepted by the trainee and he further asked me where he can start? Without second thoughts I replied, ‘North Carolina’ because I have some relatives there and particularly I told my trainee to start of at Sneads Ferry, where my cousin took shelters in a small ocean facing house built by Wilmington NC real estate.

I too offered to help out my friend by collecting data on other NC beach communities that include Hampstead, Boiling Spring Lakes, and Holly Ridge.

I have been sought after by several bloggers on ideas for blog content. I am proving to be helpful.

Did you notice the changes in Gmail?

Did you notice the changes in Gmail today. At last, Google too has realized that some important changes have to be made in their mail.

Now, the menu buttons are looking better and more visible. Also, the long awaited folders are brought in. We used to save messages very easily in folders in Yahoo! mail. This was a glaring lack in Gmail. Today, I see I could create folders (labels in Gmail) and move messages into them.

After a long time, my inbox in Gmail looks clean and empty of 'to be stored' messages.

Thank you Google! I know you will do it.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Still printing cheap calendars?

The companies may be rich but they are poor in their choice of promotional products. I wonder why they have not realized that it is very easy these days to buy corporate gifts with great range of products available online.
Can’t they not spend just an hour in the Internet, browse through hundreds of corporate gift ideas and choose something different from the calendars that year after year they print out cheaply?
The essentials of selecting promotional products are grossly ignored by the companies purchase department. The second most important aspect of gifting by the corporate that is shown utter indifference is the packing of the gifts. Even they distribute calendars rolled and tied with just a rubber band.
My God! When they will improve and match multinational companies!

Monday, February 02, 2009

The familiar duel between Nadal and Federer.

Federer sobbed at the trophy presentation.

The familiar duel between Nadal and Federer was throroughly enjoyable yesterday. I gave myself off and luxuriously relaxed in the giant beanbag and enjoyed the battle for Australian Open Tennis.

The match lasted about 4 hours and Federer was looking obviously tired at the end. Though the match stretched to 5 sets and Federer gave a stiif fight, at times he gave in meekly. It was odd and quite unlike of Federer.

Nadal was awesome yesterday and he was indefatigable. He never lost his cool in contrast to Federer's couple of arguments. It was Nadals first win at down under and became the first Spanish man to win the Australian Open when he beat Federer by 3 sets to 2.