Monday, August 31, 2009

Tough time with Religare.

Oh, not again but here it is again I am having a tough time with another Indian e-commerce website.

I have been an Internet entrepreneur since 1998. I have dealt with hundreds of e-commerce websites and and never faced any problem but for Indian based websites.

Right now, I am experiencing an harrowing time with

I keep trying to get into the trading screen but the server simply seem to have vanished. The response I see in my monitor, "Server not responding'.

I tried with password given, generated a new password but the screen remains adamantly silent after I keyed in my log in details. It neither says the password is accepted nor says 'wrong password.

Suddenly I see that frustrating message, , 'Server not responding'. My money is simply lying idle with Religare Securities and I don't know whether I will get some efficient technical help from them to resolve the issue.

Friday, August 28, 2009

RV on road breakdown assistance.

It is not everyday that a new recreational vehicle (rv) is being sold. They are pricey and its maintenance will create a big hole in your wallet even if you have a full rv warranty.

But, hundreds of motor homes are being rented out by celebrities, film production companies and even small families every day. I wonder whether rv rental agencies offer rv warranty to those who take rv for rent.

Another question that comes to my mind is whether such warranties on recreation vehicles cover amenities provided inside the vehicle such as air-conditioning, kitchen etc apart from breakdown.

May be I can find answers in, the sister concern of, world only RV owners online community.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zimbabwe Vs Australia test series?

:en:Shane Warne bowling to Ian Bell in the 200...Image via Wikipedia

So, what is going to be your next strategy Share Warne since your campaign for batting and bowling verbally failed to save your compatriots.?

Though I am not very happy that England has won the series, I am happy that the Aussies were beaten back and blue. None of their mind games including Warne's advise to play in other ways worked for the Australians.

I now anticipate Zimbabwe invite Australians for a full five test series. I wonder if Star Cricket will cover the series and Coke will be the sponsor.

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cancun honeymoon packages-all inclusive.

“I am not interested in the statistics of the number of hotels and beach resorts in Mexico that I can choose from. I want only a hotel that gives me everything I need and of course they can charge for all at the time of booking the accommodation.”-my husband told firmly.

No, we are not planning for a second romantic cancun vacation; we have no romance left in us.

My husband promised his friend that he would use my internet knowledge to look for an all inclusive vacation package in Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico.

I hid my misgivings about a Mexican vacation and assured of my help but I told my husband it will take time to search for information.

Actually, I don’t need any time. I already have the information with me. Karisma Hotels is the best choice for an all inclusive vacation at the Riviera Maya.

Karisma Hotels offer:
Gourmet-Inclusive concept, designed especially for food connoisseurs.

Beach beds with retractable curtains

Beach Butlers

Ocean view rooms

Ultra cozy bedroom

Swim-up suites-just step out of your room into an artificial river leading to the pool.

I know of the Karisma’s five luxury resorts and my choice of them would be the Hidden Beach Resort. As the name suggests, it is secluded and that is what the romantic couple want-right?

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

How to risk your car for free.

Call me crazy or stupid, I am what I am. I can’t tolerate losing even a pen. The entire day will be washed out in morose when I lose something. I have been like this since my childhood.

When one is raised in not so affluent conditions, one picks up this habit-am I right?

Yesterday, I had this irresistible to urge to sell off my old car and buy a new one. But my husband suppressed my unreasonable urge and drove sense to me.

He pointed out the time and money we spent only a month ago on the car insurance. I remembered how we shopped online and offline to get as many auto insurance quotes as possible and finally paid through our nose. Still, paying vehicle insurance is the only way to risk your car for free.

When we sell our car, it is not possible to ask the buyer to pay back the auto insurance cost as extra. Another odd thing I used to do; I even insure car lock.

Oh well, I think I have to wait for eleven more months to dispose of my old car.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free access to essays database for students.

Contemporary students-aren't they all very lucky to be living i a high tech world? As a students, I used to write essays on my own as there was not a thing called the Internet at that time.

I know it is still very early for the exams time but I thought I would help out those students who, like me, are always in a state of preparedness.

Students, don't disturb your parents and teachers anymore when you want top class essays

Go to AllFreeEssays – a huge database of more than 50,000 essays. Yes, one can also browse through hundreds of term papers.

Monday, August 17, 2009

What is an Affordable Life Insurance?

I believe it is possible to get affordable term life insurance quotes so but surely one must know their affordability first-right?

Long before, when I got my first appointment, I got carried away with the new found financial freedom. Without consulting even my husband, I committed myself to a term life insurance which soon proved to be too costly for me.

I thought I knew my need and insured to a large amount that I wished for my family in the event of your death. And at the same time, I didn’t plan to die that sooner.

I simply forgot the monthly premium affordability. When I suddenly lost the job, I stared at a bleak future.

Well, the situation is different now. There is affordable term life insurance available at very low premiums and in fact, one can get insurance quotes from several service providers and we can compare and settle on the lowest premium offer.

These days, families have less dependents and one really need not opt for high insurance.

It is ironical that when our affordability is increased, we spend less in insurance.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thousands of free video tutorials for students.

We belong to the information age. And that too, we want the information fast and clear.
Who is interested in old fashioned guides and tutorials.

Video tutorials are the best tutors now. The clarity offered by video tutorials can not be compared.

WatchKnow is the latest resource for video tutorials. Students and teachers community across the globe throng "Watch Now" for its quality content and diverse subjects that include the most sought after mathematics and science.

Here is a sample video of my subject-Mathematics.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wrought iron candle wall sconces.

It was time for me to look up at candlelight designs and check for new arrivals. This yearly routine is done prior to the festival of lights here. Even though I have more than hundred metal candle sconces, it seems I am never satisfied and I end up buying new designs every year.

Plus, I love giving away my slightly old metal candle sconces to temples and some of my relatives. The festival of lights is celebrated with great excitement and fun.

The lights used in the festival of lights have undergone a sea of change. I never imagined that the entire nation will switch over to candles from oil lamps made of terracotta.

Candlelight Designs continue to amaze me with eye catching designs every year. Look at this and I am sure you will visit the site immediately.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Diploma in Applied Journalism by 9.9 School of Convergence.

I remember my first appointment as an ad copywriter 27 years ago with a leading advertisement agency. I had no professional qualification as a journalist at that time (even now I don’t possess any degree in journalism). I got recruited when I submitted a few sample advertisements.

I still maintain my flair for writing advertisements.

I envy the present generation. See how many opportunities are thrown open to them to get professional qualification in diverse fields! Take for example the course “Diploma in Applied Journalism” offered by 9.9 School of Convergence.

It is a course intended to develop those who aspire to become qualified journalists.

The course promises students to make them a thoroughbred with emphasis on high quality reporting editing skills. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of 9.9 school of convergence to have offered the course only on week ends so as to facilitate leisurely approach to the education.

The resource persons of 9.9 school of convergence are Dr. Pramath Raj Sinha, Dr. Eric D Saranovitz, Pooja Kothari, Gunjan Aggarwal and Bejoy Suri,

I think I have come across Bejoy Suri in Facebook. I will have to look up others too.

I have some strong opinion on the ethics followed by the present journalists all over the world. I seriously wish 9.9 school of convergence inducts new ethics in their course of applied journalism.

The admissions are open now to the Diploma in Applied Journalism and the classes are expected to start on 20th September.

For more details on the course, please contact 9.9 school of convergence immediately.

Image courtesy: Google images

Friday, August 07, 2009

Sharne Warne asks Aussies to bat orally.

Shane Warne.Image via Wikipedia

Sharne Warne can't take any more of the English onslaught in the cricket field. He is sure that Australia can't beat England any more. He can't tolerate this humiliation.

He finds no way to motivate the Ponting's bunch to play and win. So he resorted to oral aggression. He asked his compatriots to get aggressive at least orally and attack the England cricket players by throwing .....

Oh, no, not again! Not from you Sharne Warne- we have so much respect for you.
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Monday, August 03, 2009

How we have gained weight since 1990?

We wanted thin cell phones, slim TVs, small laptops and tiny pen drives and so on. If the gadget or any other instrument is still being sold as big, as big as they were built in the 1990s, we conclude they are not technologically advanced and thus not keeping up with the latest trends.

But, we on the other hand, are growing bulkier every day and now solely depend on diet pill or treadmill to keep up our figure to match our ultra thin gadgets.

See how this concept is projected in the image below.

Isn’t it intelligently conceived?

We human beings naturally would like to appear at our best and we feel that bulky contour is not beautiful to look at. That is why we began appreciating anything slim.

I recently was asked to look at (very aptly named for a diet pill review site) where all the Phentermine products are discussed.

I found it very useful and I am not a fat woman!