Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Innovative fruit holder.

Ah, what an innovative fruit holder! I love such space saving ideas, especially for kitchen and dining areas. Most of use wicker baskets to store fruits and vegetables that are sure to attract mosquitoes and even flies. Even if you cover the basket, mosquitoes know how to reach them-right?

The above fruit holder ( too would attract insects but are very ideal for star hotels that are secured from flying insects. I kike this futuristic design.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Do you love mocktails?

The one that I can never so "NO" to is mocktails. Oh, I would not say "NO" to cakes and pastries too.
Well, getting back to my first love, I am a die hard fan of colorful non-alcoholic drinks that are called mocktails which are made of a combination fruit juices and flavors.

My favorite color in drinks is cherry red. Oh, a combination of yellow, red and green would be too enticing to have a go at.
Here, look at it below!

Image from
It is a lime based mocktail.

For mocktails that look appetizing, one should use the right glasses and imaginative garnishing. Those toy umbrellas and a cut a slice of any fruit over the rim are always attractive.

I used to curate content from Pinterest. I have created a board named, "Fruit Juices, mocktails and Ice Creams". Please visit it now and see the curated content which would urge to visit several of them.