Saturday, March 30, 2013

What are the credentials of an Internet jounalist?

I thought people would not ask questions when I tell them that I am also an Internet journalist apart from being the CEO of MB Math Academy. Thus far, none embarrassed me; but, yesterday was an exception.

I ran across a top notch offline newspaper journalist who asked me to show my credentials. I retorted that I don't carry a badge and hung it on a YoYo like you people. I belong to the world wide cyber space. This immediately shut him up.

However, I extended my visiting card that bore my various blog URLs and told him to go and visit them which are my credentials. Smart of me-eh?

He was a little embarrassed that he can't show cause his journalistic portfolio just like that. As per Govt. of India, I am called a freelance journalist. I added 'Internet' before that.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pick me up please and play on me.

This strikingly beautiful guitar belongs to Fender Stratocaster series of electric guitars that are the most widely used guitars in the world.

Probably, no other guitar has been ever so popular than the Fender Stratocaster mainly because of its sleek design. Even a total novice could not take his eyes off  it; in fact, it would entice anyone  to pick it up and try it. 

I have a feeling that you would try to click on the image of the guitar to know about it detail. I urge you to visit fender custom shop where you will see several options to customize the Eric Clapton series of electric guitars apart from knowing the technical features of them.

Yes, they are pricey but you have to pay for the quality-is it not?

Friday, March 22, 2013

The most colorful fruit smoothie.

I got to give credit to my husband for making me a fruit juice addict.He is crazy about exotic fruit juices/ He just cannot resist colorful fruit juices in attractive containers and drinking glasses.

Now, look at this image. It looks yummy to me. It is a blue berry juice mixed with walnuts. It is supposed to be a brain booster.

Who cares? I like to drink it because it is lovely. As simple as that. I saw it in Pinterest.(

I said I like to drink it and not I drank it because, blue berry is not available in Madras. Would somebody import blue berry to India?
BTW, this blue berry smoothie also contains:

Monday, March 18, 2013

How Bluetooth Works?

BlueTooth technology was embraced quickly by us. At its initial stages, though it did not face resistance, it was not expected to be accepted by such a large number of people. Even my mother-in-law who is 78 years of age is not found without her bluetooth headphone.

I think only the Internet dictionary is yet to include it in its database because it says 'bluetooth' is not spelled right.

More over, its application is growing at tremendous pace. Visit this wikipedia page for a long list of bluetooth applications. It is applied in the areas of telecommunication, computing, networking, and consumer electronics.

I recently read an excellent article on how bluetooth works. I given the link below. 
How Bluetooth Works? |

Let us go wireless.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

For best results for CRM

I got lured into the funny  side of being a CRM profession by my son’s anecdotes of his professional life as a CRM executive. My fundamental love for communicating with new people was ab added quality to like CRM (customer relationship management).

The first time I started applying my CRM knowledge in a real life situation got backfired because I did not know that the strategy for Customer Relationship Management may differ from company to company.

Most companies who take Customer Relationship Management seriously believe it is the entire organizations responsibility to ensure total customer satisfaction. It is believed every job works hand-in-hand and everyone is working toward the same goal.We know that every department works together for the company’s performance and as such, every employee of a company is a CRM man and require professional training from the HR department.

Everyone must work together toward the same goal of customer satisfaction to provide the best results for Customer Relationship Management possible.

However, not all companies believe it is the entire organization’s responsibility to keep the customer happy and provide an excellent experience.

Such companies dig their own grave.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dependable taxi service in Tel Aviv.

It was about six months before when I assisted my cousin to organize her travel to Israel. I compiled a list of places to see in Tel Aviv, suggested best rated hotels and Indian restaurants. At that time, I also stumbled on to one Zohar Grynblat who operates a taxi to tel aviv and can be contacted at 972 54 7618702.

I remembered him so well because of his one page web site and a search engine friendly web site title and URL. The web site title reads, “Israel Taxi”. In just a few lines, his taxi service was explained. 

It is my habit to note down such one page web sites with highly search engine optimized web site title and URL. I used to mention about them in my blogs and also show them to my IM trainees.

Zohar’s site URL is and his very popular among American tourists who hire his local transportation service.  In his web site, he has also mentioned a few places to see in Israel. I am sure he is very highly informed about Tel Aviv.

I wish he added a customer review page to his web site which would get him more tourists.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Benefits of wooden blinds

I fell in love with wooden blinds the moment I saw in a posh corporate office 5 years ago. However, I never had the opportunity to install them in my home. At last, my dream is going to be true. Today, I am going to shop for the best wooden shutters for my home interior.

I think wooden shutters add value to your furniture and hence should be considered as an investment. They have resale value. They are the only window coverings that are actually appraised into the value of your home.  

Even if you end up buying cheap wood blinds, they will look rich. 

Here is an interesting statistics about the woods insulation capacity when compared with metal and concrete. “According to experts, it takes nearly 6 inches of brick, 14 inches of concrete, and well over 1,700 inches of aluminum to equal the insulating value offered by only 1 inch of wood.”

I like this color of wooden window shutters. It is available in Amazon. If such a similar product is available in Chennai, I will buy it.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

The coolest weight loss drink.

Do you know know why I have been approached by so many persons asking for weight loss recipes? I am slender and been so ever since I remember, rather ever since people remember me.

In spite of trying several tips to gain weight, my body refused to budge.

Here is another very simple weight loss drink. I don't know whether it works or not but I see no harm in trying as it does not involve any medicine or fasting. Don't have to suppress your natural appetite. Therefore, no harmful side effects.

Take 2 liters of water in a glass jar.

Coolest weight loss drink

Can you recognize what is inside? Why don't you read it at the source?

Here is it: 

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

To buy the best china cymbals.

Probably, the musicians are the most sentimental people that I have known. Whenever they were satisfied with their own performance, they note down several things and try to repeat them on their next stage show.

If you happen to look at their notes, you will be amazed at how such minute details are considered as success givers.
·         * The time they left their home
*     * Omens they noticed on their way
·         * Even the route taken to the theater

Similarly, musicians always buy their music instruments at a particular store. I know of a friend who always likes to buy cymbals at Guitar Center. Though he is my close friend, I don’t like the sound he makes.  The crash cymbals make a sharp noise that resembles the noise when metals plates fall down.

I would be visiting his music studio today evening. I am sure I would pick up some interesting anecdotes to blog about.