Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Organize your academic papers.

The speech I gave was well received by other academicians and the college principal. I deviated totally from the topic that was given to me though I did start on that-'Social values of an academician'.

It was quite unintentional that I went a long way off the topic to switch to organizing our academic papers that we have to prepare periodically as a part of our duty.

I introduced them to an online service called http://citeulike.org.
This is an ideal platform to store and organize our academic workings. Since this is also viewable by anyone in the world, our ideas and methods on various academic related issues reach far and wide.

The exchange value is also very useful to teachers and students. For example, I cited a lovely article on 'The Emergence of dynamic social psychology' written by Robin R Vallacher, Andrzej Nowak.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shame on you Harbajan.

I am a big fan of you Harbajan Singh. I appreciate your fighting spirit on the cricket ground but definitely not off the ground.

What you did yesterday to Sreesanth is deplorable. You behaved like an illiterate. You proved what Hayden told about you.

You have betrayed the Indian cricket team's support to you when you were charged of serious allegations in Australia recently. Just because you are a senior cricketer, you had a junior hit a cricketer; I dare you do the same against Afridi, Bret Lee or any other cricketer who stared at you.

You have brought disgrace to India. You just don't have sportsman spirit at all. If you can't take defeat graciously, just quit playing cricket man; Indian team won't miss you.

Oh, I just read that Sreesanth has forgiven you. So do I.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Extreme sun protective hat.

What else can I do to protect me from this scorching summer? I tried 100% cotton wear but still no use. I am applying all sorts of sun lotions that are available in the market. I am earting cucumber and watermelons, I am staying off from anything acidic foods but nothing works. I feel the heat all over my body and at times it seems the heat is even penetrating my mind.(Smile)

Do you know of any proven sun protection products such as rash guards and uv protecting hats? Please bear in mind that the products should be available online to purchase.

Something like this extreme sun condition hat that comes with UV protective fabric and it is provided with mesh panels and large screen metal eyelets promote air flow and moisture release should be ideal for me. I suppose hats are free size always.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sit and Stand Laptop table from Ergoware.

I know exactly why I need to buy a keyboard tray that is absolutely essential to me as I have been affected more than thrice with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Computer users who sit before their PC for more than 9 hours a day would know what I am talking about.

My height is 160 cms, my husband’s height is 173 cms; we both use one computer. But the computer table is fitted with an old fashioned key board with no separate provision for keeping the mouse at comfortable height.

The picture you see is a Switch-n-Click mousing platform. This keyboard tray is unique with a swivel facility and can also be tilted by the user as per his comfort. We are given the options of keeping the mouse at two different heights.

Ergoware.com is a complete shop for comfortable work station furniture that makes you to put in more productive work and at the same one can be free of occupational health hazards.

Here is one more innovative product. Have you ever felt the urge to stand and work at your computer? Prolonged sitting posture makes you yearn for stand and work at least for a few minutes.

Well, Ergoware.com offers Laptop sit and stand table that offers the user the flexibility to sit or stand at and also offers the ability to move about while working.

One can buy a great variety of products from as many as 18 suppliers that include Fox Bay, Goldtouch and GN Netcom.

Monitor arms, ergonomic keyboard, anti glare screens, work stations are some of the products one can buy at ergoware.com

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Stunning laser show.

The inaugural ceremony of the IPL Twenty20 cricket tournament in Bangalore yesterday was simply superb.

The laser show was spectacular and breath taking. My God, how colorful it was. Then, the fireworks-simply grand.

The way all the captains were introduced by Ravi Sastri was excellent and all of hem carried themselves with aplomb. But, I pities Ravi Sastri, he had to shout like hell because of the deafening noise all around.

The match between Kolkatta and Bangalore was so one sided. Brenden MaCullum batted like a man possessed and hit 13 sixes and 10 fours.

Watch Highlights here:

Thank you YouTube!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Essay writing help.

One of the perennial problems for college students is the submission of essays which are not necessarily to enter an essay competition.

Essay writing assignments are given periodically to students to test their English and creative communication skill.

I used to be the first one to submit my essays during my college days. It came easily to me. But there are many students who hate essay writing assignments. I wonder whether their teachers too abhor this work because they have to compulsorily read all the writings and tolerate poor work.

Here is a solution for students who require help with their essay writing work. Custom Essay has got a lot to offer for students.

Here is a sample free essay from their web site.
Online Degrees Treated the Same by Employers essay

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Diamonds?No, thanks.

I don't favor diamonds and I am not crazy. I know other women might look at me with a suspicious ... over this declaration of mine but then, this is a place for my musings dear.

I did not get a diamond engagement ring. It was not our culture and even if it is so, we could not have afforded it.

I never possessed any of the diamond based ornaments such as diamond anniversary bands, diamond earrings and necklaces. But I know fairly well that diamonds are a lot more than just the four Cs -- cut, clarity, carat and color.

And I also know that diamond is a glorified self expression of carbon.

Here is something for you to chew on:
Do you know the reason for the high price of diamonds? Because the majority of the diamond market is controlled by a single entity!

Surprised? Read about it here.

Image: The galaxy's largest diamond.
Image courtesy: Google Images

Friday, April 11, 2008

Interest free advance on inheritance.

An interest free advance paid up to $100, 000 on your impending inheritance is offered by ifccash.com

Now, this is an interesting concept. How many of you have heard about inheritance loans so far?

If there is no interest on the advance, what is in it for the advance providers? Ifccash.com, a major player in this industry says that you will be required to payback something extra along with your cash advance and that ‘something’ depends on various factors that will be discussed only with applicant of the cash advance.

What appealed to me is their commitment towards the disbursal of the funds and the cost involved. It is an open secret that the legalities involved in matters like this are very complicated and it might even taken one year before the beneficiary actually lays his hands on the inheritance.

Once both the parties agree on the cost, it stays. Ifc cash will not demand anything extra over the delays in settlement due to various legal issues though they release the funds granted in less than 7 days. That is a noble gesture-right?

No wonder ifccash.com tops the Google’s search page result when I keyed in “Inheritance Cash Advance”. I did this just out of academic interest to know about similar players.

My father-in-law was a lawyer. I am sure he would found this concept innovative and enterprising.

Wake up Indian finance companies! This is a spectacular and remunerative avenue really.

The miserable plight of IT employees.

The story is not new. I have read several news stories on the pressures the IT employees are subjected to and how they react.

But, an in depth analysis of the IT office demands, the survey results conducted on the IT working people made me think on the other side of the IT industry. Who are exactly responsible for the miserable plight of the IT people? Why, some even have a constant suicidal tendency?

The story further revealed that IT offices have separate mental clinic to take care of the employees. Isn't this ridiculous? Isn't it deplorable on the part of the IT outsourcing companies?

Why create a situation that require your office equipped with psychiatrists in place of receptionists? Why in the first place accept contracts from western countries that cannot be completed in reasonable time frame without putting pressures and ghostly working hours?

You enslave yourself and your trusted employees also! A really self honest approach is required on the part of outsourcers and employers.

I have something at stake man to write all this. My son is going to work in one such IT company.

Google Page Rank nicely explained.

When you try to exaggerate something, you only end up weakening it. Think on this next time, when you hear or read about the Google Page Rank enigma.

Quite frankly I am fed up worrying about the page rank of my blogs and web sites. Along with thousands, I too was a victim of Google’s punishment when they stripped the existing page rank of my blogs. One of my blog is standing naked with zero page rank; it was well dressed with PR4.

Today I happened to read some new insight on Google page rank and exactly what does it indicate and what an experienced internet marketer will draw forth on seeing PR3 on a website or blog?

But like many bloggers, I still have not yet given up retrieving my lost PR. On a search for Seo Information and tips, I landed on a very educative blog of Bestrank.com

Read this and I am sure this will lessen your PR worry.

“A site can rank in different positions for many different keyword phrases, so PR isn’t going to, in itself, indicate where in the results you will show up for a given keyword …”.

Impressed by this revelation, I next visited the home page (Bestrank.com) of the blog. Hmm… quite good they are on search engine optimization. Reading their home page, I could sense that they are something special in their niche.

Oh, can you explain the taste of a jack fruit to anyone? So, please take a minute to visit the link given in this blog post.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The best compare and shop online.

The Internet’s greatest boon to us is our ability to shop online from the comfort of our home. Another great advantage is the price. We can buy anything from lawn mowers to computers at a price that would not be possible if we shop offline.

Do you know that that the majority of consumers do not put forth the required sincere effort when they go for shopping? Most of us do impulsive shopping.

I am going to introduce to you digxa.com, the best online shop where you can lazily shop and buy to your heart’s content and save money too by comparing the prices of products.

Many are of the impression that online shopping is not that much pleasant like offline shopping. With digxa.com, you are assured of a happy shopping experience because you get all under one roof (rather under one web?).

Digxa.com sell home appliances, garden needs, clothes, toys, electronic products, jewelry and more. Every product is displayed from various stores and brands.

For example, one can buy perfumes from Givenchy, Parlux, Chanel and Calvin Klein.

Pay a visit to

Are you using Google Reader?

I am a heavy user of Google reader. I have hundreds of subscription on equal number of topics. At times, I even skip my local daily and my breakfast too when I open my Google Reader.

The entire browsing takes a minimum of at least two hours. Once I wished there is some way that I get notified whenever my RSS feeds get updated.

Here is a tool hat has resolved my wish. It is a FireFox extension that you can easily install. This extension places its' icon on Firefox status bar and notifies you if there are updates available on Google Reader.

But remember, you must always keep logged into your Google account for this extension to work.

Source: Myths.ru

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Soft lights for your babies.

A new mom-to-be moved into our neighborhood. To the left of our house is a mosque and to our right, a newly built house was rented out to a large family.

I was invited to the house warming ceremony. The house was airy and bright. It was designed in such a way that not much artificial lighting was required. Another feature that I saw was the cross ventilation. The wind just blew in with a lot of freedom.

One of the family members was a young woman who is in the advanced stages of pregnancy. She was too young and very shy too. She hesitantly asked me about things to be remembered while setting up a nursery for the baby.

I advised her to go in for soft lights such as the george kovacs lighting. Babies are not to be exposed to harsh lighting.

I told her to hang beautiful pictures of healthy looking babies in her bedroom. Looking at those beautiful babies has a profound effect on her.

I promised to look her up as frequently as possible and returned to my house. On my way out, I appreciated a cute hinkley lighting chandelier that was hung a bit low.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Clean up the temp files.

I knew I have to clean up my PC because of the obvious reason-the system is slowing down. I periodically scan my system for viruses and nothing was found. Usually, if a virus is there, that also causes the slow down.

I am using FIreFox browser. I don't how to clean up the disc with FireFox. With, IE, it is very easy.

Fortunately, I found out about Disk Shower today.

Disk Shower 2007 is used for periodic cleaning of the computer from temporary and unused files to make your computer more stable, and fast.

Why the temporary files are the cause for the system slow down? Because, they occupy space of the hard disc.
Download here.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

VoIP buying guide.

Business people tend to become lazy when flushed with funds. I have seen it around me. At the launch of a business, they buy everything they think their office needs. They get motivated to buy by looking at other offices. They just don't inquire around before buying.

For example, when they want to buy a virtual based voice service communication system that is also known as VoIP, they order the moment they see an ad in the Internet without ensuring full features availability.

Nimbus VoIP Phone Systems offer features that none in the same industry can match.

Nimbus VoIP phone system is based on completely virtual routing with which one can create an infinite number of call rules.

Their phone handsets are user-friendly with large LCD displays for easy system feature use. Unlike with most IP based phone systems, Nimbus VoIP phones provide the blinking lights on the phone display that indicate which lines and which extensions are ringing or in use.

I once saw a demo of Nimbus VoIP phones and I was amazed with the user friendly web interface that even I could manipulate with ease.

The benefits of business VoIP are undeniable and should not be ignored by any business, large or small!