Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Unique web design templates at throwaway prices.

I acted childishly in the year 2000 when my web design engineer asked me to buy a web design template online. He gave me a list of websites that sold web design templates. I was shocked to see the minimum price for a template was $65

I knew web design templates are given free of charge in hundreds of places in the Internet. Why should I pay then for a template? I argued successfully. My web designer gave in to my stupid arguments and used a free template for my first web directory.

When I started learning the nuances of Internet marketing, search engine optimization scared me. I could not comprehend anything related to onsite search engine optimization.

I painfully learnt that my webpage template was simply not optimized and I did not know how to make it so that search engines loved to visit frequently.

The fact that professionally designed web page templates are effectively optimized for search engines’ rankings finally sunk into my small head. I reluctantly allowed my web developer to buy anything he selected and paid through my nose.

Today, though the prices of web design templates have come down considerably due to competition, the quality in design and SEO have improved dramatically.

Stunning templates designed for every niche are listed in contentmixi.com and the minimum price is just $30. You can select your choice of template from over 4500 templates arranged in every category that you can think of.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Affordable directory submission service.

Let this sink in; “You need to submit your sites to directories. Period!” If you dispute, site your arguments; I will reply to it point by point.

Web directories came into being long ago though there is no clear history of web directories. I have witnessed changes after changes in the web directory designs and conditions for listing.

The most popular general web directory is dmoz.com where sites submitted to be listed wait for more than a year to be approved or rejected.

Roughly, about seven years before, when the Internet started reaching more and more people in the world, millions of websites were created daily. Since directory submission was considered as the first SEO strategy, webmasters started submitting their websites to general web directories (nice web directory was unknown then) manually.

When more web directories were launched, manual directory submission became time consuming. That is when; web masters started outsourcing directory submission service from a handful of SEO companies.

Today, more than 10,000 SEO companies are offering directory submission service professionally apart from providing other SEO services that include:

  • Link building
  • Press release writing and submission
  • Social media marketing
  • Blog marketing
  • Signature marketing
  • RSS feed syndication

seomixi.com, an Indian company offers all the above SEO services plus many more. If you have used a professional SEO service in the past, you will notice the rates of Seomixi.com are competitive.

If you wish to submit your website to web directories, do it at a slow pace. Don’t submit to more than 25 directories in a day.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hi, Mitchell Johnson, did you hear?

This time, it is Mitchell Johnson who tried his mouth in mental teasers. He was reported in the media that he is going to bowl short pitch ball to Sehwag to prevent him from dominate the Aussie bowling.

While none of the members of Indian cricket side anything about how they are going to play against the formidable Australian cricket team, the media published story after story of Aussie players press release.

Nathan Hauritz bullies Sachin Tendulkar in a typical Aussie fashion. I really enjoy these trivia.

So, what does it all indicate? Do you read between the lines?
All the people of Madras says, "அந்த பயம் இருக்கட்டும்".

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Brilliant business idea.

I read an article on Springwise.com, the number one website to learn about unique business ideas-online and offline. The article featured a coffee bar in Toronto, Canada.

This coffee bar is called Snakes & Lattes. It serves coffee alright apart from myriad refreshments. To engage their customers and make them stay for longer time inside the restaurant, Snakes & Lattes is providing 1500 board games to play.

No, this is not a computer based game but real time board games that we all enjoyed playing during our childhood.

It is an innovative business concept that ca be copied by one and all, the world over.
Visit snakesandlattes.com

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Limca, Limca!

I remember vividly till date, the catchy video advertisements of Limca and Goldspot when I was a college student.

Beautiful Rekha wore a breathtaking blue saree in the Goldspot ad. Her lovely full lips were shown in closeup as she sipped the cool drink through a straw.

The Limca ad was also nice and the song Limca, Limca was energetic.

The Limca ad currently showing is beautifully shot with innovative concept of the fresh feeling after you drink the lemon based Limca.

The music is just too good and the song is a melody.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Insightful information on human growth hormones sprays.

Many medicines in today’s world were originally meant for some other purpose but later found their way into others’ hands. For example, hgh supplement was originally administered to children of stunted growth. Later, even adults who revealed deficiencies in certain human growth hormones were also prescribed HGH supplement.

Today, everyone who can’t come to terms with their aging and its related issues take HGH supplement without realizing serious implications.

I am not advocating against use of any kind of vitamin or food supplement; I only wish people educated themselves fully before reaching for them. There is no dearth of information in the Internet.

Most of the food and vitamin supplements, height enhancing hormone sprays, anti-aging creams and gels are reviewed and published in the Internet. Gather all the facts, weigh the pros and cons and then decide to use them.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How many Phentermine based diet pills?

How many phentermine based diet pills do you know apart from Adipex? I know three capsules that are:

1. Phenterpril

2. Nuphedragen

3. Clinicallix

I have bookmarked several websites that review weight loss pills and I particularly read news and reviews about Phentermine, as it is the most effective ingredient in diet pills.

Adipex is probably the most sold weight loss pill ever thus far. The presence of Phentermine minimized the negative side effects.

Initially, it was not prescribed for those who are employed; only chronic eaters who can’t work anymore due to their obesity was advised to take Phentermine.

After seeing the success of it even on such obese people, every other person who wanted to suppress their appetite as a weight loss measure, started buying Phentermine in large quantities in spite of its expensiveness.

I read that Phenterpril mentioned above is available over the counter without doctors’ prescription.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

The song of Chennai Super Kings.

I would like to know the author/musician of the the theme song of Chennai Super Kings.

I am forced to switch on the 'mute' button on my television whenever the song is screen screened. The song titled, "Whistle Podu" is not pleasant to listen and the dance (?) ... who choreographed it?

It could have featured some of the ex-Indian cricketers from Chennai like Venkatraghavan, Srikkanth, W.V.Raman and T.A.Sekar. There are beautiful places in Madras and also charming faces that could have been included in the video song.

I like the theme song of Royal Challengers Banaglore. It is composed with fine taste.

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The best wood for log beds.

Teakwood beds or log beds, I like them to be painted in natural wood color. Therefore, what I saw in my relative’s guesthouse repelled me. It was painted in stark white! Bed frames in white color look ghostly! What a horrible taste!

Guesthouses in a forest resort are meant to be rustic and casual. The furniture made of different forest wood give you sense of belonging in a forest. Cedar wood is ideal for making cabin furniture. Cane chairs are necessary in the patio.

Log beds look larger than traditional teak wood beds. The bedroom itself would look cramped. Nevertheless, so be it! In a log cabin, the patio only should be large where we spend more time.

If you like the smell of cedar, you had better leave your bed as it is. Don’t paint or varnish it. It will spoil the ambience.

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Ways to taste new pleasures.

My husband might not look dynamic but he can be easily motivated and quickly inspired by simple pleasures in life. He just can't resist challenges.

In addition, he is quickly bored with the routines of day to day living. He embraces changes when presented by nature, circumstances, events and by people. You can apply all these factors and imagine where they can lead you when applied and accepted.

However, his life of changes fail to impress many. Even I can't always accept changes. I resist them. I prefer a comfort zone. I don't look forward to a different tomorrow but I day dream of new things. Quite contradictory-eh?

If this blog post makes you ponder, then, please read this:"How to experience new pleasures..."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ask me which diet pills work fast.

I know which diet pills that work fast even though I never needed one. I think I am the only person in my group that stays thin in spite of eating ice creams and chocolates frequently.
Various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains; ...

If you ask me what the secret behind my slender figure is, I have no answer. But if you ask me which diet pills work fast without much complications, I can list out at least 6 weight loss pills because I am constantly bombarded with my friends’ real life experiences.

Surprisingly, none of my friends and relatives stays loyal to any particular diet pill. They keep themselves updated by reading several websites that review weight loss products and never mind trying out newly rated food supplements.

In spite of using different diet pills, none of them complained of any serious side effects. I told them to form a forum to help others by sharing their opinions.

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Is it wise to avail credit card balance transfer offer?

Well, before I have the need to know the answer to credit card debt consolidation, I was able to clear all my credit card balances. Thanks to my sister-in-law who helped me out with debt free loan, I paid back the credit card dues in a lump sum.

‘Credit card debt consolidation’ means just that-consolidation of balance on different credit cards we have and bring under one (sometimes two) credit card.

Many credit card holders would periodically receive an offer letter from the credit card issuing banks giving you can option to transfer the existing balance on your other credit cards. If you avail this offer, you are a given an interest period for this transferred balance to pay back.

This is called debt consolidation.

If you were shrewd and good at basic mathematics, you would utilize this opportunity to reduce your credit card dues. My husband has done this in the past.

If the credit card issuing companies are shrewd, we should match their wisdom with ours.

He does not have a credit card now; says he is a cash party now.

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A new diet pill that is rated number one.

In spite of controversy and differences of clinical opinion, Ephedra is still rated as the most effective ingredient in diet pills by millions of people. Weight loss industry just received a new diet pill, which has no Ephedra. Probably it might get unnoticed initially until, it receives a lot of positive feedback from the consumers.

Once it reaches the web pages of weight loss products review sites, then, it might get the nod of some who, like me, are adventurous in trying anything new.

You would have noticed a steady decline in diet pills that contain Ephedra after it was banned by the FDA in 2004. People now prefer diet supplements that assure faster calorie burning.

Essentially, if we are able to burn the occasional few extra calories we take, all is well but if it is not the case, then we start accumulating fat.

However, fat burners won’t help us in the long run if we ignore the inner voice that warns us whenever we indulge in junk food.

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The best way to stop baby's crying.

The screams from the three weeks old baby disturbed everyone around in the house. Her mother was in tears and that prompted me into action.

I am familiar with colicky babies. Colic is not new though many mothers are not aware of the term colic. Newborn babies might cry for several hours due to various reasons, which are all baseless really.

The newborn baby is still to get accustomed to the freedom from the womb, which is the primary cause of persistent crying. Some babies have poor metabolism that causes discomfort that leads to crying.

Do you remember the gripe water treatment? Yes, a few drops of gripe water ease the intestinal congestion and makes the baby to burp. Instantly the crying will stop.

Mothers and other family members will get alarmed when the crying goes on for more than an hour. At such times, take the baby to the terrace or garden and gently talk to the baby. Imagine you are talking to the soul, constantly looking at the baby’s eyes.

I know this will work. Pass this tip on!

Do not get worked up over colicky babies. It is very common and won’t last beyond 6 weeks. As the baby grows, the colic will stop.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fresh ideas for kids Halloween dresses.

I am not cooking up any new ideas for kids Halloween costumes but I am expecting to see a few fresh imaginations this year.

For a kid that is going to enjoy its first Halloween, a working mom might buy anything that is familiar to her.

For most of the moms (dads are not bothered), Halloween is just another holiday that means expenditure. They reluctantly buy banal Halloween dresses, balloons, candies and cookies.

I have read hundreds of articles in newspapers about how Halloween holiday is losing its glam and fun. I think the lack of interest is due to the absence of fresh ideas to celebrate the Halloween.

If you care to read any ‘top ten Halloween costumes’ articles in the Internet, you will find the same old ghost gowns and Spiderman dresses. Kids are not sacred anymore with these costumes.

In addition, unless the entire family shows interest, the kids will continue to show disinterest in one of the historically fun filled holiday.
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Cheer up sparrow!

I am affected by this bird's loneliness. I know it is only human that feel all these self sympathetic emotions where some birds just enjoy this rare moment of solitude.

But the feeling of melancholy persisted. I felt like leading that lonely sparrow to this bright bunch. Will it cheer up the bird?

Tell me sparrow, are you lonely? If so, come and sit at my windowsill. I will give you company. Say, why don’t you bring along your mate?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Noticeable technological changes in barcode scanners.

I was only kidding the other day when I said I am contemplating on a pos system for my educational institution that I expanded by bringing more subjects under one roof.

I know my office definitely does not require barcode scanners for that would mean changing my entire administrative system. I cannot afford that now in the middle of the academic year.

Even my seniors in the same business have not modernized their institution’s administration though they are big when compared to my establishment. They too are selling educational books and tutorials like me.

However, I was casually looking up for the price of latest pos systems. What I saw took me by surprise. The price of barcode readers were affordable 5 years before.

Of yes, 5 years is a long time. So many changes and so many possibilities in 5 years-eh?

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Quality online education for defense veterans.

I am extremely happy to receive an email from an ex-student of mine that conveyed that she is now holds a doctorate degree in social science. Out of various research degrees, she preferred social science to her favorite psychology because there are more employment opportunities in the field pf social science.

Since she married an U.S. army man, she was offered special discount in her tuition fees. She completed her doctorate program through online education and earned her degree from a reputed university in Colorado.

Please find detailed information on earning a degree though online study in militarydegree.com that is dedicated to provide top class higher education to U.S. Military personnel and their families.

America is such a nation that is genuinely interested in the welfare of their citizens in whatever social status they are.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am ready to pay.

If Facebook is reported to be the most visited website in the Internet, them, I am definitely one of the contributors. I spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day in Facebook aimlessly because I am yet to learn how to use the Facebook effectively to promote my own digital products.

Yes, I have advertised in Facebook classifieds but without any sale so far. Somehow, I find it difficult to understand all the useful facebook applications to market my digital products.

I have developed a list of sites that hire freelance writers. The list contains 140 plus sites that are useful for freelance writers.

Another list I have compiled is websites that hire bloggers.

One more list contains 85 places that pay to advertise.

I am selling them cheaply but no takers. Can any one of you teach me how to sell in facebook? Please don't try to sell e-books on the topic. I have bought a few but they are all hopeless.

I need someone to teach me who has personal experience of using facebook to market digital products.

I am ready to pay for quality tutorial.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sad; very sad.

My heart cried for Sachin, the lonely warrior who can't save his sinking ship. Though, his 62 runs were scored slowly by the T20 standard, I wonder what would have happened to the Mumbai Indian's team total score if Sachin Tendulkar had not patiently compiled an innings.

I am not alone. Millions of Indians can't tolerate to see Sachin's baby face to look sad. His eyes somehow fully express his disappointment.

I would like him to replace Duminy with Abhishek Nayar. He can be pretty useful with the ball as well. Just because a team can engage 4 overseas players, it does not mean that you should engage them in the team playing 11 compulsorily-right?

Alternatively, Bravo can replace Duminy.

Come on Sachin, you can!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Busy days for the U.S. Gold Bureau.

When I last wrote that India holds the largest gold when you consider the gold ornaments the Indians possess, one of my investment guru who is also a bullion investment analyst called up to verify my claim.

I sited several authentic news stories that compared the gold reserves held by various nations. Even though the U.S. gold reserves ranks number one in the world in terms gold tonnage, there is more gold in India as privately held jewels.

My bullion analyst is a proud American and I could sense a tinge of disappointment in his voice when I proved my figures.

Well, if the gold price as of now is any indication to what is coming, my prediction of the gold price crossing Rs.20, 000 per ten grams is not far away. It may be a reality in a few days as the price now stands at Rs.19, 200 per ten grams of gold.

I think the U.S. Gold Bureau served by dedicated staff of hard asset professionals is having a field day serving the gold hungry Americans.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rare personalized gift idea.

I have two more months to plan for my math academy’s personalized gifts. This year, I am going to change my strategy for selecting the gift. I am contemplating to give promotional gifts to all the parents of my students.

I want a personalized gift that they will have to use regularly and that is exposed always. I do not want anything that disappears inside the wallets or display shelves in their drawing room.

Pen is too small to attract visibility of the engraved text on it. What about an embroidered badge symbolizing green earth on the shirts of the men and on the saris of the women with my math academy's logo on it? Yes, it is a nice concept but …

Yes, I got it. It can be the Yoyo. They all carry on their body always. These days, every company gives an ID card to their employees. I can sponsor a cute yoyo as an ID card holder. This might not be very expensive. I only need to provide to about 400 parents.

Pat on my shoulders please!

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My first encounter with a duckling.

Since watching Walt Disney's Donal Duck several years ago, I fell in love the gregarious Donal Duck and its offspring. At least once in my life, I wanted to pick up a cute duckling and cuddle it.

Well, yesterday, I had the opportunity to do exactly that. I visited a school in the suburb of Madras. It is located amidst lush green fields and a lake. The school authorities had dug up a pond inside the school premises to raise several ducks and a few swans.

When I saw a big bunch of ducklings noisily following their mother, I screamed in delight. The school principal did not expect such a childish delight from a grown up professor of mathematics.

I unashamedly expressed my wish to cuddle a duckling . Seeing the gleam in my eyes, he himself chased a cheerful looking duckling for a few minutes before finally capturing it.

We both presented a scene of amusement to several school staff,

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Advantage of level term life insurance.

I rue my indifference to genuine advice from my auditor. He advocated level term life insurance when I next purchase an insurance plan. He even demonstrated by comparing seven different term life insurance quotes and produced a neat table of figures that clearly showed that level term life insurance is the best.

Somehow, my insurance agent convinced me that it is not the right plan for me. I thought he knew better than a finance professional.

Level term life insurance provides guaranteed fixed level rates and extended coverage of up to thirty years. My auditor proved that it is the most affordable term life insurance option.

Now, with change in tax benefit rules, my choice of another popular insurance scheme is turning out to be a bad one.

Next time you contemplate on a new insurance scheme for you or for your son, listen to your auditor.

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Rainy Madras is a hell.

What is happening to Madras? August is the driest month in Tamilnadu. But this year, throughout the month of August, Madras was like a tropical island. We experienced frequent thunder storms on most of the days in August.

In addition, the rain continues in September too. The day time temperature has fallen considerably to tolerable levels.

With the fall in night temperature, the usage of air-conditioners too has dropped. What a turn around! Even Madrasis are contributing to the environment.

Of course, the woes of rainy conditions have not disappeared. Traffic snarls due to vehicle breakdowns and deplorable road conditions make the life miserable.

Yesterday, I took 30 minutes to reach my office which is only 6 KMs away!

Friday, September 03, 2010

To become an educated bullion trader..

On the other day, there was a caustic argument between my brother and me. We both play on bullion market. My stand was, there are more short sellers of gold than people who actually have gold to offer.

I sited several news stories as authentic proof that clearly revealed how on a particular day, the gold price was pulled down by short sellers in the bullion market.

I know I have cornered my brother. He may be senior to me as a bullion trader but I have more knowledge about gold and other precious metals market as I have been reading the ‘Gold Monitor’ newsletter published and circulated by none other than the U.S. Gold Bureau, the world’s authority on gold and silver market.

How many people know the Indians are the most active traders in bullion market?

Do you know that Indians collectively hold more gold than the gold reserve held by American banks?

I am sure my brother does not understand the premiums over spot gold.

I let him sulk over his inferior knowledge in bullion trading. He has years to catch up with me to become an educated gold and silver coins trader.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

A jammed lock and the merciless clock.

Yesterday, I again got locked inside my bedroom due to faulty door hardware. This time, it happened at 4.30 AM. I panicked because I had to go to my office at 5.30 AM.

As they say, misfortunes don’t come in singles; yes, it was raining too. I won’t be able to seek a carpenter’s help till 9.00 AM!

I have only to blame myself. In spite of repeated warnings from the carpenter who rescued me twice already that I need to replace the door hardware, I ignored on the pretext that these mishaps don’t occur frequently. The door lock on the bedroom door is vulnerable even to mild breeze and gets jammed.

I prayed to God that the moment I am out of the locked room, I will head directly to the mall and buy a door lock that will answer only its keys.

God was kind; I pushed for the last time with all my strength and miraculously, I was staring the clock on the living room wall. It showed 9.00 AM.

Even after an hour, I did not step out of my house to go to the mall to buy the new door hardware. Do you think I need one more lesson?

A visit to Mannargudi.

I took two days off to visit a temple function in my husband's ancestors' town. We along with my husband's brother's family hired a comfortable air-conditioned van and traveled nearly 1000 KMs and visited several temples of great importance.

We performed a special pooja in one of the temples and my husband's family had been doing it on a particular day for the past 5 generations.

I was awestruck with the beauty of the idol of Lord Rajagopalan in Mannargudi. My husband's family is acknowledged by the authorities of the temple with great reverence. I felt honored and proud to belong to such a respected family.

One of the calves you see in the picture above was donated to the temple by the forefathers of my husband's family.

In addition, the two days absence from the work was refereshing. So, here I am, back to the world of mathematics.

Library of CAD drawings. Free download.

I tentatively agreed to go to the opening of a computer animations studio of an ex-student of mine. The field is unknown to me. I am so much involved in my mathematics that I feel fish out of water whenever I have to hear about any other subject.
However, the irony is, it is me that advised my ex-student to first compile a database of cad drawings related to her profession. Computer aided design is in an advanced and user-friendly state that anyone with the basic flair in designing, can quickly learn the trade.
In addition, CAD drawings are also available for free download in their original file formats (CAD); several sites compete with each other to give you free cad drawings for myriad applications that include liquid dispensers apart from the more used architecture.
I am amazed at the brilliance of the developers of CAD software who foresee advanced creative use in various industries.