Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The best noise suppression device for a guitar player.

Of late, I have been reading about so many music accessories that a professional band player has to carry in his kit. It seems even a guitarist has to have his own mini truck to accommodate his guitars, Decimators, foot switches, cables and amplifiers.

I believe there is really no point in buying the most expensive high performance guitar if the rich sound it produces is mixed with so much external noise that all the efforts of the guitar player goes unappreciated.

In order to suppress the unwanted noise, a g string guitar pedal is a must.

Image coourtesy:

Watch the video demonstration of using the Decimator G String guitar effected pedal.

I saw this line below the video and I liked it.
“Chances are if you're watching this video, you need one”

Monday, September 12, 2016

Blind Alternatives.

Brightly lit room can make one feel more secure but less private especially if the house is located in the ground floor.

Blinds do offer some protection against light and intrusion from onlookers but not both at the same time.

One common problem that people encounter when adding window treatments to their home is the desire to let the sunlight in while still maintaining a sense of privacy.
At times we need less light to minimize the glare on our television or computer; sometimes we need that extra light while reading a book but also want our shades to turn a blind eye to the passers by.

There is a fine alternative offered by guaranteed blinds with their beautiful looking shades that comes with the top down/bottom up option.

Very simply, shades equipped with this versatile feature can be both lifted from the bottom and lowered from the top.  When privacy isn't a concern, you can use them just the way you use any set of horizontal blinds.

When you want to enjoy the light from outdoors without giving passersby a clear view into your home, the cords can be made to allow the blinds to come down from the top.  You'll find that the top-down/bottom-up feature is especially useful in rooms on the ground floor of your home.

There is one more unique facility of the top-down/bottom-up blinds; they are equipped with the cordless operation option, so you can avoid the mess and hazard of cords while still creating a perfect balance between light and privacy.  Make the most of your home when you mix style and function for a real visual treat.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I am looking out for Pauline. Can anyone help?

It all happened in 2006-2007 I think.

She was like an angel, came from nowhere, eased out my frustration and vanished in the cyber space.

Since I was genuinely excited because she showed me a way to market my website hassle free, I forgot to thank her. That is why I am looking for her.

I spent roughly $700 to build a web site way back in 2006
I started marketing it very actively within the best of my knowledge.
Do you want to know about it?
*I placed advertisements in nearly 250 free classifieds.
*I participated in as many as 20 forums related to my website field.
*I submitted to 50 web directories.
*I blogged about it in my blog.
*I wrote a few articles about my service and submitted to three article directories.

What else can I do? Still I did not get my webpage indexed by major search engines.
There was almost no traffic from search engines.

Two months passed. Still there was no page rank. I was frustrated to the extreme.
What is wrong with my effort?

Then one day I stumbled onto a blog post by one Ms.Pauline. 
From her blog post the word ‘Leave it to the professionals’ caught my eye and I read on.

What hit me hard was, my site was not search engine optimized at all and that is the cause of poor organic traffic.

She talked about a real professional SEO website, who will provide dedicated SEO services. 
This includes:
natural search engine optimization, 
pay per click management, 
keyword analysis, 
link building services, 
non reciprocal link programs, 
code optimization, 
content writing, 
monitoring and reporting, 
search engine marketing. 

My God! My head spun. I never thought there was so much to website marketing.

Not only that, their online marketing services for search engines also provides a suite of online seo tools for optimizing and tracking your web site and report on your results. 

On a thorough study of their website, I realized this SEO firm is my savior if at all I am serious about my internet business.

Have a look at their prestigious clients list, very envying indeed.
Discount click promised to optimize and track your sites search engine marketing rank and achieve higher rank in Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Inktomi, in 2-4 weeks.

Also their Link Popularity campaign is what made me decide in their favor.

I am still looking for Pauline to pay my gratitude. Do you happen to know her?

Friday, September 09, 2016

Buy used trumpets from only the authentic place.

The picture above is of a used trumpet, now put on sale at guitar center by a student musician. Of all the wind music instruments that include flutes and trombones, trumpets produce the most majestic sound-don’t you agree?

That’s why it is the most preferred music instrument in war victories and funerals of respected statesmen.  It is played in the joy of a victory and to pay the last respect to nobles.

Trumpets are generally expensive and only pros and Government and military organizations can afford. Learners search for used trumpets that sold by authentic music people such as the guitar center.

It is advisable to buy even used music instruments from people who know music by the sound of it.

I have also noted that once people learn playing used trumpets, they quickly put them up for sale in the second’s market and buy a shining new trumpet.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

It's all about Hand Made.

I know of a Facebook page called, "It's all about Hand Made.". It is located at https://www.facebook.com/valley.truffle/ Odd name I thought.

Nevertheless, the products posted for sale in that FB page warrant a second look. Here is an image of a product of an aromatic candle. The aroma is coffee.
Aromatic candle-coffee aroma candle.

There are imaginative soaps in the shapes of bubble gum, cup cakes and so on. I also noticed that some products are not named at all! The images might tell you something but it may be different when purchased.

Here, look at the image below and tell me what can you make of it.

I wish the cover image of the page is different than the present one. If only I were the owner of the page, I would market the products vigorously.