Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Abundance of jobs.

Contrary to the reports in the media worldwide, the job market is pretty good nowadays-isn’t it?

Now, I hear you complain but I want to tell you one thing. If you are really serious and if you possess the right attitude, there are Jobs in Hospitality industry that are for grabs. Only you should learn to look at the right place to find jobs.

I know of a reputed recruitment agency based in the U.K. and they have several offices across the U.K. They offer total recruitment solutions for job seekers in various industries.

Through, one can search for office jobs, sales jobs, engineering jobs, call center jobs and so on.

One can even be specific about the location of jobs. For example, residents of Manchester will have no problems finding Jobs In Manchester. Like that, there are jobs in Glasgow, Birmingham and other places in the U.K.

They offer more than jobs dear. You can seek their expert interview tips and they also help you build an attractive resume. This speaks for their seriousness and commitment both to the job seekers and employers.

I wish more people are aware of As a service, I am going to promote them through several online media.

Thumbs up for this diet pills review site.

The interruption through my cell phone while I was taking my class was annoying even though it came from my best friend in Virginia, U.S.A. The SMS asked me to read the email sent by him. I didn’t bother to reply but mentally asserted to read the email.

When the class was over, I opened the email and found the content was about a review site for the best diet pills in the market. I wondered why I should visit a website dealing with diet pills as I definitely don’t need them.

The site has accounted for the top 10 diet pills out of 200 plus diet pills that are in the market. The parameters for reviewing and grading included one important aspect which I have not come across in several other weight loss pills review sites. is considering the quality of the ingredients of the diet pills they are reviewing and this I feel is well thought of and is an important criterion for ranking.

I gave thumbs up sign for the site in Stumble upon.

The cybers laws that affect us all.

Many Indians that are using email are required to know about the implications of the cyber laws and can't plead 'Ignorance' anymore when their email is hacked and misused for illegal activities.

The Times of India carries an important article on this issue that should be read by all the Indian Internet users.

In the wake of recent happenings in India, this article is published because the news story of a threat for destructive activities through email. It implies that if our email is hacked and the IP address stolen for misuse by anyone, we have to prove our innocence and cannot plead ignorance.

But what about MAC (media access control)? Can that also be hacked? And what about 'E-discovery'-that allows an Internet user to ask his/her internet service provider for details of his account that is not available in India?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Packed with anti-oxidants.

I liked the interior of that A/C chair car in the train in which I traveled yesterday from Harihar to Bangalore. The seats were new and wore a good looking and red color patterned upholstery.

The train was less crowded and I could choose any seat I wanted. I took an aisle seat, settled down and ordered coffee from the first coffee vendor. While sipping the coffee, I noticed an empty plastic box that bore the name Leptovox.

Glancing at its contents, I was impressed with the list that included Barley, Wheat and Grass green tea among others.

Hmm… have some of the weight loss diet pills manufactured abroad reached the shelves Indian medical stores?

I pocketed the empty plastic bottle with some embarrassment (redface) but fortunately, the ticket examiner who saw my act decently turned away.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Think like man and shop like a woman.

After 22 years of marriage, I learnt this secret while shopping for women’s dress. After first two visits to the shopping mall, I avoided taking my husband as he was very impatient.

This proved to be an unwisely decision because, my clothes selection was not at all liked even by women. If at all my dress attracted some admiration, it is because that particular dress would have been selected by my husband.

I realized that my eyes can’t pick anything that is liked men and so I decided that I should shop like woman but think like a man. From then on, I left it to my husband’s choice for my dress requirements.

He took that responsibility seriously and started compiling plenty of style resources. He used to browse through several online fashion magazines, linger around women forums with a female username, scour the Shopwiki as they are the best online shopping mall where one can compare with thousands of brands and stores.

The only disturbing factor is he is now called on frequently by several ladies from my street. I am going to hang a card on my door that says, “Husband is busy”.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Convertible gold bullion.

Please read till the end of this blog post before you guess on what I mean by gold convertible. America’s most dependable precious metals dealer Monex offers three different forms gold bullion and one of them is a 10 ounce gold bullion bar made of finest gold that is hallmarked by Heraeus, one of the world's leading refiners, and the 800 year-old Austrian Mint, one of the world's leading minting institutions.

What is the big advantage of buying this convertible gold bullion? At a later date, when you want to dispose off half of the 10 ounce bar, Monex will gladly convert the gold bar into pure one-ounce Vienna Philharmonic gold coins with no commission at current market rates.

Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

At my suggestion, my relative bought this 10 ounce convertible gold bar three months ago from Monex but fortunately, he did not face any need to convert it till now.

A stray dog stole the shoe.

It is one of those days when nothing happens to my liking. It seems the day of frustration for me.

First, the arguing parent, next the heat, third is the power cut and now my husband demands a new pair of Adidas Trainers because a stray dog took away one of his running shoes.

Fortunately, that was very old and so anyway his demand for new trainers is justified. My son gave an unsolicited advice to his father that he should buy Nike Trainers as they last longer than Adidas. “Adidas dad, is only for boxers”-he ridiculed his dad’s choice. Oh, from where he got that notion?

But my husband is not a casual shopper. He compares several brands offered by several online stores, list out his choices, spends considerable time in deciding finally.

A cheap attitude.

I was deeply perturbed when a parent of my student argued with me about the fees. And he knows very well that my fees are the lowest.

He wanted to enroll his daughter for 10th std yesterday. I said ok but I told him that classes have been going since February and his daughter had already missed plenty of lessons. But I also assured him that I will give him some special classes to make up the loss of lessons.

When he asked how much is the fee I told him what are my charges. He could not agree because his daughter is joining only in the middle of the year. This argument of his was put forward after my assurance to make up the lost classes which I need not give anyway.

Some attitude!

Growing opportunities for trained beauticians.

Coming out of the beauty schools in illinois empty handed is almost unheard of. Graduates trained by the Regency Beauty Institute are usually grabbed by leading beauty salons, five star hotels, and film producing companies as hairstylists, manicurists, makeup artists, waxing specialists, hair color specialists, and skin care specialists.

Regency is the fastest growing beauty school in the country. Regency has expanded from two Minnesota schools in 2002 to almost 30 campuses across nine states, with continued growth underway for next year.

With such an expansion, they are sending out more number of beauticians and several of them set up their own beauty parlors. Even during their training at Regency Beauty School, students provide high-quality, discounted salon services to the public under expert faculty supervision.

For more information, visit and contact Kim Radetzki-Brosdahl
Vice President, Marketing.

Image courtesy: Google Images

Earn up to $4000 per month.

Here are some headlines like the above:
Earn $200 per day as a home typist.
Work as an online clerk and we pay you $35 per hour.

I am sure you have seen such ads in your email especially if you have subscribed to Go Freelance, a New York based company that is in the business of providing income opportunities to all provided if they are a paid member of it.

They say they connect freelancer to the employers. I remember once one of my close friend narrate his bad experience with these type of match makers. seems to offer jobs as a proof reader, freelance writer, freelance programmers and graphic designers.

I wonder whether all their promises are true and if outsiders of America also get freelance opportunities through

Any feedback?

Blogging in the dark.

I am an expert now blogging in the dark. My eyes are accustomed to see the white letters on my black keyboard in near darkness.

Yes, the darkness is very natural because it happens daily between 2.00 PM to 3.00 PM and also at other times when the Government switches off the electricity to save electricity so that the saved energy can be diverted off to more important purposes than my blogging, your napping, someone's cooking etc etc.

The outside temperature will be around 38 degree C. We have been living like an ostrich since April this year. The heat is beating on us mercilessly. The rain clouds seem to have taken extended leave of absence.

Rain, rain, come again!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Online resources for writers.

I know the demand for resources for professional as well as freelance writers. Being a freelance writer myself, I am in contact with several freelancers who keep directing me to free resources given in forums, through e-books and web links.

Here is one more from an authentic source. “Capella University makes comprehensive online academic writing center available to the public. The online university’s Online Writing Center features multi-media modules aimed at graduate level students studying in a variety of disciplines.”

The person who showed me this is a MBA graduate from Capella University. He did his health care school mba course to assist his doctor wife who has partnered with a few other specialist doctors to establish a medium range hospital in a small town in Minneapolis.

The full web release of Capella University that was attached with the email from my friend contained this announcement of Leslie Olsen, coordinator of Capella’s Writing Center.

“We decided to make this writing resource available to the general public because, first, it’s the nature of writing centers to share resources, and second, we have some unique resources to share that are a result of the collaboration among faculty, staff, and our incredible web and instructional designers.”

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

The ceiling fan with stunning design.

My prestige took a severe beating. Do you see the lamp in the picture here? It is a table lamp alright but it is something unique. It is fitted with iPod speakers and your iPod can also be charged in this beautiful pink table lamp.

When such a beauty is not noticed by anyone in my house, how do you expect me to feel?

I bought this online from my favorite mall for lamps and ceiling fans. I am not exaggerating when I say that is the best online shop for all your floor lamps, lamp shades, ceiling fans, door fittings etc.

I warn you! It is very difficult to select what you want from because they have a vast products range and you will feel like buying more than your immediate needs.

For example, see this rare ceiling fan fitted with two fans.

Do you know they have about 80 different fans that are all eye catching with great designs and colors?

But when you buy one from, be sure to shamelessly inform about it when you have a visitor.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The dug pit is about to be filled up.

The pit is dug long before it was necessary and today is the the day for it to get filled up. The world is watching over the proceedings in the Indian Parliament. Will the Government survive? I hope so because of change of allegiance of a few political parties in the last week.

Several corporate houses seemed to have come forward to support the Congress Government financially. The news papers have been reporting strange stories.

I have been watching news in Yahoo! but so far nothing is reported.

Yes, here is some news published 10 minutes ago:
"BSP staged a walkout in the Lok Sabha over alleged remarks of Railway Minister Lalu Prasad against party chief Mayawati."

I think this must be a big blow for the Congress Government.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Orlando’s golf shop.

I think I have been misled to believe that the golf courses in Ireland are the most spectacular in the world. I fed this information through email to a friend and rebuked me rather strongly. He is of the opinion that Orlando golf courses are the best in the world.

Is that so?

In my friend’s email I noted that seniors are given a special discount on green fees. Green fees-what is that? I looked up in the Internet and came to know that it is the amount of money a club charges to play the golf course. Of course it is natural that the green fee often varies depending on time of week, time of day and status of the golfer.

I suppose you are curious why I am bringing up all this when I can’t even lift a golf club? The father of one of students is filming the golf courses in Orlando. I am just helping him with his background work.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Speaking to God through loud speakers.

* Are you ill? So what, I am not bothered.
* What, you are studying for your exams and it is your future? Well, I am least bothered.
* So what you are meditating?

That will be the response you get/experience when the most dreaded month of Adi comes and the entire Tamilnadu state will be bombarded with loud cacophony of Amman devotional songs.

And do you know those songs when you hear won't give you any sense of devotion but make you shut your ears tightly.

In spite of banning of cone speakers, every street will be fitted with one and you will be rudely waken up from your sleep at 5.00 AM.

You can do any atrocities in the name of God and religion and none can touch you. That is the God men of Tamilnadu for you.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Running shoes called Asics.

Blame it on absolute ignorance; shame on me for one who has been spidering the net since 1998. How can I become such a ….?
Only a few hours before, I came to know the usefulness of Its spiders crawl the internet 24/7, eating on their way every store that they find, digest the complete information about the store and its products and then display the digested information neatly on
For example, when you search for running shoes in, it gives you results that first have some basic information on the product, and then lists out the available brands of running shoes, their types and finally the top picks.
So, with such one search, we are given all the information we need to buy without hopping over to several other web sites. For example, I came to know of a new brand of running shoes called Asics from my search at
I thought I will have some more fun and searched for iPod nano. I was presented with as many as 449 search results. is undoubtedly the best online shop one can expect.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The battle between family members.

The ground floor plan for our proposed bungalow at the foothills of the Western Ghats is almost ready. I should thank my son and my husband for their enthusiastic contribution so far. They have even declined the services of an architect.

Today, we are going to sit for a brain storming session to decide on the painting and furniture. I foresee some disapproval of my choices of patio furniture and garden furniture for which I have certain ideas.

Of course the main issue of disapproval will be over the choice of paint color but I have devised my own plan of putting forth my case with three dimensional drawings that are sure to convince the two chauvinistic males in my house.

I have decided to be firm, at least this time.

Look at this butterfly shaped patio chair and please tell me whether this will get approved by the male members of your family.

By ’30, half the world will be overweight

It is ironical that being a lean person, I am guiding obese people to shed their embarrassing fat. So how did I become some sort of an authority on Diet Pills? It is because of my exposure to the Internet while in real life, I am yet to see a weight loss pill.

I have gained sufficient knowledge about the reasons of accumulated fat and other related information and statistics.

Even today, I read in the news paper that by the year 2030, half of the world will be over weight. This is according to the research conducted at Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.

With this prediction, I foresee a rush of new diet pills in the already flooded market. This will pave way for more confusion for obese people as to which weight loss tablet is the best among the lot.

In the interest of consumers, has published information about over 200 diet pills in the market.

More engineering colleges means...

My husband's friend, a bank manager looked crest fallen when I visited his house yesterday. The reason for his dull mood was his daughter is yet to gain admission in an engineering college.

She has not secured good marks and thus she can't hope to get into any of the reputed institutions. All she can hope for is opt for a faculty that is not in high demand. Even the news that there will be more seats to grab with the addition of more than 50 engineering colleges this year in our state, did not cheer her up.

More engineering colleges means more shortage of quality academic staff. This genuine concern prevails in several campuses among students and parents.

Though the Government is yet to address this vexing issue, students pin their hopes and their parents sell their assets to meet the educational expenses.

If you are fat, blame Leptin.

Yes, I am serious. Don’t take unnecessary blame for your obesity but a point a helpless finger on the hormone called Leptin.

How people get fat? Mostly the reason is attributed to over eating. But why do they over eat? The absence of enough vitamin D in the blood interferes with the functioning of a hormone called Leptin, which signals to the brain when the stomach is full.

In other words, it is responsible for the input it gives the brain regarding energy storage and thus it indirectly regulates the appetite and metabolism.

Of course you have to still consider taking weight loss pills once you have gained unwanted fat. But here you face the biggest problem; which weight loss pills you should take.

There are hundreds of diet pills on the market that literally confuse you. What works better for someone may not be suitable for you. So, how do you choose the diet pills? is an ideal resource to know about several diet pills based on reviews by experts.

Friday, July 11, 2008

To sign or not to sign...

Bush's last wish before he leaves the White House is to get India sign the nuclear deal. The negotiations are going on for several months and it seems the deal might be through shortly after much political compromise and enmity caused by the present Government.

True, the nuclear deal will definitely not affect my daily life in any way but the long term effect might hurt India's political prestige. I am sad the the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is being cowed down by the mighty U.S.

There is a widespread resistance against this nuclear deal but the Government is able to brush aside all the negativity and looking to sign the deal.

If only the students community in India is made to know about the nuclear deal and its repercussions, then the Government will have a different issue altogether.

Stone sinks for your farmhouse.

The farmhouse that my husband’s brother has just bought is nearly 65 KMs away from my house. So, we packed plenty of snacks and Coke and left our house by 6.30 AM last Sunday.

The drive through the coastal area was breezy but still warm. It took us about 80 minutes to reach the farmhouse. The moment we reached, we were taken to the small guest house and we made tea.

Just then I noticed a double sink made of stone. It was odd and that was the first time I saw a double sink. My husband’s brother explained to me that most of he farmhouse sinks are made of stones as the neighborhood is surrounded by rocky hillocks.

The care taker of the farm brought plenty of fresh vegetables and greens. The sight of them kindled hunger in us and I took charge of preparing a light meal but used all the vegetables and greens.

A memorable and refreshing trip it was.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Can use IR mobile as a modem.

Using your infra red Nokia phone to use as a modem to connect to the Internet requires some technical guidance. And this will be very handy when you travel carrying your laptop without any broadband Internet connection.

This technology uses the ancient dial-up connection and yes, it will be slow but still useful when you have no other way to go online.

To make new Internet connection follow this steps:

1. Select Connect to the Internet. Click Next.

2. Select Set up my connection manually. Click Next.

3. Select Connect using a dial-up modem. Click Next.

4. Check the option Infrared Modem. Click Next.

5. Give a name to your ISP. Click Next.

To read more steps of 6, 7 and 8, you must visit Annis Blog Center.

Control damage by water.

At the first glance, my son mistook this instrument as a portable generator. When he drew my attention to it, I realized it is not a generator but something else.

We were in the basement of a small theater and about to enter the cinema hall when we saw this. We took a closer look and saw that it was a dehumidifier.

Seeing our interest, the janitor came forward and explained to us that
Ebac dehumidifiers help prevent water damage and control odors, mildew, mold and allergies.

Ah yes, I remember my mother-in-law telling me about the number of people in the U.S being affected by Asthma due to high humidity.

And we are living in a city that contains more than 80% humidity right through the year.

ICICI bank's long hours of maintenance.

Since yesterday morning, I am not able to do any transaction with ICICI bank's internet banking facility. This has put me in great hardship as I am still not able to transfer funds to my credit card accounts.

I was forced to pay cash and for that I will have to pay extra Rs.100 + tax. Don't you think this is ridiculous-penalizing customers who pay CASH towards their credit card dues? I was taken by surprise by the notice of this penalty at the cash counter. There was no intimation to me either by letter or by SMS.

No bank can afford to go offline for maintenance for such long hours. Every now and then when I log in, they keep extending the expected time of revival of operation.

Very frustrating.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Buy your own boat at affordable price.

I refused to step into the boat that was not made of wood! I was terrified and admitted that I don’t trust anything that is not made of wood would float.

My colleagues convinced me that those boats are inflatable boats that will definitely float and not sink as I imagined. I must admit that they looked much attractive than those fiberglass boats that we all see on every lakeside.

I saw several families happily enjoying with their children on these boats and I was told that they all own their inflatable boats as they are affordable and easily portable. Inflatable boats require less maintenance. One can just deflate it, fold it and keep it in the garage cupboard.

There are more benefits using the inflatable boats and one can find in depth information on them at

Check out the satellite laptop from Toshiba.

My husband and my son have been ignoring me since last Friday but not intentionally. Actually, they are trying to draw plans for our new house to be built at the foothills of the mighty Western Ghats. They have assumed that I have no flair for it.

They are wrong and I was expecting they will seek my help when it comes to dimensions of the rooms.

I am right and they did approach me. They crude drawing they prepared in my newly bought Toshiba Satellite L355D-S7809 laptop was obviously made by non-mathematics people.

But without criticizing them, I made quick changes and suddenly the house, neat and symmetrical sprang up from the dark screen.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

How a spam email helped me!

Blessings come in disguise most of the times-right? We only need to listen to our inner voice even to open an unsolicited email.

I do that at times driven by just an impulse. The last time I did that, I was glad for my action.

The email started like this: “If you want to go for a vacation in Ireland and are heading for Dublin, then you should seriously consider staying at Louis Fitzgerald Hotel as it is one of the fines hotels in Dublin”…

My first natural impulse was to delete the email and I did that exactly but not before I clicked on the link to Easy to Book, an online hotel reservation site that offers excellent facility to search and reserve hotel accommodation in several countries.

While I was aimlessly browsing the hotel reservation site, I remembered my promise to look for a few options of London hotels to my landlord who is flying to the U.K. next week.

I quickly selected a few hotels in the heart of London city, took a print out and gave it to him. He thanked me profusely for my prompt help but I blew his gratitude in the direction of that spam email that deserved my landlord’s gratefulness.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Do you think Rohit Sharma...

Do you think Rohit Sharma is a selfish cricketer? It seems from his game in Asia Cup that he has very limited potential to play one day cricket. I feel the media has hyped about his abilities. To me, he looks ordinary and would not take risks even when the situation demands.

He is very much contended to take singles and his body language which every cricketer talks about shows a listless cricketer. It is as if he doesn't enjoy his game at all. His captain Dhoni often demotes him low in the batting order which indicates Dhoni's lack of confidence in him.

He may have potetial but he simply is not willing to play to his capabilities. This will surely steal his self confidence in the international area very soon if he continues to play dull cricket.

Well, let the cricket admistrators play their role and let me switch off the television when Rohit comes to the crease.