Wednesday, August 30, 2006

PC world reports that other countries are ahead of U.S.

I felt elated when I read the PC World’s report on Internet Connectivity Outside of the United States

I quote them:
“Nearly 60 publications in countries ranging from Australia and Bangladesh to Venezuela and Vietnam either carry the PC World name or are associated with us in some way. So we asked editors at several of them to tell us how their readers get online. Not surprisingly, our colleagues report that many countries are substantially ahead of the United States in many respects”

I remember paying upto Rs.9800 ( $200) per month when I started using internet in 1998. At that time only dial up connection was available in India with the maximum speed of 56kbps.

India has marched ahead since that time in communications tehnology.

Today I pay only Rs.900 per month plus taxes for an unlimited internet usage with a broadband connection offered by BSNL.
I get a speed of 256kbps.

I also use an advanced technology of internet connectivity provided by Reliance Info.
It works like this:
They give a very small phone cum modem in the shape and size of a credit card fitted with a mini antenna. This is called Sierra card.
I have to insert this in the card reader slot in my laptop.
With this, I can access internet even while on the move (car, train, bus) across India.

I am given to understand that this technology is not even available in the U.S., but I don’t know for sure.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What did the hackers discuss?

“To blame others is human”-agreed?
Have you ever imagined that hackers will put the blame on us (the users) for security breach?

Yes, it is true. When we always blamed the hardware or software for password thefts, hackers and professionals point their fingers on users only.

The world’s premier hacker conference DefCon, held in Las Vegas last week, threw a different light on this vexing issue.

How many times users left their passwords on open note books, kept in slips under the keyboard in spite of warnings that they see in their everyday work?

The fact that legendry hacker Kevin Mitnic’s notorious attacks were based more on manipulating people than software, should make us listen to the professionals more seriously.

The conference reminded the internet world, the number of times users have fallen easy prey to phishing emails. In fact I was one of the victims last week.

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The artist Alexander Anderson created the first American image of Nicholas for the occasion of the first anniversary of ‘The New York Historical Society’ on December 6, 1810.

Nicholas was shown in a gift-giving role with children's treats in stockings hanging at a fireplace.

In his satirical fiction, Knickerbocker's History of New York in January 1809, Washington Irving made numerous references to a jolly St. Nicholas character as an elfin Dutch burgher with a clay pipe and not
a saintly bishop.

Other legends:
The first Dutch emigrant ship had a figurehead of St. Nicholas;
The first church was dedicated to him;
St. Nicholas comes down chimneys to bring gifts.

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