Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What does it mean by changing the attitude?

“Change your attitude to be successful in life”-this is a cliché as far as I am concerned. This has been said enough times but no further explanation as to how one goes about changing his attitude.

Without going over one’s present attitude, he can’t get a clear idea about changing it-right? Moreover, in order to change it, one should know why he is clinging on to his present attitude.

I would say changing an attitude means changing one’s current belief. Unless le let go of his limiting beliefs, there is no way he can change his attitude.

I read this somewhere. It is a nice explanation of the meaning of attitude.
” Attitude is a filter for everything going into your mind and your response to what you allowed inside of you.”.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Easy to install pyramid foam wall panels.

The name pyramid foam is quickly recognized when written as pyramid acoustic foam. Yes, it is a product used in the sound engineering field. It is used to reduce external noise in a recording studio.

In addition, pyramid foam because of its design aid to diffuse sound frequencies evenly across the recording studio. Acoustic foam is mostly made of ‘melamine’ which resists fire.

To get the best out of pyramid soundproofing, both the walls and ceiling are empanelled with it. When I was working for a radio station way back in 1975, acoustic foam was not in vogue. Consequently, we used to have tough time in eliminating echo by moving the artists away from the microphone or even placed the microphone in a position by trying various positions and angles.

We depended on glass walls for sound proofing. Acoustic foam is an innovative product.