Sunday, May 31, 2009

The shame of Australia.

Look at our Government focusing on instructing shop owners not to sell cigarettes when their attention is drawn to the plight of Indian students in Australia.

Indian students are screaming for help and the world is watching along with Aussie police officers. This curry bashing is shame of Australia.

What we are going to do help our students? Is the Indian students community aware of their compatriots' miseries in down under? The spirit of students and their compassionate attitude towards fellow students used to be very strong during my student days.

Where it has gone?

Do you know that the Aussie police officer Scott Mahony advised the Indian students not to speak in their native language publicly and not to carry iPods and laptops that are obviously signs of wealth and target of muggers?

Oh my God! This is atrocious however practical it may be.

This posted by my husband Badri who is terribly upset over the ugly incidents in Sydney.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Find business, health, life insurance quotes for free.

Lazy people and those who don’t mind throwing away a few extra dollars in whatever they buy, will realize only very lately how much money they could saved in auto and health insurance if they had bothered to get free insurance quotes from the top insurance service providers and compared them and then paid up.

All it takes is a few minutes of your valuable time to get free life, auto and health insurance quotes just by answering a few questions. Invariably, you will get free insurance quotes from a nationwide database comprised of thousands of insurance providers.

If you can’t spare even a few minutes that could help you save substantial money every year, then you are not even fit to run a family or head a team in your office.

Yes, I have voiced my strong opinion with the sincere hope that it will create the desired effect.

Friday, May 22, 2009

How to block the run leak in Chennai Super Kings.

Every knowledgeable cricketer in Madras when contacted about how to stop the run leakage in Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the ongoing IPL cricket matches, will give you a list of meaures to be taken that even Venkatraghavan and Gavasker will approve.

Well, I am a Madrasi too and here are my list of things that M.S. Dhoni should read immediately:

* Replace Balaji with anyone (not me of course I don't play but commenting comes easily to me Smile 4)
* Bring in Mike Hussey
* Don't toy with the idea of bringing again Tyagi. He is a very poor fielder.
*I don't know who is the fielding coach for CSK but whomsoever it may be, can't he be replaced with a better person?
* Discuss field placings for every bowler. We are giving away too many twos.
*Talk to bowlers constantly. Reprimand them when they don't stick to plan.
*You can be cool Dhoni but letting things go doesn't mean unperturbed.

Please Dhoni, put sense in your bowlers. Ask them to watch the bowling of Nannes, Nehra and Vettori. Let them learn from them.

And if possible, abduct Manish Pandely to your team. That kid is a rare gem.

Win man, win! You are a born winner. 2 Thumbs Up

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New rare coins released.

After the unprecedented stock market behavior where the brokers and investors were not allowed to trade and the market was suspended from all activities, there has been a spurt in debate over other investment options.

During a TV interview with a famous economist, he retorted to a question thrown by the TV anchor. The question was about investment styles to be followed by the stock investors.

The reply from the economist was quite strong. He implied that none can have a permanent investment style as it will swing along with one’s risk tolerance.

But he cautioned high risk traders to park their money in rare coins and bullion bars. He gave very useful tips on how to buy rare coin and when to sell rare coin.

I agree with his views. I am a conservative investor and since my risk tolerance is sub zero, I prefer to invest in precious metals always and my source of purchase of silver and gold coins is always Monex, a trusted leader in precious metals investments for nearly 40 years.

Their sister concern, Monaco Rare Coin offers a unique, vast and impressive array of resources for investors and collectors alike.

At Monaco, you will find the finest rare coins available, an experienced and knowledgeable cadre of professionals ready and willing to serve your needs, and a broad range of investment programs and products to fit most any budget.

The cost of obesity is going up.

Naturally! When obese people are around in the family, the budget tends to show deficit.

The number of obese and overweight people is increasing dramatically all over the world.

Though the U.S. ranks number one in taking care of obese people, other countries are fiercely competing with America. The annual figure of the number of over weight people in every country is increasing.

Nutritionists and health experts say the main reason is diet and physical inactivity. I don’t agree with this view. Some people suddenly become fat after affected by certain illness like typhoid. I know a few cases in my own family.

The cost of obesity is going up due to:

Money spent in research to come out with the best weight loss pills, Advertisement cost of weight loss pills manufacturers,

Devising ways to accommodate them in the house and in other public places,

Purchase of diet pills and nutritional supplements that are costlier than the regular food,

Usage of extra fabric.

Will there be a future world that gives no room for obesity?

Monday, May 18, 2009

So what if you get a stable Government?

Look at the behavior of Indian stock market. It is already frozen twice today in less than two hours.

Absolutely foolish. Madness; sheer madness!

* The vegetables prices are the same if not more.
* The buses are still crowded.
* The ticket issuing at railway station is still at the old pace.
* There is electricity shortage; already the power went off thrice today.
* There is no butter at the shops.
* Beauty parlors are crowded.
* No names in voter's list; my entire family has disappeared off the list.
* The doctor's prescription medicines are not available.

In no way the life of common people have enhanced. Why the stock market has to behave in a stupid manner? What do they expect to happen if Manmohan Singh comes to power even though he is most academically qualified politician in the world today?

Just what is happening?

Friday, May 15, 2009

New software reprograms your mind with positive, powerful commands!

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If so, you'll want to check out this link..."Brain Bullet"

I have read good reviews about this mind power tool. But I have not bought it under the assumption that I don't need it. (How dare I?)

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It is reported that by using this mind power tool, you can:

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The painter turned lighting specialist.

I thought the problems are over for my son but that was not to be. Even after returning from Bangalore where I had gone to help my son find a new apartment, I continued to get calls from him that were quite annoying.

He was complaining about so many things like, the tap was not functioning, the paint on the wall has started to peel off, there were varnish stains on the floor and the list went on and on.

I pacified him and told him to endure such trivial things. After all, the house owner has furnished his room with really costly gadgets that include modular kitchen, very costly lighting fixture, completely covered cupboards and shelves. Surely he will look into his reports.

There was a particular bedroom lighting fixture that I liked it very much. It was a Tiffany art glass lighting produced by the legendary Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Tiffany style lights combines bronze bases from simple to ornate with natural shades of cut glass, mica, or gemstones.

I told my son I will again go over there during this weekend and get the things done to his satisfaction.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I was slapped by an Internet businessman.

The slap was hard but surprisingly the pain didn’t last long.

I contacted an internet businessman and asked a few pre-sale questions. I admit the questions were more but they were normal questions many will get before buying a product.

The reply from that gentleman was, “This product is not for you. I will not answer your questions”.

I was surprised. I was shocked. I reviewed my questions again. I didn’t find anything that could hurt the feelings of the seller. But still he replied like that.

A few years before, I worked as a customer care executive for an online business. My job was to answer emails. For one of the email, I simply replied to refer the FAQ.

I was reprimanded by my boss. She told me this: “What is obvious to you may not be so to others”. The point was very well received by me. I learnt a valuable lesson.

Now, coming back to the man that rebuked me-I replied in a courteous manner and thanked him for his time. He sells a guide to wordpress.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Samsung Launches Led TV’S 6 and 7series in India with Crystal Design

It is time everybody is upgrading gadgets. For example, refrigerators that are not frost free have become obsolete. My son is no exception. Just because he completed his school final, he demanded that I call the junk dealer to collect our ancient color TV and wanted me to replace it with the new Samsung HDTV.

His room had a pinch of maroon/red color all over. So he decided to check out the new LED TV’S of Samsung that were announced at the CES 2009.

The LED TV’S 7series has brought out these variances:

46” – UA46B7000

40” - UA40B7000

TV’S Under 6 Series:

46” – UA46B6000

40” - UA40B6000

The stunning beauty meets razor slimness in the new Samsung LED TVs. This liquid crystal-like bezel illuminates with a warm hue which changes with lighting conditions. It also adds to the ultra modern society with its Crystal design.

Briefing on the features:

All these LED TVs have:

1920×1080p FULL HD resolution

Auto Motion Plus 100Hz

Mega and Dynamic contrast ratio.

Actual width of the LED TV is 2.99 cm,

100 Hz Motion plus,

Crystal design, (instead of “Touch of colour” that is used in US.)

Samsung WS1* Sound Bar Surround System

They support DLNA and offer two USB 2.0 ports. You can also find four HDMI ports, a D-Sub port, and Ethernet LAN port.

Compared to conventional LCD TVs, Samsung’s 6 and 7 series LED HDTV”S consumes 40% less power.

My personal observation:

Ultra Clear Panel allows more light to pass through the screen and reduces reflections from ambient light at the same time. So, the indoor lighting conditions do not affect the quality of pictures.

I know a few families spent a fortune to change the lighting of their home theater after having bought a new HDTV.

In addition, Samsung’s Wide Color Enhancer Pro expands the color contrast so you can enjoy color, the way nature intended it.

The powerful 100Hz refresh rate will allow your TV to render even the fastest moving images with perfect clarity.

I let my son ponder over his demand for a couple of days. I am sure he will change his mind-not about wanting to buy the new Samsung HDTV. He will buy it ultimately but at a later date when he starts earning.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Eat to maintain slimness.

Google images Courtesy:

I mean eat right to maintain your slender figure. It is a known fact that you should go easy on cheese and cakes but that too doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself.

But this general eating rule is not applicable to obese people. They have to necessarily watch out on what they eat, else they have to seek the weight loss pills way.

The weight loss pills market is also very compassionate towards its consumers. More and more research in this area has yielded weight loss pills with nil side effects and quick results.

To find which the best of the lot is, obese people read a lot of consumers’ review of diet pills and decide. They are also becoming highly educated and can quickly reject recommendations of consumers if they are presented with false promises.

Distinguishing the best weight loss pill from a bad weight loss pill is not a difficult task anymore.

Image courtesy: Google images

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Monday, May 04, 2009

I feel sorry for Shahrukh Kahn.

I feel so sorry for Shahrukh Khan. I had the misfortune of watching his team Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) yesterday. Oh man, what a pity!

But tey have a great website. A real stunner!

Barring a few players, mother looked remotely interested in playing cricket. It is very obvious that their continuous losing has made a severe impact on their mind. They now carry it even off the field.

I am an ardent fan of Ganguly. But I felt a pang when I saw him play a listless game. Brenden is definitely capable of playing much better than he is playing now. The entire KKR team is filled with lack of interest.

The team is going to hit further hollows. I feel sorry for Shahrukh Kahn.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Hear music and build your body.

When my son looked at me two days before, I knew he was going to ask my permission for something that I am likely to deny. But I waited like a typical mother.

After a full day, I again caught him looking at me in the same way. I asked him what was on his mind. He wanted to install an elliptical of which I don’t know anything. He explained that ellipticals are exercise equipments that one can see in hi-tech gymnasium.

Like the modern day youths, he is crazy about building his body like his favorite movie star Sylvester Stallone.

When he showed a photograph of an elliptical, I was shocked at its size. My son appeased me that it is actually a space saving one that you can simply fold up and stash it away.

But the thing looked in no way as he told. How can one fold up a huge monster like this? Also those built in measuring gauges made no sense to me.

The SpaceSaver® DX elliptical comes with another addiction for my son. The iPod port-where one can plug in his iPod while working out.

Crazy people-eh?