Thursday, August 30, 2012

eSchool India is my new business.

Diversification is my husband's focus. His business acumen spots good business opportunities in the niches that he is good at. As he has been an Internet marketer since 1998, he always looks for internet based business opportunities.

I thus landed on that was looking for a franchisee for Bangalore. My husband goaded me to apply for it. After giving considerable thought, I applied and was selected. I believe my educational qualification and teaching experience helped me in getting the approval.

I signed up as a franchisee of, an online teaching portal of repute. I am likely to start the operations of eSchool India (that is my new business name) in the first week of September.

I am looking forward to the challenges of online teaching.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Download your audio-books player now!

Most of us listen to audiobooks online but not all of us know about audio-books player that can be downloaded to our PC and make use of it. Among its several uses, you would like the bookmarking facility more than anything else.

Similar to bookmarks we use while reading books, Ambling Book Player offers bookmarking options for you to get back to your previous listening position. Not one but you can bookmark hundreds of listening positions, most convenient for voracious readers who start listening to various audio books.

In addition, when you download free audio books or buy audio books at discount prices, you can neatly organize and catalogue then for quick retrieval. There are more advantages of using Ambling audio book player instead using MP3 player to read audio books.

Guide to make money online using social media.

Being a problogger, I searched for an audio book that would turn out to be a guide to make money online using social media. I found one titled, “Get Rich Quick” authored by Marc Ostrofsky, well known as a domain name investor.

Want to listen to a sample of what he says?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Online singing lessons.

Want to learn singing through Internet?

Finally, the most valuable one to one teaching subject goes online. Singing tutoring has always been a one to one affair. Internet tools, web appliactions have made it possible for Patrick Degennaro, a famous singer.

He now offers professional singing lessons though Internet. To encourage new learners, he is offering the first online voice lesson free. Anyone who visits his web site can download it instantly.

Don't visualize you sitting in front of your computer and watch Patrick through SKYPE (or similar software) sing and correct your voice as you sing!

His method of teaching you to sing is entirely different. He teaches you several exercises to tap in to your in-built resonance.

Visit his web site for more details.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What is new in Propellerhead’s Reason 6?

Music software developers are very few in the world. The leader in this pack is reason 6 guitar center, the most sought after music software in the world. 

I am sure you might have been to stage music shows where all the eyes would on the leading keyboard player who produces extraordinary sound effects without the actual music instruments that are capable of producing those sounds.

How it is possible?
He buys the music software that builds and stores virtual music tracks of various instruments. The software user can then use it to produce musical tracks of guitar, drum, and violin and so on. The keyboard player can even develop a program wherein he can schedule certain music bits to play while continues to play accompanying music to the singer. 

This music software is widely used in music studios where all the music recording and mixing is done.

I hope you are getting the idea! If not, you can pay a visit to the actual music site by clicking on the link above.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Dish TV website and customer service continue to disappoint.

Are you a Dish TV subscriber? Don't you think their website is a stupid website? Its navigation is the most unfriendly in the world.
I keep updating my mobile number and it says updated successfully. To my horror, when I again check my account, the telephone number again shows wrong.

I want to change my HD package. But NO, it is not possible.
I call their customer care number. The moment I enter my VC number, it says it is INVALID!

However, their web site shows my name immediately when I enter my VC number. What a bundle on contradiction!

The status of their web site, their ill-informed customer care people remains the same even after 5 years! Last week, I wanted to gather some information and called their customer care. When I ended the call without getting anything from them, 30 minutes had gone by.

What a waste of time!

That is why I keep saying the call center service in India is a total failure and in deplorable condition.

New keyword for online tuitions.

As I am in the process of migrating to Bangalore, I have been looking for online teaching options. I sent the word around to a few of my friends. One replied that she would inquire around for etuitions options.

That did it!

It was the first time I came across the word 'etuitions' and thought it is an excellent alternative keyword for 'online tuitions'.

Do you know what! When I typed the new word 'etuitions', I was presented with a lot of options and the top among them is a franchise business opportunity for a leading etuitions company.

I have decided to apply.

Monday, August 06, 2012

How to convert a photo into a canvas print?

You can’t place a video clip of your wedding on a wall hanger-right? However, you would be pleased with yourself if you place a full size wedding photo in a prominent place on the wall. What I am driving at is no other visual presentation can replace still photographs and picture canvas prints.

If your cherished image of a person, a place or your pet is reproduced on a large canvas, it would be considered to be a treasure. However, few people can afford to hire a professional artist to get it done.

Modern visual technological improvements make it possible for all of us to upload any photo on a canvas and it is affordable too. In just three steps, you can turn your treasured photo into a canvas print that would decorate a wall for decades.

What an innovation!
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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Amethyst aids sleep.

No, I have no personal experience as I sleep very well without any external assistance. My husband knows how many times he puts off the alarm set by me.

Recently, a passionate gemologist told me that natural amethyst would make anyone sleep well. Amethyst is not expensive you know. You can buy them in jewel shops and crystal shops or even online.
Untreated, natural amethyst

Here is the fact that gets interesting and exotic too!
Apart from Amethyst, you need:
Lavender oil
Orange essential oil
Spring water
Spray bottle

It gets weirder here:
You must immerse the amethyst in spring water for one full day. After 24 hours, remove the crystal from the water and measure exactly one house of the water treated with amethyst and pour it in the spray bottle.

Add 8 drops of lavender essential oil and 3 drops of orange oil. Shake the bottle well and spray your pillow with the solution before going to bed. 

Additionally, spray the mist in front of you, too, and walk into it.

Don’t you trust me?
Read the original version here that inspired me to write with a bit of humor.
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