Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do you own an ATV?

Who would not want to increase their Polaris ATV’s performance? However, the majority of the first time buyers of ATVs gets carried away by what they read in newspapers and proceed immediately to purchase several Polaris Accessories that would increase the speed and fuel consumption by a hefty 30% or to increase its pulling power.

Firstly, the expectation is too much immediately after the purchase. One must give some time to season the engine. My brother-in-law is a fine living example. He is a horticulture consultant in New Zealand. I know how much he has spent on his ATV before finally selling it for a throwaway price.

Secondly, I read that Polaris accessories are quite expensive. There is no point in by such expensive accessories only to dump them in the garage attic.

Before buying an all terrain vehicle (ATV) it is better to familiarize with all the aspects of maintaining it. Every accessory’s use should be thoroughly read and all the maintenance tips should be borne in mind.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

15 minutes resume builder.

This resume building online tool located at must be good because it is featured in, a review site that I respect.

I once bought a fantastic resume building software. It helped several of my friends and relatives. Unfortunately, I lost it when my computer crashed.

* Happy CV is easy to use even by new users.
* You can create your resume using various themes that will make your curriculum vitae stand out from others who build their resume manually.
* You can easily edit or add new details to your resume.
* You can share it with prospective employers.
* You can also print your stored CV anytime in PDF format
* Online resumes are portable.
* Drag and drop all the important category so that you can easily reorder them.
* Find tips and tricks to build your perfect resume.

Above all, it is free dear!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Secret wallet inside a fashion bracelet.

Women in India always envy men because of their dress which is so convenient to carry many things in their trouser pockets like wallet, keys, coins, kerchief and other paraphernalia.

We, the women have no such advantage because of our dress. The handbag we carry is very inconvenient and they also attract roadside snatchers.

Here is the best solution for women (men too). A stylish beaded bracelet comes with a hidden pouch that can hold:
* Credit card
* ID card
* Cash

Women can even place a lipstick just in case...

The bracelet closes with the help of a Velcro or elastic band. The basic model costs just $12 where it can cost up to $100 for fashionable pearl studded bracelet.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ZCA stack is a fat burner for smart people.

I am an expert in judging diet pills. If you ask me whether I judge a diet pill after I personally test it, I would answer no; I never needed a fat burner or appetizer suppressant.

I am quite familiar with various ingredients in weight loss products and I know which works the best. I am especially good at reading the ingredients of ephedra diet pills.

Let us all accept the fact that ephedra was the most effective weight loss product even though the accompanying side effects forced ephedra to be banned.

However, this did not deter a few manufacturers who took advantage of the legal concession that allowed them to use ephedra in small quantities. What this meant was, one could reformulate and produce a diet pill that contains the allowed quantity of ephedra.

This smart move was made by ZCA Stack that is a three-in-one product.

1. It suppresses appetite

2. It burns fat

3. It enhances the energy.

I believe this product has great potential in the weight loss segment of the health industry.

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Home study course by Options University.

Established by Brett Fogle and Ron Ianjeri in 2004, Options University has been helping many aspiring share market players. Impressed by several positive feedback, I am also contemplating to become a student.

I am already into share trading in a small way. Guided by my instincts, I ma making some profits weekly.

I want to learn the nuances of stock trading, especially futures and options scientifically. Options University offers a home study course for beginners.

I am given to understand that their home study course methodically teaches all the tested methods of futures and options game by teaching to learn the several signals on any given trading day.

Three years before when I last big money in futures, I decided to stay away from it and till date, I have stuck to my decision. But, like a normal ambitious person, I want to master the art of futures trading and recover my loss.

I hope to win back and also help others to work from home and become a successful entrepreneur.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Find lucrative home business ideas.

By the time I retire (?) from my academic business, I would have my home business successfully running. It is only matter of three years at the latest.

At present, I am trying out my luck as an affiliate marketer. I recently came across, a web site that reviews some of the best home business opportunities.

One of them is Rob Benwell’s Blogging to the Bank. I have subscribed to his blog feed and reading all his updates seriously. He is real inspiration for me to become a professional blogger, another lucrative home business opportunity for work at home grandmas.

Another online earning venture is operating a general web directory. If you learn how to run a web directory and put in a minimum of just one hour a day, it will fetch you a decent sum every year.

I wish someone wrote an e-book about 'how to make a money earning web directory'. I could use it to increase my earning from my web directory and I can promote it too.

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So you are a techno geek?

I feel this blog is exclusive for technology buffs who rave about their technical wizardly always.
Be it internet related or electronic gadets, this blog throws more light on these. But only technical people can grasp its content.

The blog posts cover topics Podcasting, vlogging, RSS Feeds, VoIP, Wi-Fi, and PDA smartphone, GPS, Blue tooth, Internet TV, Consumer electronics, Nanotechnology, Mobile tech and Digital media.

The author is Raj Kumar Dash; the name sounds Indian to me. Hmm, I wish I have is intelligence about so many technical matters.

Please share this blog with your friends mate. The author deserves it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

To become an healthy affiliate, you need…

Even if I wanted to become an affiliate, I don’t think I could have been a successful affiliate marketer in spite of writing about so many health related products that include acne cure, slimming pills, anti aging solutions and so on.

To become an affiliate on paper is so easy; you just fill up an online form and hit the submit button and you have become an affiliate. What is the next step?

One requires extensive training in affiliate marketing to earn some money. Mere affiliate tools like banner ads and text link ads pasted on your site won’t get you any sales. Your affiliate ads can generate a few clicks a day but the conversion rate would be zero unless one takes affiliate marketing seriously.

If you want to join an affiliate network, make sure you get full promotional materials that will at least give you a head start.

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It is moving time again!

I did not expect that I will move again but this time I hope it will be a permanent affair.

I have almost finalized on a new 3 bedroom apartment that will be nearer to my office.

The price is definitely beyond my reach but I am surrounded by loving souls. My husband's brother, sister and aunt are lending their financial assistance.

The house is facing north which I prefer always. It is located close to suburban railway station and metro bus terminus. Since I have lived in the locality for nearly 20 years, I ma happy to move into my familiar are where I know lots of people.

With God's blessings, I will shift to the new house by first week of November.

Friday, October 22, 2010

For quick cash advance ….

The colorful logo on the back of the car in front of me standing in the traffic signal caught my eyes. It read ‘Check City’. There was no further information beside the logo.

Nevertheless, the name rang a bell. After activating the hard disc in my head, it pushed the word cash advance into my RAM. The RAM in my brain is always free of some space in case of such situations.

Yes, the cash advance website- it registered in my memory sometime back because of its design. In addition, the site has bagged an ‘A+’ rating from the prestigious BBB.

Payday loans are the most availed loan by salaried people. Though credit card users do not favor it, wise people apply for payday cash advance thereby not getting into web of vicious credit card loan.

Sitting in the car, I mentally drafted this blog post and here it is live. Checkcity is becoming the favorite of thousands of salaried class.

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Bullion special #2.

An American Gold Eagle.

At the end of the day, I received an email from a Kiwi who thanked me for one of my blog posts titled ‘Bullion Special’.

The bullion special informed the world community of bullion investors about the special Internet sale of rare American Eagles gold and silver coins at dealers’ cost by the United States Gold Bureau.

Here is one more unique service by the U.S. Gold Bureau, the authorized dealer for the U.S. Mint. The bureau has posted an informative video clip on Youtube. The video is about how the retirees and pensioners of the United States can buy bullion and include them in the IRA and 401K account.

I watched the video even though I am not an U.S. citizen. The video has explained clearly step-by-step, what a client should do and how the U.S. Gold Bureau and Sterling trust are collaborating to help, you buy gold and take physical possession.

Watch the video and share it with others.

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Ricky Ponting is crying!

"Even Sachin Tendulkar now, even though he's scored nine hundreds last year, was probably not at his absolute best, either," said Ricky Ponting.

Ricky Ponting reacted thus when one of his compatriot cricketers said that Ricky Ponting's batting prowess is a thing of the past. He is definitely a talented cricketer and a real fighter.

When a cricketer scores nine hundreds in a calendar year, do you rate him as Ricky Ponting rated? How else can a cricketer is chosen as the International Cricketer of the year when he is not in his absolute best?

Look at him! He is comparing himself with SACHIN TENDULKAR!

Would he dare say like by comparing himself with Don Bradman. Even his own country man would condemn him.

Have you ever heard Sachin talk about other cricketers of the world? His main focus is only on cricket and that is why he is the most feared cricketer today.

Come on Ricky baby, don't cry.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don’t lose weight…

Why do you think apidexin stays at the top of the anti obesity drugs for a long period in spite of several new entrants in this high demand segment?

If I say that its effectiveness and safety is attracting more and more customers, even Apidexin manufacturers would brush aside this lame reason because that has been established by most of their competitors too.

If you read the FAQ section on, you would appreciate an attention- pulling slogan that reads, “Don’t lose weight; lose fat”.

Under the slogan, you can read how losing weight is different from losing fat and how you remain slender by burning the excess fat alone.

I agree with this argument fully. We all increase weight mostly due to the accumulation of fat on the abdomen which needs to be burned. Apidexin does just that.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is a bullion special.

I have a treasure. It is a virtual gold mine for silver coins buff. (Nicely said-eh?) Some years ago, I received a gift that I still read occasionally whenever I write insightful articles on bullion silver coins.

The gift was a book on the Unites States early silver dollars written by Jules Reiver. The book was revelation to me. It pulled me out of my assumption that I already know quite a bit about buying rare American silver coins.

Even though I started buying the American silver coins, I found myself bored and started to learn about bullion coins of other nations. Being an avid bird watcher, I have a soft corner for bullion coins that have bird symbol on it.

Eagle is a majestic bird in flight; naturally, bullion coins with eagle on them attracted me. The Australian bird Kookaburra has held my fascination for long. When I found Australian Silver Kookaburra coin in the Internet, I started collecting it from odd places except the U.S. Gold Bureau, the world’s number one trusted source for authentic bullion coins.

By the way, are you aware of the special sale of bullion coins at dealers cost by the United States Gold Bureau? For more information, please call their toll free number 800-775-3504.

Images from Google Images
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Burning problem.

The burning problem for everyone who are in desperate position to shed their flab is to choose the guaranteed fat burners that work in quickest time because, more new weight loss products are being launched almost every week.

In spite of the number of fat burners that are available, Apidexin is still rated as number one in every diet pills review site. Out of Apidexin’s eight patented ingredients, I believe the Forslean should be given maximum credit for burning the body fat.

To know why, please go to and click on ‘Apidexin’. You will gather insightful details about each ingredient of Apidexin.

Though Phenphedrine (which is in the second position) too scores over 93% on parameters that include effectiveness and long-term results, it has bagged a very low score of 74% on the safety factor, which means some harmful side effects are associated with it.

Surprisingly, cost wise, these two are cheaper than other fat burners that are rated in lower positions.

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Sad show by the Aussie athletes in New Delhi.

I did not expect the athletes of Australia to the common wealth games to behave like this. In an unsporting attitude, the Australian members damaged electrical fittings and threw down a washing machine from eighth floor, shouted slogans against Schin Tendulkar because he was instrumental in Australia's defeat against Indian in the Bangalore cricket test match.

Is it the way to show disappointment?

I appreciate the Delhi police for handling whole condemnable incident in a diplomatic manner. They were responsible for not taking the matter across political borders.

When the world is passing accoloades on Sachin Tendulkar, the Australians are abusing him. I wonder what will be the comment from the Aussie cricket team itself!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fastest barcode scanner is also the cheapest.

I had an unusual experience at the jewelry shop last week. The jewelry shop is always crowded. Since the festival season is in full swing, the shop was brimming with buyers.

However, surprisingly, the line at the cash counter moved faster than usual. I could not see what was happening at the counter. I could see happy faces walking out after paying the bill.

When my turn came, I saw a new barcode scanner that was erected on a stand. The smart girl operating the barcode scanner was all smiles as the scanner matched her speed.

I paid up through my credit card, walked up to the floor manager to express my admiration. He beamed with pride and informed that the speed of the barcode scanner is 230 scans per second.

Moreover, for all the extra speed, it cost the shop only $125. Unbelievable-eh?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Belgian chocolates.Very dark and very sweet.

What do you make of it? Doesn't it look like a ball of chocolate? Children would immediately say so.

I got of box of this dark Belgian chocolate as a gift from one of students whose parents just returned from an European tour.

I did not put the chocolate ball in my mouth. I wanted to relish it slowly. I bit into it first, sinking my teeth and enjoying the delicious silken feeling and felt the saliva mix with the juices of chocolate and hmmmmm...

Yummy, yummy , yummy. Just heavenly.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The prefect led flashlights for educational institution.

This is what I wanted. Exactly this. It was not difficult to choose this among a wide range of led flashlights for my math-coaching center.

My office is located in an industrial belt where frequent power failures occur. It would disturb the flow of my lecture. I already have an emergency light in my office but that is not sufficient.

This LED lantern is ideal suited to provide enough light to the whiteboard even from the far end of my classroom, which is 30 feet away from the podium. In addition, this led flashlight is mounted on a stand making it easy to place on any surface.

LED bulbs never need replacement.

After I ordered the product online, I casually browsed through other led lights in My eyes rested on security lights. I stretched my budget a little further and bought a pair of security lights for my new house.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mother's love in different hues.

Every animal or creature cares for its offspring intensely though it might sometime appear to a man differently. For example, when a man sees for the first time how a cat carries its just born kitten in its mouth, he might mistake it as an act of cruelty though it is not so.

We have have seen fine images of various animals showing their love to their children and many would have won great prizes.

Well,here you can enjoy a series of photos of motherly love until you reach the last photo.

I received these photos from my son who got it from someone he knows.

What do you say to this?

Monday, October 04, 2010

Side effects free Phentermine stimulates to suppress.

I smiled in amusement when I first read that Phentermine 37.5 (37.5 MG) is stimulant though its actual purpose is to suppress the appetite. I am yet to find out what it stimulates in our body to suppress. I only know that it has something to with our central nervous system.

It is known to the world that Phentermine can be bought only through doctor’s prescription so that the patients are adequately warned of possible side effects of Phentermine. Phentermine is the only weight loss supplement that is considered as the most effective anti-obese drug.

Side effects free Phentirmene:

Now, there is good news. After painful research, scientists have brought out a drug called Phentirmene, a generic name for Phentermine.

This new Phentirmene is:

  • Available without prescription
  • No harmful side effects
  • Cheaper than Phentermine

It is reported that approximately 98% of the users of Phentirmene are satisfied with the product.

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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Are you on the wrong side of Accutane?

We all end up on the wrong side of taking some medicines but we just take the consequences in our stride and go on living as if nothing has happened.

However, exceptions cannot be ruled out. In such cases, the victims seek legal remedies. I remember a close business associate of mine successfully contended an Accutane lawsuit a few months before. Though the Accutane proved to be somewhat effective in treating his cystic acne, he suffered from ulcerative colitis, a side effect of taking Accutane.

I think he is not alone. Many Accutane legal battles are waged throughout the year though not all of them ended in favor of the victims. I believe Accutane is not sold anymore in several countries.

My business associate is now seriously considering becoming a personal injury lawyer to help victims of medicines.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Live At The BBC - Hemant Kumar - Kahan Le Chale Ho

I know this for sure. Not many knows about this legendary singer Hemanth Kumar, a Benagali and the best music director that I would vote for. He was born in June 1920, in Varanasi.

I madly in love with his melodious voice and I have compiled many of his songs.

The song titled, "Kahan le chalo" is simply haunting. This song appeared in the film, "Durgesh Nandini", released in 1956.

When I first looked at his image, I was taken aback because of his resemblance to my father-in-law. Incidentally, it is my husband who made me listen to Hemanth Kumar in 1985, the year we married.

Man, am I crazy about his voice!