Thursday, January 27, 2011

I don't go to forests to watch birds

Female House Sparrow (Passer domesticus)I am a bird watcher but I don't go to forests or bird sanctuaries to watch birds! Even while sitting in the balcony of my house, I am able to spot birds' antics.

I spot:
* Squirrel chasing away king fishers
* Crow scaring pigeons
* House sparrows dodging the stray dogs
* Parrots on the giant tree in front of my house

While travelling, my eyes quickly latch on to bird movements. I am able to look for peacocks, southern tree pies, woodpecker in places where other would spot nothing.

Yesterday, a pigeon entered my room through the balcony. It flew away seeing me in front of the computer. I took it as an omen and expected a news from a stranger.

I got it exactly after 2 hours.

Once I spotted a pair of Rainbow Lorikeet. None believed me even though when I showed them my photos.

-->Rainbow Lorikeet

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rain boots and leeches.

The rain boots popped out of the carton box when I took it down from the attic. I had to dump them up when I moved out of Western Ghats a few years ago.

Like any hilly place, there is no real monsoon to see rain. It can get dark several times a day and the clouds used to empty their bag before becoming pale. None can walk around without rain boots that also protect our legs from leeches.

One of my relatives recently took up residence in Western Ghats and she inquired if I have my old pair of Joules Wellibob. I told her I would look around in my house.

I am glad I did not throw away the sparingly used rain boots. However, I have no idea what is foot size of my relative. Mine is 7 that rarely match many.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Have men started looking at redheads again?

Would a lovely blonde-haired woman choose to become a redhead? If so, would a beautician from Regency Beauty Institute be able to accomplish the task without any streaks of blonde hair?

I was reading the Facebook fan page of Regency Beauty Institute a few hours ago. Actually, I was looking for contributions from my friend who had graduated from Regency Beauty Institute a few years ago.

Though I could not find her in the Facebook fan page, wall posts from others were meaningful and amusing. I could detect a preference for red colored hair among middle-aged women. Have men started looking at redheads again?

It looks so. None could attribute any reason for this change of preference. We all undergo this phase every now and then-right?

However, I am happy that Regency graduates are the most sought after beauticians throughout the United States.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 10217 North Metro Parkway West – Phoenix, AZ 85051

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Murali Vijay's disappointing show in South Africa.

What is Murali Vijay doing in South Africa? His string of low scores in ODI is baffling considering his ability. I think he is not playing his natural game.

I wanted him to perform well after seeing his century plus score in the recent T20 championship. But he has not justified the faith of the national selectors and fans like me.

I would like to see him give way to Sourab Tiwary, an exciting ODI batsman. In the absence of Shewag, Gambhir, Schin, I expected Murali Vijay to play responsibly. He could see that in Sachin and Laxman.

I think Virat Kholi is all confidence and dynamic. He is playing well. Rohit Sharma too be given more chances to prove his immense mettle.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

My diet pill preference would be..

Though, some of the best diet pills continue to retain their position among the top 10 diet pills, it is heartening to note a few new entrants that made it to the top ten list. I was actually expecting TestoRipped to edge past DecaSlim but it is still below it.

Alli claims the last of the top ten but it is believed that a lot of advertising has pushed it to the list. However, Alli is already a popular weight loss pill in spite of the harmful side effects it had caused.

I make it a point to check periodically to read the reviews and ratings because of its honest feedback.

I wonder why DecaSlim is not moving up the ladder for its multiple benefits such as anti-acne and anti-aging apart from weight loss. If I ever have to reach out for a bottle of diet pills, my preference would be DecaSlim.

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Who buys them?

There is no pleasure watching movies in television anymore. It is no wonder people buy movies in CD to watch rather than watching in television.

Yesterday being a holiday, I relaxed in front of the television after a very long time and decided to watch hit movies of yester years. Shockingly, I was only watching advertisements for the first 30 minutes! I kept changing the channel. Somehow, all of them seemed to have found a perfect way to coordinate and show only ads.

Is it the order of the day? I have not watched television for a long time.

The ads were hopeless and lacked creativity. People are not fools anymore to be deceived by hyper claims made by beauty products, energy drinks and detergents.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kovi Fabrics’ latest additions in upholsteries.

Would you believe if your son called up long distance at 11.00 Pm to let you know that he has re-furnished his home with microfiber upholstery fabric made by Kovi Fabrics?

What I mean to convey is the knowledge possessed by a modern youth about Kovi Fabrics, the world’s most sold upholstery online. My son is no generally no different from his contemporaries who know and speak only about soccer, iPhones and Paris Hilton.

I suspected something else. Did he meet his girl already? Had been to her house where he saw the stunning colors of microfabrics upholstery from Kovi fabrics?

Yes, he sheepishly confessed my doubt. Well, I am glad that he met someone with fine taste.

Oh, I assumed you are aware of Kovi Fabrics already. For your information, several internationally renowned interior designers buy only Kovi Fabrics for their clients’ upholstery needs.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

If you fall in love, don't blame the gravity.

In the Internet, there are million web pages about Albert Einstein but not all of them are about his inventions and discoveries in the scientific world. His quotes are widely quoted and probably, Albert Einstein's quotes are the most published in the Internet.

Like many, I could not understand all of his scientific theories and mathematical formulas. Nevertheless, I am a great fan of his quotes and here are some that I like very much:
* Gravity is not responsible for people falling love.
* The hardest to understand in the world is income tax.
* If someone has never made a mistake that means he has never tried anything new.
The secret to creativity is to hide your sources.

Wonderfully said, all of them but the last one is just superb.

Yeah! It is him-Albert Einstein!

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Would netbooks obliterate laptops?

I know the time is running out. I must catch up with all the e-books on teaching mathematics to engineering students that I recently purchased. For comfortable reading, I wanted an e-book reader like kindle.

My husband suggested I should look up on netbooks before I purchase a mere e-book reader. I thought the battery life is longer in e-book readers and that is why I preferred that.

My husband convinced me that battery life in netbooks is longer than laptops. In addition, I could buy a few spare netbook batteries at the time of purchasing the netbook. In addition, netbook will be useful to perform more computing options.

His arguments made sense to me. However, to buy a netbook, I must wait a couple of weeks more because of inadequate funds. Of the several models that I saw online, I settled on Samsung for its safety features. I only have to get used to the small screen.

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IPL auctive live.

If one don't mind the surprises in the IPL auction that is being telecast live, then, you can really enjoy the proceedings. Initially, I thought I would site to watch only for five minutes yesterday; however, I sat through till the close at 5.30 PM!

Today, my blogging assignments did not permit to leave the computer chair. However, I am reading the live posts once in every two minutes at Yahoo! Cricket.

Some of the unsold stars thus far are:
* Jayasurya
* Chris Gayle
* Sourav Ganguly
Chaminda Vaas

My team Chennai Super Kings lost Muralitharan much to my disappointment. I think they paid a heavy price for Badrinath. Today, the CSK gave up L.Balaji to KKR!

Stay tuned for breath taking news and astronomical figures.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

My book in the Amazon books best sellers list.

I am a typical example for this famous quote:” When everything comes in your way, you are in the wrong lane”. I don’t think even a world famous character analyst will find what is wrong with me.

I have been dreaming about getting my book accepted for sale by the Amazon books since last three years. It is my life mission. During all these years of waiting, few offers came on my way promising me to get my book into the Amazon bookshelves under certain conditions that demanded that I modify my content.

I could not compromise mainly because it meant I compromise on what I value in education. I have been a teacher for the past 24 years. Would you call it unfortunate if I had seen it all to know clearly what not to do by teachers?

However, I have not given up. One day, my book would be among the best sellers of Amazon books.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Remote support to seniors citizens by senior citizens

Oscar Wilde never bored me except on one rainy evening.I completed reading two of his long short stories but suddenly I noticed a sluggish mood in me.

I opened the Google Chrome and started reading the newsletter from, an excellent source for new business ideas.

One headline attracted me with the words, 'Phone Support for Senior Citizens'. I read on and found that a website called Tree Rings has launched a few micro call centers with the aim providing remote support to senior citizens covering a range of areas.

The support is provided by retirees for retirees!
Quite a novel idea-eh?

Phone support for seniors, by seniors

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My review of Blue Host.

Someone from my contact list was crying 'foul' in his blog about his web host. I beg to disagree with him on all reasons he has cited in his blog.

I have all my domains hosted with Blue Host. Their customer service is impeccable and out of this world. All their technical staff are very knowledgeable. They usually answer my queries in just a few hours. Very rarely, their answers are not all that clear. It may be due to my vague questions.

The forum in blue host is very active and full of knowledgeable members that are always willing to help out.

CPanel navigation in Blue Host is really top class. Even I, a hopeless person when it comes to dealing CPanel matters can handle the issues with a fair amount of confidence.

I thank Blue Host for their customer care and technical brilliance.

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