Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Astounding service by HDFC bank, Korattur.

I went to the HDFC bank, Korattur branch today to open a current account in the name of eSchool India.

It is my company name for the educational franchise business that I took up recently.

The manager of HDFC bank, a woman with a smile explained about various formalities to open a business account that involve getting the proposal approved by their Guindy branch which then needs to get a recommendation from their auditor.

This involves running around. The monsoon is vigorous now and it has been raining heavily. The bank manager told me she would get all things done for a small fee. I paid up thanking her sincerely.

Finally, she told me that I should make a rubber stamp for signing the application and the check book. I was taken by complete surprise when she offered to get it done. A rubber stamp procured by the bank on behalf of the customer is an ultimate service!

All these conversation took place in the comfort of her cabin.

This is an unbelievable customer service that no nationalized bank in India would offer.

HDFC bank should be voted as the best bank in India if not in the world.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What is the best dressing for Yard Salad.?

 Are various salad dressings kept as secret? Why else we don’t come across recipes for salad dressings often while we read recipes of salads from various continents? Though Mexican and Greek salad are most talked about in recipe blogs, they are not served most of the time in restaurants.

Salad Dressings-the ingredients and flavor:
I used to think that all salad dressings are the same; I was wrong.  There are various types of salad dressings to make each salad's taste different.

Yard Salad:
Contrary to popular recipes, I don’t use raw honey to dress yard salad. It is safer and much better to use the regular honey you buy at supermarkets. In addition, consider the following ingredients:
·         1/3 cup of lemon juice;
·         a teaspoon of minced fresh tarragon;
·         Just grounded pepper
·         2 spoons of olive oil.

First mix honey in lemon juice to dissolve the former. Then add the tarragon and pepper. Mix thoroughly. Now, add the olive oil and stir.

More about other salad dressings when and if I continue attending salad making classes just two doors away from my home.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The best outlet in Chennai to buy inverter.

I took more than 15 days to shop around for an inverter and battery before finalizing a deal with Emac Power Solutions located in Valasarawakkam, Chennai.

I read several articles on how to buy power backup, educated myself and went on a hunt online. After I told my needs to every call from dealers of various brands of inverters and batteries, I came to a conclusion on what I should purchase.

* 850 VA pure sinewave inverter
* 150 AH tubular battery

The next move was to find out which brand is the best of the lot. After some research, I decided in favour of Microtek. Two dealers advised me to buy Su-Cam inverter and battery.

I did further research and realized the two dealers spoke honestly and correctly.
I called up one of them but he could not serve me even though he was knowledgeable. In addition, he never returned my call after promising to get back to me.

Finally, I called up again the other Inverter dealer who was very courteous during the telephonic conversation, sounder knowledgeable and agreed to install the power backup in less than 4 hours and he did that exactly!

His name is Gowri Sankar. I believe he is one of the owners of Emac Power Solutions.

You can contact him at 91 99404 43440.
Email: emacpowersolutions@gmail.com

I wish the company has a web site or at least a Google Plus Page that I could build for them and teach them how to promote it for a discounted price.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The U.S. fever is still hot.

I did not believe when I heard sad and bitter experiences of several of my friends who are also looking for a suitable bride for their sons. I thought they were exaggerating.

Now I am tasting the same fruit. Yes, I do not like the taste even though the fruit looks attractive.

Some, rather most of the demands from the bride's side appear preposterous. One parent of a bride who actually responded to my matrimonial ad even asked me where my son studied. I refrained from sending him my son's mark sheets.

Several girls insist on getting a U.S. based bridegroom. The U.S. fever is still hot among Indian brahmin community.

I heard one girl even insisted that the boy should not be living with his parents! I wish this 'not-so-friendly' trend to change soon.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Free catalog of milling machine accessories.

It was funny telling my husband’s uncle that he should look for vises and not clamps in the internet. He was actually shopping for a few milling machine accessories when I barged into his office. He seemed to be frustrated over the time he was consuming to find what he wanted.

I quickly assessed the situation and remembered reidsupply.com a website that deals exclusively with industrial products that include:
·     *   Milling machines
* ·         Vise clamps
* ·         Filters
* ·         Hydraulic valves
* ·         Industrial fasteners

My short stint as a stores assistant in an industry helped me remembering some the words used that we know by other names.

Example: fasteners for nuts.

My husband’s uncle is an old timer who has been running his machine workshop with machines half his age.

Monday, October 08, 2012

World's best selling coffee cakes.


What if an ardent coffee lover is given a very soft coffee cake? I visualized myself at the receiving end of the world's best selling coffee cake above. I ma crazy about cakes.

I imagined having a large bite and hmmm..... heavenly. What a coffee flavor! It taste out of the world.

I have no other option but to image only as such delicacies are never available in Madras or anywhere in India.

I saw this coffee cake in http://www.coffeecakes.com/ This site is full of luscious cakes, fruit cakes and wonderfully packed gourmet gift baskets. In addition, I saw some good looking coffee mugs.

Though the site is full of stunning images of cakes, I think it is over loaded with images that makes the navigation a bit confusing.

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Friday, October 05, 2012

How halogen light bulbs shed more light.

It is him that again stole the attention. My husband has this uncanny knack of picking up technology advancements that we generally don’t notice. Apart from identifying and picking them up, he speaks loudly of the inventor in sincere gratitude.

Yesterday, at the newly opened supermarket, he appreciated the way the merchandises were illuminated and voiced his opinion to the sales girl standing nearby. He was also telling her how halogen light bulbs shed more light that we all fail to notice and take them for granted. 

There is a reflector made of aluminum surrounding the halogen bulb’s stand and that enhances the illumination on the focused products. A few shoppers who were shopping by side were listening to him intently.

When he finished, I saw him hugged by a person. Was he the inventor of this reflected illumination?

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

What is the difference between Plasma TV And LCD TV?

Whether we have a shelf for books or not, we all want a large-screen TV. This is evident from its sales that has skyrocketed lately.  It is obvious that that everyone wants one. The large-screen TV  look sleek and offers stunning visuals. 

I always wanted to know what the exact difference is between plasma TV and LCD TV. I believe plasma TVs were launched long before LCD TV followed by LED TV. 

What’s next series of alphabets?

I am like most people,  have no idea how the two differ but I know there are differences.

What are they?
The are eight ways plasma TVs and LCD TVs differ.
1. The first difference is not known to many. Plasmas TVs are made of chemical compounds called phosphors. LCD TVs use millions of liquid crystals. I am sure this is the first time you are hearing about this fact.
2. Plasmas don't come in smaller sizes; so forget about installing it in your kitchen.
 4. Next is the angle of viewing. Plasmas tend to have a wider viewing angle.
 5. Are you aware of the fact that Plasmas can suffer from burn-in effect and  LCDs don't?
6. The next area is life span. You can replace the light source with an LCD, thereby bringing your original picture back. With plasmas you can't.
7. Come to Color! LCDs produce sharp, lively colors. Plasmas produce warmer and more accurate colors.
8. In the areas of brightness and contrast, I heard the Plasma TVs score over LCDs..

Do you know of any other differences?