Friday, July 30, 2010

Free goodies available on Twitter.

Have you ever wanted anything free from the vast web? Things like ebooks, software, articles and even free samples of consumer goods are no doubt available for free abundantly in the internet.

But, it will be nice for once if someone who has used a particular freebie and directs you to where you can get it-right?

Have you tried to search Twitter for free items? Are you aware that there are literally thousands of Tweets that mention about free goodies?

See below some examples:
* Corel Draa Graphics Suite 5
* Internet Marketing software
* Free PPC software
* Autoblogging software
* How to treat back pain e-book
* Growing tall e-book

If you can patiently scan through the results, you may unearth a few gold bars.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Google pagerank updated?

Generally, I am alert about upcoming Google pagerank updating. I have subscribed to several forums and blogs by top veteran bloggers who are considered as authority bloggers in the blogosphere.

But, I did not find any mention about Google pagerank update. Even this blog is still on PR2 though it lost one point during the last update by Google. Even digital point forum members must have missed it. Very surprising!

Therefore, I am surprised to find my with PR4. I found out accidentally when I was filling up an online form with my "Is it so?" blog details.

This is the first time, got PR4. It acheived PR3, stripped down to zero and again gained PR2 only to lose it all once more.

Now, it went up from PR2 to PR4. Celebration time for me though I ddn't contribute in any way to get PR4.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The benefits of hosted email archiving.

My instincts told me to save all the emails I send, from the first day I started my internet marketing service. The initial process of email archiving involved in creating folders for different operations and different clients. As my business grew, the task maintaining the stored emails, recovering them quickly and again archiving in slightly modified folders took too much of my time. In fact, I felt the necessity of appointing a clerk for this purpose.

Then, I learnt about remote hosting of all the incoming and outgoing emails along with whatever attachments that were used such as proposals, project reports and custom developed consultation documents.

The concept offsite email archiving services appealed to me. It could save me from the risk of losing precious data saved on my removable disk drives. Another time saving aspect of remote email archiving is the quick retrieval of stored data using advanced indexing and searching facility provided by the IT service provider.

Though I don’t foresee any events that might warrant me to appear in a court to produce the emails to defend me, this is another advantage of email archiving in data centers as a safe backup.

I am relieved that I found a hosted archiving solution.

Transparent butterfly.

When I read the title, "Transparent Butterfly", I did not imagine this! The wings look glassy-isn't it?

Well, the scientists who study butterflies (BTW, what are they called?) believe that transparent wings are not due to evolution but it may be the choice of the butterflies; they might have chosen not to grow their wings with colors! Can you believe this?

These glass wings (as they are also known as) are found in Mexico region. I think transparent wings are camouflage to make them less visible..

If that is the case with butterflies, what about this transparent "Sea Cucumber"? These creatures again live in the oceans of Mexico but very far below, somewhere 200 meters below the surface of the sea where even sun light can't reach.

It is again a case of survival!

But, what a beauty! Nature at its mysterious best-eh?

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Bill Gates would this Sony VAIO desktop.

Do not assume that Sony VAIO means cute laptops only. Sony VAIO has come out with a stunning all-in-one desktop, which has extraordinary features that will entice Bill Gates to buy one.

Of course, he can buy the latest Sony VAIO all-in-one desktop computer at $1950 but not you and me. We can only dream about it.

This desktop computer comes with a 24 inches touch screen monitor that will reduce your computing hours as you save time from moving the wireless mouse.

The keyboard too is wireless. Probably, this is the only computer that is built with the biggest RAM (6GB!) ever!

More enticing features include WiFi, Bluetooth, multi-purpose card reader, wireless speakers that produce high definition sound and many more.

I have decided to buy it but not now. I am sure the price will come down in a couple of years.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ensuring the safety of gold coins.

On every Sunday morning, immediately after coffee, I open a heavy iron box kept secretly in my bedroom. Do not ask me how do I keep an iron box secretly, after all, it is a secret.

I meticulously, lovingly and passionately count my gold coins treasure. Yes, perfect! There will be the twins shining and winking at me. I bought these two American eagle gold coins a couple of years ago. They are the only security for me until date.

As I am getting old, I keep forgetting where I have kept my iron box secretly. The next gold coin purchase would not involve in taking delivery of it. I have decided to opt for safe storage facility offered by the U.S. gold bureau, America’s best dealer of precious metals.

However, I wonder whether there will be a next time. Already, there is a temptation of selling my treasure due to some financial commitments. I will be very sad to let them go.

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Side effects free weight loss product-Irvingia.

Probably irvingia gabonensis is the only weight loss substance that does not seem to produce any kind of side effect. As I already wrote, most of the side effects are caused by unapproved dosage.

So far, Irvingia has been accepted as the safest weight loss ingredient by the health industry. However, I foresee major changes in the form of Irvingia that is used in diet pills.

Some say that the seeds of the wild African mango (irvingia gabonensis) give near instant results to people looking to lose weight. Taken as a fruit, the wild mango keeps you fit for a long period as was proved by the Nigerian soldiers who kept their frame trim by eating Irvingia some 200 years ago.

We have to wait and see how the researchers find more use of Irvingia. I am sure the weight loss industry is also waiting for the good news.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Which foods cause acid reflux?

The other day, I received this stunning declaration: “You have acid reflux”. Seeing my blank face, the doctor told me with a bit of smoothness in his voice as if to cool my nerves that acid reflux is a condition wherein acids from the stomach find their way back to esophagus due to malfunctioning of the lower esophageal sphincter.

I reported these discomforts to the doctor:

* burning sensation in the chest

* Difficulty in swallowing food

* Inability to belch

If these are symptoms of acid reflux, then I should have been living with it for long!

The doctor gave me some tablets and told me to avoid certain foods that include:

* Coffee

* Citrus fruits

* Tomato

* fried snacks

* Onion

* Alcohol

I can avoid all of them but not onions. How can one survive without onion?

Nevertheless, my doctor advised change of diet immediately to deal with acid reflux. He told me that my initial feeling of deprivation would pass with time.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

What is insulin resistance?

Yesterday, my husband felt severe pain in his feet. He sensed his blood sugar level had shot up. When he checked, the glucometer showed 334. My God! He cried out that he could not believe it. He has been under strict diet.

He has been eating only red rice, avoiding sugar in coffee though he could not resist bananas. He suspected that his insulin is not doing its job. He increased the dosage to almost double. Still, the sugar level did not relent.

I wonder how diabetic patients feel if they find their insulin is outdated. What will be the symptoms if one use expired insulin?

He is still writing in pain because of his diabetic feet. I advised change of diabetic tablets that he takes after food. He injects the insulin before food, twice a day. Is she showing resistance to insulin?

I am worried!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Want an obedient digestive system?

I have a burning question: The diet pills that work-do they really increase your body’s metabolic rate? Weight gain is invariably due to the slow down of rate of metabolism.

Metabolism is nature’s wonder. Our body’s digestive system is programmed with utmost kindness by our creator. It automatically adjusts its working when we eat food that is unknown to the digestive hormones.

When we find that our body did not reject a new food, we start treating our body with utter contempt by bombarding our stomach with more strange foods. We actually confuse our metabolic system to an extent when it can no longer stay obedient and refuse to digest most of our intake

This leads to accumulation of fat and we reach out for diet pills that again are rejected by our body initially. We must give some time for our body to accept weight loss pills to produce results.

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No more fake pictures in social profiles.

If you are a woman with confidence of your appearance, you would not hide your true image while registering in social networking sites. Movie directors from Madras have recently hired a few beauties while they were browsing the Internet.

In fact, they were looking for new heroines for their films in the Internet claiming that it will save them money and time. And look at how much they have saved when they were impressed by a few pretty faces and gave them the role of leading lady in their movies.

Among the directors who hired a beauty from Internet is actor/director Vishal. He happened to receive a request for friendship from a woman in a social networking site. Later, when they built up their online relationship, Vishal came to know that she is in fact a former Miss India. Ironically, she used a fake picture for her profile.

The Tamil film industry is enterprising-eh?

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Do you take Apidexin reviews seriously?

I don’t think people read apidexin reviews before buying them. Because, if they did that, the reports of several side effects would have made them think again.

On the other hand, many people still go ahead and try Apidexin even after becoming aware of the side effects because, Apidexin has proven results to back it up as the most used fat burners.

I did some research on the eight ingredients of Apidexin. All of them were carefully chosen to formulate the product. I could not find anything negative about the ingredients.

Taken individually in grandma’s medicine, they did not cause any side effects but the end results took long time to come by.

As a whole, Apidexin has been the favorite of millions.

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Oh, no, not again.

Just as I was about to shut down my PC to prepare breakfast, the power went off. Unperturbed, I went about saving the existing documents and shut down my PC.

We live in a metropolitan city that will rarely see a day with uninterrupted power supply. We have all learned to live with it. Consequently, our eyes are trained like bat's eye.

What happens generally during such power failures?
* We get panicky when we notice that our water tanks go dry and there is no way to pump in the motor.
* Microwave oven will silently look at us to ask us when we are going to remove the half baked beans bowl from it.
* We can't heat water because there is no water in the water tank.
* Just at this time, as if waiting for the opportunity to desert us, the mobile phone will start beeping with a low battery warning.

Oh, no, not again.

Vandal resistant hand dryers!

It has been a long time that I had been to my favorite four-star hotel to enjoy a wide spread buffet. Yesterday evening, I went there to attend a party. There was heavy downpour and I was completely wet.
When I entered the washroom, I was surprised to see a line waiting in front of the hand dryers. When my turn came, I saw a new dryer, though it was an old model that we all see in roadside washrooms.
I can understand such ordinary hand dryers in public conveniences but they were incongruous in a four star hotel.
I could not resist asking the bell captain. The hotel had installed vandal resistant hand dryers only recently to check unnecessary expenses due to vandalism.
Very sensible!

Want to know more about Iniesta?

By now, only a few fours after he got the FIFA world cup, Iniesta is already shot into fame and he probably will find it hard to digest all the adulation that he is going to receive at least for the next 6 months minimum.

He was born on May 11th 1984. He is an adaptable player in any position. His mid field position is also his favorite one. He is called 'the illusionist' for his ability to play in any position in the football field.

I did not watch the final between Spain and the Netherlands. Actually, I expected Netherlands to win and it was not to be. My son was supporting Spain from the start. We all ridiculed him for choosing Spain that never came close to winning the world cup.

Congrats Spain! Enjoy the feeling of absolute elation!

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Friday, July 09, 2010

Can I exchange my old printer for Xerox Phaser 8560?

My sister waited and waited for her flight ticket to be printed. Her face expressed utter shock at the speed at which my copier worked. Finally, when the machine spat out the paper, she was baffled at the print quality. She asked why I don’t buy the high-speed xerox phaser 8560 that produces top quality prints.

She told me that my printer has too low RAM whereas xerox phaser 8560 comes with 256 MB RAM and the ink cartridge it uses gives beautiful impressions.

I told my home office does not require high-end printers that are costly. She argued that when considering the slow speed and poor ink quality printer, xerox phaser 8560 is not very expensive. The cost per page would work out lesser than my machine prints.

However, I sensed she was holding back something from me. I will do some research on xerox phaser 8560 and find out honest reviews.

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What is Americans foremost concern?

The other day, I received a link in my email for a free e-book on relationship. Its focus was how to get back your ex-love.

The topic never interested me. However, I read patiently because I had to give my feedback to the author of the e-book. While reading some of the statistics in America, I was shocked to see that Americans' second most concern is this, "How to win back the lost spouse". Their first concern is to how to lose weight in 24 hours.

It was amusing to read the essential tips given in the book on how to stay connected forever with your spouse. I think every Indian unconsciously practices these. They are embedded in our culture.

Almost every book on relationship improvement sells like hot cake (BTW, why not hot bread?) in the Internet.

May be, I should also write a book on dating, wedding and loyalty! I could use the money.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Women diet pills for just married?

“Radha, don’t conclude that only women diet pills will work for you; there is really no difference between men and women diet pills”-I told a colleague of mine. She is forever confused on trivial matters.

Radha is a just married woman and ill educated. Anything and anyone can influence her mind to focus on negative aspects. She is a born skeptic.

“If there are separate foot wear, soaps, and jewels (as trivial as that) for women, why can’t there be weight loss pills for women too?”-she thus argues.

One day, she surprised me by informing about a female specific ingredient called razberi-k, which is being found in many fat burners. That was news to me. I checked about her story but found no veracity.

Sure, razberi-k is recommended on weight loss pills but it is definitely not mentioned as exclusive to women.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Are there side effects free diet pills?

Do you think people are not aware of the risks they are taking while consuming diet pills? They know it but still take diet pills with a positive expectation that no harm would come to them.

If, by any chance, you don’t know the harmful side effects of weight loss pills, please click here and you will be alarmed.

Yes, I do agree that diet pills produce the desired results irrespective of the side effects they create. I know some diet pills are side effects free. However, harmful side effects are more common.

I wonder how people who take weight loss pills and fat burners tackle with associated problems. I think there is a real battle going on. Will it end?

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Bored? Want some entertainment?

The Internet is the only place in the world probably where you can ask the most silly question and still get away with it with a sympathetic tag of 'ignorant'. Also, it is a place where people ask very odd questions that seem to the first time you ever hear of it.

For example, there is a person looking for "Old school goody comb" and someone as if waiting for such a question directed the person who asked, to a Google Search Results Page showing the relevant search results.

There is another person who said he is feeling the heartbeat in his left eye and what could be the reason for it? Do you that, this particular question attracted several answers?

I have a nice time reading odd questions and answers. I think I can appear for IAS exam.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Why Acneticin is moving up the ladder?

Since when Acneticin has moved up the rating in Acne cures review sites? I found it at the top in an acne review journal online. I spotted it in a women’s magazine too, while waiting at a spa saloon last week.

Personally, I tried Acneperil and I am satisfied with the results. The villain acne didn’t bother me for more than 7 months. I persisted with my favorite. It is hard to switch loyalty in matters of skin care where every blemish is obvious.

Well, let me see what is in Acneticin that moved it to the top.

Acneticin’s promise to detoxify the body and also help replenish with vitamins and minerals so that there is a balance of hormone might have tilted the scales in its favor.

Ah yes, the price! Acneticin’s price is extremely competitive. No side effects were associated with Acneticin.

Have I failed to notice anything else?

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

I cheer for Netherlands now.

Did you watch the football match between Argentina and Germany? I am very sad for Argentina for losing heavily against Germany that scored 4 goals to none by Argentina.

Argentina and Diego Madonna, are my all time favorites. They have given many happy hours in the past. I noticed that I involuntarily support the South American giant.

I thought the South Americans' defence was at their lowest ebb. The Germans kept finding holes in their opponents' defence. My husband too supported Argentina. Did you notice majority of the spectators cheered Argentina. Is it called the Madonna Magic?

Even I didn't expect Ghana to go down to Uruguay. Lots of surprises this year-eh?

So, Germany is now everyone's favorite to win the FIFA World Cup. Secretly, I want Netherlands to win.