Saturday, November 28, 2009

I love you Indian Cricket Team!

I am very happy. India has won the test match against SriLanka in less than 4 days and that too, it is an innings win. What a victory.

The main contributor for this victory is our little boy Sreesanth and I am very glad for him. Like Dhoni said, I hope he doesn't get carried away with his sterling bowling performance.

Ah, the Wall Dravid-man, what a knock! He is truly a batsman of fantastic skill and temperament. Time and again, he has proved that he is the most consummate batsman that India has ever produced.

I wish India maintains their winning streak in the third test match too.

I love you Indian Cricket Team! Congrats!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Do you like the Twitter search facility?

Do you like the Twitter search facility? I don't like even the appearance of search page results, not to mention the actual results which don't demand a second glance.

I am a Google addict but I never failed to appreciate any online tool that has delivered more than their promise.

Sometimes, Twitter has shocked me buy delivering zero search results.

I am not exaggerating mate; here is my observation.
I searched for kumara sangakkara without any quotes in Twitter and Google.
Twitter said 'nothing found' and Google returned 352,000 pages.

And I have Tweeted about kumara sangakkara. What do you say?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Customized shipping boxes.

“I have a few shipping boxes that I can spare Mala, do you want me to send them over to you?” –my sister asked me when she came over to help me pack my things. It was easy for her to have seen my confusion; I contemplated whether to dispose off certain things due to shortage of shipping boxes.

I know even if I accepted her offer, my new house is rather small to dump a few things that I thought of giving away either freely or sell at cheap price.

I spent time over the things that are already packed neatly in the custom shipping boxes that I last bought from a few years back. Every odd shaped item sat snugly in the box that was made specifically for them.

Now I realize I should have ordered some more shipping boxes; after all I tend to move to a new house every two years!

Oh yes, I am such a nomad.

I saw a blog made with autoblogging software.

Yesterday, I met an interesting person in my office. This is not the first time I meeting an online contact but thus gentleman is found to be a net savvy person and he has a fairly good knowledge of internet marketing, blogging and wordpress.

We chatted for nearly two hours and shared our knowledge in area of blogging and blog promotion. I learnt a couple of new things from him like how a autoblogging plugin works and how you can monetize your blog with a clickbank plugin.

It was the first time, I saw a blog made with autoblogging software. (Technopati)I instantly liked what I saw-the template, the placement of Google AdSense etc. But I am not at all impressed with the content pulled in by the plugin.

If you have a blog made with autoblogging software, can you please share your experience about it?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The future of business order fulfillment.

The concept of call center also known as fulfillment service has been seeing quite a lot of development, both in terms of technology and service. Even small business houses are successfully utilizing the fulfillment services offered by quality driven call center services.

But I always wondered how the outsourcing companies train their customer service personnel as and when a product or service they undertake from corporate enterprises.

Another very important service aspect that is widely appreciated is the way the fulfillment service providers get the feedback from the consumers whom they have serviced. Sometimes, I used to get a call from the call centers just five minutes after I have been attended to.

With both the product and service fulfillment services are being hired by almost every businessman, there is bound to be a stiff competition among the service providers leading to top quality client service.
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184 Google AdSense alternatives.

Yesterday, one of my blogging academy's trainee inquired if I know of any good PPC website, that is an alternative to Google AdSense since he could not participate anymore in Google AdSense.

I know of several companies that offer PPC revenue but none could match the potentiality of AdSense-right?

I did try out Bidvertiser once but quickly disassociated me from it. It was such a waste of effort.

I suggested to my friend, Linkworth, a company I respect from whom I get occasional links to place for money. But I have not tried their PPC ad network.

Here is a list of Google AdSense alternatives that I read in Hub Pages. I think this list contains not only PPC but also CPm and CPA based ad revenue programs; so you can't really call it as an alternative to adsense.

  1. Absolute Agency
  2. AcceleratorMedia
  3. ad pepper media
  4. adagency1 *
  5. AdBrite *
  6. Adconian
  7. AdDynamix
  8. ADEngage
  9. Adgenta QAds
  10. adgridwork
  11. Adicate
  12. Adify
  13. AdJungle
  14. Adknowledge *
  15. AdlandPro
  16. Adlink Media
  17. AdMentum
  18. AdMob
  19. AdOrigin
  20. Adperk
  21. Ads-Click
  22. ADSDAQ Ad Exchange
  23. adsmarket
  24. AdSmart
  25. adtechnica
  27. AdToll
  29. Advertlets
  30. AdVolcano *
  31. AffiliateFuel
  32. AffiliateFuture *
  33. Agendize
  34. AmaSensAds
  35. Amazon
  36. Ampira Media
  37. Anastasia International
  38. Auction Ads *
  39. AVN Ads *
  40. Axill
  41. AzoogleAds
  42. Bannerconnect
  43. BannerSpace
  44. BardzoMedia
  45. BClick
  46. Bidvertiser
  48. Black Label Ads *
  49. BlinkAccess
  50. BlogAds
  51. BlogKits
  52. BlueFN *
  53. BlueLithium
  54. BurstMedia *
  55. BusinessLinked
  56. buyat
  57. Casale Media
  58. CBprosense
  59. Chitika *
  60. Claxon *
  61. Click2Sell
  62. ClickBank
  63. Clickbooth
  64. Clickhype
  65. Clicksor *
  66. clickXchange
  67. clixGalore
  68. CNet Shopper
  69. Commission Junction
  70. Commission Monster
  71. Copernic Media
  72. CoverClicks *
  73. CPX Interactive
  74. CrispAds *
  75. CyberBounty
  76. DarkBlue
  77. Dragon Media Online
  78. easyAd
  79. eBay AdContext
  80. eClickZ
  81. Enhance Interactive
  82. Enikos
  83. eType Europe
  84. eType USA
  85. exoClick
  86. ExpoActive
  87. Fair Ads Network
  88. Federated Media
  89. FindItQuick
  90. FineClicks
  91. FluxAds
  92. Gokita
  93. Gorilla Nation
  94. Her Agency
  95. HispanoClick
  96. Hyperbidder
  97. IncentaClick*
  98. IndustryBrains
  99. InterClick
  100. Integri
  101. Interevco
  102. JoeTec
  103. Komli
  104. Kanoodle
  105. Kontera
  106. Kowabunga!
  107. LinkBliss
  108. LinkLike
  109. LinkShareAds *
  110. LinkWorth
  111. MaxBounty
  112. MetaReward
  113. Microsoft adCenter
  114. Mirago *
  115. MIVA *
  116. MochiAds
  117. Money4Banners
  118. MoreNiche
  119. MVAV Media
  120. NeverblueAds
  121. Nixxie *
  122. Nuffnang
  123. OneMonkey
  124. Opt-Media
  125. Oridian *
  126. Oxado *
  127. PayDotCom
  128. PayPerPost
  129. PayPopUp
  130. PerformancingAds
  131. Pheedo
  132. Phorm
  133. PointRoll
  134. PopUpTraffic
  135. Premium Network
  136. PrimaryAds
  137. ProfitCenter
  138. Project Wonderful
  139. PubMatic
  140. Pulse 360
  141. Quigo AdSonar
  142. QuinStreet
  143. Real Media *
  144. RealCast Media
  145. RealTechNetwork
  146. Revenue Science
  148. RevenuePILOT *
  149. ReviewMe
  150. RevoClix
  151. Right Media Exchange
  152. Robert Sherman Company
  153. ROI Rocket
  154. Rydium *
  155. ScribeFire
  156. Searchfeed
  157. Shareasale
  159. SpeedyAds
  160. Sponsored Reviews
  161. Strategic Affiliates
  162. Targetpoint *
  163. Text Link Ads
  164. Textads Dot Biz
  165. TextWise
  166. TNX.Net
  167. Trade Doubler
  168. Traffic Marketplace
  169. Tremor Media
  170. Tribal Fusion *
  171. TTZMedia
  172. ValidClick *
  173. ValueAd
  174. ValueClick Media *
  175. Veoda
  176. Vibrant Media SmartAds *
  177. Vizu Polls
  178. WayPointCash
  179. Web Advertising
  180. WebSponsors
  181. WhenU
  182. WidgetBucks *
  183. Yahoo Publisher Network *
  184. YesAdvertising

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Better options for health insurance.

I have been saving for the rainy day but it is just not sufficient; at least it what seems to be now from what I gathered from the doctor who just finished examining the complete health report of my husband.

The doctor’s prescriptions and more suggestions proved that the low cost health insurance of my husband is not going to meet all the expenses. I realized it is too late now to think of upgrading my health insurance policy.

Considering my husband’s age and few other conditions, the insurance broker suggested more beneficial health insurance covers but we didn’t listen and now we have to pay for our mistakes.

Since I am not getting younger, I decided to follow the insurance broker’s advice and ask for a free quote from, a better health insurance provider. They offer better options.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Will insulin really control blood glucose?

My husband started on insulin injections three days before. I feel sad for him. He is still clumsily handling the insulin pen twice a day.

His diabetes was detected 10 years before. He has been on medications almost regularly and as per doctors' advice, he changed his tablets several times till now and even the dosage was increased recently.

But nothing seemed to reduce his blood glucose level. His diet that is devoid of sugar consisted of the usual diabetics food, bland and tasteless.

Just after he started on insulin injections, he started eating slightly better.

I pray for his well being.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where to find information regarding latest mobiles?

The talk of the nation is the recent introduction of new tariff rates for mobile phone users. It seems all the leading mobile networks have started implementing the new call rate of 1 paisa per second.

I too received a call from my cell phone service provider offering the new call rates but I am yet to decide about switching over as the overall cost may end up slightly higher when compared to my existing plan.

With the new mobile call rates, there has been a spate of enticing offers from mobile phone manufacturers. To capitalize on these offers, one must visit to know the latest hot deals. Without comparing the offers from various mobile phone manufacturers, you may not grab the best deal.

Consumer mate deals with more than 20 leading mobile phone brands that include the industry leaders Nokia and Samsung. One can buy the best of mobiles after reading the latest mobile technology news and mobile buying guide published in

I too have raised some queries with consumermate’s “Ask Us’ section that is known to give highly informative answers.

There is new feature in that I have noticed. Consumers can post their feedbacks and complaints of about any product that they bought. This initiative taken by is a customer friendly move and needs to be appreciated.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention another useful feature which is not found in any of the websites that help consumers. has published all the important customer care contact information of every mobile phone manufacturers. Even the dealers from whom we purchase consumer durables won’t furnish us all the customer care contact details.

Thank you

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Exotic coconut bay beach resort in the Caribbean.

I was shocked when my husband interrupted the conversation of small family in the hotel dining room. We did hear them talk about their wish to have their next Christmas holiday in the Caribbean but it no way concerned us.

After my husband turned back to me from them, I knew his rudeness was accepted rather kindly and with gratitude.

Sure, why not? After all, my husband just saved them several thousand rupees by giving the small family a brief introduction about st lucia resorts resorts and how they can book their luxury resort and save substantial money too.

This irresistible urge to help strangers, invariably earned my husband quite a few number of healthy relationships over the years.

Now it is my turn to gain some friendship. Do you want any assistance in planning your next holiday at a tropical paradise?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to earn money with PLR?

Who has got the guts to publish PLR content as such in their blogs in spite of hyped up assurances that Goggle will not ban you from their SERPs?

You might have read excerpts of interviews on the subject of duplicate content delivered by top IM veterans. You also would felt confident of publishing a free PLR article in your blog.

But when you are about to paste the PLR article, you would have found yourself withdraw from taking the real action.


It is most probably is your lack of knowledge of about the usability of PLR and the profits PLR content is supposed to bring.

Know the one major mistake novice marketers always make with PLR and how to avoid it!

Money with PLR

Friday, November 06, 2009

Bluray and Sachin Tendulkar.

I would regret the moment I said no to a new bluray dual layered DVD home theater system that my husband wanted to buy on my previous birthday. I still don’t know why I said no.

Yesterday, due to heavy rain, I missed watching Sachin Tendulkar’s onslaught of the Australian bowlers. The satellite TV fails whenever it rains. He scored a mammoth 175 runs that almost brought India to a highly improbable victory.

Had we bought the bluray DVD system, we could have programmed to record the entire innings to watch it today or on any other rainy day.

Yes, we can still buy the bluray DVD player but it is not every day that Sachin play such a fantastic innings!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What can a web hosting tutorial do for me?

See, even after I own 17 web sites, I am still not familiar with the control panel (cpanel) operation and of its various tools and tracking measures.

I do still manage to manipulate some of the cpanel features, I am not confident enough to know:

*How to use Webmail from within CPanel
*How to trace an email address in CPanel
*How to create a subdomain in CPanel

In my general web directory, there is a listing from which provides detail lessons for cpanel tutorial, web hosting tutorial and web hosting video tutorial.

Spread the word please.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Medical travel as an option to cut the medical expenses.

A Canadian Indian offered his immense gratitude to the Indian people before he left for Canada with a new knee. He came to India on a medical travel plan to set right his right knee that required urgent attention.

This person is one of the hundreds of people living abroad that come to India as a medical tourist to take advantage of cheaper medical expenses and experience the kindness of Indian doctors and nurses.

India, of late has been attracting plenty of medical tourists and most of them come here for eye care mainly.

I foresee the major tour operators in India start organizing medical travel packages soon. This is a good sign for Indian economy and can also stop Indian doctors’ brain drain to some extent.

How to be funny?

I have been reading some of the old Tamil literature that were written with punch of humor and they are all funny and entertaining. I wish I have that skill. How nice it will be to have international readers for your writing full of humor!

Master wit Max Matterson has worked in the comedy world for the past 20 years. He's the co-author of "Comedy Writing Secrets" and trained many of the big late night show hosts.

He knows EXACTLY how to train ANYONE to become super-witty in just minutes. Matterson claims there are just a series of simple rules that ANYONE can follow to become hilariously funny!

Do YOU want to discover his COMEDY SECRETS?

Max shares EVERYTHING with you -- and GUARANTEES that your new-found funny skills will ROCKET your business and social life. In fact he'll buy back the course if you're not absolutely THRILLED!

How to be funny?