Monday, October 28, 2013

Cheapest foot operated amplifiers for guitarists.

The smallest and the cheapest ebs amplifiers at guitar center are also sold with the lowest price guarantee. It is priced at just $199 which I am sure any professional guitarist can afford. 

The one way contemporary musicians are reducing their instruments load when going on stage is by taking along miniature amplifiers. To stay afloat in the highly competitive music industry, musicians are forced to learn more music instruments which are sometimes heavy and big. In addition, musicians are performing in vast open theaters. Due to the sheer size of the space, they need amplifiers to take their music to the farthest side of the theater.

Under these circumstances, I think the small size of the foot operated amplifier would be very convenient for them to carry around and still the volume is loud enough to fill a large open theater.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beautiful Tablet PC from SONY.

Have you noticed the competition has increased among manufacturers of Tablet PC? In addition, the stiff competition is the main reason for the lower prices. I am sure the first buyers of Tablet PCs would rue their decision to buy at the launch price.

When the sales started dipping, I expected some top manufacturers of Android tablets would reduce their production but somehow, they seem to come up more advanced features.

Look at this SONY Tablet PC.

When in folding status, it looks like any other Smart Phone but when unfolded, you get a larger screen size of 10 inches! You can expect such surprises only from my all time favorite SONY.
 What runs this Tablet?
A dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 mobile processor and runs on Android Honeycomb OS. The gadget comes with 3G and WiFi connectivity, will cost Rs 37,000.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Operate laptop without keyboard.

I have a mobile phone without keyboard. My husband ridiculed me for my choice arguing that it is not easy to send messages or add names. Yes, it is true but only for a couple of days, Then, I learnt around my ways and now I am faster.

I read about a laptop without keyboard. Now, this surely sounds ominous! After all, you need to type to search for information; how can you do it without keyboard.

Watch this video:

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Unobtrusive accessories that play vital role in our life.

Used but hidden in umbrella poles, product support stands in shops, some of these locking pins better known as quick release pins play vital in our day to day life. However, they are not seen openly in the devices where they are engages. 

Quick release pins are mostly made of stainless steel and brass. Sometimes, aluminum is used in handles alone. When I first read about this important industrial accessory, I thought ‘quick release’ is a misnomer as its main function is to lock something. 

Of course with just a mild push on the button handle, the lock is released and that is why it is called as ‘quick release’ pin. The most widely used variety of quick release pin is ‘ball lock’ pin that is used in any device with a sliding operation.

I thought I would pass on a new knowledge so that it might come in handy on a difficult day.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

What is the implications of social media marketing.

After joining several Facebook groups, Google + groups and after establishing several contacts through Twitter, my social circle has expanded considerably. Though nurturing new social friends is time consuming, I enjoy every bit of it.

There are so many wonderful people out there in India. It seemed to be a waste of time spent thus far. Looking back, I have been living as a frog in the well with a stupid assumption that I know the world. Real கிணற்று தவளை.

I thought I would not find too many women bloggers out there. Again a wrong assumption. Women equal men in the blogosphere. Almost all of them are pursuing their blogging as a way to earn part time income. Women especially in northern part of India don't idle away their free time. Since they have a broader social outlook, it is easy for them to establish their online presence.

If you spend time in social media just for fun, I am sure you may not meet meaningful friends.

Nice world out there.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My impending online tuition.

I know I am irregular in updating this blog of late. Due to frequent visits to Bangalore and the series of festival holidays I'm trying to keep my head above the paperwork that's on my office.Oh, have I turned a glorified clerk instead of an academician?

The schools have reopened today after the Dasera holidays and I have to rush through the portions. In the meanwhile, I have to take several trials for my new online classes venture with software. It seems easy to use, rather easier than webex platform.

I found I have to purchase better audio accessories as my current set is not very effective. When I complete the trial, I have to advertise my online tuition vigorously. I intend to use my husband's social media marketing expertise. I was inspired by a vegetable seller's success in utilizing his services through Facebook advertising.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Your Guide to Beautiful Wedding Invitations.

Wedding invitations are not given much importance in India though with a few exceptions. Since, the wedding invitations find their way to dustbin however expensive it may be, majority of Indians don’t buy costly wedding invitations. Here are some points for beautiful wedding invitations without spending much.

Selecting the Wedding Invitation’s Design
Since there are thousands of ready-made wedding invitations, it is very convenient to choose one though it is very time consuming because of too many options. For my son’s wedding, I simply selected a small but innovative design, gave the event’s details and the printer got it ready within 2 weeks.
With such a wide choices , it may be difficult to pick which one is best. Here are the things to consider:

* Formal or casual. You want a wedding invitation to complement the overall theme and mood of the wedding. Is your wedding formal or casual? A formal wedding may need classic script fonts, formal wording, and the traditional double envelope. A more casual invitation may use more modern fonts and more natural wording (i.e., instead of “we cordially invite you”, say “please join us…”), but care must be taken to retain the solemnity of the occasion. Let’s say you want to enclose a photo of you and your fiancé—not typically done for traditional invitations. Wear appropriate clothes to the photo shoot: shorts and tank tops simply don’t work.

* Color. You should always choose a subdued color. If you are using a rather bright color for your motif, like turquoise, opt for a delicate ribbon trim or small accents at the sides or corners rather than applying it to the whole invitation. This makes the invitation look more classy, and again, is in keeping with the nature of the event. It’s a wedding, not a night dancing at a trendy club.

* Personal Touches. You can add a short poem, a photo of the couple, or a song lyric from the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Invitation Inserts
Most wedding invitation companies can provide a selection of templates where you just have to fill in the specific names, places and dates. However, many couples prefer to make their own, to make the invitation less stiff and more personalized. If so, here are a few guidelines:

* It is not necessary to put the entourage in the invitation. However, you can have a separate piece of paper listing the members that can be inserted in select invitations—specifically those that go to the entourage themselves, and to the more immediate family and friends. They would appreciate the souvenir; plus, it is a way of thanking them for their participation.

* You’d never forget to put the date and the venue, but many couples forget to put a map to the church and/.or reception area. A map would be very helpful, and would save many guests any inconvenience especially if the wedding is located in a place they are unfamiliar with.

* If you are trying to control the number of guests, insert a small card that says, “We have reserved __ seats for you.” This is a subtle and polite way of minimizing the headcount.

* If you are moving to a new home after the wedding, you can include another small insert announcing your new address.

Well, I hope you will find the points helpful.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Cozy shredded foam beds for cats.

I was dumbfounded when I saw two tier bunker memory foam cat beds in a furniture show sometime back. Initially, I laughed out loudly because I wondered which baby can crawl up the ladder to lie down. When I realized I made a scene, I bent down to pick up the brochure that said it is a pet bed.

OMG, the pet products have really come a long way-isn’t it? We have really cared for the cats and dogs and treat them on par with us. Just a worn out cotton cushion for cats have made way for special beds made of shredded foam! Wow! The sleep loving cats must love them.

Pets, especially cats look so cuddly when they are found sound asleep on beds exclusively made for them. I never had a pet in my house though I used to feed stray cats that came in hungry once in a way. May be if I place a foam cat bed in the porch, I could invite a cat.