Friday, June 29, 2007

Can I allocate funds?

My financial year starts with the new academic year-June to May when I start enrolling students in my maths coaching academy.

Usually, I will know the financial position for the entire year by the end of June. Yesterday was the day we sat down to see what new things that we need to buy.

We are in need of a dryer and a pc but we decided for the pc. Dryers can wait told my husband but he promised to look up in the Internet for something new.

Today, he informed that Kenmore Dryers can be an option we can consider. He likes to try out on new models. I was a bit apprehensive but he assured me not to worry and take things easy.

We are actually planning to visit tomorrow the local dealer to inquire more details about Kenmore Dryers. search results showed three shops that sell Kenmore Dryers.

Krillion delivers local search results that combine very specific product information with very specific locality information.

The clumsy clown that I am.

Yes, I am like that when I have to install something in my computer. I just cannot understand these drivers. I am relieved to a large extent with the arrival of Windows XP that picks up many things without drivers.

Drivers are small programs which are used for particular devices to use them on computer. Some devices on computer can be run without installing drivers or you can say that they don't need any driver for operating. For example, hard drive, LAN card and RAM. But some devices cannot operate without installing drivers.

This is where I am stuck up frustrated. I have to call on a technician to install something for which I paid much less than the technician's charges.

What to do; I never seem to learn.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just spare 3 minutes please.

In approximately three minutes you can watch a video podcast on technology, consumer electronics and on Web 2.0.

Where you can watch?
In Geek Brief TV .

They currently offer four formats: Large Format, iPod, Windows Media, and Audio Edition but the large format is highly recommended because it works on iPods, PSPs, and will look the best on your TV. It does not stream.

I don't like streamed videos. It is quite boring. You can quickly lose the interest.

Geek Brief’s audience includes a wide range of people, from IT professionals to stay at home mothers, from teenagers to work at home dads. (why it is always work at moms?)

As I said earlier, the Internet is the best place to learn without spending any money.

Golden knowledge with your email.

The internet is the best media to learn anything free of cost. Message boards and forums are excellent sources to ask and get answer. I literally grew up there.

The next best resource is RSS feeds. Without visiting all the web sites of your interest, you can read whenever they get updated by subscribing to their feeds.

Newsletters should not be forgotten to keep yourself updated with, on topics of your interest. I am proud to say that I helped so far 7 of my friends to earn a substantial profit in the last 12 months just by making them subscribe to "e-Insights" from Monex.

For your information, for three generations, Monex companies have been America's gold and precious metals investment leader. Their e-Insights are great source of information and tips with which you can invest in gold bullion or in silver ingots at the appropriate time.

This newsletter is free for you to begin receiving gold and silver market news and commentary highlights of the "what, where, why and how much" of this important alternative investment market.

Spy sweeper for your PC.

Don't be surprised to find an url that doesn't have spysweeper in it when you search for spy sweeper. The url for spy sweeper will be

My friend who is a bank manager sought my advise about the best spyware software that I have used so far. It is very wise of him to ask such a question instead of asking the best spyware that I know.

I recommended the free version of Spy Sweeper and test it for a month. If he is satisfied, then he go in for a paid version.

I helped him download it and did a full scan. His PC was infected for sure but we were surprised to find about 1200 infections that were to be removed.

My friend decided on the spot to pay for it.

Is your virus scanner working?

Anti Virus software checks our PC for malicious viruses, spyware and adware. After scanning, it eliminates them with your permission.

But how do we check whether our anti virus software is really working?
Timothy solves (y)our query in his blog Life Hacker.

"The EICAR virus test is a harmless text file that is detected as a virus by most AV vendors. You can use it to verify that your local virus scanner is working.
Just copy the string into a plain text file), check to see if your email server scans for viruses (email yourself a copy), and test if scanners detect viruses inside archives (put it inside a zip file)."

Recently, I used Google Updater and downloaded free version of Spyware Doctor and it seems to be working well within its capability. I will check if it reports EICAR.

Thank you Timothy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is a money pot.

This is amazing; a software that enables you to fill up your pot with money. This is not an empty promise folks but a real one. To use this software, one must be familiar with online stock trading and that too one must have had some experience in options trading.

I, like thousands of people depend on several investment magazines for my daily stint in online stock trading. With the entry of several of blogs on stocks and shares, I used to look at them for technical analysis reports.

The conversion ratio used to be 50/50. I was exploring ways to improve upon the conversion ratio and I found out iron condor a spread strategy in which an investor will combine a Bear-Call Credit Spread and a Bull-Put Credit Spread.

The developer of this ingenious software says, “Our patented SmartSearchXL® technology is not available anywhere else. It’s the best way to Find, Compare, Analyze, and Make Money on Stock Option Trading.”

The distinct advantage of this neutral strategy is we can make a profit anywhere between lower and upper break even.

I did a small research, located a few existing users and sought their feedback. My decision- I am going to buy this.

Beautiful Blue.

I am referring to the color of Blue Tooth icon.

Till I bought a Nokia mobile last week, I did not know how to use the blue tooth. My son has blue tooth enabled mobile. He has many melodious ringtones in it.

He first transferred a ringtone to my mobile and then demonstrated how he did it. I was eager to try out and completed another transfer with much glee.

Blue tooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PCs, printers, digital cameras, and video game consoles over a secure, globally unlicensed short-range radio frequency. Blue tooth lets these devices communicate with each other when they are in range.

The Blue tooth specifications are developed and licensed by the Blue tooth Special Interest Group.

I see not much difference between Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth as far as the application is concerned though technically there may a big difference.

What is a Nintendo Wii?

We all come across a particular new word repeatedly but never have enough time to know what it is.

Nintendo Wii is one such that I was eager to learn about but always procrastinated the required action. At last, today is the D day.

The Wii is pronounced as 'we'.

Nintendo Company, Limited is a Japanese multinational corporation originally founded on September 23, 1889 in Kyoto, Japan by Fusajiro Yamauchi to produce handmade hanafuda cards.

Nintendo is traded in Nasdaq.

A distinguishing feature of the console is its wireless controller, the Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and can detect motion and rotation in three dimensions.

The console itself looks like any other game console. But there is a rumor now that it is not available in leading outlets. I heard that one has to order well in advance by paying fully now.

A surprise contact.

It was a totally religious ceremony on Sunday. I had gone with my husband to undertake some strict religious rituals under the guidance of our family religious head.

The person sitting next to me was a woman of about 45. Initially I didn’t pay much attention to her because of her not so scholarly appearance. But I was genuinely surprised at her worldly knowledge and I was even more astonished to learn that she owns the largest gift shop in India.

In fact it is a chain of shops famous for unique wedding favors thronged by customers seven days a week. Yes, they don’t close the shop on Sundays too when the business is at its peak.

India has diverse wedding customs and the shop sells myriad gifts catering to every belief and custom. Some of the collections are imported from as far as Egypt.

I told her that I am her regular customer and she was mighty pleased and even offered a special friendship discount the next time I go there.

She confessed that she was inspired by the online wedding shop, The Knot. She stocks the shops after frequently visiting the

I promised her an exclusive blog post one day.

What is Fire Wire?

FireWire is one of the greatest peripheral values always developed, which creates it vast for use with multimedia peripherals as like digital video cameras and other high velocity devices like the newest hard disk drives and printers.

I was really astounded by the knowledge of the technician that came to attend a small problem in my laptop. He is so young but possesses good knowledge about multimedia technology and the latest interface they use to speed up the pc.

FireWire speeds up the movement of multimedia data and large files and enables easy connection of digital consumer products -- including digital camcorders, digital video tapes, digital video disks, set-top boxes, and music systems -- directly to a personal computer.

I owe my gratitude to this technician and to a person named sun flower in

Monday, June 25, 2007

An alternative to Adobe Acrobat.

The first time I heard the name Adobe's Acrobat, I laughed. What is so acrobatic about it?

OK, never mind my sense of humor or the lack of it, we have all been using it almost regularly. At least I depend on it because the collection of e-books I have on spirituality.

In, I read an article about 'Mobipocket e-book reader', a software which is used to read the all formats of e-books in the pocket PCs and PDAs. It is basically use for the hand held and pocket PC devices with other options to tap in the technologies such as Palm, Windows, Packet PC, Ebookman and Psion. This software has powerful features for reading the contents of the e-books.

I heard that this software is very popular but how come I didn't know about it till today?

Travel safely fully insured.

Nothing can be compared with the peace of mind travel insurance gives one, when traveling abroad. New conditions, strange food, different climate, all these account for some sort of discomfort in the mind and body. ‘What if some thing goes wrong in any of the above conditions’ is our upper most concern.

Ok, we can anticipate and prepare ourselves with some issues, but we can’t do the same when faced with health issues because medical expenses can be sky high.

Under such circumstances, it is prudent to arm ourselves with Trip Protection, the most comprehensive travel insurance coverage in the industry. Once covered, we may even not anticipate any contingencies because we will be at peace mentally and that alone will prevent the occurrence of any ill health.

Most of the policies of are inclusive of “On Call International Assistance Services”, providing their clients with 24-hour, worldwide, collect call access to many vital services in the event of an emergency while they are traveling.

When I looked at their various policies, I concluded that the benefits and service offered by TravelSafe Insurance are unbeatable.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Card reader and writer.

Shame on me! What is the use of reading so many gadgets blogs without gaining any knowledge of the card reader and it's applications?

But it so happened. I confess that I am a zombie in these matters. When my son asked me to get him a card reader so that he can transfer all the photos we captured during our recent trip to Goa, I hid my ignorance and went out.

At the shop, I walked with confidence with an air of authority but with a purpose. I simply didn't want to expose my weakness. I asked for a card reader and the first question he asked me was what type of memory card I have.

Flat! I was cleanly floored. Memory card? I called my son and told him about my situation. He talked to the shop keeper directly and pulled me out of my predicament.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The mouse that announces your email!

It took me a long time to buy my first cordless mouse. But what a convenience it is to operate a mouse without it's tail!

Now the cordless mouse can even detect your emails and instant messages.
Look the picture below followed by its features.

Battery Status Indicator
E-mail+IM Notification
Forward/Back Buttons
Horizontal Scrolling
Laser Sensor.
Scroll side-to-side.
Effortlessly zoom in and out of photos and spreadsheets.
Bulletproof Wireless: Experience bulletproof wireless freedom with interference-free 2.4 GHz wireless.
Auto Turn-off: Extend battery life with intelligent “syncing” of mouse power with your PC. Mouse turns off when you power down PC.
One-Touch Controls: Fingertip controls for Volume, Mute, and Web page browsing.

You can buy it here.

Network for teachers.

This is the first thing I wanted but finding it at last.

When every other field is having their own network, why not there is one for teachers who use their blog in their profession. With web 2.0 technology there is an increase in the interactiveness among bloggers and blog readers.

Sponsored by the Bay Area Writing Project and, the Educational Blogger Network (eBN) is a community of teachers and education professionals and supporters who use weblogs for teaching and learning. The network assists members to advance weblog integration in education.

Using the blog technology to educate kids as well as adults in every faculty is a unique idea and can be more effective than classroom teachings because of the ability to show visuals without any extra equipments.

Podcast, videocast can be great tools for education.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Hohokam civilization and Phoenix.

The city of Phoenix in Arizona is the sixth largest city in the U.S. But it’s history dates back to as early as 700 AD when the American Indian tribes belonging to the Hohokam civilization occupied the present land part of Phoenix.

Since it’s inclusion in the United States of America in 1881, it grew with giant strides and today it is considered as one of the largest cities in America.

With its growth, the real estate also grew alongside attracting developers from every part of America. High rise condominiums appeared everywhere and architecture expressed at its best.

The ubiquitous Phoenix Condos promoted and developed by ‘Building Specialists’ are the most sought after residences for the citizens of Phoenix. They are all cost effective as no middle man fee is involved in the buying and selling transaction.

Temporary occupants can interact with the owners of condos and ask for a lease easily through Owners of condos looking to sell can list their property area wise.

Like all areas, the Phoenix real estate market is unique and, the premier marketplace for luxury condominiums, is your online portal for condos in Phoenix.

May be I should join PPP.

Why not? I think I am blogging fairly well. I saw many Pay Per Post affiliates' blogs and I am not bad man when compared to that.

I have a decent PR and I am already contracted by other sponsors as you can see from my posts.
I heard that PPP recently introduced a concept of interacting directly with sponsors if I install a relevant badge on my blog.

Some badges that I noticed charge $8 per post and some even $150 per post. Hmmm... $150 per post. Man, if I could charge that much, I will be happy to get just 4 posts a month. That money can take care of my son's education fees.

Ok, I am motivated to take my blog up to that level and may be next year I will achieve it. But with your support of course.

All in one social networking website. is a dating, friendship and social networking website for Indians.

With this, I have counted seven social networking sites for Indians. Surprisingly, I have so far not registered in any one of them.

Mostly there will be talk in Hindi which I don't understand much and the talk will be centered around Ishwarya Rai of course. Don't they ever get tired of following her?

Since it is also a dating site, I noticed several invitations from boys to girls seeking friendship. They easily forget that they are in India and it is Indian girls they are inviting.

Either that or about cell phones and SMS. Nothing interesting for me there except a few odd stories about education and career.

The website is not loading fast.

I Know I Got Skillz.

Do you remember these words, “I Know I Got Skillz?”

It was a song in the rap album by NBA player Shaquille O'Neal and the album is called Shaq Diesel.

Everything about Shaquille O’Neal and Dwayne Wade are legendary for Floridians and it is quite natural only because Miami HEATS is their favorite team and both the above basketball players were instrumental for their first NBA Championship Title.

Ever since the Miami Heat were introduced to the NBA in the 1988-89 season along with the instate rivals Orlando Magic, their players are the heroes of Florida.

When a basketball match is being played involving Miami Heats, there will be a scramble for Miami Heat Tickets and in less than 24 hours, all the tickets would have been sold out disappointing hundreds of fans.

Sometimes you will be lucky to buy tickets but they are never the seats you truly wanted. This is where Premium Seats USA steps in and solves this nuisance by providing a huge selection of first-class tickets.

Just about anything you can think of, this premium online ticket broker makes it happen; if it’s a comedy show you crave or a fabulous show in Vegas , consider the tickets in your hands.

Want Romantic Poems and Love Letters?

Enchanted by all those romantic poetry that we read in our schools, how many of us still keep the fire alive even after crossing 40s?

I would say none. But who can blame us moms when our daily life itself is a struggle? Who has time for poems be it romantic or otherwise.

But, young people who are not yet married and professional writers and journalists would always be inspired by poems of any nature.

Here is a web site exclusively for them-Passion Up.

Nicely named, this web site has got beautiful greetings cards written with love and passion. But for secret love letters, they take you another secret site.

If you like it readers, please pass it on.

Firefox's new avatar.

I nearly junked my IE. I don't even remember when I last used it.

My loyalty to Firefox is unwavering and I am happy to see all those 'add ons' and extensions.
I was immensely pleased when Pay per Post(PPP) and Firefox colloborated and I installed this PPP plugin.

This plugin is already receiving rave reviews from bloggers of PPP and I will tell you, it is extremely useful.

PC world just reported about Firefox's Alpha 5 that is luanched. Let us examine what it is all about:

"Mozilla today made an early testing release of its Firefox 3 browser available for download, and this alpha version (code-named Gran Paradiso) for the first time adds the anticipated Places feature for bookmarks."

Though some of it's technicality are beyond my comprehension, I believe it is something to with bookmarks.

Thank you

Friday, June 08, 2007

How many teams are in NFL?

Yes, I know that you know NFL expands to National Football League but do you know there are 32 teams in it? All the teams are from American cities and regions.

The Miami Dolphins is a popular team that play home games in the Miami suburb of Miami Gardens at Dolphin Stadium and hence probably their name Miami Dolphins.

They are scheduled to play from August 11, 2007. Their first match is vs. Jacksonville Jaguars at 7.30 PM at Dolphin Stadium - Opa Locka, FL.

It is needless to say that Miami Dolphins Tickets are to be bought well in advance to grab a vantage position. I can’t understand why sports lovers wait till the last moment to buy their tickets and usually get disappointed when they see “Sold Out” board.

When there is a way to buy the sports tickets hassle free why not utilize it? I am referring to Premium Seats USA and as the name suggests, they provide a huge selection of first-class tickets to all concerts, sports and theater events nationwide.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Social Poster.

While expressing my gratitude to mashable, it is my pleasure to bring to your notice about 'Social Poster', a service that lets you to post 34 different social bookmarking web sites easily and effortlessly.

Unlike 'Only Wire' which submits to 15 social bookmarking web sites with a single click, social poster facilitates easy submission to social bookmarking web sites from a single web page.

When you insert the code in your blog's template, there appears a button 'Social Poster'. When clicked on, it presents you several bookmarking services with a 'Post' link beside each service.

Whenever you are on a website or blog that you want to share it with others via social bookmarking, use the social poster button in your browser bar. It picks up the url, title and tags automatically. Then you just have to click the 'post' button beside each bookmarking services.

Share it friends.

Downlod music directly to ipod.

No thank you PC sir. I don't need you anymore for my audio entertainments.

I can now download songs directly on to my ipod from, the California based music site.
This can be the most exciting news for my son as well as all the ipod users worldwide.

This saves them a lot of time as the duplication is avoided here. We all know how much time it takes to transfer songs from PC to ipod.

But it costs money folks, so ensure you have sufficient limit in your credit cards. I have been to and they are loaded with volumes and volumes of music albums.

"The Palo Alto-based company has an agreement in principle to sell nearly 200,000 songs from Warner Music Group Corp. for 99 cents each, starting Tuesday."

Hmmm... so, are you ready?

Source: Yahoo news.