Friday, December 31, 2010

New home made recipes for glowing skin.

This image in Yahoo! naturally attracted my eyes. The title for the image was, "Glowing Skin".

The sub-title was "home remedies for glowing skin".

Which woman ignores this topic? We, the women would like to be as appealing as possible even at 70. Excuse me men for not including you.

The first home made beauty concoction was using coconut oil and jojoba oil with water. This is certainly a new recipe for shining skin. I have used tender coconut water but never mixed it with rose water.

Are you aware of this beauty tip from Yahoo!? Have you used it? Do you have any feedback to offer?

There were more recipes for beautiful skin in Yahoo!. One of them spoke about mixing milk powder with almond, glycerine and lemon juice.

What a mix!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cuff links that is certain to attract women!

I read somewhere that scars on men on attract women but I did not know women fancy men who wore offbeat cuff links like boston transit token cuff links! I don’t think women bother to lift the arms of men to see what kind of cuff links they are wearing on the coat and then accept their dating request.

Therefore, why then men go out of their way to buy cuff links made of rail transit tokens? However, I appreciate the first man who thought a day would come when men would buy cuff links made of Government issued travel transit tokens and bothered to scour the railways stations of America to collect those metal tokens that are not in circulation anymore.

Men call women as vanity filled human beings! Very chauvinistic-eh?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Filing cavities of tooth and wallet.

Mr. BeanGetting a tooth out of its sockets these days empties the wallet as well-eh? Why do dentists charge exorbitant rates all over the world? Is that why there are thousands of articles on various aspects of dental insurance?

Another headache that accomapnies tooth ache is the time spent on waiting at the dentist's clinic. My God! It goes on and on. Three days before I watched 3 episodes (each goes for 40 minutes) of Mr.Bean before I was called in by the dentist. During those long hours, I thought Mr.Bean started recognizing me and winking at me mischeviously.

Glancing around the waiting patients, I noticed a pall of gloom emanated from then and filled up the room that refused to leave in spite of Mr. Bean's excellent effort to make us laugh.

This blog post was composed mentally when I was waiting for the dentist and when Mr. Bean waited on me on the TV.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The online gift shop that you would visit again and again.

Andrea accompanied me to the popular cinema that I urged to see along with me. On the way back home, we did some window shopping rather hurriedly. We both have already bought several gifts for Christmas and New Year at

This outing for the movie was my gift to Andrea in gratitude for having introduced to me, a gift shop online that I would visit again and again. I am giving below the images of a couple of gifts that I bought from

It is our earth seen floating in the space. What better way to teach anyone who is on the other side of New York!

The astonishingly colored and customized coffee mugs are called Snowman Candy Cane Mugs that cost only $9.99 (I would not mind paying up with a $10 note and not waiting for the change)

There are unique gifts for everyone and for every occasion. But then, there is no need for an occasion to give gifts-right?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I revived my association with Hub Pages after a gap of three years. I expected some positive changes in Hub Pages but all remains the same.

Here is just an example:
I created a hub on spiritual solutions to every problem. When I viewed it a minute before, I saw some totally unrelated hubs such as:
* Game Lag Problems and Solutions
* Breast Feeding Problems and Solutions
*Bait Fishing Common problems and solutions

I wonder what is the relation between spiritual solutions to these three different problems. Hub Pages too work similar to Google, showing search results based on key words only.

I would like to rate Ezine Articles better than Hub Pages on several metrics.

Ah, these are just my musings only. Don't take them seriously please.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 gifts for teachers.

Yahoo! gave me a surprise today morning. They have published an article titled, "10 gifts teachers like". I think I have gotten the title right.

I thought all teachers are alike; they like their students to score maximum marks in their exams and that they treat it as perfect gift.

However, Yahoo! has different opinions.Yahoo! has cited 10 gifts for teachers that include the familiar chocolates, flower pots or seeds.

I am glad that they have included the two gifts that teachers appreciate.
* Donations to the classroom library or gift certificate to Scholastic Book Club.
* A donated gift for a classmate in need.

Read about all the 10 gifts for teachers:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Custom laptop with numeric keypad.

My system engineer who came to fix my HP printer saw my old laptop lying on the bed. I frantically tried to hide it under a blanket but it was too late. He saw it and looked at me that conveyed contempt clearly. I cringed with embarrassment because of the poor condition of my laptop.

He then offered to buy it back magnanimously and told me he would get me a new laptop built with the latest features and configuration. He builds custom laptops for individuals and corporate employees.

At this point, my son, a computer engineer stepped in and asked the computer troubleshooter several technical questions about building a custom laptop. The man answered with ease and confidence.

Finally, my son asked for a laptop with numeric keypad. The salesman said he could give the numeric keypad as an external attachment.

I wondered how it would be useful to a computer engineer!

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Free insurance advisor available.

Have you ever hired your own insurance advisor? Without paying any consultation fees, you can hire an insurance consultant who would obediently serve you by getting all the necessary information regarding term life insurance, car insurance and medical insurance.

He won’t stop at this level. He will even get you free insurance quotes from all the leading insurance service providers, which will enable you to compare them leisurely and choose the cheapest term life insurance package.

Generally, these free insurance consultants stay with you as long you want and never ask for anything from you. In fact, he would be glad if you spread the word about his free financial services so that many can benefit.

Do you want to know his name?

He is affectionately called ‘Term life insurance quote engine”.

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Home School children's motivation

It is easy for the children to engage themselves in many after school activities after returning from their regular schools. But is possible to expect such a level of involvement from children studying in home schools?

It is tough to answer this question and therefore more tough to implement the methods (if any) to motivate the home school children in after school activities.

I suspect thy won't even be interested in new backyard games. If they are encouraged to explore the possibilities of building relationship in the real outer world, they are more likely to show interest but I think it might wane quickly.

May be one can announce a contest of sorts and reward the winners with prizes to keep their interest alive.

BTW, I know 46 different ideas for backyard games. Do you want them?

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When you need to buy computer video cables?

Sometimes, ordering computer accessories will expose your ignorance of them glaringly. Last Tuesday, when my system engineer (he loves that tag engineer though he is only a hardware technician) asked me if he could bring over the computer video cables to connect my laptop to the newly bought HDTV, I said yes.

His next question was what are the output options my laptop has. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then, he asked me to look at all the sides of my laptop and asked me to tell him about all the ports (openings to plug pins?).

As I was following his instructions, he stopped me in the middle and told me he got the information he wanted.

In a few hours, he came to my house to do his work. I was waiting for him to ask what he meant my output options. He then explained about various video card output options that include VGA, DVI or S-Video.

This time, the way I nodded convinced him further that I am a sub-zero in these things.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

One more beautiful face.

I like to see beautiful faces, places, food, painting and dress.And when I see them, I express it instantly without any second thought. The law of universe works in favour of anyone who shameless appreciates anything.

The more you appreciate, the universe sends more in your way to enjoy and appreciate. I have blogged about beautiful faces, lovely eyes in this blog previously.

This is the image of model Ayesha Takia. She married recently. She is also an actress in Bombay.

To me, she is lovely and young. There is a vibration from her image that reached me. She has got an enchanting smile!

Monday, December 06, 2010

How to buy ties for men?

My brother-in-law was surprised that I chose the right bow ties for him. He is of the opinion that women are the worst choosers of ties for men. I have to agree with him though.

My husband always criticized me whenever I bought bow ties for him. He has firmly told that I should never shop for his needs. However, the color of ties that are displayed carries me away easily.

This frequent admonition made me to learn to buy for men. Surprisingly it was easy. All I had to was give the shopping bags at the right time. Hey, don’t think it is easy. Gauging the men’s mood needs a bit of practice.

There are men who know only one form of tie knot. I learnt a couple of more such as Windsor knot and Shelby knot.

To tell you the truth, my husband still depends on me to knot his tie.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Who prefers gold coins over real estate?

That is history! The notion that only educated people buy gold coins is definitely history. Now, while educated people invest more in real estate, the so-called ill-informed people put their hard-earned money in precious metals.

Though more people from rural areas buy silver coins and silver vessels, I know of a few families who have converted their silver holding into gold. I wonder where they sell their silver ware for profit. Living in a big city, I find it hard to sell off my old silver vessels.

It is not that I can buy gold coins only from the sale proceeds of my old silver ware. I just want to dispose them off as they are occupying precious space and also getting tarnished due to long periods of confinement.

Yes, space in my city has become more precious than precious metals.

Don't throw away your newspapers.

First, I will tell you about electronic ink and then tell you why you need not throw away your used news papers.

I am sure you are aware of e-paper-the daily news papers you receive in your mail box are also available in digital form in your computer. Unlike a conventional flat panel display, which uses a backlight to illuminate its pixels, electronic paper reflects light like ordinary paper and is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing electricity, while allowing the image to be changed later.

The e-ink rearranges itself each morning to form new headlines. Or maybe you've just finished pouring over a new best seller. No need to pass it along to a friend; the print can morph Harry Potter style into a new book.

Sound unreal? It is the world of electronic ink.

The e-ink, in its appearance is similar to regular ink but there is an uniqueness about it. It is made up of many tiny capsules, these capsules are filled with ink, and the ink contains white particles that have a negative charge. These three properties allow an electronic ink display to be changed on demand.

E ink can be used on many of the same surfaces as regular ink


Image source: Google Images

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Modern furniture need not compromise on comforts.

Have you seen Ravi Sastri sitting in an uncomfortable chair answering the questions very comfortably? This scene can be seen in every cricket match telecast. It is supposed to be a modern chair that is definitely not convenient to sit for more than two minutes.

Modern furniture means it should be space saving and stylish but at the same time it should not compromise on comfort.

The chair below is an ideal example of an ideal modern chair. I saw this in a doctor’s waiting room. Many patients were waiting and their faces did not show any signs of anxiety. I appreciated the doctor personally for his thoughtful choice of this chair.

I intend to recommend this chair to Ravi Sastri. I am thinking of emailing this blog post to him.

If you happened to know his email id, why don’t you leave it in the comments box?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

So what if Warren Buffett is….

The Warren Buffett interview published on 19th October 2010 in CNN might have thrown most of the traditional bullion traders off their trading stools for his rather conservative views about investing in gold.

I received a bunch of concerned emails from my friends who are repeatedly encouraged to buy gold by me. Well, one man, however popular he is for his investing acumen can dethrone the yellow metal from its honorable seat it is sitting on since man learned to mine the gold.

If Warren Buffett is looked upon for his stock market advises, then, the U.S. Gold Bureau is revered for its gold price movement predictions.

Therefore, friends, don’t panic. Stay put. Gold is still the supreme wealth protector and a status symbol. You can show of your wealth by adorning yourself with gold ornaments but you can’t walk around wearing equity shares on your body-right?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Blackhead removal in 48 hours?

“If you ask me what is a blackhead, they are like first dates; both are hard to get out”, my son told me with a bit of annoyance. I understood his feelings.

Blackheads can cause depression to youth more than anything else can. It is especially so, when you fix an appointment with your first date. My son confessed to me only yesterday night that he won a dating appointment with a girl he had been seeing since 6 months.

Six months! Moreover, this is the first date! No wonder he is concerned about the blackheads on his chin that appeared at the wrong time.

I know some natural cure for making the ugly pimples to vanish but it is not possible to work a miracle in 48 hours!

Nevertheless, I sprang into action hoping the predicament would get a natural solution. I prayed and the God answered. The girl called up only two hours before to postpone the appointment for reasons known only to her.

While all my relatives in the U.S. are enjoying the Thanksgiving day holidays, I am working in a gloomy atmosphere. In addition, some of them gave me some work to do and told me not to contact them till Monday morning.

Hmmm... what to do? However, I envy, I can't say 'no' to their requests. I prepared myself to face the dark clouds, wet roads and the non-cooperative car to complete the myriad tasks.

To make the matter worse, my husband took ill and demands my attention constantly. Misfortune doesn't come in singles-eh?

The only bright thing is my son will be here for the weekend.

BTW, why the Canadians celebrate the Thanksgiving Day on a different day?

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Women prefer healthy weight loss.

While I squeezed myself out easily from the crowded suburban train, my friend sought my assistance to get her bulky frame through the exit door that was blocked by the boarding passengers.

It seemed her diet pill was yet to yield the intended result. I would say her choice of the weight loss pill was made after prolonged study of the best diet pills for women. In spite of my advice, she believed strongly that women need different pills.

I too am aware of diet pills that are exclusively meant for women but I doubted women would prefer them. Like men, women too like to shed weight fast. If a man loses 10 pounds in a month with the aid of a diet pill, then, it is what women prefer.

Nevertheless, my friend wanted to lose weight in a healthy way. She gradually wanted to shed her belly fat so that she would not suddenly look lean.

I promised that the next time we visit the spiritual ashram; I would take her by car.

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Pamela Anderson and the rotis..

I like Pamela Anderson (former Bay watch star) only because she fell in love with Indian cusine. During her recent visit to India, she enjoyed so much our rotis and subjis that she learnt to cook them then and there.

She promised to treat her two children Brandon and Dylan to an Indian meal consisting of Indian vegetables and spices that include onions and garlic, ginger and turmeric.

I hope she finds them in Los Angeles where Indians live amicably with Americans. I once taught a Japanese woman in my home Mysore rasam and stuffed eggplant (brinjal).

She was genuinely awe struck but could not tolerate the salt. Japanese don't eat salt or eat very little.


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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

For white artificial Christmas tree..

I gingerly approached the Christmas tree and passionately touched the myriad decorations on it. This happened 40 years ago when artificial christmas tree was not known to world.

I grew up where there were no Christians. Once, when my family visited another town to attend a marriage, we stayed in our relative’s house whose neighbor had put up a small branch of tree on which I saw colorful ribbons, small beads and other things. When I asked my elder brother what it was, he told me that it is a Christmas tree and went onto brief me about the Christmas celebration.

Now, that small branch of a tree is totally replaced by artificial Christmas trees of myriad shapes and sizes. There are different Christmas trees for keeping indoor and outdoor. I saw even a white Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, I have noticed the true joy among Christians starting from the Thanksgiving Day until the New Year. They feel at most pleasure in giving which is missing in our community.

Recipe for Mashed Yams

Michelle Karam looks and cooks good-right? She is expressive and all smiles showing a lovely set of teeth. Though I have not had an opportunity to taste her dishes, I am sure they must be as nice as she cooks and looks.

Today, I watched cook mashed yam as a thanksgiving recipe. Frankly speaking, I did not the westerners ate yam. I was under assumption that the yam truly belong to the Indian kitchen. How poorly educated I am!

Yam is very difficult to cook. Imagine how hard it will be to mash it on pan. Michelle did it very well. I could have told her to a few Indian spices like turmeric and tamarind.

Nevertheless, watch her cook mashed yam below.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday discount on iPods draw huge crowd.

I can’t explain it technically or logically about my preference for iPod classic among other ipods that include iPod nano and iPod touch. I am not adept at handling touch screen gadgets. Even my cell phone is an old-fashioned Nokia that is operated by traditional button press system.

That is why I had to disappoint my son when I returned the iPod touch he gifted me yesterday because of his promotion that meant higher salary.

He understood my discomfort and explained to me patiently why iPod touch is a far superior model than the iPod Classic and how easy it is to learn the operation of iPod touch.

I lent a willing ear but at the end, I again firmly declined to accept his kindness. His father came to my rescue and told his son he would take it provided his son gets all the old songs sung by Olivia Newton John.

Later, when my son left for Bangalore, my husband told me that all the iPod models are sold at hefty holiday (Thanks Giving Day) discount at and his son should have bought one from there.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kate Middleton-isn't she lovely?

Kate Middleton-isn't she lovely? She is going to wed Britain’s Prince Williams. I saw her image in our local daily ‘The Hindu’ . I quickly sought Yahoo! News.

There she posed under a wide hat, which enhanced her aristocratic features.

I think she dresses well, has a liking for hats of different styles and shapes.

She studied along with her fiancée in St. Andrews University.

The media reported once that the couple parted only to be reported later that their relationship is strong and growing.

Yes, Prince Williams too is charming and looks calm and poised always. I wish them a peaceful wedded life.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Acai berry is not a scam in my opinion.

Any consumer product that becomes popular is susceptible to claims of scam and that too through the Internet. For example, those who never use the Internet are oblivious to acai berries scam reports while they continue to enjoy superior health by consuming acai berry based juices and pills.

That is how most of the health related products like diet supplements, fat burners etc work. These products were launched after years of testing and finally approved by the licensing authorities.

Just because someone reported a side effect after taking a particular product, you can’t write it off. However, the word travels too fast in Internet and we read the same single negative report in various places with different words.

I firmly believe acai berry is a wonder herb but I don’t think it can be termed as an exclusive weight loss product.

No! Acai berry is not a scam in my opinion.

Profitable air ambulance business.

I considered it as a great honor to be contact by a total stranger who happens to be a millionaire that owns several businesses. He is contemplating to diversify into air ambulance business and he inquired if I can build a website for his new business venture and take the responsibility of promoting it in the Internet.

It is a big responsibility.I know the importance of air ambulance services operated in hilly areas in India where monsoon brings frequent landslides leading to road and rail accidents.

Illogically, I worried about the operating costs of emergency aerial medical services while my job is only to build a website and concentrate on Internet marketing.

It seems medical transport business is growing in demand as there is a huge gap between demand and supply.

I accepted the offer and landed on a plum contract.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to avoid blackheads while treating pimples?

I promptly pressed the click here button and landed on a web site that has published reviews of natural acne cure products that include my favorite Proactiv though I was sad to see it on the fourth place.

Actually, my interest will be immense on anything that is related to face care products like acne care, anti aging and fairness creams. Face is the number one asset for human beings.

At the last count, there were a staggering 77 natural ingredients are being used thus far in all acne cure products and prominent among them are:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Turmeric
  • White willow bark

From my experience of getting rid of pimples, I would strong advise people to act as soon as they spot the first signs of pimples because, if action taken at an advanced stage, they would see blackheads on their face irrespective of the acne treatment they employ.

Wonderful Kerala.

I had been to Kerala for two days and returned the day before yesterday. The whether was pleasant. It was raining and it was so nice to see thick forests drenched in rain and clouds touching the low peaked hills.

It is God's own country and nature was at its biased best.

What I found slightly disturbing is the behavior of shop keepers, hotel staff and temple staff at Guruvayoor. They behaved rather rudely.I think they are totally oblivious of customer care.

In spite of the state's highest literacy rate, I found the attitude of people rather odd. Is it like that through out the state of Kerala?

I have moved with hundreds of people of Kerla in Madras. I have wonderful relationship with them. I always found them gentle and compassionate.

I have no intention to hurt anyone particular. I love people and I love visiting places. The only thing that bothers me is indifference.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Would car insurance companies listen?

Would auto insurance companies cover deer collision? I just moved into an area where deer traffic causes occasional accidents. Though not much damage will befall on the vehicles, it is definitely a death sentence to the poor animal.

My friend who is already living in that locality has even sold her car because she is filled with guilt in causing death to a deer. She then took up the matter with her car insurance company to inquire coverage for accidents involving deer.

Not happy with their response, she is now interacting with the forest authorities to take preventive measures for stopping the trespass of forest animals.

I wonder how this issue is dealt by the American car insurance companies. I remember reading an article about the collisions with deer in that warned the car drivers to approach a wounded deer with extreme caution, as it is very dangerous.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Learn periodic table through videos.

Today morning, as I left my class room, a student stopped me to inquire if I can spare a minute or two. I said yes.

He then quickly opened his laptop and showed me a sort of video tutorial for periodic table.I vividly remember my trauma while trying to remember rows upon rows of metals and gases with symbols and atomic numbers and all that.

This innovative video made the entire boring task of understanding the periodic table easy and interesting.

Click on any symbol and you are in a for a pleasant surprise.

Here is a sample for the symbol 'Si'.

Visit Periodic Videos

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Want to lose weight? Forget gym!

Do women want to lose weight? You bet! However, would obese women relish going to gym to lose weight? No! Well, may be not all.

What is their alternate weight loss solution? They resort to food supplements, appetite suppressants and diet pills.

Since, all these weight loss medications come with free bonus in the name of harmful side effects, it is not a problem free weight loss solution.

Instead, why do women try to do all the proven weight loss exercises at their home. Surely, there are plenty of 'how to' videos in on how to burn excess fat in your abdomen and below.

I like this particular video clip and I know it is effective. Moreover, it is cost effective.

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Absolutely gorgeous Shilpa.

If I say that I used to envy her looks, it is grammatically wrong. I still envy her. My God! What a beauty she is.

If you are not an Indian, you probably may not know her name. She is Shilpa Shetty. I don't have to write more about her. The Internet has more stuff on Shilpa Shetty than an ordinary fan like me.

She seems to get more beautiful as she ages. The photographs of Shilpa Shetty mostly show her face only which might suggest she is plump but actually she is slender.

I once cried foul, loud and clear when she was kissed against her will on stage publicly and again when was tortured in the Big Brother show in London. She behaved perfectly in such a tough situation.

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

The mint in our family.

She is unbelievably unreasonable. Is it true that younger siblings are all like that?
My younger sister brushed aside all my arguments about why she should buy a platinum coin for a change. She is called ‘the mint’ in our family for her penchant for gold coins.

The reasons for my recommendation for the Platinum American Eagle:
• It is the youngest in American coinage history
• It has ($100) the highest ever face value
• The only official investment-grade platinum coin
• It has better pictorial value (a lame reason indeed)

I remembered to quote the U.S. Gold Bureau as the source for the above data.

Hmmm.. No! She would not betray her loyalty to American gold eagle! Well, so be it! Let her stick to her whims and fancy.

To be frank, I too would hesitate to buy a platinum coin if an opportunity would arise.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

An ascended master revealed himself.

One of my close friends is being used as a medium by an ascended master that my friend calls him a 'Siddhar'. The siddhar guides my friend to do good deeds through various activities.

Even my little work for my friend was seen by the siddhar and he had expressed his appreciation for my work through his medium.

I heard that one of my other friend who stood silently in the prayer room for a minute and communicated with the siddhar, saw the siddhar near the window of the prayer room when my friend opened his eyes.

This clearly indicates that we are all positively guided by ascended masters who are generally known as 'angels' and 'spirit guides'.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do you own an ATV?

Who would not want to increase their Polaris ATV’s performance? However, the majority of the first time buyers of ATVs gets carried away by what they read in newspapers and proceed immediately to purchase several Polaris Accessories that would increase the speed and fuel consumption by a hefty 30% or to increase its pulling power.

Firstly, the expectation is too much immediately after the purchase. One must give some time to season the engine. My brother-in-law is a fine living example. He is a horticulture consultant in New Zealand. I know how much he has spent on his ATV before finally selling it for a throwaway price.

Secondly, I read that Polaris accessories are quite expensive. There is no point in by such expensive accessories only to dump them in the garage attic.

Before buying an all terrain vehicle (ATV) it is better to familiarize with all the aspects of maintaining it. Every accessory’s use should be thoroughly read and all the maintenance tips should be borne in mind.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

15 minutes resume builder.

This resume building online tool located at must be good because it is featured in, a review site that I respect.

I once bought a fantastic resume building software. It helped several of my friends and relatives. Unfortunately, I lost it when my computer crashed.

* Happy CV is easy to use even by new users.
* You can create your resume using various themes that will make your curriculum vitae stand out from others who build their resume manually.
* You can easily edit or add new details to your resume.
* You can share it with prospective employers.
* You can also print your stored CV anytime in PDF format
* Online resumes are portable.
* Drag and drop all the important category so that you can easily reorder them.
* Find tips and tricks to build your perfect resume.

Above all, it is free dear!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Secret wallet inside a fashion bracelet.

Women in India always envy men because of their dress which is so convenient to carry many things in their trouser pockets like wallet, keys, coins, kerchief and other paraphernalia.

We, the women have no such advantage because of our dress. The handbag we carry is very inconvenient and they also attract roadside snatchers.

Here is the best solution for women (men too). A stylish beaded bracelet comes with a hidden pouch that can hold:
* Credit card
* ID card
* Cash

Women can even place a lipstick just in case...

The bracelet closes with the help of a Velcro or elastic band. The basic model costs just $12 where it can cost up to $100 for fashionable pearl studded bracelet.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ZCA stack is a fat burner for smart people.

I am an expert in judging diet pills. If you ask me whether I judge a diet pill after I personally test it, I would answer no; I never needed a fat burner or appetizer suppressant.

I am quite familiar with various ingredients in weight loss products and I know which works the best. I am especially good at reading the ingredients of ephedra diet pills.

Let us all accept the fact that ephedra was the most effective weight loss product even though the accompanying side effects forced ephedra to be banned.

However, this did not deter a few manufacturers who took advantage of the legal concession that allowed them to use ephedra in small quantities. What this meant was, one could reformulate and produce a diet pill that contains the allowed quantity of ephedra.

This smart move was made by ZCA Stack that is a three-in-one product.

1. It suppresses appetite

2. It burns fat

3. It enhances the energy.

I believe this product has great potential in the weight loss segment of the health industry.

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Home study course by Options University.

Established by Brett Fogle and Ron Ianjeri in 2004, Options University has been helping many aspiring share market players. Impressed by several positive feedback, I am also contemplating to become a student.

I am already into share trading in a small way. Guided by my instincts, I ma making some profits weekly.

I want to learn the nuances of stock trading, especially futures and options scientifically. Options University offers a home study course for beginners.

I am given to understand that their home study course methodically teaches all the tested methods of futures and options game by teaching to learn the several signals on any given trading day.

Three years before when I last big money in futures, I decided to stay away from it and till date, I have stuck to my decision. But, like a normal ambitious person, I want to master the art of futures trading and recover my loss.

I hope to win back and also help others to work from home and become a successful entrepreneur.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Find lucrative home business ideas.

By the time I retire (?) from my academic business, I would have my home business successfully running. It is only matter of three years at the latest.

At present, I am trying out my luck as an affiliate marketer. I recently came across, a web site that reviews some of the best home business opportunities.

One of them is Rob Benwell’s Blogging to the Bank. I have subscribed to his blog feed and reading all his updates seriously. He is real inspiration for me to become a professional blogger, another lucrative home business opportunity for work at home grandmas.

Another online earning venture is operating a general web directory. If you learn how to run a web directory and put in a minimum of just one hour a day, it will fetch you a decent sum every year.

I wish someone wrote an e-book about 'how to make a money earning web directory'. I could use it to increase my earning from my web directory and I can promote it too.

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So you are a techno geek?

I feel this blog is exclusive for technology buffs who rave about their technical wizardly always.
Be it internet related or electronic gadets, this blog throws more light on these. But only technical people can grasp its content.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

To become an healthy affiliate, you need…

Even if I wanted to become an affiliate, I don’t think I could have been a successful affiliate marketer in spite of writing about so many health related products that include acne cure, slimming pills, anti aging solutions and so on.

To become an affiliate on paper is so easy; you just fill up an online form and hit the submit button and you have become an affiliate. What is the next step?

One requires extensive training in affiliate marketing to earn some money. Mere affiliate tools like banner ads and text link ads pasted on your site won’t get you any sales. Your affiliate ads can generate a few clicks a day but the conversion rate would be zero unless one takes affiliate marketing seriously.

If you want to join an affiliate network, make sure you get full promotional materials that will at least give you a head start.

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It is moving time again!

I did not expect that I will move again but this time I hope it will be a permanent affair.

I have almost finalized on a new 3 bedroom apartment that will be nearer to my office.

The price is definitely beyond my reach but I am surrounded by loving souls. My husband's brother, sister and aunt are lending their financial assistance.

The house is facing north which I prefer always. It is located close to suburban railway station and metro bus terminus. Since I have lived in the locality for nearly 20 years, I ma happy to move into my familiar are where I know lots of people.

With God's blessings, I will shift to the new house by first week of November.

Friday, October 22, 2010

For quick cash advance ….

The colorful logo on the back of the car in front of me standing in the traffic signal caught my eyes. It read ‘Check City’. There was no further information beside the logo.

Nevertheless, the name rang a bell. After activating the hard disc in my head, it pushed the word cash advance into my RAM. The RAM in my brain is always free of some space in case of such situations.

Yes, the cash advance website- it registered in my memory sometime back because of its design. In addition, the site has bagged an ‘A+’ rating from the prestigious BBB.

Payday loans are the most availed loan by salaried people. Though credit card users do not favor it, wise people apply for payday cash advance thereby not getting into web of vicious credit card loan.

Sitting in the car, I mentally drafted this blog post and here it is live. Checkcity is becoming the favorite of thousands of salaried class.

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Bullion special #2.

An American Gold Eagle.

At the end of the day, I received an email from a Kiwi who thanked me for one of my blog posts titled ‘Bullion Special’.

The bullion special informed the world community of bullion investors about the special Internet sale of rare American Eagles gold and silver coins at dealers’ cost by the United States Gold Bureau.

Here is one more unique service by the U.S. Gold Bureau, the authorized dealer for the U.S. Mint. The bureau has posted an informative video clip on Youtube. The video is about how the retirees and pensioners of the United States can buy bullion and include them in the IRA and 401K account.

I watched the video even though I am not an U.S. citizen. The video has explained clearly step-by-step, what a client should do and how the U.S. Gold Bureau and Sterling trust are collaborating to help, you buy gold and take physical possession.

Watch the video and share it with others.

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Ricky Ponting is crying!

"Even Sachin Tendulkar now, even though he's scored nine hundreds last year, was probably not at his absolute best, either," said Ricky Ponting.

Ricky Ponting reacted thus when one of his compatriot cricketers said that Ricky Ponting's batting prowess is a thing of the past. He is definitely a talented cricketer and a real fighter.

When a cricketer scores nine hundreds in a calendar year, do you rate him as Ricky Ponting rated? How else can a cricketer is chosen as the International Cricketer of the year when he is not in his absolute best?

Look at him! He is comparing himself with SACHIN TENDULKAR!

Would he dare say like by comparing himself with Don Bradman. Even his own country man would condemn him.

Have you ever heard Sachin talk about other cricketers of the world? His main focus is only on cricket and that is why he is the most feared cricketer today.

Come on Ricky baby, don't cry.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don’t lose weight…

Why do you think apidexin stays at the top of the anti obesity drugs for a long period in spite of several new entrants in this high demand segment?

If I say that its effectiveness and safety is attracting more and more customers, even Apidexin manufacturers would brush aside this lame reason because that has been established by most of their competitors too.

If you read the FAQ section on, you would appreciate an attention- pulling slogan that reads, “Don’t lose weight; lose fat”.

Under the slogan, you can read how losing weight is different from losing fat and how you remain slender by burning the excess fat alone.

I agree with this argument fully. We all increase weight mostly due to the accumulation of fat on the abdomen which needs to be burned. Apidexin does just that.

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