Monday, August 29, 2011

Want to keep your Chevy Tracker interior clean?

My sister’s disbelief was genuine when I asked if she would like a gift of chevy tracker custom floor mats for her newly bought Chevy Tracker (see image). For a person living far away from America, my knowledge about foreign cars must have surprised her.
I hid the truth from her that I am no fan of cars. I just wanted to buy a long lasting accessory for her new car and I did my research in the Internet and stumbled on to where I saw custom floor mats for a range of cars that include Audi and BMW, the only two other car names that I am familiar with.
To contrast the dark interior of her new car, I thought grey rubber floor mats would look lovely. Grey color has got that rich appeal to my eyes.
When she accepted my offer, I was more pleased than her.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Want the best accident injury lawyers?

Don’t you think the free legal consultation offer before hiring an Austin car accident lawyer is a smart business strategy by the law firm of O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath?

I wish every law firm implements this step for mutual benefit. As of now, getting an appointment with a legal firm for a consultation is not an easy task. It is especially so if you are just a commoner who is seeking justice to avenge injuries that occurred due to accidents or negligence of another party.

The committed attorneys and counselors at O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath are specialist personal injury lawyers in the state of Texas. They are known to defend you with expertise and are easily accessible.

Though they are based in Austin, you can request them to meet you at place that is convenient to you.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Before you read newspapers...

I stayed off the newspapers and television completely over last weekend. On Monday morning, I did not feel the urge at all to reach for the newspaper.

I let it continue till yesterday and you know what? I did not feel I missed anything. My mind stayed calm and did not indulge in frustration of feeling helpless over many things that are happening around me that we all wish not to happen.

There is no anger over politicians, poor Government machinery, rising fuel costs and those frequent poor cuts. Overall, I stayed positive because I did not focus on anything negative.

Try to stay off newspaper and TV and note down the difference in your mind. You may well start a campaign for this movement.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Have you ever played video games on Sony LCD HD TV?

There is no comparison for sony lcd tvs in my opinion. They simply stand above the crowd. I have been ardent fan of Sony products since several decades. On last March, my son bought a 40 inch (large really) Sony Bravia LCD Television. He bought it at discount rate just a few days before he left for Norway.

He knew that I like watching Tennis, especially Wimbledon tournament. My son also bought a Wi-Fi adaptor to convert the HD television into an Internet TV.

I enjoyed the new TV and was quite glued to it initially. However, I soon got busy when the new academic year started that took me away from the TV for the most part of my days. Now, only my husband uses the Sony LCD TV to play video games.

Surprisingly, the picture quality of the video games is absolutely stunning. The colorful characters are lovely to look at in HD TV.

Teaching mathematics through Television channels.

Just when I thought I should explore the possibilities of teaching mathematics to higher class students (12th std) through popular local TV channels, the mother of one my students approached me with an offer similar to the one that I have been contemplating.

I have an appointment to meet the concerned people on this Saturday. This could be a prestigious assignment and I am really looking forward to it.

Online teaching through television channels and Internet is catching up fast in India. I believe India is a leader in this industry.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The USB barcode scanner that answers all the complaints.

Do you think point of sales (pos) gadgets such as usb barcode scanner has undergone major developments to meet the changing retail outlets’ billing pattern? Why I am raising this question is because I have heard of complaints from billing clerks when frustrated shoppers who happen to stand for long in the queue to checkout their shopping cart started getting impatient.

Some of complaints at billing counter are:

The barcode scanner could not read certain types of barcode format

· Sometimes the scanner has to be used twice to pick up a barcode

· Heavy handheld scanners don’t come with a stand to keep the scanner when not in use

I believe this particular barcode scanner from has answers to all the above mentioned complaints. If the picture does not convey its potential, please click on the link to know its advantage.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

The elevated highways of Bangalore.

On an impulse, I took the car and drove to Bangalore for a property hunting. My husband accompanied me and of course the driver.(smile) We left early by 6.30 AM on 14th.

The drive to Electronic City, Bangalore took about four and a half hours but without knowing, we climbed on to the express elevated highway which took us away from our destination. Before we realized what was happening, the driver said there is no way to exit to turn back.

We had to spend an hour extra because of this traffic confusion. This elevated highway is big time saver in the highly traffic congested Bangalore which is known for discomforting oneways.

Electronic city has changed a lot since I last visited three years before. More sky scrapping residential complexes have come that come with world class amenities.

I have spotted one such residential tower to settle down.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

World’s best wedding bands made of rare precious metals.

The image you see here is one of the most beautiful artcarved wedding bands worn by a male who has this uncanny knack of choosing anything that would instantly evoke “wows’ and “ahs”. That is why I selected this man to be my life partner. Oh yes, I am speaking about my husband who would be able to pick out a rare gem even from an ordinary jewelry shop.
He is still wearing this expensive wedding band that is made up of Tungsten! Now, won’t you consider it as rare; as rare as finding an Indian bride who cannot appreciate a rare jewel?
Well, this Artcarved wedding band was bought from a jewelry shop who takes immense pride in their craftsmanship so much so that even if your ring finger’s size is changed, the jewelry shop would either re-size the wedding ring or replace it entirely.
Yes, such confident and proud jewelers still exist but obviously such people must have started their business more than a century ago when sincerity in work was the most preciously valued trait.
Do you want to know the name of this most respected jewelry shop? It is Reeds.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Living a vicarious life.

I was not shocked but a feeling of disgust did show up when I entered the room of one of my old students. The walls on all the three sides were covered with a few cine stars that her mom would be embarrassed to look at. Certainly, it won't make her mother to be proud of her daughter.

I wonder why people are so obsessed with celebrities? Why can't they admire and become a fan of respected leaders or scientists or poets? Surely, there are no dearth of them.

Do these people live that life through the celebrity?
Are they ready to undergo all the pains that their heroes and heroines have suffered to reach the stardom?

Living a vicarious life is such a waste of time.

Friday, August 05, 2011

What you should know about your credit score.

I think it is the most appropriate time to learn the basics of our credit score and how to maintain it under permissible level. All over the world, everyone is reading about America’s credit score and how its lowered credit rating is affecting the world economy. For your information, China reduced America’s credit rating to AAA from AAA+.

Well, let America worry about how to improve its falling economy. Let us concentrate on how all these things do not lower our credit worthiness.

We all need to know how our credit score is calculated in order to improve our credit score and take actions accordingly. Do you know who calculates our credit rating? It is the lender of course who decide whether you are a risk to lend money to. They monitor how we have been paying back the loans that we got (we all avail loans without exception-right?) and fixes a number. The higher the number is, the more likely you are to get credit and this also means you get it at lower interest rates.

What happens if the credit rating number is lower?

Ah, the obvious is we have to pay higher rate of interest! In the U.S, people who take payday loans or any other loans strive to maintain their credit score above 700.

Is this rule uniform?

Of course not! Lenders are difficult to understand. They keep applying different parameters while studying your loan application. They might look at your past credit history and take it into account even if your current credit score is lower.

If at all possible, we should avoid taking a loan to meet monthly expenses. This would give us clean chit when we apply for housing or vehicle loan.

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