Monday, December 31, 2012

Where are these cricketers?

Both my favorite batsman Gambir and my smart mobile failed. The only difference was, my mobile failed for the first time.

I wish Gambir watches the video clippings of his batting in the lase few matches. Like so many Indian cricketers, Gambir refuses to acknowledge the fact that he is free to move his front foot. His not-so-confident body language is written all over his face.

Ah, the hyped Rohit Sharma whose batting rarely clicks failed yet again. It is a rude treatment given by the team selection to Rahane. He is the best opening batsmen in India today and he is the only young cricketer who believes in himself firmly.

If I have a say, I would dump Gambir and install Rahane. A little bit of such treatments have proven to do wonders to cricketers.

What happened to Manoj Tiwari? Surely, he must have recovered from his injury! And then, there is Shikar Dawan, who is a very positive batsman. Why selectors are not looking at his direction?

Some other cricketers who seemed to have vanished from the newspapers are:
Vinay Kumar
Parveen Kumar
Murali Vijay

Tell me, when was the last time their names looked up at you in the newspapers?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Which car service centers attract informed customers?

When it comes to my car maintenance, I go on a spree of inquiries asking where I should my vehicle to get a particular problem fixed. As my inquiring spree increased in frequency due to encountering various problems with my three year old family car, I started noticing a name that has been repeated several times.

It told me that I should take my car to service centers that use only best buy auto maintenance equipments that include brake lathes, battery chargers, car hoists, wheel balancers, oil leak detectors and so on.

I believe such auto maintenance equipments and tools dealt by best buy auto render precision service to the vehicles and auto repair centers that use them, proudly display that they use only Best Buy Auto Equipment’ which attracts large number of informed customers.

I think it is high time that I learn the basic of car maintenance.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chennai Tax Attorneys are worth their fees.

Tax burden
All my preconceived notions about hiring and paying a tax attorney were wrong when I finally accepted the coffee the Chennai tax attorney offered at the end of a hour long discussion.

Till then, I thought I really know a lot about tax saving schemes but the young tax lawyer politely proved me that I should better not apply mathematics knowledge to save income tax.

There are things that we all need to comply and consider in order to adhere to what the law expects of us-right? Tax laws can be complicated if, non-legal persons decide to manipulate with them.

Tax law is an elaborately codified system that covers government levies on certain business or economic transaction, imposes taxes.  These laws are frequently modified as per economic scenario that prevails. If you failed to do your duty as a taxpayer, you will be punished.

In addition to safe guard the nation’s economy, tax law is crucial in business as well as personal planning matters. If you are facing an Internal Revenue Services (IRS) trouble, you need a tax attorney to assist and defend you.

Tax laws demand that we keep tax records for the government to check. Said records can also serve as proof of your compliance with the tax laws. Nonetheless, many taxpayers have no idea about what records to keep and how long to keep them.. Most of us are only bothered about how to avoid paying taxes though as per the Government’s approved tax saving schemes.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The sad side of matrimonial sites.

When my friends and relatives narrated their rather unpleasant experience in looking for a suitable bride for their son, I firmly believed I would not go through similar experience. However, I am facing the harsh realities now.

It is not easy to identify a bride these days. Preferences have changed a lot and demands from brides' sides are mostly shocking. For example, I have seen one or two profiles from girls wh have just got a basic art degree and looking for U.S. settled groom.

அமெரிக்க மோஹம் ரொம்பவே வேரூன்றி இருக்கிறது.

I have registered my son's profile in two of the top matrimonial sites in India. I am getting more calls from the matrimonial sites' owners than from the brides. It seems majority of the brides are only interested in displaying their profile than having the basic courtesy to responses from the groom.

What I expect is a 'yes' or 'no' for my communication. I am disappointed that it is not so. I feel I have wasted Rs.4000 by upgrading my son's profile in one of the exclusive matrimonial sites.

This is a guest post from R.Badrinarayanan.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The best headphones for Sound Capturers.

Look at this image of one of the top krk headphones and tell me honestly-won’t you buy it even if you are not in the profession of recording sound? This head phone is absolutely sturdy and made especially for wearing all day.

I thought it would be very ideal for my sister who of course is not in the profession of making sound but in the field of capturing sound in her ears and transcribing them. 

Yes, she is a medical transcriptionist and works more than 14 hours a day.

She used to tell me that the most difficult aspect in her profession is finding a headphone that won’t hurt your ear lobes and head. While there are many headphones that come with soft cushion on the ear pieces, they start hurting the head after an hour or so.

The KRK headphones are fitted with an additional pair of cushions (see picture again) on the top that would help one to wear it for long hours without feeling the pressure of the plastic headband.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Not a wicket to fall even after 42 overs.

42 over have been bowled. I think I look at the score at least 10 times since the start of the England innings. Not a wicket has been taken by the much hyped Indian spinners.

I have no hope. There is simply no joy in watching India playing test cricket. It is simply not in their blood stream anymore which is replaced by IPL T20.

I feel Sachin is feeling lonely there without Dravid and Lakshman. He us just pulling along. After several years, the Indian tail is long. Fice wickets down and the tail starts.

Even though I should give full credit to the English batsmen for keeping my hopes dashed, being a typical Indian, I don't enjoy being thrashed.

I foresee not a bright future for the present Indian test team though I fervently wish sunny days for them.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

A man is not a father until he has daughter.

A man is not a father until he has daughter.


Read further.

A man is not a father until he has daughter

A couple made a deal the night of their Marriage to NOT open the door
of their room to anybody who comes knocking in the morning for any

In the morning the parents of the husband came & knocked on the door,
the husband & the wife were looking at each other & as they agreed
before, they didn't open the door.

After a while the parents of the bride came knocking at the door to
check on them, the couple were looking at each other, then the bride
dropped a tear & started crying she said: "I cannot keep them knocking
& not open the door, I miss them already"

The husband didn't say anything & he let her open the door for her parents.
Years & years passed & the couple had 5 children, the first ones were
boys & the 5th was a little girl, when she was born the father was
extremely happy that Almighty blessed him with her, & he threw a Huge
Party for her in Grand style, people were so amazed with his joy & his
happiness that they asked him, why are you so happy with her more than
you were before with her older brothers?

He answered simply: "She is the one who will open the door for me"

Baby girls are the comfort of the eyes of their father! They hold the key to their father’s hearts!
Daughters are really unique. They care for their parents even after they are married.
It’s rightly said, 

"A son is a son till he gets a Wife,
a daughter is a daughter all her Life!"
Very true – A man is not a father until he has daughter !

Source. An email from my friend.