Saturday, March 31, 2007

The complete travel portal.

Why online travel portals are better than offline tour operators?

  • Ability to search various destinations
  • Study in relaxed manner all the amenities and facilities offered
  • Take a virtual tour of the hotels and resorts that we like
  • Know the fun activities that are arranged at our destination
  • Avail great discounts and concessions
  • Compare prices
  • Read the ratings and testimonials of other travelers

Above all one should not have to carry lot of cash to pay for food, drinks, entertainment tickets, etc. In short, once we pay for a travel package, it should be of all inclusive packages.

Want to know about one such travel service? Visit
Best All Inclusive Resort, the provider of All Inclusive Vacation and also a leader in this hospitality industry.

booking engine functionality rivals that of global online travel sites with the ability to price dynamically, to offer dollar and percentage off promotions, to discount regular rates, to save with free nights programs, and to provide value added packages.

They offer a great variety of resorts and villas in Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico. They promise terrific personal attention, free nanny care for your children and more in their 200 resorts.

Great templates for Directories.

My sister's difficulties in choosing a nice template for her directory reminded me to help her out by searching for a proper service and I found out one today which I feel will be useful to her long time quest.

I am sure you have seen thousands of web directories but all looking almost same with nothing to please our eyes. There is absolutely no aesthetic beauty in any of the ready made directory templates. is a design and development company which centers its attention on the fast growing market of directories on the internet. was designed to make it easy for the webmaster to customize the look and feel of their directory. They offer affordable, original, unique styles for your directory software.

They even do the installation service to those who purchase from them.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Autopinging to 12 blog search engines.

This great new pinging service pings our blogs to 12 blog search engines automatically and in a jiffy.

I just tried it and the pinging was over literally in seconds.

The following blog search engines get updated with our blog:

By pinging these services you will let them know that your blog's content is updated and you can expect it to get crawled soon. You can expect more traffic as these blog search engines are used regularly by thousands of people to search blogs.

Share this info with your friends.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My new look start page aided by page plakes.

As they say, I am a jack of all trades but I am also a master of a few trades.

Take for instance blogging, I think I am better than many thousands of bloggers-don't you agree? Every day, I browse about so many things that is as diverse as maintaining a nursery to maintaining a piece of Amazon forest.(smile)

But this took much of my time and when I happen to look up on a new browser tool, that displays all my favorites when I open my broswer, I fell for it.

About Pageflakes in their own words:
"Pageflakes is revolutionizing how we use the Internet. With Pageflakes, you can easily customize the Internet and make it yours using "flakes" - small, movable versions of all of your Web favorites that you can arrange on your personal homepage.

Flakes are available for thousands of uses and interests, including news, sports, e-mail, local events, search, photos, music, videos - even interactive tools like a calendar and a to-do list - and just about anything else you do on the Web at school, work and at home. The Pageflakes community of users create and help each other discover more new flakes and share more new Pageflakes pages every day. "

Let me try it for a week and I will post my feedback here. So, stay tuned dear.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A popup closure.

There is not a single internet user who is not annoyed at the popup window that has some very stupid ads. In spite of this technology which is not favorably look upon by search engines, it is still in vogue.

After the popup window ad, then was introduced a popdown window for the same purpose. Many browsers and search engines has given us an addon that stops this annoying intrusion.

NoAds is a program that detects when Internet popup advertisements appear, and quickly closes them. NoAds is fully configurable, allowing the user to specify which ads they want to close automatically. The program is very easy to use, and stays running in the system tray for quick access.

I have no feedback on this software; I only know about it from another blog listed in blog explosion blog directory. Thank you beta review.

Here is a blog on adsense worth reading.

Don't immediately write it of as one more blog adsense.

Read a few sample blog posts on SEO, monetizing, link popularity and keyword.
You can also find posts on adsense tips.

The blog post on adsense ready websites is a must read for adsense beginners.
Excerpt below:
"What are these Adsense Ready websites? They are nothing but web pages made according to topics so that you can earn money on each topic. My advise to everyone who is planning to earn money with adsense just do your work and target your knowledge if there are visitors to your page then you will earn slowly and steadily so just try to earn money slowly and you will earn"

I liked this post very much and it is very useful. Blog Adsense and Make Money- blog software.
This blogger seems very busy with plenty of blogs under his belt to maintain.

Friday, March 09, 2007

A nice little package tour to Disney Land.

Come summer and the rush from India is on to visit the U.S.. Undoubtedly, Orlando will be their first landing point. Like every other person in any part of the world, we too will always visit the wonderful Disney World at least once in our life time.

I came to know that there are about 52 theme parks for us to see in Orlando. My God! Fifty two theme parks to visit and we mostly plan for 4 days vacation there due to high cost.

Some time last week, I was asked to look up at Disney World packages where they offer terrific tour packages that can fit a fairly decent budget. Backed by specialized experience in Orlando and Walt Disney World vacation packages since 1991, they are the most dependable tour package operators in Orlando.

The packages period ranges from 2 days to 7 days. We are also assured of huge savings because they have partnered with their participating hotels to get them to help buy down some of the ticket prices.

We are also allowed to design our own package as per our preference. These packages are called ‘Magic your Way.

This website is a member of BBB.

Display links to blogs your readers will like!

One must give due credit where it matters. I hope you will thank for introducing this fantastic widget that can pave way for traffic increase.

This is about Autoroll Widget by Criteo.
I am reproducing here some data from the website. One glance at it and you are likely to sign up instantly.

What is AutoRoll?
AutoRoll is a blog widget that displays links to blogs that your readers should like. Based on each unique reader's affinity for each specific blog, the Criteo Recommendation Engine will compute on a real-time basis the relative affinity of all blogs, and it automatically displays the Top 10 unique links on each blog.

As a blog owner, what kind of benefits should I expect from AutoRoll?
First of all, you will provide your readers with a very entertaining blogroll, as it is based on other readers with similar reading habits.

Moreover, another huge benefit is that you will receive highly qualified incoming traffic to your blog. Indeed, as other similar blogs display your blog on their AutoRoll, they will bring you new readers with a strong affinity for your blog.

To read about what exactly the technology is behind this wonder tool, please visit the website.

Audio editing tool for mutimedia pros.

Actually I was contemplating to buy the Subliminal Studio software that enables me to create my own custom made subliminal messages CDs. But there was one major catch; it comes with only the trial version of Adobe Audition which costs $350 for a registered version.

That is quite expensive-right?

So, I searched for anything that is equivalent to that. The search took for more time than I expected to spend but finally I landed on

This website has got every software that is required by internet people and here is one that I think will serve my purpose.

Ace of WAV 2.6 -
This say it is a sound editor and synthesizer and it is listed under 'Audio Editing Tools'.
Ace of WAV is a advanced sound editor and synthesizer with a friendly use interface. It's features include Trim, Cut, Copy, Delete, Paste, Paste mix, Insert file, Mix files, Insert silence, Swap channels, Duplicate channel, Mono/Stereo, 8/16 bits, Echo, Hall reverb, Chapel reverb, Chamber reverb, Custom reverb, Virtual room and many others... Ace of WAV also includes a built-in OpenDSPTM development environment for the creation of your own plug-ins using the ActiveX Scripting language of your choice.

Frankly I don't know much about these glossaries but I think I can somehow manage to handle it.

But will it serve my purpose?


Thursday, March 08, 2007

A mini bullion market on your PC.

At any given time of the day, if you want to check the latest price of silver, gold, platinum and palladium, just open and you will their prices scrolling across.

Considered as one of America’s authentic precious metals dealer for over 30 years, Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

Since the above ground stockpiles of silver bullion are low, shrinking rapidly and approaching zero, they say it is the right time to stock up silver coins as the American Government is also doing.

Truly committed in educating the gullible public about the value of investing in precious metals, they have gone even a step beyond in their customer service by offering financial assistance to the needy for the purchase gold and silver coins from them.

As an investment product, silver is available in coin or ingot form. Ingots are generally silver ingots of pure bullion cast in a convenient size and shape. Coins have a currency value or they are actually defined as ingots.

As an occasional bullion trader, I too have experienced in a pronounced way the benefits of investing in silver and gold and I am sure many will agree with me.

A real estate search engine for us.

Hmm... even search engines have gone niche as can be seen from this website

This FREE service provides an organized method to quickly search for suitable new home construction and rental conversion projects across the state of Florida and elsewhere.

All types of new construction: Single Family Homes, Condos, Lofts, Penthouses & Towers, Town Homes, Condo Hotels, Vacation Income Properties, Active Adult, Lots, Homesites & Land are listed in this search engine.

I looked up at their mega project at Wild Ridges at Morgan Creek that is stretching across 1,520 acres of spectacular scenic wonder, Wild Ridges offers a total of 600 homesites, each positioned to blend seamlessly into the landscape. Here, residents will enjoy panoramic vistas, a tranquil climate and abundant ridges and hillocks.

A paradise for the outdoor enthusiast, Western North Carolina puts the best of the active life at your doorstep, everything from hiking to trout fishing to snow skiing. Of course, there are also ample opportunities to pause quietly and bask in the natural pageantry that surrounds you.

Because Wild Ridges lies at the Eastern foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, it offers one of the most desirable year-round climates imaginable. From mild winters to radiant summer days, cooled by mountainous surroundings, Wild Ridges lets residents enjoy the best of each season.

Thank you

So, one more point in my PR.

My indebtedness to my dear younger sister is expressed hereby with gratitude as I saw one more point up in my PR.

I have been diligently following her tips and suggestions in promoting my blog for the past 12 months or so. Of course I did not expect a rush of traffic. However, I know that visits have increased but no adsense clicks at all. Well, I am truly not bothered about it.

Adsense is not my livelihood. I am happy with making small money by blogging and has been my supporter for so long. Even they too have contributed to the increase in PR of my blog as I have gathered a few tricks from them.

I am now eying at the effectiveness of social networking as a means to popularize my blog. Myspace is not my cup of tea but I have bookmarked a few others like friendster and openbc as they are much less commercial.

Don’t sell your precious jewels.

I am not saying that I am an exception among many of you that are in urgent need of cash and the next pay day is still a couple of weeks away.

I too had to sell off my furniture in the past to raise cash for emergency purposes. But at such times, we most may have to settle for much less the worth of what we are selling.

This happens to all and sundry like students, hose wives, employed persons. There is no point in embarrassing our friends or relatives as most probably, they may be also sailing in the same boat. Our otherwise friendly ATMs will scream ‘Transaction Declined’ when approached.

Nowadays availing payday cash loans is a smart move when we are in need of cash the next day.

Registering for a payday loan account with epayday is really free of hassles and harsh glances. The entire process can be completed online by filling out secure forms with relevant personal information.

If eligible and other conditions are conducive, one could have the required cash (up to 800 ponds) in less than 24 hours. Generally, those who have the funds in their bank accounts are suitable to receive a cash advance on their pay.

Repayment can be full by next payday or in part but interest has to be paid by next payday.

Epayday website is looking very simple and neat. Navigation is clutter also free.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

While in a foreign country, stay in my house.

And this is called Couch Surfing.

A news story that appeared in a magazine reported this novel idea of sharing a couch in a stranger's place while traveling abroad. This is very useful for those who travel with a low budget and cannot afford hotel accommodation.

This paves way for exchange of friendship and culture and can bridge a lasting relationship between the two countries.

The organizers say in their web site," We create deep and meaningful connections that cross oceans, continents and cultures. CouchSurfing changes not only the way we travel, but how we relate to the world!"

When you surf a couch, you are a guest at someone's house. They will provide you with some sort of accommodation, a penthouse apartment or maybe a back yard to pitch your tent in. Stays can be as short as a cup of coffee, a night or two, or even a few months or more.

And you can also be a host to someone from a distant land.When you offer your couch, you have complete control of who visits. The possibilities are endless and completely up to you.

The friendships made through CouchSurfing enhance members' lives and contribute greatly to making the world a better, safer, more peaceful place. Signing up for a free couch and ending up with amazing adventures and a global family--that's what CouchSurfing is all about!

Thank you