Monday, May 31, 2010

Good bye summer!

I woke up a bit early. After taking coffee, I entered my office and was surprised to find the room in a relative cool condition. Ah, the peak of the summer just got over.

Though, I cannot anticipate any summer shower for another week or so, I can heave a sigh of relief for having seen off the agni natchathiram.

I would say this year's summer was rather mild. Only on one day, the temperature crossed 40 degree. The cyclone Laila that spared Madras to vent his energy definitely was the prime cause for the tolerable summer.

However, I foresee less rain this year because of mild summer. Historically, that has been the observation.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Buy gold coins through ATM.

Can you believe this? We can now buy gold coins through automatic vending machines! This novel idea of selling gold coin coins and gold bars through ATMs originated from a shrewd German named Thomas Geissler.

Thomas Geissler has floated a company called ‘Gold to go’ to implement his forward thinking. His dream golden ATM was first installed in Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

I considered it as a brilliant move to install the first gold ATM in a country where investing in gold is as easy as buying a candy.

Even those who have never bought gold in their life will buy gold when they travel to Abu Dhabi, because, every traveler buys just gold bars in Abu Dhabi where one is assured buying authentic pure gold.

I invite Thomas Geissler to Madras, to install his wonder ATM that spits gold coins and gold bars. It will be exciting to watch the live action.

Image courtesy: Google Images

Friday, May 28, 2010

Irvingia gabonensis-the one solution for BP, Cholesterol and Obesity.

Ask a native African about the secrets of irvingia gabonensis and its medicinal properties and he will give you one those gentle smiles, a trademark of every native African.

For them, irvingia gabonensis is not a secret herb. They have known it for centuries. We just started exploring the African jungles and God knows what else we are going to find out.

Native Africans possess slim and taut figure, though not very tall. They regularly consume the wild bush mango fruits that contain a high percentage of soluble fiber.

Irvingia gabonensis is now being commercial cultivated with the help of western agricultural technology.

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Obesity, our most feared enemies could be treated with just this irvingia gabonensis.

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You decide how much you want to pay for your car insurance.

I do not know about the rest of the world but the American’s way of assessing vehicle insurance premium is definitely unique and very friendly to those who drive less frequently.

I read an interesting article in The article elaborates on the latest American auto insurance policy that provides a novel way to save money on annual car insurance.

Car owners who use their car less frequently and who practice safe driving will now pay less insurance premium when compared to those who use their car regularly and show indifference to speed restrictions.

A certain device is fitted into every car and it collects all the vital data and transfers them to a master computer that analyses the data and calculates the insurance premium.

I would say this innovative measure is a welcome move to conserve fuel and to save nation’s economy.

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Dish TV's customer care department.

I have paid up my monthly subscription for Dish TV satellite TV services on 12th of May. The due date was 14th May.

On 16th, I received a confirmation of having received the payment from Dish TV in my mobile.

On 26th May, I received a reminder in my mobile that my monthly subscription was on 14th and asked to pay up. It also said that I can ignore the reminder if I had paid already.

Dish TV's customer care department looks like it rarely updates the payment from customers. I take in my stride their inadequacies. I got used to such short comings.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

For your eyes only.

To me, this woman has the liveliest eyes that seem to be brimming with life. I do not think she will ever have to worry about dark circles under eye because, she seems to me the most cherubic person and she is sure to carry her cheer to her grave.

Eyes can instantly tell you about a person. Eye can exude the body vibration; eyes cannot mask the mood of the person.

Eye creams can hide the dark circles under the eyes but that is not a permanent solution. If you are a carefree person who takes the life easily, then your eyes can reflect you easygoing personality, which is the best tool to attract friends in your life.

Oh, the eyes of the woman in the image carried me away. (BTW, I do not know who it is). I just ordered a jar of Prevera, because it contains more than 30 ingredients!

Do you think I am crazy?

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Falling markets that takes a dip at every world news.

Dip, dip and dipping. Oh my God, the stock market is sliding again carrying away with it, all my money barring a few scrips (they are not found any more in the trading screen).

Indian stock market is so sensitive that it reacts to every other political and economic news in the word. But the stock market in other parts of the world will least bother about Indian economic and financial front.

The Indian stock market is positive hardly for three days in a month. Is not there a way out at all?

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New oral solution for treating adult acne.

Do you know that acne spreads at times to neck? I noticed this rare acne attack on my sister’s face and neck. She is 48 years old!

She is right now seeking an effective treatment for adult acne that can attack the acne at the root. For the first time in her life, home remedies did not cure her acne.

My sister is an old timer. She has a bag full of home remedies for acne, dark eye circles, falling hair and even eczema! I know from my experience that her miraculous pastes work without any harmful side effects.

Now, unable to get rid of her acne at this age, she is looking for a fast remedy. I promised her I would search the web and find out a suitable remedy for adult acne.

Biodermazen, an oral solution for adult acne looks promising. However, before I recommend it to my sister, I want to collect feedback from those I know personally.

Can you throw more light on Biodermazen please?

Rain, rain, come again!

The mercury is mercilessly climbing for the past two days. The heat is unbearable and especially the time between 2 PM to 4 PM is just too hot. My computer moans and hisses at the heat. There is no air-conditioning in my office.

In addition, I have too many blogging assignments. Moreover, I have to help my husband for his weekend SEO training sessions.

The weatherman has predicted hotter days for at least another 4 days. I hope that the monsoon arrives on 1st June.

However, when compared to northern India, I think I should not complain about the heat. 44 degrees was reported in Chandigarh!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to earn as a merchant account reseller.

Look who recommends to me to become a merchant account reseller, which I know it to be rewarding dotcom business!

The recommendation comes from a person who I thought lacks total internet marketing. I believe my strong criticism inspired him to learn all the tricks of internet marketing.

He has sent a detailed email on how I can earn a full time income as a merchant account reseller of his known source that pays 30% commission. This company he is referring to shares its revenue from all the sources it generates income and that include money the company earns from credit card chargeback and even payment gateway fee.

Though the compensation looks attractive, I had to decline the offer because I am already overloaded with more than seven different online ventures. In fact, I am not doing justice to my other commitments.

Are you interested to become a merchant account reseller?

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Sincere work got rewarded.

What a news! One of the trainees of my husband has been promoted as an employee by a SEO firm.

My husband imparts SEO skills to those who are interested in working from home. His training includes forum posting, social bookmarking, blog commenting and more such skills.

He does this as a service and charges a nominal amount only mainly to show some seriousness on the part of trainees. He gives a demo of a skill, gives away all the resources and tools he has compiled over the years and also informs them where they can get SEO jobs.

One of his trainees just informed my husband that the company promoted her as their employee. She was delighted.

Cheapest cure for eczema.

None in my family is affected by Eczema. Still, an email newsletter on the latest eczema treatment solutions found its way into my mailbox. I would have simply deleted the email but for the title that said, there is no cure for eczema.

Come on, I said to myself, the scientists of the world are developing extraordinary cures for every kind of fatal disease and can eczema escape their attention?

I don’t think so as eczema has been around for too long a time for doctors not to find effective remedies. One of my husband’s relatives is a qualified auyrvedic medical practitioner told me once that Neem paste acts quickly on eczema. That would be very cheap.

The link in the email took me to an eczema treatment web site. Without knowing, I was drawn to the content. The web site has published unknown (to me) information about eczema treatment methods.

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Anacondas will arrive in Madras.

The anaconda, world's largest snake and the symbol of terror in thrillers set in the Amazon jungles, will soon give dharshans in Chennai. How else can I say as I forsee thousands of people pay up and wait in long queues to have a look at Annaconda.

The several decades old Crocodile Bank is going become the home for these giant snakes.

The two juvenile anacondas from Protivin Crocodile Zoo in the Czech Republic are expected to arrive as soon as the Central Zoo Authority gives its consent to import, says Soham Mukherjee, assistant curator of the crocodile bank.

I don't think these exotic creatures will like the Madras heat. I request the concerned authorities to spare them the sufferings.

Do you know that the name 'anaconda' was derived from the Tamil world 'anaikkonda' which means having a grip over an elephant?

Amusing! But definitely a long shot.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just one bottle of diet pills please.

I laughed out loudly when I read a review of apidexin hours before. The review mentioned about the pros and cons of Apidexin.

The pros were self-explanatory. In the ‘cons’ section, it said that Apidexin bottle contained only one month’s supply and nothing else is written. How do you take this review? I took it as complementary. I assumed that Apidexin manufacturers are sure that one can achieve the desired weight loss with just one bottle of diet pills.

Unfortunately, there was no provision to leave my comments.

Frankly speaking, I would say Apidexin is the only weight loss pill that has more positive feedbacks than any other diet supplements. It is no wonder that it still maintains its number one spot in fat loss products review sites.

Image via Google Images

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Refreshing to log in after a short gap.

How refreshing it is to blog after two days off. Well, I generally plunge into the world of blogging on Mondays but yesterday was my 25th wedding anniversary. I just checked my emails and replied to some of them that demanded my immediate attention.

The wedding day itself went smoothly. We visited our favorite temple in Triplicane. We then attended a religious function of my husband's relative.

Surprisingly, we received a few gifts from unexpected sources.

Then my husband's sister sent me $110 through Moneygram and my husband's brother called up in the evening to greet us. He also gave us Rs.10,000.

Thank you God for making it a memorable day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Want an affordable e-commerce shopping cart?

A brief encounter with an aspiring internet entrepreneur turned out to be a learning experience. My pride ate humble pie in the end. I thought I know everything about online credit card processing, how a new e-commerce merchant pays huge sum to get a shopping cart integrated in his website.

This knowledgeable person enlightened me that credit card processing online need not be an expensive expenditure. He showed me how he pays just 1% of the transaction amount as credit card processing fee.

I told him that I am aware of such low fees but …. He interrupted me by literally demonstrating how he set up a shopping cart with the help of a seven year old credit processing service provider. He told me that he was once using their retail credit card swiping machines in his florist shop and was quite impressed with their secured transactions.

I thanked the internet businessperson sincerely for giving me new insights on various aspects of a secured e-commerce shopping cart.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Got some spare money to invest?

So what if gold has taken a beating in recent times? Whenever I buy gold bullion (even yesterday I bought a gold coin for my son’s birthday), I witness a slide. However, it never bothered me. After all, I have aligned myself with historians and Governments whose trust on the value of gold and silver has never wavered.

Even at this time of a bearish period in bullion market, the U.S. Gold Bureau says that there may never be a better time for buying silver bullion than right now. World demand for silver now exceeds annual production, and has every year since 1990. The U.S. Gold Bureau has gone on to say that, the above ground stockpiles of silver bullion are low, shrinking rapidly and approaching zero.

Reading the web site of U.S. Gold Bureau for a long time, I know their bullion market predictions become true though at times, it had delayed my profits but the profit was always more than expected.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Musical insurance?

There is no connection between the GEICO, the world’s biggest car insurance company that is said to serve a whopping 9 million customers and me. However, I read a car insurance review blog as and when I remember because of its news worthy content.

The latest blog post is about a unique offer from GEICO to its customers. It offers them to download ringtones for their mobile phones as a bonus!

I know what you are thinking-“who could be interested in ringtones as an incentive to buy car insurance?” You will change your opinion once you know that the ringtones are by the famous musician Charlie Daniels.

Charlie Daniels is 73 and still attracting large crowds whenever he performs. His fan club is reported to be huge and his website is stunning.

Car insurance companies of India- are you listening?

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The skies have lied to me!

Or, they just deceived me to believe that they will make me wet. I am no weather woman but the weather bureau should seriously consider me in hiring at least as a freelance weather forecasting person.

My rain prediction has an enviable record of 90% accuracy. Isn't that sufficient to hire my intuitions?

So, I was disappointed yesterday. Now it is 6.45 AM and t is another day and it is going to be really oppressive. And there is always the added woes of power failure.

Yes, it looks like there will be a thunderstorm today afternoon. Anyone with me?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Microsoft Zune MP3 players are beautiful.

I am yet to come to terms with my unreasonable behavior. I still could not understand why I showed such a resistance to pocket MP3 players.

My husband is using a Zune MP3 player (see image). My son has two different models and even my 75 years old mother-in-law has three MP3 players to listen to Tamil carnatic sons and religious discourses.

I know what you are thinking about me, “why this female said ‘no’ to this stunning MP3 player.”

I suppose I am a bit sentimental about the first portable DVD player my husband gifted about 10 years ago. It is almost dying and I am dearly clinging on it.

These oldies don’t go with the times-right?

Let me look again at this Zune MP3 player when my family goes to bed tonight. May be its features will attract me and change my stand.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oline clerical work.

Did you notice a sudden surge in online marketplaces where freelances and job providers met to transact healthy business?

Every kind of job is found posted by job providers. You can even find jobs like Tweeting and following a Tweeter!

The pay rate varies from $.010 to $10

My husband started giving training for job seekers in several areas like Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Blog Commenting and so on.

Yesterday, he trained 8 youth and charged a nominal fee of just Rs.200 ($4.5) per each skill.

Nice occupation-eh?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dual action Lipovox.

“A brook would lose its song if God removed the rocks”-I was in deep appreciation when I read this and was lingering on the poetic expression when I got a call from a telesales girl to ask me if I would want a free sample of Lipovox.

I first said no but changed my mind asked the sweet sounding girl what is new in Lipovox that she is offering a free sample. She informed that Lipovox comes with dual purpose.

It is said to burn fat more quickly and also acts on acne. It sounded odd to me. These two purposes are entirely different. People with acne mostly apply something on acne while to burn the belly fat, one consumes something orally.

The sales girl affirmed that the new Lipovox has proven results on its dual action and prodded me to try it.

I declined politely on the grounds that neither I have excess fat to bur nor I have pimples on my face.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Men, aren’t you aware of wrinkle fillers?

I am writing this blog during a train journey to my hometown. I felt the urgency to share my (well, not exactly mine) experience with three wrinkle fillers that so far I have used.

A fellow passenger, who is sitting right next to me, prodded me to blog about it. He is a TV artist and a veteran too. However, he is much younger to me. I guess I will be older by 8 years.

I know I don’t have great looks but my face-I take so much pain to keep it shining and free of wrinkles that already started bothering me for the past two years. This TV artist, unaware of my tryst with cosmetics, was all open praise for my face.

He looked so novice about womanly secrets. I felt the need to confide in him that I use wrinkle fillers regularly. Every new wrinkle cream that hits the market will usually find itself in my wardrobe within days.

I liked Lipovox very much but suddenly changed my loyalty to Dermavisu only to drop it quickly and switched over to Freezox, a dynamite of a worker on wrinkles.

This TV artist wanted me to advise aging men also to attend to their facial wrinkles without any inhibition.

What an encounter!

I am very sad.

I was not surprised to see Murali Vijay sitting with other players in the dugout. He earned the spot but I am definitely very very sad to see him there instead of playing against the Lankans.

Even the defeat at the hands of Sri Lankans didn't raise many eyebrows. Indian were definitely burnt out. In addition, most of them were technically ill equipped to play on the West Indies tracks.

The Aussies proved their all round mettle and showed excellent fighting spirit. They trounced every opponent mercilessly. While it is not easy to appreciate them, still, they deserve every win.

I am sure they will be the world champions in T20 during this week.

New natural herbs for treating acne.

--->White Willow

There is a difference of opinion about two best acne treatment ingredients called White Willow extract and tea tree oil. While the essential ingredient Salicin that cure skin infections is extracted from White Willow barks, there is no clear information about why tea tree oil in included in the formulation of anti-acne creams.

But I am glad that more and more natural ingredients replace direct chemicals in acne treatment products. If this trend continues, I am sure more and more new acne remedies will be introduced in the market.

There is no dearth of herbs that cure many kinds of maladies that human beings experience. Our ancestors were obviously much wise in detecting plants and leaves that cure every kind of disease.

Do you know that the aborigines of Australia were the first to use the leaves of tea tree to heal skin cuts and infections?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recharge your USB device anytime, anywhere.

This may be ideal solution for every one of us. It is very often that we might feel need to recharge some of our devices that are powered by USB ports.

Where to go for USB recharging while on the move?

There are mobile phone chargers installed on public places and even in some of the trains. If only there are USB chargers, many of our problems will be solved.

Here is a portable USB station that can charge two USB powered device simultaneously. It is powered by batteries.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Wedding invitation should depict your character.

We choose many things quickly and that includes dress. But, we linger a lot while choosing wedding invitations and greeting cards. I would say it speaks for our love while trying to send the right greeting card that can clearly express our feelings.
Choosing a wedding invitation is a little more time consuming as this is a one-time event (hopefully) and we want it to remain in the receivers’ memory for a long time.
For my wedding, I had to compromise with my family’s choice. My regret deepened after I saw the wedding invitation that my husband made for his friends exclusively. He later told me that he designed the layout and wrote the content himself.
In today’s world, wedding invitations are elaborately decorated with gold linings and embedded with big pictures of Gods. They must cost a fortune.
I would it prefer it simple and the content should speak of the character of the bride/groom.
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Monday, May 03, 2010

How about leading a stainless life?

I suppose we have started living more smartly. It is either because we have adapted our living style to the changing times or we are become just more careful.

See, nowadays, we are not complaining about stains on floors, walls and clothes-right? It is again, we are either careful while drinking and serving (smile) coffee, or have stopped serving coffee or tea?

Anyway, we equip ourselves with all kinds of stain removers. But, there may be several kinds of stain we are yet to come across.

I just blogged about a web site that deals with lots of stain removing tips. The site itself is launched by the University of Illinois.

Visit Web Qrios