Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ideal solution for people with diabetic feet.

We live in a big city that is highly polluted. It is very unhygienic for anyone to walk on the roads even in the early morning.

That is why my husband bought a treadmill so that he can walk on it for 45 minutes daily. Treadmills are great boon to people who have diabetic feet.

My husband suffers a lot while walking on uneven roads and he cries out in pain. However, treadmills that are fitted with soft mats are easier to walk on.

Another biggest advantage of having a treadmill is the ability to use it irrespective of weather conditions.

These treadmill displays help us to monitor the distance walked and the calories burnt. This is a huge advantage when compared to walking on the roads or on exclusive jogging tracks in parks.

My husband says that his 45 minutes stint on the treadmill helps him a lot in keeping his blood sugar under control.

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I am quoted in Indian Express.

Well, the excitement of Chennai Blogger Meet has subsided. I am still reading the reviews of the event by various bloggers who attended the meeting. One of my blog readers informed me that he has read an article in the Indian Express, a leading daily newspaper.

Since I don't buy it, I have been asking around whether anyone buys Indian Express. Just when I was about to give up, the article is very much mentioned in the 'Reviews' section in

Yes, there it was about me. It goes like this:"R Badri, who is now a fulltime professional blogger managing 18 blogs says, “There is great opportunity for avid writers with the New Media. Small IT concerns have several openings for aspirants who have good writing skills,” he says."

Now I remember the journalist who talked to me during the tea break. She introduced herself as Mailini.

I thank her for quoting me.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Significant opportunities to serve our Lord.

It is because of such universities and colleges that still offer courses on Christianity, religion and spirituality, we see old tradition still intact and not yet being wiped away by the modern world’s changing values.

I was asked to visit the web site of Colorado Christian University and browse their course on Adult and Graduate studies. The course is a specialized one that offers classes conveniently during evening and on weekends.

I have a friend, a true Christian and he ha written a few books on Christianity. He told me once that the number of people who study to become Fathers in the church is dwindling and there is a big demand supply gap in this employment sector.

Earning a degree from CCU can be advantageous for those who would like additional opportunities for career advancement.

“CCU education prepare students for positions of significant leadership in the church, business, education, government, and many other strategic disciplines, it also gives students significant opportunities to serve our Lord”-CCU president

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Which is the right carpet for entertainment centers?

I had been in and out of hundreds of private entertainment centers, cinema halls, and preview theaters in VIP’s houses but oddly, none of them impressed me.

However, a cozy and soundproof studio built in a remote farmhouse took me by surprise. It let in natural light but still, it did not allow outer noise (not that there can be any in the midst of a farm) inside the very cool studio.

It was meant to be an entertainment room built exclusively for the visitors. There were no space occupying huge couches. The entire floor was thickly carpeted (I was told there were two) in sky blue color.

There were as many as 40 deep cushions to cuddle and the walls were mahogany wood paneled.

There was a giant screen and the studio was complete with all the latest HDTV, Bose music system and several desktop computers with wi-fi provision.

Oh, how I long for one more visit to that farmhouse!

Yellow is not a bright color.

I have been watching cricket matches ever since I was 14 years. Though I am not an expert, I know the very nuances of cricket that has to be played at international level.

I have watched plenty of cricket to say that players from my own state have been poor fielders with a few but rare exceptions. Venkat was a gem of a fielder.

Yesterday's IPL against CSK and RCB again showed the Tamilnadu fielders' lack of fielding skill. Balaji first didn't even attempt to catch the miscue offered by Kallis.

Then, Vijay could not hold on to the two catches he tried and that cost the match for CSK. Basically, there is a fear of injury in Tamilnadu players while fielding. They simply are not dare devils.

I wonder whether the Bay of Bengal or the sambar idly is the cause of creating this timidness!

CSK's yellow is not bright any more.

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Wear your USB drive on your wrist.

It is too bad that I can’t promote my business through custom usb drives because not many of my clients own computer. The idea is really appealing.
Look at this particular USB drive. It comes as a wristband. No one can ever lose it-eh? It is ideal for people who travel a lot. They can carry all their office documents, presentation programs and PDF manuals.
My husband, who runs his blogging academy, can think of buying custom USB drives to store all his tutorials to give them to his trainees. He can even carry his browser in the USB drive.
Yes, Firefox offers a portable browser that is ideal for anyone who wishes to use all their browser addons and plugins wherever they go.
This particular wristband USB drive is cheap but I wish it comes with more space.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hitler wanted to attend the Chennai Bloggers Meet.

The Chennai Bloggers Meet organized by the and sponsored by the Univercell Communication (the cell phone people) kicked off to a hilarious start because of this voice dubbed video clip by German based blogger from Chennai.

I appreciate Renie of who had thought of starting the event with a lively video. Please turn on your speakers before you press the 'Play' button.

May I assume that you will share this with all of your friends?

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Eye wrinkles bothering you?

If my guess is right (yours too), there are more beauty products like wrinkle cream, fairness cream, sun lotion and lip gloss than life saving medicines.

My snail mail box (email inbox also) is stuffed with sales pamphlets that cry for our attention towards anti aging creams and diet pills that none in our family need.

Then there are seasonal campaigns for lip gloss and sun protection creams that might start arriving soon as the summer is just about to start.

Of all the beauty related products, wrinkle cream may be slowest moving one! Does it imply anything? Have people stopped aging? Beauty conscious people must be paying more attention to their face before it is too late.

Yes, my son also just bleached his face and he regularly uses cucumber paste on his face. I think he is letting me know that he is ready for marriage.

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Hectic days are finally getting over.

I am eagerly expecting to see the clock to show 8.00 PM tonight. Today is the last exam for my students and I am really looking forward to a well deserved break from white board, marker pens, figures and sweat.

It has been a mind boggling run since last month, teaching like a woman possessed, conducting tests and correcting them speaking to the parents and doing extra bit of counselling.

Hectic days are finally getting over and I only intend to sleep for the next several days without bothering to set the timer on my air conditioner.

May be I will watch the IPL match today in a relaxed frame of mind.

Increase muscle mass the right way.

I received an odd request from a local body building institute that wanted to address my school students. My mathematics academy has often attracted various companies because at any given time, they can address 50 plus young people who can be great future prospects for various products and services.

Well, this gymnasium owner wanted to tell my students about how they should not increase muscle mass in an amateurish way and why his body building institute should be chosen by them for their fitness plans.

I must say he did a persuasive presentation by informing the students about his professional fitness guides, state of the art machines and gadgets that cater to specific needs of the young people and the easy accessibility of the gym.

I am sure several students would join the gym after the exams get over during this week because of a special discount on the joining fee.

Where have you gone copywriters?

I am once again feeling the absence of brilliant copywriters of India who have created attention pulling billboards on main thoroughfares in Madras.

Earlier also, I voiced my concern for this after watching a few Television ads that depicted poor taste on the part of the products/service owners than on the part of copywriters. There is huge money involved in this ad copy writing industry. It should be properly utilized without compromising.

Residents of Madras do well remember the ad copies of Amul, Air India and Uniter India Insurance on giant billboards at the Spencers and Gemini junction. Amul's "Utterly, butterly delicious" is still remembered.

Air India's, "Its Sharjah boys, not haarja" was a great creative thinking.

In the IPL cricket telecast, there is an advertisement of a mobile phone (odd name, can't easily remember) that is featuring actor Akshay. Man, what a waste!

See, I remember only the poorly done advertisement and not the product.

Copywriters of yesteryears! Please come back. I miss you all.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Do women also use testosterone cream?

“Alcohol increases the desire but reduces the performance”. I read this long time ago in Reader’s Digest. I don’t know whether it is true or not. Men should be able to tell as they are frequently shown in the movies misbehaving with ladies after consumption of alcohol.

May be they are the ones that should use testosterone cream; what do you say?

But I wonder why this energy boosting cream is not as popular as similar products like oral androgen or that widely advertised V... pills?

I believe testosterone cream users might have reported negative side effects. Anything taken that is not natural to either enhance the desire or reduce the weight is bound to have harmful effects in the long run if not noticed immediately.

I foresee some film director reads this blog post and may consider using the testosterone cream in his next film. Hey, don’t you think this is a wonderful idea to do some in-film advertising and cover some cost of filming?

BTW, do women also use testosterone cream? Any feedback ladies?

Idly sambar-same taste for 40 years.

How do you like this image? Don't you feel like taking a bite on this juicy sambar idly?

Hmmm... yummy!.

After I attended the Chennai Bloggers meet on last Saturday, I suddenly felt the urge to eat (drink too) a plate of idly sambar and without second thoughts, I drove straight to Ratna Cafe, the one and only place to serve hot idly sambar.

Do you know that they have been serving the tasty dish for the past 4 decades without a change in the taste? This should probably go into the Guinness records book.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Your unclean colon is harmful to the environment.

We eat junk; we drink poison. Then, we naturally contaminate the Earth. Where else can all the toxins go? That’s why colon cleansing is as essential as saving the earth from global warming and plugging the hole in ozone layer etc.

We live; rather we thrive on eating everything that we see in TV commercials. Similarly, we consume gallons of useless soft drinks. If a family is not eating out on any day, then, they assume that others will think of them as poor.

But nobody tells you all their sufferings because of the all the accumulated clutter in their colon that is the prime cause for constipation, diabetes and more fatal diseases.

We should stop living an omnivorous and keep our colon clean. From my experience I can tell you what a relief it gives to get a clean chit and stay that way for just 7 days. This fantastic feeling of cleanliness cannot be put into words but should only be experienced.

Have you joined the Google Affiliate Network?

At last, I got approved by Google Affiliate Network. I quickly glanced through the list of products available and found that some of products in the Health and Beauty category can sell like hot cakes.

Some advertisers' terms and conditions are real tough. You need to read every sentence carefully before applying to promote.

My first search for advertisers was in the Blogging category. There is nothing impressive. This should motivate people who have something to sell like e-books, guides or software.

The search facility for a product of your choice is not very good. Even the advance search facility doesn't provide many options.

I am sure Google will improve things in the long run.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Renewing car insurance?

Midnight calls are always scary, no matter however you are strong mentally. I had to scare the wits out of my brother in Oregon and I was calling from Virginia where I was spending my vacation.

Without remembering the 3 hours plus time difference, I woke him up around 2.00 AM to inquire if he can come to pick me up a day later than agreed.

He sounded relieved as he could not take out his car on that day because his car insurance expires and he is yet to hear from about his car insurance renewal.

He promised to get it fixed within that day as estate car insurance works round the clock.

Well, car insurance issues in America seem to be complicated to me. I just thanked him for agreeing to postpone the visit by one day.

I remembered this when I renewed my car insurance yesterday without any hassles. Oh, how easy it is in Madras!

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India Infoline rejects ration card because it is in Tamil.

Here is one more outlet that disrespects Tamil. This is highly infuriating to me.

It goes like this:
I sought assistance from India Infoline, a leading share broking company in India and has branches in every state of India. Two executives came to my residence and patiently explained about how to trade in commodities online. They resolved another minor issue that has been bugging me for so long.

When they asked for proof of my residence (yes, ridiculous as they were sitting in my residence and asking me to prove that I live there), I gave a photostat copy of the ration card issued by the Government of Tamilnadu. Ration card is the only authentic proof of residence and it is accepted by even the Government of India and all the leading banks in India.

But India Infoline executives refused to accept my ration card stating that it is in Tamil! How dare can they reject the local language when they are functioning in the state of Tamilnadu. This is a shame to our Government. Such disrespect to Governmental paper is highly condemnable.

Will the Government of Tamilnadu take notice of this and take appropriate action.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

I am suffering from fever.

The IPL cricket fever is fully upon me. I am lagging behind my work but I can't afford to miss watching a single match.

Yesterday, it was disappointing to see my home team's defeat but I think they don't deserve to win. Their bowling department has solely let them down. Look at the poor Tyagi who was simply blown out of the cricket ground by the opposition.

I wonder why the Chennai Super Kings has not taken any steps to strengthen their bowling wing. These Tyagis and Morkels-won't they ever watch the bowling of Vass and Bret Lee? Won't they ever learn to do justice to their selection to play in such a mega tournament?

Come on Morkel, I know you can do it.

I am very sad for Dhoni and Hayden. Please dear, wake up and do something to cheer us up.
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Don’t eat eggs!

Casual browsers, information seekers as well as serious internet marketers come across thousands of web pages and find some of them absolutely useful. But, how many times do we thank those webmasters or bloggers or at least share their contribution in social media?

We are too selfish not to do so. But I just shared in my Twitter profile, one of the best 7 tips to get low life insurance quote. The author of this gem of an article is By Jan Pinney, Chairman, Life Insurance Committee, and The National Society of Agents for Consumer Education Chairman, The Life Insurance Consumer Advocacy Council.

The 7 tips are extremely essential for every insurance policy buyer to follow before they go for medical examination. The 7 tips include what not to eat and drink prior to the medical exam and what exactly you should drink just hours before the medical check up.

Thank you Jan Pinney! I could sense your sincerity in your article.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where email fails…

At least once in a way, we all curse the technology which has taken over our way of living. We don’t use technology nowadays; they use us.

I hated myself today for depending so much on emails. Last month, I received through email two photo graduation announcements from two of my ex-students. The graduation party was held on last Sunday that I totally forgot to attend.

Had those photo graduation invitations been printed and sent through postal mail, my husband would have propped it up in a board that he specially installed. He used to paste wedding invitations on that board.

Paper printed invitations are not thrown away by us immediately. We keep them till the function is over.

Most of us tend to forget event dates that are stored in our indispensable ‘Inbox’. Even wedding invitations are being sent through email these days. Now, only Twitter is yet to be used to announce family events.

I have learnt a lesson today; what about you?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Why should you buy a Sony VAIO?

My son asked me for what purpose I wanted a new Sony VAIO laptop. I blinked. For what purpose-why of course for my regular usage!

He then asked me if I want a Sony VAIO laptop to play games or do my journalism work. I still can’t understand the direction of the quiz. After all, a computer can be used for many purposes and it is not created to do a specific task!

“Yes, you right if you are taking about just a computer but Sony VAIO is not just any computer mother”-told my son.

“Sony VAIO has several models built for various specific purposes with special features and configuration though one can also use it like an ordinary computer but that would not justification to the Sony geniuses” my son continued.

Well, I must take his word; after all, he knows what he is speaking about as a computer engineer.

Are we going to lose

I am shocked to read a news (not yet confirmed) that Yahoo! is contemplating to close soon. has given me more friends than any other bloggers network. I can only think of as its nearest competitor in terms of giving traffic to my blog.

I will be very sad to see to disappear from the Internet. Over the years, it gave me thousands of visitors and I have about 300 friends in it. I don't know how I a going to keep in touch with if Yahoo! ends it marriage with

Oh, can someone keep it entangled in the web?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Canon Powershot comes with CCD.

Looking into the eye of a camera, what one can see is different from what the eye of the camera sees. It looks deeply into the image after adjusting according to the surroundings like light, heat and color.

Yes, I will stop at this point simply because I don’t know any further about the technical details of a camera. How my naked eyes can differentiate when I look at the canon powershot digital camera?

I think it is wise to shut up (my mouth, not the camera shutters) and just start using the costly camera like any other camera I would use. My son cautioned me to take good care of the new camera with CCD because it is costlier than our old nikon camera built with CMOS which is cheaper than CCD sensor.

See, I told you, these technical details won’t make any difference to you if you are also like me who only knows how to capture an image!

The other day, my son sent me to read an interesting article about how these costly cameras are being slowly pushed out of the market because of mobile phone handset that has a built in mega pixel camera.

The article revealed a shocking fact that Nokia sells the largest number of cameras in India.

Well, facts or no facts, I know Nikon and Cannon are still busy manufacturing high tech cameras and people are still buying them. After all, didn’t I buy one recently after reading a few reviews at, India’s dependable source for consumer product reviews?

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Monday, March 01, 2010

Essential tips to prevent spinal cord injuries.

Another unfortunate day I had to spend in a hospital where a friend of mine is admitted due to spinal cord injury. She was writhing in pine in spite of sedatives. My heart cried seeing her discomfort.

I met her doctor and exchanged words about her condition and prognosis. He then handed me a pamphlet of tips to safe guard spinal cord. There was not much in it as we all know those basic things to prevent spinal cord injuries.

If one goes by the inconsequential statistics, there are about 300,000 people in India suffering from spinal cord injuries. Surprisingly, more people are affected in the age group of 16 to 30.

The most common cause is of course two wheeler accidents. Then comes the fall in bathroom.

Tips to prevent spinal cord injuries did not say anything about two wheeler riders. There were some fundamental information for car riders like wearing safety belts and asking children to sit in the back seat.

Very poor information coming from a leading hospital!