Thursday, January 22, 2015

White kidney bean extract helps lose weight.

It is first time I heard of a new starch blocker in white kidney bean extract! Do you know anything about it?

Of late, white kidney bean extract has gained popularity as a natural weight loss solution. Yes, it is also known as a "starch blocker". It is found to fight the effects of alpha-amylase (a digestive enzyme involved in breaking down carbohydrates into sugar). By inhibiting alpha-amylase activity, white kidney bean extract is expected to prevent the body from turning excess sugar into body fat.

I am yet to any proven report on this weight loss claim.  I read that while the available research suggests that white kidney bean extract may help support weight loss (as well as keep blood sugar in check), it's too early to recommend the supplement as weight loss aid.

My husband is following a balanced diet plan that includes boiled small grains and green vegetables four days a week and the remaining three days, he eats white rice to his heart content. He takes insulin thrice a day.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Solution to Insomnia without any drugs.

I am relieved finally that I found a non-drug solution to my husband’s insomnia problems that je is suffering from ever since I know him in 1985. Yes, for 30 years, his sleeping hours were very few. Even the popularity and the effectiveness of the drugs to cure insomnia have had no desired results on him.

I was strongly recommended about a natural solution to solve insomnia and it is achieved through listening to Sleep Deprivation CD.

It is based on the proven science of listening to binaural beats and the sleep deprivation CD was developed by the famous self development expert Bradley Thompson.

I know that human brain operates at certain frequencies that actually determine our current state of mind, such as being wide awake and alert, or being in a state of deep sleep.

Oh, you may skip further reading the blog post if I elaborate more technical facts about binaural beats and what it can actually do to our brain.

However, I assure you that the sleep deprivation CD is a miraculous find for my husband who finally bid adieu to 3 decades of insomnia.

This post is authored by Malathy Badri.