Sunday, April 28, 2013

I want Dhoni to read this blog post

Gambhir might have indicated his readiness to lead India. A section of media who is partial to him might have blatantly reported Gambhir's ambitions. But we, the wise cricket supports in India are not ready for Gambhir. In fact, we don't want him in the Indian cricket team ever in all sorts of format.

He doesn't deserve to put on Dhoni's shoes.He is hot tempered and cannot hide his displeasure on the cricket field. The whole world saw how he behaved with Kholi and with L.Balaji recently.

To prove a point that God is watching him, he lost his stumps in a heap to ball from Azar Mehmood. Oh, how we all cheered that sight!

If KKR cares to find out, they will realize that KKR is not cheered outside Calcultta. Yes, the presence of Gmabhir in KKR gets the team all the jeers and boos. I want Dhoni to read this blog post. "Dhoni, the last year defeat against KKR in the final still hurts. Please beat them black and blue today. Don't ever lost against KKR and MI".

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What is that extra you need when visiting Paris?

Whether you are a first time visitor to Paris or a repeat visitor, you would certainly swear that finding the best paris luxury apartments is a near impossible task because just about every travel guide, every hotel directory and every offline ad would promise nothing but luxury only to disappoint you when you enter the premises.

My son who visited Paris last year recounted his bitter experience while searching for a serviced apartment. Paris is one place where luxury has more meanings. Similar to an HTML tag that has many attributes, the Parisians attribute several measures to the word luxury.

The foremost of them is ‘pamper’. Anyone would instantly agree that he would feel like a celebrity if he is pampered by the hotel staff, the maitre d, and the chief chef or accompanied by a well dressed guide to show you around the city of luxury.

Our preferences have changed while on travel. We prefer a fully serviced vacation apartment with a guide thrown in as a bonus for a hotel room.

I have compiled a list of the best of luxury apartments in Paris. Email me if you need it.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Phoenix Market City Chennai-a mini review.

It was interesting survey that I eagerly volunteered to answer a few questions.My son took me to the newest shopping mall in Madras called 'Phoenix Market City'. I heard it was opened only a few months before. No wonder the tiles are still slippery.

The interior of the shopping mall looks spacious when compared to other malls in Madras. It is a well thought of design by the architects. In addition, very conveniently located escalators made moving around a breeze.

Most of the swanky apparel companies have opened their outlets in the mall. The 'Diesel' was the first one to attract your attention as it is the first showroom when you enter the mall.

Big Bazar has occupied a large space. Walking around it, I felt my legs started protesting. Like most of the shopping malls in India, the billing counters were poorly manned and the POS frequently go out of order.

The parking space is huge and the entry and exit was hassle free. While most of the space was already rented out or sold, the mall's website is still not completed.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Bean Bag Chairs for Kids.

You are not alone when it comes to furniture buying and think only of the adults in the home. We don’t give much time while shopping for kids furniture needs. We also conveniently forget that not all our guests are adults. Some of them are kids. The kids can even outnumber the adults sometimes. It is only fair that we give the children the best of convenient furniture.

Nothing like bean bag when you think of convenient furniture-right?
Kids would appreciate pieces of furniture wherein they can totally relax. After a very playful afternoon out in the sun, they would love come home and just crash down on the softest cushion there is at your house. When it comes to that soft cushiony feeling, you can definitely depend on beanbags on that one.

Beanbags come in all sizes. Of course, there are some in adult sizes. But the main deal in this essay is the beanbag chairs that are in a kiddie size. The beanbags that are especially sized for kids have the tendency to engulf the kids in one big hug. The kids will definitely love that comforting and secure feeling.

Kid beanbag chairs are sized just the right way so that the kids will also not experience the feeling of superiority and littleness. Of course, you would not want the children to feel like they are being muffled, would you?

You can definitely purchase a kid beanbag chair for your children or your friend's children so that they can just do whatever they want, at the same time relax. Instead of having them run around the house with a big possibility of a breakage, you can just have them not want to leave their kid beanbag chair.

You probably would not even think of isolating your own beanbag chair if you were straightforwardly asked about it. You must never hold back with what you truly feel. If you feel interested and close with beanbag chairs, then show and reveal it.

Therefore, without any further ado, go to the nearest beanbag store and get a kid beanbag chair for your kids now! What else could you want for your kids? It is like hitting two birds with one stone. Your kids get to feel relaxed, at the same time, they realize that relaxing is also another form of leisure, contrary to what they probably used to think about just plain playing.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Are you onto curating old Hindi songs?

Listly is a fantastic website to organize your own list on any thing like website links, ebooks you feel would be useful to Internet Marketers, the eateries in your locality and so on. You can create a list on just about anything and give a nice title.

Share your list with others, post your list link on social sites and you get the possibility of getting it curated by others.

Here, is a list I am right now curating. It contains the best of old Hindi songs. I expect the list to cross well over 400 numbers. In this list, most of the links would be sourced from others. This is what I meant it above.

Watch this video clip of one of the finest songs sung by my all time favorite Kishore Kumar.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Low price guarantee for Yamaha P95.

Very few products in the world don’t depend on customer reviews to sell; their brand name will sell for them. Especially, when it comes to entertainment gadgets, music instruments and liquor, we just go the supermarket on our neighborhood or open the website of our favorite shopping mall and buy.

One just brand name in music instruments segment is Yamaha. The yamaha p95 is one their products that sells by itself. It is a digital piano whose acoustic qualities came in for high praise both from musicians and sound engineers.

I read in a website that Yamaha p95 produces several kinds of sounds that include organs, harpsichords, and strings. 

Sounds good-eh?

Thursday, April 04, 2013

KKR vs DD-a review.

I can't wait to fire off my caustic criticisms after every IPL match is played. I am avid viewer of IPL cricket. Like every passionate follower of cricket, I too think I know more cricket than Sachin Tendulkar and I have the knowledge to review a T20 cricket match completely.

The first match between KKR and Delhi Dare Devils was a disappointment. DD played the most unprofessional cricket. Every player looked jaded, as if just waken up rudely.

The absence of Sehwag hurt the team's prospect badly. Bret Lee bowled beautifully for KKR. He instills a sense of terror among the opposition. KKR team looks solid on paper whereas DD solely depends on Mahela. Poor man, he played his heart out and stood among the losers.