Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't use free antivirus.

We all love anything that is given free even if we are loaded with funds. Despite knowing that whatever is given free won’t be equal to paid stuff, we can’t resist grabbing free offers.

This is particularly true with the case of free adware and spyware removal software. In addition, we unknowingly download free anti-virus software because come bundled with some other freeware and shareware programs.

Free virus shields work only to a certain extent. They can’t be relied to delete the virus that gotten into our hard disc. We are deceived into believing that we can save money by not buying paid anti-virus software.
We are aware that by simply browsing and visiting certain sites can harm our computer. These adware and spyware programs can be launched due to vulnerabilities in our Internet browser's security. This way, spyware and adware can automatically infect your system without us having to download anything.

We can definitely afford about $20 per year to shield our computer from adware and malware etc. It is the only way for us to work without constantly worrying about getting our system infected.

I am impressed with K7 antivirus software. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Which country performs better when touring?

The criticism of Dhoni's captaincy is really unwarranted. Just because India lost two series away, it doesn't mean Dhoni did not lead well. Which country performs better when touring?

Australia lost the ashes in England.
England lost the ashes in Australia.
Australia is now about to lose in South Africa.

Every country that comes to India are beaten black and blue. It is the same story everywhere. Every country performs better when they are playing in their own places.

I am surprised Dravid too joined others and shouted for Dhoni's removal. I don't think Kholi is a leader material. His volatile temper is not good for leadership. Sure, he is the best batsman currently in Indian team but asking him to lead the Indian team as if he is the best, is not correct. He will not set a good example as a captain.

Monday, February 24, 2014

The slide whistle that becomes a top seller.

The music reviewer was unusually critical about a flute player that I like very much. The review read, “The sound was similar to a slide whistle”. I gasped because I know a slide whistle is generally used as an accompanying music instrument to create just a side effect. I have seen it used in road shows to create awareness of social issues.

Have you seen a slide whistle? If not, look at the image of a slide whistle at wwbw and you will understand the sound from it won’t’ be anything similar to the sound from a flute though it looks like a flute at the first glance.

You would be amused to know that the slide whistle also carries a name, ‘piston flute’. A bit of digging on this wind instrument revealed that actually, one can produce some tunes with it though I believe there won’t be any takers. That is why I thought the music critic was a bit too harsh on my favorite flutist who was unfortunate to run into this well known music journalist.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What is a candy buffet?

The wedding invitation mentioned about a separate counter called ‘candy buffet’ for children. However, I thought I would head there first bypassing other traditional Indian delicacies. Wedding buffets these days include food for all and candy for children is a thoughtful addition indeed.

Instead of traditional Indian sweets and deserts, I think a candy buffet would be an added attraction.

What kinds of candy are typically included in a wedding candy buffet? 

The options are just too many I would guess.  There are hundreds of varieties of candies, chocolates and confectioneries made in all parts of the world.  I read that candy and confectionery products are categorized under three primary classifications that include "chocolate confectionery", "sugar confectionery", and the "flour confectionery", which refers to products that are made primarily from ground cereals. I have seen lollipops shaped like flowers - daisies, tulips or sunflowers..

One could get gold foil wrapped chocolate toffee seashells, fruit filled hard candy shells, or chocolate fish, to match the wedding candy buffet to the reception’s flavor. 

There are caramels that are coated with chocolates, fudges, nut candies, candy corn and taffies, to give everyone their favorite kinds of candies to eat. The hard candy favorites of, peppermint, cinnamon, butterscotch and Jolly Ranchers can be thrown in for those who prefer the long-lasting sweets.

The wedding reception is scheduled on next Friday. Looking forward to it.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

What is the most sentimental jewel?

After my blog post on ear danglers for straight hair beauties, I was promoted by a beautician to blog about Titanium jewelries that include wedding rings and promise rings. I complied as I know Titanium jewels are a good, less expensive than silver or gold rings and in addition, they are also strong and durable and engravable.

What is a Promise Ring?
Titanium promise rings

As the name suggests, a promise ring can be given after a solemn promise by the giver and the receiver too promises back that she/he will wear it as long as the promise is held tight.  Oh yes, the promise rings are usually less expensive than engagement or wedding rings. 

Titanium rings being strong and durable, are less prone to breaking and resist scratches on them. Doesn’t it suggest that promise won’t be broken at any circumstances?

Titanium promise rings usually are engraved a date on which the ring would be given.  Sometimes, a customer can have his and his girlfriend’s names etched onto the ring to add sentimental value. 

Very sentimental jewel, yeah?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The earrings for straight hair beauties.

Earrings certainly enhance one’s appearance but if women choose properly, they can certainly command center of attraction in a social gathering. However, very few women are capable of choosing earrings that suit their face type. Women invariably select ear rings by color of the stones and by the type of them.

As far as I am concerned, dangler type earrings attract more than ear studs.  Pandora makes earrings that suit different types of faces. If star shaped ear studs suit square shaped faces with short and curly hair, then, danglers look lovely on women with straight and long hair who appear naturally aristocratic and poised.

In addition, I would say women should not opt for white stones embedded earrings even if it means expensive diamonds. The colors should be always red, blue, pink or green. Other colors may appear beautiful but only at close quarters.

Here is a pair of Pandora Pink Pave ear danglers that I intend to buy next month.  It is made of sterling silver and the stone is pink zirconium.
Pandora earrings for straight hair women

Aren’t they lovely?

Friday, February 07, 2014

Does your computer hangup frequently?

No one can escape from this vexing problem of computer hang s up. However experienced you are and whatever expensive brand of computer you may be using, you face these very annoying computer hangs up. At such times, re-boot after forcing to shut down. If you find it happening regularly, then warrants you to find the cause and fix the problem.

Before, you call in your computer technician; go over this checklist by yourself:

Check the operating temperature. The computer may shut down if this moves outside the desirable temperature range.  It is a known fact that for your system to run at the correct operating temperature it is important that air circulates freely in and around the case.

Next, examine the internal cooling fans and ensure that it is free of dust and grime.  Most of the computers usually have a cooling fan placed on top of the processor. This fan should be running freely without any noise.

If your computer still hangs up, call your computer repair man.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

How many shapes of diamond you know.

If you ask me “how many shapes of diamond that I have seen, I would say one or two. I wear a hexagonal diamond and my sister wears a round one. Yesterday, when a diamond merchant, a friend of my husband showed a heart shaped diamond, I was speechless.

He further surprised me when he opened his diamond jewelry catalogue that showed several other shaped diamonds that include:

·             Pear diamonds
·             Asscher diamonds
Asscher diamond

·             Emerald diamonds
·             Oval diamonds
·             Heart diamonds
·             Princess diamonds
·             Radiant diamonds
·             Marquis diamonds

Another interesting bit of informed opened up my eyes widely. He said the same ring worn on two different hands can also look quite different, based on the size of the hands.  Can you believe it?

Is there a difference between diamond shapes and diamond cut?

Like so many novices, I too was under the impression that the shape of the diamond is decided by the diamond cutters. I learnt from the diamond merchant that the cut of a diamond refers to how the artisan maximizes the features of the gemstone by creating angles and details, making the light go into the diamond whereas diamond shapes mean the actual geometric shape of the diamond, whether it is round or oval, emerald or heart shaped.   

My sister then asked him which shape of diamond is the most sought after for which he told her that the most commonly purchased diamond shape for engagement rings is the round diamond and any other diamond shape is not preferred by majority of the people.

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