Monday, July 30, 2012

Should teachers wear compression stockings?

I abhorred the idea of wearing compression stockings recommended by my orthopedist when I went to him complaining of the severe pain in my calf muscles. As a teacher, I stand long hours and this pain in my legs is an occupational hazard.

The doctor assured me that compression stockings would certainly alleviate my discomfort. As the TV in his clinic was showing the Olympic Games, he started pointing out the athletes who are all wearing compression stockings.

I started feeling the receding of my skepticism. He then explained how blood vessels that carry blood to different parts of the body stay close to the surface of the skin and how these specialized footwear help in better blood circulation.

I was convinced. Now my quest begins for the best compression stockings.

BTW, which color should I choose?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How an offline classroom can be converted to an online classroom?

I am looking for a computer software or an application that would enable me to conduct my maths coaching classes online. I may have to shift my base to another city in a year or two.

I don't want to abandon my well established academic career which is financially sound. I heard that I have to acquire a virtual white board and projector that are very expensive.

Is there any other alternative? How an offline classroom can be converted to an online classroom? In other words, how do you convert a face to face training center into a virtual training center?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rajesh Khanna is no more.

The end came. Rajesh Khanna is no more!

There is an emptiness now. Though I have not seen him in films for a long time except watching his Amar Prem a few months ago, I wish I had seen some of his last films. However, somehow I had had the heart.

Some people should be there! Always! I know it is not to be but the feeling is true.

His void won't be filled up for long. His charisma was unique. I had enjoyed most of his earlier films he acted with Sharmila Tagore, the fashion trend setter of early 70s.

I never felt bored to watch his classics that include:
Amar Prem
Kati Patang

May his soul rest in peace.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Billa 2 trailer. Don't miss.

Just watch this very short trailer of Ajith's Billa 2. There won't be any doubt on anyone's mind about the success of the film.

It is just superb. It would be a big treat for all Ajith's fans.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roll-a-bout is an amazing mobility solution.

You can call me as creativity handicapped. Let me explain. I have this problem of understanding something from a picture. For example, I could not figure out how a roll-a-bout is used if you show me a picture of it.

My sister’s friend living in U.K. lost the user of her left leg. Let me not go into the details. Painful memories! She sent me a picture of her with a roll-a-bout. Though I pretended that I understood, I discreetly searched for a video clip in YouTube. As Google says, I was feeling lucky and I got to watch a short video clip on how a patient used roll-a-bout.

I was amazed! What an invention! Mobility solutions are great inventions that benefit millions of people all over the world. Roll-a-bout is an alternative to clumsy and inconvenient crutches. I wish the Indian orthopedists are aware of roll-a-bout start recommending to their patients.

I scream for fuel.

I definitely feel like voicing my opinion on Mr.Chidambaram's unsavory remark that is now getting heated up. However, I am afraid. I am not a brave woman.

For people like me, it gives so much pleasure when newspapers and magazines publish the honest and bold opinions of such sensitive issue.

There was some report about his explanation in newspaper today but I did not have the heart to read it. The damage has been done and I think he is more affected than by the public.

I personally did not feel insulted as I don't permit myself to get insulted. I don't why the Congress party leaders are quiet. The nation is slowly waking up but the politicians are as usual just not bothered.

Read more:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How a cigar smoke can be creamy?

I think even wines and beers can’t boast of so many ranges like Rocky Patel cigars. I mean not the price but the variety. Each one assure you the smokers something to relish and remember. A non-smoker like me would not understand the different adjectives such as ‘balance’, ‘flavor’, ‘smooth’ and ‘creamy’ (?) attributed to smoke coming from Dominican tobacco; however, such qualities have been used to be attached to cigars for long.

I think the prices of cigars have skyrocketed over the years but that did not deter cigar lovers obviously. I believe the price increase can be justified due to unbelievable improvement on the packing of cigar and cigar wrappers and boxes. 

Yes, that has undergone a sea of change. I mean cigar boxes mock top chocolate boxes.

In real life, I don’t see people smoking cigars these days but still I come across several web sites dealing with cigars.

I am perplexed.

Are you a HD channels subscriber?

I was shocked when I head That I am paying Rs.550/- every month for the satellite TV connection. Don't you think it is expensive and stupidly so? These satellite TV providers cleverly club together channels that we all hardly watch.

The names of channel packages would amuse anyone; north, south, east and west packages, king package, queen, package.

We are asked to pay more for channels that most of us watch. In addition, the HD channels that are available as of now are not very popular among majority of us but still we are paying for them just because we can boast to our neighbor that we have HD televison.

The consumers in India are plainly stupid (including me) and that is cleverly capitalized by every gadget manufacturer and dealer.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where to buy the best Pacific Laser systems and tools?

We have all become less inquisitive and started taking things for granted as if they existed always. It is so sad that we don’t hear anymore of people like Einstein and Newton who gave so much to us by just being curios.

For example, how many of us ever wondered where gadgets makers and precision levelers buy pls lasers or how a laser beam is trapped in a thin pencil used in presentations. I am sure you have participated in a few presentations yourself in a big hall where, with the help of a laser pointer, you can precisely point on the screen from as far as 40 feet.

Have you ever said ‘thanks’ to the inventor of a laser pen? Have you ever heard a word of appreciation for a building engineer about his high precision laser tool without which he may end up with a lop-sided structure?

Laser tools are applied these days in cosmetic dentistry and eye correction field. Have you ever asked your doctors how laser work so precisely? I doubt many doctors don’t know the answer.

Go and learn something fundamental of laser tools, who sell the best laser tools for many applications.

Why Paypal applies a lower exchange rate than official rate?

Indian freelancers-have you noticed the exchange rate of U.S.Dollars that Paypal applies when they transfer money to your bank?

We get only Rs.52.83 whereas the official rate is more than Rs.56/per U.S.D.
I would guess, Indian freelancers earn on average of $600 per month. The loss due to difference in exchange rate comes to about Rs.2000 per month or Rs.24000/- per year.

That is a considerable sum-eh?

So much do you think Paypal is making through this disparity?

Don't you think we all get raw deal? It is unfair that our Government is a silent watcher.

I am grateful to Paypal for providing excellent service all these years but I just spoke frankly.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Have you worked out your GRE math study plan?

Being an educator for the past 20 years, I was able to develop a detailed gre study plan for my son who has finally decided to heed to his dad’s advice to complete his MSIS course in the U.S.  

 I must admit I referred several GRE prep courses on line, browsed through course content, searched for positive feedbacks on several online and offline courses to prepare my own version of GRE study plan for my son.

I know he is strong in English vocabulary but not so strong in Mathematics of which I can take care of. My study plan for GRE would only require 3 weeks of intensive self-study with just 5 days of one-to-one coaching followed by 6 mock tests.

When I finalized the whole GRE prep plan, I smiled broadly pleased with my work.
My husband took a look on my work and is now contemplating to sell it online.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

World's cheapest acne removing tips.

Acne removal options attract large volume of visitors from every corner of the world. This means they don't mind trying anything new to them to remove zits.

Though there are plenty of home remedies for pimples removal in every country and in every culture, affected people are too lazy to try them in spite of positive feedback.

I have reviewed thus far more than 70 acne solutions in a few of my blogs. I think a new acne remedy is launched every month.

Ok, here is one more easiest and cheapest acne remedy.

I advise you to take just a few seconds and visit the link above. You may learn something new/