Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lowest price guarantee of Fishman Bluegrass series.

A diminutive young man walked straight up to at the social gathering this morning and introduced himself as a banjo player. This happened after my own self introduction as an Internet journalist. The man is named Cain and he asked me if I know of anyone who can install the fishman banjo pickup and preamp.

The fishman banjo pickup and preamp at guitar center has advised him of a professional installation of the preamp. A few reviews at Amazon also had echoed the same. I told him I can help him only after I had a look at the pickup and preamp.

He was crestfallen; he bought it because of the lowest price guarantee but could not install it on his own.

I am about to launch my man hunt. I am confident that I would resolve his problem in a day.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hosted Shopping cart-what you need to know.

One of my friends asked me what is a hosted shopping cart. I told her shopping cart makes us to buy good online. What you see in Amazon, IRCTC are all different shopping carts but they may be built by their own software professionals whereas there are some sites that used ready built shopping carts.

For example, most of the affiliates that sell products or services and collect payment through Paypal use the shopping cart provided by Paypal/

Similarly, if we want to open our own online store, we can approach a shopping cart service provider to host a custom made shopping cart for which we can pay a monthly charge. We need not install the ecommerce software in our server.

Have I explained it clearly?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Wealth building plan offered by ING bank.

ING bank’s subsidiary “Share Builder”, is wealth building plan to all of us. I think it’s a once in a life time automatic investment plan and will build our wealth over a period of time.

They are offering two different plans of share investment; one is automatic investing and the other is real time investing. In both the type of investment plans, one can choose different pricing schemes. There is also a low cost affordable pricing for those who would like to enter with just $4.

I liked the idea of automatic investment scheme where I can just add stocks to my plan, and enter the dollar amount I want to invest for each of the stocks I choose. Another advantage is the liberty offered to schedule my time of investment like a fixed date, or in varying frequencies of days.

Here comes the most attractive aspect of this automatic investment plan-the choice of funding. We are offered four different options to fund our account.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Music instrument accessories are on sale.

I quit the audio industry a couple of decades below but my interest in the field made me updating my knowledge constantly. I am especially passionate about products that helped the quality of sound from music instruments to improve and thus came to know about the exciting Monster Cable at musicians friend.

What I read led to do a bit of research on Monster Cable audio products and the story of its humble beginning in 1979 by Noel Lee. Over the years I kept tagging him and watched his diversification with awe.

Their audio cable products range includes microphone cable, speaker cable and DJ cable for professional audio engineers. Out of 54 audio cables, several are on sale right now. When you are there, please do read the customer reviews of some of the products and yours too.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kaleidoscope personal control light for computer engineers.

Do you believe in famous quote: “Everything that happens is for good only”. I do.

What happened to me in the last 5 days is the perfect proof. On last Wednesday, my eyes developed bearable pain. I rang up to fix up an appointment with an ophthalmologist and I was lucky to get one the same evening. That was yesterday.

After a complete checkup, he declared that I must go in more tests which meant more expenditure. The doctor was aware that I spend 8 hours a day in front of the computer.

He inquired if I am using any of the much talked about ergonomic products. I said yes. It was obvious to him that I am not because he suspected that one of the causes for my eye defect is improper lighting.

I sheepishly admitted that the computer table does not get exclusive lighting and I only use the single light on the ceiling.

That did it; he understood. He took time to explain to me about why I should use a kaleidoscope personal control light.

 Since light is created along the entire length of a compact fluorescent bulb, more diffused lighting with less shadow is produced than from an incandescent bulb.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Are you about to become an heir to estates?

It is a well known fact that lawyers lack sense of humor; I accept a few exceptions here and there. I am not offending any particular lawyer but you know, these pointless arguments pop up unobtrusively and the case is always closed without the need for a judge. (Smile)

I remember reading somewhere in the Internet, “Lawyers often think that the jokes are not funny, and non-lawyers fail to understand that they are not jokes”.

In our group of friends, one aspired to be a lawyer and that too she wanted to specialize on inheritance rights just because her family too was a victim in one such prolonged inheritance case.

We were all surprised when she kept her up her promise and dorned the black lawyer gowns a few years later. She soon started appearing in inheritance cases involving celebrities.

After a long time, we met at my house once. We heard several outrageous stories. She then shared her knowledge about probate advance. It is a sort of advance cash assistance to the expected beneficiaries of a will and this made her work less stressful because her clients were temporarily relaxed.