Friday, December 31, 2010

New home made recipes for glowing skin.

This image in Yahoo! naturally attracted my eyes. The title for the image was, "Glowing Skin".

The sub-title was "home remedies for glowing skin".

Which woman ignores this topic? We, the women would like to be as appealing as possible even at 70. Excuse me men for not including you.

The first home made beauty concoction was using coconut oil and jojoba oil with water. This is certainly a new recipe for shining skin. I have used tender coconut water but never mixed it with rose water.

Are you aware of this beauty tip from Yahoo!? Have you used it? Do you have any feedback to offer?

There were more recipes for beautiful skin in Yahoo!. One of them spoke about mixing milk powder with almond, glycerine and lemon juice.

What a mix!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cuff links that is certain to attract women!

I read somewhere that scars on men on attract women but I did not know women fancy men who wore offbeat cuff links like boston transit token cuff links! I don’t think women bother to lift the arms of men to see what kind of cuff links they are wearing on the coat and then accept their dating request.

Therefore, why then men go out of their way to buy cuff links made of rail transit tokens? However, I appreciate the first man who thought a day would come when men would buy cuff links made of Government issued travel transit tokens and bothered to scour the railways stations of America to collect those metal tokens that are not in circulation anymore.

Men call women as vanity filled human beings! Very chauvinistic-eh?

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Filing cavities of tooth and wallet.

Mr. BeanGetting a tooth out of its sockets these days empties the wallet as well-eh? Why do dentists charge exorbitant rates all over the world? Is that why there are thousands of articles on various aspects of dental insurance?

Another headache that accomapnies tooth ache is the time spent on waiting at the dentist's clinic. My God! It goes on and on. Three days before I watched 3 episodes (each goes for 40 minutes) of Mr.Bean before I was called in by the dentist. During those long hours, I thought Mr.Bean started recognizing me and winking at me mischeviously.

Glancing around the waiting patients, I noticed a pall of gloom emanated from then and filled up the room that refused to leave in spite of Mr. Bean's excellent effort to make us laugh.

This blog post was composed mentally when I was waiting for the dentist and when Mr. Bean waited on me on the TV.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The online gift shop that you would visit again and again.

Andrea accompanied me to the popular cinema that I urged to see along with me. On the way back home, we did some window shopping rather hurriedly. We both have already bought several gifts for Christmas and New Year at

This outing for the movie was my gift to Andrea in gratitude for having introduced to me, a gift shop online that I would visit again and again. I am giving below the images of a couple of gifts that I bought from

It is our earth seen floating in the space. What better way to teach anyone who is on the other side of New York!

The astonishingly colored and customized coffee mugs are called Snowman Candy Cane Mugs that cost only $9.99 (I would not mind paying up with a $10 note and not waiting for the change)

There are unique gifts for everyone and for every occasion. But then, there is no need for an occasion to give gifts-right?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I revived my association with Hub Pages after a gap of three years. I expected some positive changes in Hub Pages but all remains the same.

Here is just an example:
I created a hub on spiritual solutions to every problem. When I viewed it a minute before, I saw some totally unrelated hubs such as:
* Game Lag Problems and Solutions
* Breast Feeding Problems and Solutions
*Bait Fishing Common problems and solutions

I wonder what is the relation between spiritual solutions to these three different problems. Hub Pages too work similar to Google, showing search results based on key words only.

I would like to rate Ezine Articles better than Hub Pages on several metrics.

Ah, these are just my musings only. Don't take them seriously please.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 gifts for teachers.

Yahoo! gave me a surprise today morning. They have published an article titled, "10 gifts teachers like". I think I have gotten the title right.

I thought all teachers are alike; they like their students to score maximum marks in their exams and that they treat it as perfect gift.

However, Yahoo! has different opinions.Yahoo! has cited 10 gifts for teachers that include the familiar chocolates, flower pots or seeds.

I am glad that they have included the two gifts that teachers appreciate.
* Donations to the classroom library or gift certificate to Scholastic Book Club.
* A donated gift for a classmate in need.

Read about all the 10 gifts for teachers:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Custom laptop with numeric keypad.

My system engineer who came to fix my HP printer saw my old laptop lying on the bed. I frantically tried to hide it under a blanket but it was too late. He saw it and looked at me that conveyed contempt clearly. I cringed with embarrassment because of the poor condition of my laptop.

He then offered to buy it back magnanimously and told me he would get me a new laptop built with the latest features and configuration. He builds custom laptops for individuals and corporate employees.

At this point, my son, a computer engineer stepped in and asked the computer troubleshooter several technical questions about building a custom laptop. The man answered with ease and confidence.

Finally, my son asked for a laptop with numeric keypad. The salesman said he could give the numeric keypad as an external attachment.

I wondered how it would be useful to a computer engineer!

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Free insurance advisor available.

Have you ever hired your own insurance advisor? Without paying any consultation fees, you can hire an insurance consultant who would obediently serve you by getting all the necessary information regarding term life insurance, car insurance and medical insurance.

He won’t stop at this level. He will even get you free insurance quotes from all the leading insurance service providers, which will enable you to compare them leisurely and choose the cheapest term life insurance package.

Generally, these free insurance consultants stay with you as long you want and never ask for anything from you. In fact, he would be glad if you spread the word about his free financial services so that many can benefit.

Do you want to know his name?

He is affectionately called ‘Term life insurance quote engine”.

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Home School children's motivation

It is easy for the children to engage themselves in many after school activities after returning from their regular schools. But is possible to expect such a level of involvement from children studying in home schools?

It is tough to answer this question and therefore more tough to implement the methods (if any) to motivate the home school children in after school activities.

I suspect thy won't even be interested in new backyard games. If they are encouraged to explore the possibilities of building relationship in the real outer world, they are more likely to show interest but I think it might wane quickly.

May be one can announce a contest of sorts and reward the winners with prizes to keep their interest alive.

BTW, I know 46 different ideas for backyard games. Do you want them?

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When you need to buy computer video cables?

Sometimes, ordering computer accessories will expose your ignorance of them glaringly. Last Tuesday, when my system engineer (he loves that tag engineer though he is only a hardware technician) asked me if he could bring over the computer video cables to connect my laptop to the newly bought HDTV, I said yes.

His next question was what are the output options my laptop has. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then, he asked me to look at all the sides of my laptop and asked me to tell him about all the ports (openings to plug pins?).

As I was following his instructions, he stopped me in the middle and told me he got the information he wanted.

In a few hours, he came to my house to do his work. I was waiting for him to ask what he meant my output options. He then explained about various video card output options that include VGA, DVI or S-Video.

This time, the way I nodded convinced him further that I am a sub-zero in these things.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

One more beautiful face.

I like to see beautiful faces, places, food, painting and dress.And when I see them, I express it instantly without any second thought. The law of universe works in favour of anyone who shameless appreciates anything.

The more you appreciate, the universe sends more in your way to enjoy and appreciate. I have blogged about beautiful faces, lovely eyes in this blog previously.

This is the image of model Ayesha Takia. She married recently. She is also an actress in Bombay.

To me, she is lovely and young. There is a vibration from her image that reached me. She has got an enchanting smile!

Monday, December 06, 2010

How to buy ties for men?

My brother-in-law was surprised that I chose the right bow ties for him. He is of the opinion that women are the worst choosers of ties for men. I have to agree with him though.

My husband always criticized me whenever I bought bow ties for him. He has firmly told that I should never shop for his needs. However, the color of ties that are displayed carries me away easily.

This frequent admonition made me to learn to buy for men. Surprisingly it was easy. All I had to was give the shopping bags at the right time. Hey, don’t think it is easy. Gauging the men’s mood needs a bit of practice.

There are men who know only one form of tie knot. I learnt a couple of more such as Windsor knot and Shelby knot.

To tell you the truth, my husband still depends on me to knot his tie.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Who prefers gold coins over real estate?

That is history! The notion that only educated people buy gold coins is definitely history. Now, while educated people invest more in real estate, the so-called ill-informed people put their hard-earned money in precious metals.

Though more people from rural areas buy silver coins and silver vessels, I know of a few families who have converted their silver holding into gold. I wonder where they sell their silver ware for profit. Living in a big city, I find it hard to sell off my old silver vessels.

It is not that I can buy gold coins only from the sale proceeds of my old silver ware. I just want to dispose them off as they are occupying precious space and also getting tarnished due to long periods of confinement.

Yes, space in my city has become more precious than precious metals.

Don't throw away your newspapers.

First, I will tell you about electronic ink and then tell you why you need not throw away your used news papers.

I am sure you are aware of e-paper-the daily news papers you receive in your mail box are also available in digital form in your computer. Unlike a conventional flat panel display, which uses a backlight to illuminate its pixels, electronic paper reflects light like ordinary paper and is capable of holding text and images indefinitely without drawing electricity, while allowing the image to be changed later.

The e-ink rearranges itself each morning to form new headlines. Or maybe you've just finished pouring over a new best seller. No need to pass it along to a friend; the print can morph Harry Potter style into a new book.

Sound unreal? It is the world of electronic ink.

The e-ink, in its appearance is similar to regular ink but there is an uniqueness about it. It is made up of many tiny capsules, these capsules are filled with ink, and the ink contains white particles that have a negative charge. These three properties allow an electronic ink display to be changed on demand.

E ink can be used on many of the same surfaces as regular ink


Image source: Google Images

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Modern furniture need not compromise on comforts.

Have you seen Ravi Sastri sitting in an uncomfortable chair answering the questions very comfortably? This scene can be seen in every cricket match telecast. It is supposed to be a modern chair that is definitely not convenient to sit for more than two minutes.

Modern furniture means it should be space saving and stylish but at the same time it should not compromise on comfort.

The chair below is an ideal example of an ideal modern chair. I saw this in a doctor’s waiting room. Many patients were waiting and their faces did not show any signs of anxiety. I appreciated the doctor personally for his thoughtful choice of this chair.

I intend to recommend this chair to Ravi Sastri. I am thinking of emailing this blog post to him.

If you happened to know his email id, why don’t you leave it in the comments box?

Thursday, December 02, 2010

So what if Warren Buffett is….

The Warren Buffett interview published on 19th October 2010 in CNN might have thrown most of the traditional bullion traders off their trading stools for his rather conservative views about investing in gold.

I received a bunch of concerned emails from my friends who are repeatedly encouraged to buy gold by me. Well, one man, however popular he is for his investing acumen can dethrone the yellow metal from its honorable seat it is sitting on since man learned to mine the gold.

If Warren Buffett is looked upon for his stock market advises, then, the U.S. Gold Bureau is revered for its gold price movement predictions.

Therefore, friends, don’t panic. Stay put. Gold is still the supreme wealth protector and a status symbol. You can show of your wealth by adorning yourself with gold ornaments but you can’t walk around wearing equity shares on your body-right?