Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Doximityis a network of physicians..

Do you know that Dr. Harold Axe MD has created his complete profile in Doximity? Yes and he is happy about it because it enables him to communicate with specialists in his field of medical faculty. It makes him to instantly seek professional help while treating his patients on any unforeseen complications. Incidentally, Dr. Harold Axe MD is a specialist in Allergy and Immunology and based at New York.

Doximity is an exclusive network of physicians in U.S. It is considered as the largest real-name and physician-only network where every new doctor’s profile goes through a 3-step check list to verify his credentials.

Once set up, a member doctor of Doximity can quickly locate specialists to exchange patient’s cilinical data through modern communication devices and methods that include text messages and Fax.

Doximity network is revolutionary concept in the area communications between doctors and patients thus providing better service to patients. I wish the Indian doctors beging something like that India where medical tourism flourishes.

I guess doximity is a mixture of doctors and proximity. Nice work-eh?

Monday, November 07, 2016

Useful data about modern U.S. and Canadian coins

Let me be outspoken.! I admire most of the modern Chinese coins. Being in the bullion business for long, I make it a point to keep myself updated with beautiful precious metal coins and that include copper coins-my all time favorite metal.

Irrespective of the countries of origin, a serious coin collector should be unbiased in his admiration of gold and silver coins. That's how true coin traders operate.

I have accumulated very useful data about modern U.S. and Canadian coins and pre-1900 gold and silver coins issued by the U.S. Government through subscribing to the U.S. Gold Bureau’s free newsletter.

If you are serious about your coins collection or trading, you too must subscribe to it. 

BTW, the U.S. Gold Bureau is comprising of the best of bullion market veterans and sells most authentic and pure gold and silver coins apart from rare certified coins.