Sunday, August 31, 2008

What type of shower chair do you need?

There was a small debate in our home over the issue of a shower chair that has come up for sale in a popular auction shop. Though I didn’t know what type of chair was for sale and its price, I already decided that I wanted only a folding shower chair because of space limitations.

So, I asked my husband to check out again at the sales brochure. He checked and confirmed that it was not the one I had in my mind.

It didn’t take me long to find the web’s biggest medical supplies and fitness equipment store

Founded in 1996, and now serving more than 1 million customers, Allegro Medical is one of the largest and most technologically advanced independently owned online retailers of life enhancing products in the United States.

Yes, they have the exact foldable shower chair that I wanted.

A wonderful greetings!

This stunning picture with the words spoken directly by the God is a gift to me by my friend Devendra.

What a thoughtful gift. I wonder how long he took to search for this perfect image to be gifted on the birthday of Lord Krishna!

I have been circulating this image to several of my relatives. I can't take my eyes off this picture.

Thank you Devendra.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beautiful designer bedroom furniture.

I chided my son when he bought a mobile phone for around $1000. It is simply lavish in my opinion. I could have used that money to buy the designer bedroom furniture that I desired. And this bedroom furniture that I have been eyeing for long won’t give me anymore expenses like a mobile phone!

Just have a look at this modern bedroom fitting. Don’t you think this will give you more pleasure than a mobile phone? This is a life time investment and will be a proud addition to our new house.

My mother-in-law wanted a contemporary bedroom but I convinced her by arguing that we have built a uniquely designed bedroom and it is only fitting that it is decorated something extraordinary like an Italian bedroom.

But youth have their own way of placating their mother-right? My son promised me to fill the new empty bedroom within three months.

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Design your shipping box online.

Those who don’t have car will find it difficult to find boxes to pack odd shaped goods, big sewing machines, grandfather clocks etc. Do you know why? They won’t have garages to store junks like used boxes.
I am not joking brother; I am sharing my experience with you. I don’t own a house. I am forced to shift quite frequently. At such times, my greatest problem is finding boxes to pack. Since I don’t have garage, I throw away TV boxes, computer boxes etc as and when I buy consumer durables.
I happen to find a fantastic resource for shipping boxes. is a wonderful resource where one can custom design corrugated boxes to suit their packing needs. As you design online, you are intimated of its price.
Another superb facility is uploading your own logo to be printed on your boxes. This kind of service is rare to find.

Any search engine for flowers?

Coral flower with white bokehImage by tanakawho via Flickr I was sent this picture only by a contact in We both share the same love for flowers.

This is Coral Flower. I want to know desperately more info on this slender and beautiful flower. This is so romantic and gives a cool sensation to look at.

I have been searching the Web for info on this lovely flower but I am unable to come up with anything. Is there a niche search engine or directory of flowers?

I should be able to search for any flower with its name as the search term and the search result should include photo, common name, cultivation methods, its uses if any, fragranace, life time etc.

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What about acne face wash?

Several years ago, news papers carried a strong public debate that really rocked the medical world. It all started with a product that promised quick cure for acne by minimizing the production of the natural oil called sebum by the skin.

Skin protects itself against the vagaries of nature by producing sebum. The skin knows how much oil is required for the healthy skin. This oil is not the main cause for the acne but the blockage of it alone causes it.

Well, the consumer world as usual took everything in its stride and the issue was forgotten but not the product.

Now, for acne treatment, there are hundreds of remedies offered and all of them are reviewed by several websites. One can gain as much knowledge as required about the causes and remedies for acne by visiting such websites.

Do you know acne face wash? Have you heard about Bruunhause? If not, please visit I read what I read there.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Absolte chaos in T.Nagar.

Busy South Usman Road in T.Image via Wikipedia The chaos that is prevailing in T.Nagar, the city's shopping district cannot be expressed but only to be experienced.

I had the unfortunate privilege of experiencing that madness yesterday when I went there to attend a marriage. Being born and brought up in Madras, I know every nook and corner of this city but for the first time, I felt I was in an alien city.

I was forced to take unexpected turns, circuitous routes, navigate through 100s of vehicles in those narrow roads because of the city's traffic department's poor vision.

This is leading to extra consumption of fuel and time. I pity the residents of T.Nagar; they are enduring so much. For tourists of madras, it all seems to be enjoyable as they have come here to shop around.

The image you see here is the place I am referring to-the South Usman road, in T.Nagar

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Not easy, not easy at all.

One of the earliest visual documentations of a...Image via Wikipedia

We all come across a point of indecision several times in our life. It can be at the time of choosing a course in college, deciding which car to buy and even while shopping for a swim suit.

I know how difficult it is especially for women to select the dress when presented with myriad options. Selecting the right swimwear too is very difficult if you happen to shop online at because of the great range of swimwear.

They sell One Piece, Two Piece, Tankini, Monokini, Cover Ups and many more. Also we can shop by designer, shop by tops and bottoms. I have heard about Liza Lozano, a designer whose swimwear products are the most sought after by film industry.

Haven’t you heard about Liza Lozano? You can shop her products at

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Flickr gives me immense solace.

flowers and bricksImage by wvs via Flickr I have no regrets about not owning a camera, not even the old fashioned one that eats film rolls and money too to clean the films.

I am an ardent fan of and I spend at least 20 minutes daily in Flickr, browsing happily at pictures of my choice.

I have sent the pictures that I liked to my friends, stumbled them and blogged about them.

Here is a picture that caught my attention today. Those pink colors-aren't they stunning?

I am forever grateful for all those passionate photographers.

My nickname is Planter.

I earned the nickname Planter when I was studying in my 10th standard. I happen to choose a stunning ornamental plant from the nursery next to my house and gave it as a wedding anniversary gift to my class teacher.

I am still retaining my ardent passion in Decorative Planters though I have nothing in my house. Yes, I have this peculiar habit gifting the plants and not growing them at my home.

I frequent a website called Planter Ixchange for my gifting needs and I especially like their slant roof Wardian Case Terrarium (see picture). So far to whomsoever I have gifted this, cherish their gift like a treasure.

I have been postponing my desire to buy a water fountain from Planter Ixchange. Somehow my attraction to outdoor plants pushing back my own desire for the fountain.

Planter Ixchange is an excellent resource for unique green gift ideas.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stay connected with Christians of the world.

My husband’s friend is a Christianity film maker. His products are in good demand abroad, especially Singapore, Malaysia. He sought my help to propagate his skills in the Internet.

I immediately asked him to come over to my place because, only a day before I came across, a Christian social networking site that offers plenty to Christian community across the world.

The was the result of Heath and Alex’s dream of giving something back to the community.

Through their site, they propagate Faith in God, invite inspiring true stories from their members, offer a Christian Chat facility, and facilitate interaction between members and so on.

Right now, they offer a free book titled, “The Path of Grace: 5 ways to accomplish the impossible".

I was confident the can be very useful to my husband’s friend. He too liked the idea.

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Why we should use HDMI products?

The amount of time we spend in front of the TV is almost double than we spend in the kitchen. Entertainment has become our food instead of pass time. The technology wizards also constantly develop new products that promise to enhance our entertainment experience.


High Definition Multimedia Interface is shortly called HDMI. The main use for HDMI products such as HDMI switches, HDMI cables is the enhancement of digital viewing experience and reduction cable clusters.

As a consumer we can enjoy uncompressed digital video and audio quality by using HDMI products. In short, HDMI switch can receive audio, video inputs from one or more devices.

There are more Advantages of HDMI over existing analog interfaces; I request you to visit the link to gain insight.

Genuine home business opportunities for moms.

I did not expect a long time friend of mine, a teacher by profession, turning to be a business woman. She visited me with prior appointment only to sell health care products. She revealed to me that she is now a work at home woman.

Her transformation was quite unexpected as she loved her teaching job. Giving in to her husband’s prodding, she looked out for small business for sale in the web. While searching for the right kind of business opportunity, she was recommended in a work at home mom forum to look up at

It is a directory of genuine franchise opportunities in the fields of health care, cleaning, education, travel and many more.

My friend took up a three week online coaching assignment and now she is glad to be on her own. Now she can easily accompany her husband wherever he gets transferred.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No more bad credit mess.

Once bitten, twice shy. How very true this proverb is proving to be in our practical life. The message hidden in this proverb is ‘learn from mistakes committed’. At least that is what I have taken it to be.

Who is immune from mistakes? None in my opinion. But what the mistakes led to and what lesson did we derive from it, all that matters.

In the present economic mess world wide, we may entangle our personal economy by mistakenly damaging our credit worthiness. Of course, approaching a reputed financial institution for credit repair is the only wise move to re-enter the downtown shopping mall.

Earlier credit repair services used to be a rather cumbersome process but with the competition among them getting touch, they made the procedure much easier. DSI solutions is said to be the most friendly bad credit repair service in the field today. They have a healthy positive feedback and that makes them to the most sought after bad credit repair services online.

Go ahead and start reviving your desire of getting that home loan.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Musharraf resigned!

Pervez MusharrafImage via Wikipedia So, at last, Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf resigned just minutes after his televised speech.
It was reported in Yahoo! at 2.03 PM today-just an hour ago.

He is expected to settle down in Saudi Arabia but it may be a rumor. His nine years of power has ended as demands overs resignation have been on the raise locally.

I don't know what will be the implications on the India political scene but in Pakistan, Karachi witnessed people dancing on the streets in celebration.
The Pakistan stock market reported an uptrend.

"In the best interest of the nation and to avoid any confrontation I today announce my resignation," said an apparently disturbed Musharraf, making the address that was telecast live from the Army House - from where he ruled the country for eight years, ten months and six days after overthrowing the elected government of prime minister Nawaz Sharif in October 1999.

Source: Yahoo!

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Real franchise opportunities.

Franchise Gator is the best website in the Internet to look for work at home opportunities, franchise business opportunities for one and all.

Searching for a genuine franchise opportunity was like picking a needle from the hay stack a few before when I entered the web. Those days, scams ruled the net. I was also a victim once.

But offers real franchise opportunities such as travel franchises, women’s franchises, education franchises and even pet franchises. Business opportunities exist for international entrepreneurs too.

My curiosity was piqued in the field of pets and I clicked on the relevant link. The next page asked me my location. Based on my choice, I saw three pet franchise opportunities namely, pet foods, wild birds related business and a general pet depot.

Each franchise opportunity informs you about the required capital and most of the opportunities offered training too.

Franchise Gator is also loaded with a lot of very useful articles on franchise and business opportunities.

An excellent resourceful website.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The forgotten blogroll.

Don’t we all do-forget the blogs that we add in our blogroll because we sincerely admire or to oblige a friend?

Of course we don’t forget to visit the blogs on bloroll intentionally. The might ‘time’ stands tall in our life, friendly most of the times but not so friendly at times.

I thought I would visit at least 6 blogs today that are in my blogroll but I ended up visiting just one because I spent the stipulated time fully on the blog of

Since I too write a lot on meditation, the blog post titled ‘Running on meditation’ attracted my attention. After reading that post, I wrote a blog post on it in one of my blogs.

Though I don’t run or walk these days, I too withdrew my mind from my consciousness while walking a few years before. I fully used that walking time to focus on my body and tried to shut off my mind completely.

The blogger has voiced his opinion and experience on meditating during running and has quoted Zen of running aptly which also echoes my method of focusing on body and breathing rather than focusing on thoughts while walking or running.

The next post that I felt the urge to read was on ‘releasing emotions’. Ah, this is one topic that I used to lecture on quite frequently. I would have written the blog post on releasing the emotions differently. For example, I would have explained the cause of emotions first.

The Fit Fuel Blog has many more interesting topics.

What is a gravatar?

I don't understand the purpose using avatar in the web. Somehow I don't get the hang of it. Mostly due to compulsion only, I upload some image (sometimes my picture) that I quickly get tired of looking at it and change it.

Recently I have been coming across the word, 'gravatar' which is an image we select to represent us. Any image goes along as long as it is not a copy righted material.
I quote:
"A gravatar, or globally recognized avatar, is quite simply an avatar image that follows you from weblog to weblog appearing beside your name when you comment on gravatar enabled sites."

I think the forums only started this practice which is now being followed by blogs and all the social media.

One grab a gravata from

Great range of bedroom furniture.

I shop like a novice means, I don't go to a shop with pre-loaded knowledge. I don't equip myself with any technical knowledge of a product before I buy offline or online.

But, I make it a point to be aware of the price. This habit of mine has been paying me rich dividends and as I wrote earlier, I am one the sought after shopping companions.

During the recently ended festival, I helped my cousin to buy a solid foam mattress online. Based on my cousin’s preferences such as the mattress should receive the body weight willingly, suppress the urge to toss around etc, I helped him buy Versailles Memory Foam Mattress

Satisfied with my choice, he goaded me to buy a colorful rug. I am known for my weakness to multi colored products and this is not mostly appreciated even by my family. But my cousin obviously matched my interests. I lingered a little longer browsing though bedroom sets before my eyes rested on the rugs.

Suddenly, I realized that I have not hopped onto another website to buy the rugs. I was still on and I noticed they offer complete bedroom furniture in their website apart from kitchen and office needs.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before you apply for a credit card…

And now, all the new credit card customers have learnt the art of segregating the chaff from the wheat. This is good news from the customers’ point of view in lieu of the frauds perpetrated by the credit cards issuing banks.

In the past 3 weeks or so, I have read about 4 different credit card scams out of which two involved customers and two involved credit card issuing institutions.

The days of accepting credit card offers blindly are no more in the vogue. Now, we all need to gain enough knowledge about how to compare and choose credit cards.

The banks are now chasing the customers with promises of low interest credit card, balance transfer facility, maximum reward points and more.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Badrinath-a victim?

The issue of Badrinath-the Tamilnadu cricketer was not handled diplomatically by the Indian press media. In fact the entire series of news seem to have been done with the sole objective of creating news and not reporting news.

First, they have reported that Badrinath will be considered for the one day matches when there was nothing from official sources. This had created a lot of expectation in him without any official indication from the cricket governing bodies.

Then, when the squad was announced and badrinath's name was not there, the reporter(s) had rushed to get an interview from Badrinath and naturally he vented his disappointment. I think he was vulnerable when the reporter(s) met him.

Poor chap, he was toyed by the media. He will be now regretting his public outburst.

Friday, August 08, 2008

A wasted life.

What I consider a wasted life is killing all the aspirations and talents and sitting at home idly, gossiping away the days and nights.

In the name of religion and social conditions, some refuse to come out of their shell for fear of losing the shell's security. But every now and then, those 'some' would ask me if there is anything worth to be done.

And it goes without saying it won't be heeded for at least a while. I can only give a handful of water to quench your thirst-right? You must bend down to take your pail of water from river.

It was such a sad sight to see my once close friend to sit idly for years together. She has not worked that long and refuses to work.

A wasted life!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

From wood to vinyl.

Windows of the buildings are akin to our dress-don’t you think so?

Our eyes fall first upon the dress of the people we see and like that windows of the homes are our first sight. We are conditioned to judge anything by the first sight that causes to form an impression and the first impression stays.

If you care to inspect the windows of your home as an outsider, you are likely to pass critical opinions. So, before the windows give a chance to others to make a rather negative remark, it is better to give it a dressing.

Alternatively, consider buying new vinyl windows that are the best options for replacement windows because even I can install them and never bother about painting them. Man, doesn’t that mean a big relief?

How to shop for windows?

I will save you time from reading a lengthy article by asking you to go to

Image courtesy: Yahoo! images

Do you have any questions regarding Paypal?

Most first timers who have just signed up with Paypal, the Internet's number 1 e-commerce and payment gateway will have plenty of questions regarding using Paypal and especially about its safety.

There is nothing to feel embarrassed. I too was like that in the year 2000. Now I am a premier account holder in Paypal.

Here is an online magazine you can subscribe for free. It answers all your questions about Paypal. But you must be living in the U.S or Canada for requesting subscription.

Residents of other countries can always email me and I will try to answer within 24 hours.

Read "Happy About Website Payments with PayPal

Easy to understand tutorials on web hosting.

This blog post will be very useful for newbies as well as experienced webmasters and bloggers. Ever since I launched my first website in the year 2001, I have been looking for easy to understand web hosting tutorials and after seven years, I have found the exact materials on the web.

The reason for my first 4 websites being abandoned by me is mainly due to the lack of knowledge about control panels. When you first log into your control panel given by your web host, you will be intimidated by all those icons and information.

It is absolutely essential for you to get a fair amount of reading of articles on control panel. Without equipping yourself with the required knowledge about using the control panel, you are likely to disfigure your website.

Oh, I forgot to mention the importance of selecting apt domain name for your home in the cyber space. It should be suggestive of the theme of your website or blog.

Once you have selected the domain name, it can’t be changed. So, read as many articles on domain names as possible before you think about the domain name for your first website.

Bookmark and please blog about it in your blog. This is a big resource center.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sybervision Reviews.

I am not much of a window shopper. I do spend a lot of time like a typical Indian woman inside the shop.

Three days before when I went for shopping essential commodities, the shopping street was filled up to the brim causing me to look up at the windows of all the shops including medical stores and hardware stores.

My ears and not my eyes caught the word diet pills several times. I suddenly realized that the crowd on the street stopped moving and we were standing still.

A couple of bulky women were discussing diet pills that least worked for them and how they happen to change their diet pills that shows some effect. They were gratified to an online diet pills review site that I could not hear properly.

But I know many such sites and I still remember Sybervision Reviews.

Oh, when I am going hear about non-diet pills that can increase my weight without eating on time!

Indians-aren't they smart?

The Indian smartness is well known and not even the heaven is spared. Yes, I mean it. Even God vows to be careful dealing with Indians henceforth.

Yes, this time I am joking or just passing on a joke to you. I enjoyed this.

"An Indian who has no money and no child. He doesn't own a house and also worried that his mother is blind.

He prays fervently and God is happy and grants him but only one wish.

He says this to God:
I want my mother to see my wife adorning my child's hands with diamond jewelry in my own mansion.

God swears:
Damn, I must be careful with these Indians"

Monday, August 04, 2008

Furniture that require umbrella.

A newly painted delivery van was parked outside my home. A rather strange sight it was for me because, I have hardly seen the residents of that house. It seemed to be locked always.

The irresistible urge to know what is happening filled me up and I cooked up courage to walk up to them and rang the bell.

I was disappointed as I was greeted with not a friendly face. With some lame excuse that was very obvious, I retreated.

But I kept watching the house from the balcony of my home. I did not have to wait longer. A huge umbrella like structure was unloaded from the van and soon it was unfolded into view.

Ah, that must be some sort of cover for their patio furniture. I thought it was wise of them to install that since the monsoon is on the horizon and also, patio furniture covers protect our furniture from pollution, rain and harsh sun.

So what if I earn a little extra?

It may be actually around a few thousand rupees more I earn from Google AdSense but that too is an eye sore for some. Can help it?

How to earn more from Google AdSense?

I don't know! If I know, I would surely pass it on. After isn't my slogan is: "Pass it on; Share"? I don't fail to read every other article that promises instant know how about how to increase AdSense income but even after reading a few lines I move away.

There is nothing concrete given. Every self declared authority on AdSense starts with 'right placement of ads' and then go on to say a little tweaking here and there...

Oh, no, not again!

Friday, August 01, 2008

The bracelet that stops nausea.

I was a bit hesitant to touch upon the topic of cancer products because I long before decided that I will not write anything about any fatal disease. Please don’t ask me the reason for this.

My father too died of cancer and I know what pains he went through during his last days. I wish I had known Maddox Oncology three years before. Their range of products are said to give relief to patients from the side effects of cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

My father had complained about severe nausea after a session of chemotherapy and the anti nausea products from Maddox Oncology could have given him considerable relief.

Knowing my father’s weakness for candies even when he crossed 70, I think he would have liked Queasy Pops Nausea Suckers. I could have even convinced him to try out the anti nausea bracelets that are supposed to suppress the feeling of nausea.

Do you know the reason for breaking my vow and writing about cancer treatment related products? I genuinely believe in the products of Maddox Oncology.