Monday, February 29, 2016

Is it possible to deal with Social Anxiety?

The irony is in spite of increasing number of people who are actively participating in various social media, there is a widespread report of people getting afflicted with social anxiety. Strange isn’t it?

The so called Social Anxiety Disorder attacks one out of every eight Americans. Surprisingly, he Europeans and Indians are rather immune to this psychiatric malady.

The after effects of social anxiety can have devastating results in marriage, self esteem and career.

Is it possible to overcome social anxiety disorder?
I would not call it a disorder of permanent nature but a temporary one and can be treated without pain.

There are medications available long with careful counseling by experienced psychiatrists. People who have social fears should talk to their counselors openly.

Set some social goals and indulge in deliberate positive thinking.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Latest trends in fitness machines.

Have you noticed a strange thing? Organized gymnasiums are not crowded these days because more people are turning away from memberships gyms to home gym. Noticing this trend, real estate developers are wooing prospective fitness buffs by offering a separate fitness deck n new homes built.

In addition, modern fitness equipments are made as space saving with all-in-one exercise machine! Amazing products are advertised for home gym.
We too recently bought a small disc shaped fitness equipment to reduce waist line.

I came across an useful tip when we were contemplating on buying a few fitness machines for our home.

“When you are considering to buy an all in one piece of exercise equipment, you should first think about your goals.  You should consider what you hope to achieve from exercising and just how well this piece of equipment will benefit you. “

You generally get overwhelmed by looking at the gleaming exercise machines and tend to buy more than necessary just to show off to neighbors.

As per the present trend, the two most popular types of exercise systems are the Bowflex and Total Gym brands.  The Bowflex system uses resistant bows that bend instead of the traditional weights that simply lift.  Bowflex is designed to fit a wide variety of budgets and needs; it's widely adaptable and extremely popular as well.

Make a wise decision while buying fitness gadgets