Monday, February 28, 2011

Consumer mate is a happening place now.

Had I seen an online contest like the one that is announced by a few years earlier, I would have eagerly participated in review contests with the thought of assured winning. Age has swallowed all my passions for winning, leave alone the necessity for gadgets as prizes. has announced a real contest enticing their customers by offering big and attractive prizes that include digital camera and …. Oh, I would rather let you find it for yourself because, I believe suspense about what you can win would propel you to get the full details.

I appreciate the business strategy of this 9.9 media company. The company is taking time to expand and gradually adding more products on their web site making sure that their customers would stick to them.

Among the recent additions, I would like to mention mp3 players india, a product segment that has more market potential than mobile phones in India. There are myriad brands and models in this product segment that are definitely sure to confuse all of us. A little bit of guidance through consumer reviews would be helpful.

The Tablet india is another product category that has been added in consumer mate. Tablet PC are yet to capture the fascination of Indians. Again, a user review would make future customers decide intelligently.

So, what’s next consumer mate?
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Best waistline slimmer cum acne cure!

Did you read the DecaSlim story? DecaSlim is one of the best weight loss pills in the market that declares a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. There is another astounding announcement from DecaSlim.

“If you don’t lose your weight and get rid of acne in 7 days of use, you are eligible for a full refund”.

Very confident-eh?

Boasting of a slim waistline is the desire of every woman even at the age of 60. Yes, my mother-in-law is a living proof and she is 76! She has been taking a different appetizer suppressant for the past several months. She has never complained of any side effects.

I suppose DecaSlim is only for younger generation who are affected with acne every now and then.

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Teaching people to make money using Google Hot Trends.

Generally, most of my blog posts posted on my other blog Is it so? are read but rarely readers leave comments. Of course, I receive emails from a few of my regular readers to give their positive feedback or a strong kick that hurt my ego.

I take both in my stride. Blogging for the past 6 years has mellowed me down. It happens to all bloggers-right?

A few days before I wrote a blog post on how to earn money online just by reading Google Hot Trends and taking action. I actually bought a video course with resell rights that I uploaded on my server.

Thus far, two people have shown interest in buying that short video course from me provided I give them a few personal demonstration classes.

I have agreed and I am meeting one of them today.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

The summary of Acai berry’s qualities.

The world of obese people is so obsessed with losing weight using natural products that, they expect every other fruit and herb to act as a weight loss element. I feel somehow the wonder fruit- Acai berry is drawn into this web and that is why there are hundreds of acai berry diet scam reports. It is quite natural to witness such outbursts fro genuine natural weight loss pills manufacturers who don’t use Acai berry in their formula.

There is no point denying the actual properties of Acai fruit. It does possess the detoxing effect and certainly, like any other fruits, Acai too is rich in fiber and vitamins.

However, the claim that Acai berry should be eaten regularly by diabetic people is all too much to suppress protests-eh? has published a nice review of Acai berry.

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I just watched for a few minutes the cricket match between West Indies ans South Africa. I was shocked to see John Botha opening the bowling for SA and the ploy worked!

Chris Gayle was out immediately!

John Botha is a pretty ordinary spin bowler in the world. I wonder why even batsmen like Gayle, Sachin, Yuvaraj struggle against him. On another day, Yuvaraj would have hit Botha out of the ground with ease. But, this is not another day.

Indians I feel made a bowler out of Botha. Certainly he is not all that threatening. South Africa has employed three spinners for this match against the Windies!

I wish they beat the Proteas. Right now Darren Bravo is hitting 4s and 6s off Imran Tahir. I am happy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Amazing Amino Acids and HGH.

The snail mailbox on Sunday gets stuffed with sales flyers, brochures, notices, invitations to local concerts and dramas etc. This Sunday was no exception. I quickly flipped through them and extracted a few to read later. Do you also do that?

One of them was about a new hgh supplements that hit the market and it is called Xtreme High. I glanced through its ingredients that did not stir my knowledge database.

I only know that all these HGH supplements somehow work on the pituitary gland and convince it to release some more of the life growth hormone.

I once read in great detail about the body amino acids and their role in our overall growth. I wondered and amazed at our body’s constitution to produce the amino acids.

When I read the role of each ingredient of Xtreme High, I was speechless. All the chemical knowledge took time to reach the dark corners of my brain.

If you are also interested in these matters, read the ingredients of Xtreme High by clicking on the link above.

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Why no reviews about Duranto express?

You read reviews of diet pills, acne care, anti-aging creams, growth hormone etc. There are sites that have reviewed hotels and restaurants too. Why no one is reviewing government services like railways and flights? Are they not searched for?

I have been searching a review of the new non-stop air-conditioned train between Madras and Coimbatore. Except a few news stories here and there about the launch of new train service, there is nothing. Not a single image of the interior of the train is found in the Internet. To find out the price of the train ticket, you either have to talk to someone who have traveled in that train or you need to created an account with IRCTC and start the process of booking a ticket.

In fact, I believe not all the Indians are even aware of such a new train. I too only heard about it a week ago only through my Coimbatore based brother.

The Government media it seems is just not bothered to spread the news about their launch of new public services.

New fat incinerator for calorie conscious people.

I like the way OxyElite Pro expressed its purpose. It says it is a fat incinerator. It is the first time I am coming across this word. It has always been ‘fat burner’ or ‘calorie killer’.

There is no second opinion about the necessity to burn the excess calories but is it so with suppressing appetite? I have my reservations about this issue but then, I am not an expert in this area.

Getting back to OxyElite Pro, it serves both as a fat incinerator and appetizer suppressant. This two-way strategy is bound to bring down the excess weight drastically.

I noted the ingredients of OxyElite Pro. To be frank, they are new to me. A review site that has published a review admitted that the ingredients of OxyElite Pro, though natural, have not been tested yet.

Therefore, as of now, there are no feedbacks found in fat burners review sites.

Twitter is just oneway blogging.

I don't understand the Twitter at all. Someone found my tweets interesting and useful and decides to follow my tweets.

I receive a message from Twitter regarding the new follower.

I see his profile and tweets. If his/her tweets are useful to me in any way, I follow. If not, I don't decide to follow back.

This is not liked by the new follower and he/she promptly click the 'unfollow' button.

Is this all about Twitter?

You make a comment on a blog post because you have something to say. If your comment is not published, would you stop visiting that blog in future?

You subscribe to blog because you know you will benefit. If your subscription is not reciprocated, will you unsubscribe?

Then, why it is only happening in Twitter?

So, Tweeters are all interested in showing how many people are following their tweets! I don't think it will lead to anywhere.

There are many Twitter tools that will alert you if someone 'unfollows' you so that you too retort back by stop following.

I believe Twitter traffic is all hype. If there is no real and genuine networking, Twitter is just oneway blogging.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New fat burner cum muscle builder.

This must be a big news to every male in the world. A special formula called myoripped is now on the market that is said to act both as a weight loss and muscle building pill. The entire weight loss industry is amazed at this wonder pill exclusively for men.

When I told my son about this fat burner cum muscle builder, he looked at me as though I am crazy. He is a muscle building buff who spends 16 hours a week in gym.

Whenever he comes every fortnight, he will look slender and strong. After two days of mother care, he used to gain at least a couple of kilos.

He told me he would check out Myoripped during this weekend and keep me posted so that I can blog about it.

BTW, why women are not targeted by Myoripped?

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Want one more sales?

Did you look at my latest blog called "One More Sales" ? It has been my dream to develop a blog on wordpress on a template that speaks pure class. Well, what do you say? How do you rate my blog's template?

Do you think it is funny to ask for your feedback on wordpress theme rather than the content of the blog?

I know I provide value in my content which is always in my control. I chose that Wordpress them for its look, SEO features, options facility and excellent admin features.

In addition, I have been educating myself on Wordpress for long and only now I feel I am fully ready to play with wordpress as I like.

I am still open for more learning on wordpress.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Can you help open the garage door?

The farm owner blushed with embarrassment. The remote control that opened his garage door failed to obey his touches. One of us (we were seven) suggested he check the batteries of the remote control. Another guest threw a stupid advice that was met with jeer.

We were all invited by a very close friend of mine who has recently built a palatial bungalow at his vast farm. The bungalow boasted of all the world-class luxuries and his garage with remote controlled door was one of the amenities.

He apologized to us about the garage door fiasco. I took him aside and told him that there may be nothing wrong with the remote control. I briefed him about liftmaster garage door opener parts and where he can get them online.

He said he knew of the Liftmaster’s garage door openers reputation but could not find a dealer near to his farm, which is too far away from a city.

I assured him that I would help him out by first sending a technician to detect the cause of the fault.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How will you reply to an atheist?

It is quite likely that you will face this question if not faced already: "Why do you go to temple?"
The person who asks this question need not be an atheist. He can be an agnostic or even your kid that poses the question out of sheer innocence.

If you have been asked this question, what was your reply?
If you happen to hear the question in future, what will be your reply?

If you are a strong believer, won't you want to give a fitting and convincing reply depending on who asks the question: "Why do you go to temple?"

I would like to help you if you want your reply to be the best. Please head over to and read the post. You will find an intelligent reply to the question: "Why do you go to temple?"

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your cameras would love it.

As I walked with the huge crowd out of the cricket ground in Bangalore yesterday, I was roughly nudged aside by a bunch of boisterous Aussies who came to watch their country’s cricket players.

My eyes showed anger that was immediately subdued by colorful camera cases that hung precariously on the tourists’ hands. It was odd because, I have only seen leather camera cases till now but what I saw was different. Every camera case was unique and they were made of various material but leather.

Look at this one above! This is really unique and I believe it held a very compact camera. Even though the camera case is not looking so sturdy to hold a costly gadget, I believe it has inner lining that is protective to the costly compact camera.

I let them pass me before I slowly exited.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Indian thumped Australia.


What a cricket match! I was immensely pleased to watch India beat Australia in the warm up at Bangalore. I stayed up until the presentation ceremony. Dhoni was all smiles, which is a rare sight. He usually doesn’t show his emotions publicly. I saw him grabbing a stump as a souvenir and it was only a warm up cricket match!

Piyush Chawla weaved a dream of spinning web and the (once) mighty Aussies could not read his leg spinners and googlies. The Bangaloreans cheered lustily for the Indian team.

I let myself loose and joined the cheer without any inhibition. I thought I would have no patience to sit more than 8 hours but the Indian bowlers pushed me to my seat.

I am glad I went to Bangalore for the weekend. My son was very happy to see me relaxing with the crowd.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Seeking compensation for hit and run?

I abhor violence in any form to anyone. I instantly flee away from spots of violence and accidents. Often I am criticized for running away from an opportunity to help victims of accidents or any other altercations that involved physical injury.

What can I do? I am no Austin Personal Injury Attorney who is available to lend legal assistance to the victims of personal injury. After all, personal injury attorneys are specialists in handling such cases and provide legal help in getting financial or medical compensation to victims of accidents involving vehicles or any other forms that include defective devices and gadgets, expired and harmful medicines etc.

May be I can help victims of injuries by informing them the address and telephone number of O’Hanlon, McCollom and Demerath, the team of personal injury lawyers.

Here it is:

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Birthday gift ideas for twins.

I, for once, thought differently while coming up ideas for eighteenth birthday gifts for two girls who are twins. I bought 18 lovely looking strawberry shaped chocolates that were colorfully decorated.

I then packed them in a bamboo basket and arranged it to send it to the girls through a special messenger. I did not place any note. I thought the gift conveyed what I felt.

Immediately after the gift was delivered, the twins called me and thanked me for not sending two separate gifts. Twins share everything in life until they get married!

Soon after, their mother called me; I could detect tears in her voice. She told me that I taught her a lesson that she would never forget in her life.

No matter however carefully you buy two birthday gifts for twins, the human tendency to compare will certainly generate dissatisfaction.

Online teaching helps retired moms.

A few hours ago, a friend of mine called my mobile number. It has been several months after I heard her voice. She is a retired teacher.

She makes use of her free time by teaching online and earning a decent sum every month. Though she is basically a Chemistry teacher, she teaches mathematics online.

She has amazing energy. She learnt to use a couple of devices to teach online from her home PC. She has been encouraging me to take up online teaching. May be I can consider the option.

Incidentally, she is my blogging trainee.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Come on guys, wear unique neckties!

I thought this necktie is a good choice for my son. Young IT men appear more confident with light blue necktie. That is how they look to my eyes. I agree opinion differs. However, I don’t think there will be a difference of opinion if I say that mens ties should covey the wearers’ confidence.

Sure, you can’t expect men to wear the same ties on all occasions. I have seen youth wearing a light pink when they go out with their dates. I wonder why it so? Do pink is associated with romance only?

I fell for my husband when I saw him first time wearing a green colored necktie!

Neckties did not undergo any big change in the past 25 years. While wearing a bow tie is almost out of vogue, the red and striped ties continue to be the favorite of men.

Certainly, men don’t try out new fashion like us-don’t you accept?

Friday, February 04, 2011

New dental care in Chennai.

There is a new network of Dental Care Hospitals in Chennai called "Dentistree". Located in several areas in Chennai, I booked an appointment for today morning at 11.30 AM.

I went 30 minutes early. Still, the doctor was kind to see me immediately. I am impressed with their shining new equipments and machines. The treatment was quick and efficient.

I had complained about a crown that was fixed by another doctor and it kept bothering me. The infection surprisingly spread to my hands.

After two xrays, the dentist attended to my complaint, cleaned up and gave me a gel to apply.

This kind of dental clinics are a boon to the residents of Madras. I foresee a rush of dental tourism to Madras soon and the destination is undoubtedly "Dentistree".

Look up at their website at

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I am excited to see Austrian gold coins.

The end of the academic year has already started. I would be extremely busy until April 15th. It is not the period to accept invitations to speak at women’s club. I declined the invitation to be a guest speaker but agreed to go to the mini exhibition cum sale of gold and silver coins organized by a famous coins collector though I have no intention to buy gold coins until I am free of my yearly commitments. .
Usually, I don’t miss opportunities to look at gold and silver coins exhibition organized by private collectors. I use such occasions to gauge what they value and that gives me an opportunity to evaluate my personal treasure.
I would silently observe people’s reactions when they are shown the prized possessions and shamelessly eavesdrop at the cool drinks kiosk.
I hope to see those Austrian gold coins which the coins collector has spoken much about and hear something interesting during the weekend exhibition of gold and silver coins.