Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Government guaranteed gold coins.

“To err is human and to put the blame on others is more human”. Well, I lived very true to this phrase when I squarely blamed my husband when the silver coins he bought a few years ago turned black.

Did I learn a lesson? Yes, I believe. Always buy gold eagle coins or Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins from an authorized and respected precious metals merchant like the U.S. Gold Bureau, home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs.

Do you know the American Eagle gold coins carry the American Government’s guarantee? Is there any other Government in the world that guarantees gold purchased in their country?

I don’t think so!

I have bought a few gold coins in the past but the beauty of American Eagle coins can’t be matched.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Offload your worries at Worry Pad.

What do you say when you find someone who looks worried? May be you can offer to listen and even give a suggestion or two to relieve him of his worry.

If that person is insensitive to your generosity, you can guide him to a website where he can anonymously express his worries and strangers from across the world will cheer him up and probably will offer a solution to the worrying person.

Here is one more option to help a friend of you who has several worries up his sleeve.
Give his email address to Worry Pad and they will take over from there.

BTW, if you are not aware of Worry Pad and its purpose, please read a blog post about Worry Pad. It is an interesting piece and will be useful too.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is it advisable to buy used motorhomes?

I envied my sister-in-law when I started receiving photos of exotic places that she has been traveling to in her recreational vehicle. Suddenly, the photos stopped. In stead, I received an email from her that her RV broken down. She was literally on the road but in a different perspective now.

She informed that she is desperately trying to reach the used motorhomes sales agent through whom she bought a secondhand RV. She felt she was cheated. I dreaded at the thought of having to tow away a huge motor home.

She finally found a way to do that exact task but fortunately, she did not have to go long; she found a RV park 15 miles away. She spent about 42 hours to get her motorhome to the RV park.

It seemed that my prayers for her safety were answered.

This is the motorhome that ditched my sister-in-law.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mumbaikars world record of largest sushi mosaic.

Once, a Japanese social worker friend of my husband visited our house. She was a middle aged lady who never ate anything that is salted. She told me hat Japanese don't like salt.

She then told me about Sushi, a sort of vinegared rice and raw fish served in colorful rools, a favorite of her food.

I recall her meeting when I read about a Guinness record of creating a mosaic with different types of sushi that include Maki Sushi and Nigiri Sishi.

This is of course old news. This record of creating a mosaic was achieved by the students of the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition in Mumbai, in 2008.

20 students used more than 5000 sushi pieces to create a 15.16-square meter mosaic.

I recently happened to meet the videographer who shot the event live. Here is a short video clip.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I don’t listen to coins collectors.

Never listen to a coins collector before you buy gold eagle coins. They have a very different outlook towards precious metal coins. Once, an aged coins collector ridiculed me when I told him I have no gold coins to show.

He asked me, “Haven’t you ever bought any gold or silver coins?” I said I have bought them umpteen numbers of times but I have also sold them the same number of times.

He was shocked. He told me coins collection should not be done with a profit motive and you should collect for sheer self-satisfaction only.

However, I am not a rare coins collector! I am only a part-time bullion market investor and I buy and sell precious metals only for making money!

Nevertheless, I should agree that what he told made sense. Even if I am a precious metal trader, I should aim for bigger profits by holding onto my portfolio for a longer period.

May be, next time I purchase silver coins from the United States Gold Bureau, I will arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository for a minimum of 6 months.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Are you able to buy the latest mobile phone?

As a teacher, I am glad that the holidays are over finally and the schools are buzzing with noise and activity. Students at last have unplugged their earphones from their latest mp3 players and mobile phones.

Parents too are relieved that their children will not bug them anymore (at least for another 12 months) for personal electronic gadgets that they have been shopping online during vacation. (Even I too bought a new mobile online).

However, I regret for having bought my mobile online without actually seeing the product. First, I was not able to compare mobile phones at the new online shopping mall. It is so unlike where I used to get real value for my money.

Though deals with the latest Mobiles and Digital Cameras, LCD televisions and laptop computers, I visit it only to buy or learn about new mobile phones with new features.

Do you know that there are consumer friendly features in Consumer Mate such as real time SMS and email responses to technical and legal queries?

One of my well-informed students introduced to me an online shopping site for gadgets like USB drives, memory card readers and so on. Look it up at for some real hot money saving deals.

In spite of seeing new mobiles everywhere, I think mobile phones India are still a long way to impress Indian customers when compared with available phones in Singapore and China. India is used as a dumping pad for outdated and ignored mobile phones.

This is my opinion only. Any takers?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Had you been to Lost Valley?

Lost Valley-what a name and that too known for skiing.

North East America is not a travelers' paradise, still, it hosts the Lost Valley in Maine. Located on 300 acres in the middle of Maine. Hey, I had not been there; I am just recounting my friend's blah-blah. Once in a way, we all have to bend our rules-eh?

Like any hills resort, you can find streams, bridges gurgling here and there and their sound is a crowd puller. I am simply mesmerized by it.

I was told that only beginners chose Lost Valley for their virgin skiing experiment. Like every other ski resort, skiers are lifted mechanically. I once visited a ski resort in the Himalayas through a life that took me 2000 meters up in 15 minutes. What an experience!

In Lost Valley, one can enroll in several training programs. My friend gave me several photographs to be posted in this blog. I am ignoring her request. They are not good images.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who pays Rs 5 lakh for the bachelor’s course in digital media?

Parents of aspiring students of course! Who else?

Do you think banks will come forward to lend such an astronomical amount as an educational loan to media course? I doubt it very much.

I a shocked to read the news published by Times of India today citing impossible and unreasonable course fee for media courses like animation, journalism and photography.

A few years ago, there were no takers for visual communication course. Now, it is a hot subject among students. Even a medical course won't cost that much!

I request the aspiring students not to burden their parents with such a huge sum. It may takes years before you repay them fully.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Smile please and create a smile.

What started as a passion to share turned out to be a success; well at least fairly. When I received jokes, funny pictures and videos in my email and in my mobile phone, I felt like sharing my laughter.

I launched a blog named "Smile Please". As of today, its feed subscriptions shows 105! Wow! I am creating 105 smiles a few times a week. I am happy.

My resources for that blog are my son's email mainly and sometimes I stumbled onto wonderful humor. Another great resource is Amusing Facts.

A few blog posts are targeted at Tamil speaking people.Visit my blog and you will find fantastic videos and great jokes.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

A diet pill review site by a nurse.

I have this habit of reading the ‘About us’ in every website that I like and decide to blog about. A diet pill reviews search led me to Scott Phillips, a working nurse who is also studying Masters in Nutritional Sciences.

Though his diet pill reviews too rated Apidexin at the top, I would take his review seriously because of his profession (Apidexin is not my favorite). He must know hundreds of weight loss products and certainly would have heard first hand feedback on diet pills and food supplements from real consumers.

In his diet pills review site, he has published the top 3 diet pills and also wrote about three more weight loss pills that are worthy of mentioning in his opinion.

I would go back to his site often to update my knowledge.

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Ivanka Trump-the most beautiful face in the world.

Till I watched this video, I had not heard about Ivanka Trump. I stumbled on to this video while I was actually earning money to watch YouTube video clips.

This face-oh my God! What a strikingly lovely face! How young she is. She has got poise and style.

Wikipedia tells me that she is a model, a businesswoman and a heiress! She is an American and that is written all over her style and the way she speaks and gestures.

I am sure, you also are watching her for the first time. She is the Executive Vice-President of the Trump Organization.

You can find her in Twitter @ivankatrump A mind boggling 762,000 people are following her Twitter timeline.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Do you want to shed weight quickly?

I do not think people will look for weight loss pills that work slowly though it is ideal if diet pills take time to produce results. However, every obese person will buy quick weight loss products blindly if the product screams, “Reduce 6 pounds in 6 days”.

By ‘blindly’, I mean, the buyer will not bother to read reviews of the product he is buying. He will not care about the ingredients. He will reach out for diet pills that promise quick results.

However, his realization that he chose a wrong diet supplement will come very lately. By this time, he would have gathered many facts about weight loss pills from his friends circle. He even would have gained deep insight on overall weight loss products from the internet forums for obese people.

For example, Apidexin would appear on top in all the forums, weight loss products review sites, and one can come across both positive and negative feedbacks.

Read reviews and feedbacks and choose your diet pill based on the majority of the positive results reported.

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I am starting my work in a few hours.

My holidays are over finally. I am starting my mathematics classes in a few hours from now. While I am eager to get back to work, the thought of entering my hot class rooms puts me back.

Since last two days, several new students have registered and I foresee many more in the next couple of days.

After the 10th standard results are out, I am confident that I will have a profitable academic year because my students have scored brilliantly. I giving a tea party on next Sunday to all my students and their parents.

Unconditional acne medication.

If there is one thing that we all appreciate while taking a medication to treat various maladies, it is the waiver of conditions by the medications such as acne medication, colon cleansers and anti-aging creams.

If a medication imposes certain conditions that deprive of our daily pleasures, we do not favor such medications. Are you with me so far?

Acne treatment pills or creams generally tell us that we should avoid eating oily foods to prevent acne. But there is no charm in eating dry food! If we can treat acne without changing our day-to-day living style, then, that would be the ideal acne treatment.

We can compromise on other habits but we do not like to give up our eating pleasures. What do you say?

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