Saturday, February 25, 2012

Good bye India!

I had enough of disappointment. I don't think I would have the heart to see the Indian cricket team take another beating. This is the worst performance of them that I ever witnessed. Time and again, the entire team failed miserably.

It is not apt to say that the Indian players lack fighting spirit which helps only when it is supported by good armoury. They simply lack technique to play at such high levels outside India. My god! How poorly they perform when they tour!

The opening partnership had been India's strength for long. Now, that shelf is empty. Middle order batting could not makeup for the top order failure.

It hurt more when the most dependable Sachin Tendulkar failed repeatedly. I know one cannot expect so much from him alone but then, we are used to his huge face-saving

Monday, February 20, 2012

Can a novice handle Rane DJ mixer?

I don’t know how my ex-colleague remembered that my husband once worked in a radio station. Out of nowhere, she called me to inquire if my husband knows anything about handling Rane dj mixers. My husband was only a part time DJ and he only worked with turn tables and tape decks. I am sure he is not familiar with modern DJ mixers.
Nevertheless, my husband agreed to meet my friend to find out her exact requirements. Before the scheduled appointment, he did his research in the internet, visited several music related forums, looked for interviews of DJs and listed out three top DJs.
He then emailed them with his queries on the features of DJ mixers and which DJ mixer is suitable for a total novice.
Since he is basically a self learner, he was confident to try his hand on the Rane DJ mixer. The funny thing is he doesn’t have great ears for music. However, he possesses an uncanny ability to operate any gadgets by just fidgeting with them for a few minutes.
I am sure he can be of some use to my friend.
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

6 most profitable forex trading strateges..

Profitable forex trading strategy can be learnt without any e-book guidance. I am aware of several software that promise to give you buy and sell signals several times a day. The learning curve to use the software is a bit steep. In addition, the preliminary period would involve losses that would certainly dampen your spirit.

Therefore, to make profits while trading with forex, it is better to enroll in a one-to-one forex trading course with an experienced stock broker. Since I have been an active equity and commodity trader since 1996, I am able to pick up the tricks of trading forex easily.

Don't trade!
* My experience taught me not to trade (speculate) in forex. If you don't have some financial backup, forex trading would only fetch you losses.

* In addition, whether you earn a profit or incur loss, don't yield to your urge trading more than once a day.

* Don't try to automate your forex trading activity using any software.

* Read global financial trends and political changes regularly.

* Organize your work on a daily basis.

* Don't assume that only the U.S. Dollar is the actively traded currency. If you look at other less actively traded foreign currencies, you would be surprised to unearth big treasures.

The potential to earn big money in forex trading will never wane.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How Often Should You Have a Tarot Reading?

I gave a blank stare to this question. Though I know a little bit about Tarot cards, I never experimented. To be frank, I am never eager to know what is coming tomorrow. Life would be so dull without surprises. That is why I don’t consult an astrologer nor show my hand to palm readers.

Psychic mediums and Tarot card reading are not my favorite though I frequently write about them in my blogs.

Actually, no one can answer “How often should I have a Tarot Card reading?" It depends on individuals’ purpose. May be once in two months would be suffice for ardent believers in astrology. For casual inquirers, tarot reading once in a year would satisfy their curiosity.

I think tarot reading won’t answer several questions at a time similar to horoscope revelations or palmistry. If you are looking to solve one issue at a time, such as a new job opening or trying out new business venture, you can ask that question to an experienced Tarot card reader who is adept at using limited cards.

I always try to discourage people from becoming over dependent on divination.

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Browse through latest discount dvds on books and movies.

Since my husband insisted on reading reviews before a bought a few discount dvds, I asked him why he can’t submit his reviews for the benefit of others. It is not fair to be at the receiving end always-right?

In addition, serious readers like him don’t bother to share their feedback publicly. It is the habit of passionate movie fans that take time to submit reviews of the movies they watched.

Nevertheless, I did not want him to do his research online with his aging eyes. I offered to do it for him and asked him whether he has any preferences of online book shops. He wants to buy only one book on human resources development in developing counties and it should be top rated by at least three persons.

Hmmm… touch job for me.

Can you provide any suggestion?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Traveling to France? You need these.

It was not much of a task to find some frequently used French words that we need while in France. It is my son's first trip to Paris. He would be in Paris in a couple of days.

I searched for all the important words in French. In less than 2 minutes I found a big list of words and typed them out.

Here are they:
I don’t understand - Je ne comprends pas
Where? – Où?
yes - oui
no - non
Thank you - merci
Sorry - desolé
Help! - Au secours!
Do you have - Avez-vous
How much?- Combien?
I would like a room-Je voudrais une chambre

The funny thing is I studied French for two years at my college and I remember very few of the above.

Au revoir.