Monday, March 31, 2008

How to write great resumes.

The duties of a teacher don't end with just taking class. The responsibility is much more than just teaching the subject.

I have to keep myself constantly updated on various aspects such as informing my students about new educational courses to study, education loans avenues, how to write an effective and appealing resume etc.

For my knowledge, I visit regularly Qoolsqool, a free and open educational resource for educators, students, and self-learners around the world.

This is a great resource for students, teachers and parents. The content is top class in this website.
An Example:
How to write and effective resume
In this article posted by Jacobt, a step by step guide to write a resume is nicely explained.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Cricket lovers betrayed.

India is playing its first test cricket match against South Africa, a few minutes drive away from my house.

But I can't watch it in my TV. I can watch cricket match between England New Zealand and Srilanka vs West Indies. I can watch some odd sports event taking place somewhere in the world.

That is India for you.

And this country's cricket officials are said to be richer than Bill gates but still they indulge in other activities and getting arrested.

Gavaskar, an influential member of the ICC, a past Indian cricketer that I like very much, is voicing his opinions rather late and is being watched in shock by all his fans.

That is India for you.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 promo coupons.

“Bye son, take care and always be in touch”-I told my son when he left for his job training. Though we are all happy that he got a very high paying job, we felt sad that we have to live without him. The house would be so empty without him.

Though he is 23 years old, he did not learn to be independent. I had to pack all his bags ensuring that all the recent purchases were safely in his suitcase. My son has accumulated a lot of promo coupons and I was happy to use all of them that saved us substantial cash.

Since his job involved a lot of research in the internet, we bought a new DSL internet access from Bell South. We were able to save $250 in this purchase alone by way of $125 cash back in addition to the $125 cash back that we received as a joining incentive.

My son required fresh set of clothes. Not that he is short of dresses but still, he wanted something new. Understandingly, he did not burden me with heavy purchase. It was so sweet of him to pick up something from clearance sales. We saved about $75 using online promo coupons.

But in spite of all the promo codes and money savings, I was sad to see him off. God bless him.

LiveOffice Hosted Exchange offers.

In a webmasters discussion forum, I read some knowledgeable questions and answers about the need for comprehensive solution to keep you in touch with your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Though the subject was beyond my comprehension, I could sense a longing for such a service. When I visited the websites of those participated in that discussion, I could see them in a big business avenue and I guessed they have quite a number of work force. It seems they are on the look out for better communication between through email.

Live Office might their need.

Live Office's Unified Messaging:

Unified messaging offers a great deal of flexibility to meet your workforce’s varying needs. You’ll save time and money and increase productivity by consolidating all forms of communication in one unified inbox with Hosted Exchange. Employees can access their email, calendar invites and contacts through Outlook, Outlook Web Access, a mobile device or even a standard telephone when Internet access is not available.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Very professional SEO services.

A SEO company that I know of proved their skill in their domain name selection,
They have been in the organic search engine optimization field since 1977 and their service areas include the following:
Professional copywriting,
Internal optimization,
External (inbound) link building,
Social networking,
Pay per click advertising
Press releases

They do this service with the sole aim of getting your website in the top position of Google, Yahoo and MSN.

I had gone through their website thoroughly which speaks volume of their experience and detail oriented information presentation.

Call them toll free 1-866-798-3862

Small business web hosting.

My husband was raising his voice to be heard by the co-passenger sitting opposite to him in the metro railway because of the outside noise. The train was going at a breakneck speed and was crowded. That was another reason for the extra noise.

The discussion was about the advantages of hosting the web sites and blogs on our own. I own one website and 11 blogs. Though I have no complaints with the existing web hosting companies, we have been contemplating to buy our own server.

We can always sell the excess space to others. There are so many college students who approach my husband seeking guidance on various aspects of a web site maintenance and internet marketing. So there is scope for earning a few extra bucks a month from our own servers.

But I remember reading somewhere in the web that many internet service providers (ISP) block traffic going to a customer's Web server. I must collect feedback on this issue.

Who knows, our web hosting company may offer stiff competition big names in the web hosting industry.

Image courtesy:Google images.

The best gold coins you can buy.

History accords gold an ancient status. Beyond history, gold has existed. But despite is pre-historic background and universal appeal, investors treat gold as only another commodity in the bullion market.

If you think on it deeply and honestly, what would be your answer for “Why we are attracted to gold”?

My answer will be the color of gold and nothing else. All the gems and stones are great companion to the color of gold. Yellow in its absolute majesty, is the most attractive color and costly when it takes the form of a metal.

As Monex keeps saying ever since I came to know them, there may never be a better time for buying gold bullion than right now because against all the upward movement of its price in the last two months, there is a slight downtrend now.

As an investment product, gold is available in coin or ingot form. Ingots are generally gold ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. You can buy in either form from Monex, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

Image courtesy:Google Images

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yuvaraj's six 6s in six balls.

I rued and rued because I slept on that historic day in South Africa when Yuvaraj Singh of India, scored 6 sixes in a row against England in the first ever Twenty20 world cup cricket tournament.

The England bowler was Stuart Broad and man, won't he remember those 6 balls for ever and I wonder will he ever find an eraser to rub the memory off his brain.

Since that, I wanted to watch the replay of those six sixes and today, I found that video clip on YouTube.

Enjoy and share it please. Thanks.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Affordable four color brochure printing.

The annual admission carnival will begin next month. My mathematics coaching academy will be completing 21 years of existence by this month end.

Every year, I will be printing a few hundred brochures that will enlighten the parents and students about my mathematics coaching center, my aims and goals, the fee structure and conduct codes etc.

Normally I will leave the job of brochure printing to my husband who has a creative head. Since we recently moved to a new place, I told my husband to order printing of business cards also.

I was recommended to look into the printing services of a professional printer by one of the parents of my students. He informed be that his company recently engaged the services of, a Ohio based company that is offering cheap brochure printing and printing of other office stationeries that include letterheads and envelopes, marketing materials like brochures, business cards and presentation folders and many more.

Myy husband and I sat together and carefully browsed through all the pages of The whole exercise was fun and easy. For my brochures, I was given various options that are:

5 different sizes

Colored front and back or black only at the back of the brochure

Coated paper and non-coated paper

5 various folding options with an instant preview facility

I will stop here writing about all other features and request you to try it out for yourself. It is all a breeze including how you select to read the proof.

All your business printing needs are met under one roof.

Environment friendly gift wrap.

One of the toughest jobs for me is not in selecting a gift for an occasion but selecting an attractive wrapper for it.

The shop keeper will show me a lot of choices. All will look attractive to me. Finally, after much scrutiny, I will decide on one. But the moment the gift is wrapped, I will have second thoughts. Does this happen to you too?

But why I have not thought of this new environment friendly gift wrapper before? Day Tipper says we can use pillow cases to wrap the gift. This idea is so good. Paper wraps invariably meet with cruel handling and find their way very quickly to the garbage basket.

But pillow cases can be useful always-right? Kudos to this idea!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Pepina Bronze Dutch Novelty Pom.

--> Pepina Bronze Novelty Pom Bronze Flower

The wind was quite strong but not cool. Well, the summer is on and I can’t expect a cool breeze after 9.00 PM.

Fighting against mosquitoes, we were on the terrace when the discussion came up on the wedding invitation that we received a couple of hours earlier through courier.

We all disagreed on one point and that is the color of the invitation. It was awesome. Whoever designed that and whoever okayed it, must have been in a sullen mood. However we all agreed on one point and it was the image of the wedding bouquet.

The bouquet consisted of a bunch of Choice Daisy and the flowers are of stunningly beautiful bronze color. A fresh bronze flower, the Choice Daisy is a spray flower that has a classic bloom with many ray petals radiating from a green center.

I read somewhere about a belief attached to this bronze flower; if a bride is hoping for pregnancy early in the marriage, ancient folklore suggests that she place a daisy in her left stocking.

Choice Daisy Bronze Flower:

I hope the wedding ceremony organizer buys the garlands made of Choice Daisy flowers or Pepina Bronze Dutch Novelty Pom for the bride and the groom from, the trustworthy online source for wholesale flowers. I am sure the garlands of unique bronze daisy would add an alluring appeal to any wedding bouquet. has been specializing in wedding flowers for almost 10 years, delivering the highest quality, fresh cut flowers directly from the flower farms in Ecuador, Colombia and other exotic locations.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photo editing made easy.

It is of course easy for others to edit photos across any sites but not for me. I am afraid to learn even. Anything to do with art, photo-I am off. On second thoughts, I think I will give it a try. Foto Flexer claims to have made my job easy. It is supposed to be the the words easiest online photo editing tool and also advanced.

But I really can't say how advanced it is because I don't know what is the basic photo editor.

Hey, this is fantastic, I could manage with it all the functions like stretch, rotate, add clip art, color the focussed area with a different color and all that.

Look at this:

Do you think you too can match my creativity?

Source inspiration:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Free online file storage by Microsoft.

Microsoft is offering us free on line file storage. If you have Hotmail account and if it is active, you can start uploading the files immediately.

Go to for this. You are given 5 GB space. You can store word documents, music files, pictures and video clips.

You can store your files exclusively for your access at anytime from anywhere in the world.
You can store and give permission to a few designated persons to access your files.
You can also store and share the files with anyone in the world.

The main advantage for this free online storage is you can do away with portable hard drives like pen drives. Also the storage is offered by none other than Microsoft which means it is safe and secure.

I have started using this space and it is just a breeze.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Free broadband in your area!

Ushering the students and asking them to take their seats in my coaching center is a task that sounds too easy to be true. Employed teachers will immediately stand by me. Let me tell you, it is a job that will test the patience of vultures.

That was how my state of mind when someone barged in without appointment and thrust in my face two sheets of paper and requested me to fill out a survey for a new high speed broadband service that is expected to launch in our area.

I was really furious with the stranger and asked him to meet my husband who knows about broadband connection. Nowadays broadband internet connection comes free with many surprises.

Even our high speed broadband internet service is provided with free landline calls. The telephone instrument is given free. We are allowed 450 free calls every month. That is a real free offer.

Free Broadband is also offered in certain areas. If you want to know whether free broadband is given in your area, go to and fill out a short form.

I heard that they offer a special plan which if you opt for, you get free broadband and free local and international calls.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Free cold coffee.

I suppose you are wondering what happened to Malathy to write about coffee in this blog. I am doing just for the sake of fun. I love doing something odd once in a way. A very humanly character-right?smile

Tell me one kitchen where some coffee that was made in the morning is found in the afternoon too. This left over coffee gets thrown down the drain mostly.

Here is a tip I read in Day Tipper on how to use this left over coffee:
"If I have coffee left over in the mornings I put it in the freezer. Later that day when I need a boost, I add some ice and the frozen coffee in my blender and make a smoothie. Much cheaper than at the smoothie bar and I can make it as strong as I like. "

Thank you tipper. I owe you one(a smoothie perhaps?). mrgreen