Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Excellent place to learn to use correct punctuation.

I know of several freelance writers who work for money and fame. They come from various parts of the world. Mostly they are from where English is not the first language. This proves that, even non-native English speakers too can make a living online by writing articles and blog posts.

However, being a non-native English blogger, I believe one should learn how to use punctuations correctly in their blog posts to convey the exact meaning.

For example, I always wanted to know how and when to use the colon and semicolon in a sentence. Another nagging thought was what is the difference between a hyphen and a dash though both are symbolized by "--".

Take time to visit this fantastic resource to learn correct punctuation in English.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Anniversary Gifts for elders.

People love to celebrate anniversaries with exceptions. Yes, I do not celebrate anniversaries, be it my birthday or wedding day. Those days have passed by.
However, I like to gift others on their anniversaries. That makes me very happy. 

I should admit I love more shopping for gifts. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much time in choosing the right gift for any occasion.

About a decade or so ago, there were not many choices for anniversary gifts, especially for elders. Now, it is a different story. Even I take more time in choosing the right gift because of many options.

Last week, I accompanied my neighbor to buy one such anniversary gift for her in-laws’ golden anniversary. These are very special occasions. You should not buy perishables but something that will stay forever.

No, do not opt for any precious stones. They are too personal. The celebrating couples should gift them for each other.

Buy something in ceramic! I love the shiny white ceramic items. I suggested my neighbor buy a set of tea cups made of China Clay.

Do not forget to include a nice card with meaningful content on it.