Thursday, June 29, 2017

The all American guitars made from tonewood.

When my son noticed an odd sound coming from his guitar, he asked me if I can detect it. I concurred with him and told him it is called the Fret Buzz. It happens to stringed instruments that are not stored in the right humid conditions. Any guitar repair shop will isolate the string and the fret that is causing the buzz and rectify it.
My son looked befuddled. How can I know so much when I could not even beat a string! I told him I remember reading a tweet by the Bedell Guitars regarding the Fret Buzz  Just like we take care of ourselves according to the changes in the climate, our guitars also need the same kind of care.
I also threw in a few tidbits about all American Bedell Guitars and the tonewood from which it is made. Tonewood is the most suitable wood to make stringed instruments.
bedell guitar made of tonewood
Bedell Guitar
If he is contemplating to switch to Bedell guitar, I told him that the Guitar Center has, bedell guitars at a great price! I also warned him of the price range which seems to be a bit expensive than his other guitars. However, I think the Bedell guitars are worth their price considering the excellent craftsmanship of them.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Is working with colors your profession?

This blog post is about a very useful website for dye makers, costume designers, web developers or for anyone whose profession involves working with color.

We all have fancies for unique and rare colors. Film stars rave about the color of their dresses that is seen first time in the color world. Looking at a particulr color paint or on a website background, we think of a slight change in its shade that would make it absolutely unique-right?

However, we have no way to generate that color in reality. Getting that dream color on canvas or on paper or virually in cyber space manually is nearly impossible.

Not any more!

Creating shades and tones for a particular color is now possible through a web site called Colllor located at

After creating your dream color shade, you can get its HEX code instantly.

Look at a lovely green color that I have generated using

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Glass cleaning the easy and natural ways.

Cleaning the glass surfaces and glassware are not given equal importance by us-right? While we take utmost care of the glass items in our kitchen, we don't give the same attention to the other glassed areas such as windows, mirrors and doors. We think just a wipe with a dry cloth is enough to clean them.

(Image credit:

No, obviously not enough, Recently I happened to read an useful article regarding home glass maintenance and I am happy to share the gist of it here.

You can find different products for cleaning glass but some of them are too abrasive and will actually damage our glassware. Here are a few tips to help you keep the glass in your house cleaner using only natural products.

 Don't clean your windows when the sun is shining brightly. It will dry the panes too quickly, leaving streaks. Wait for a dull day and you'll get better results

 If ammonia doesn't get rid of a chemical build up in your glassware, smear the glass surface with Vaseline (petroleum jelly) and leave overnight, or longer. Then wipe off and wash clean.

Methylated spirits rubbed on the outside panes of your windows will make them shine in a way you've never seen before. It will also bring out the iridescence to produce a blaze of sparkle and color.

Many people have reported having great results cleaning their glass using toothpaste. I wouldn't like to recommend any particular brand, so try a few and expect good results.

 Efferdent tablets, which are used for cleaning dentures, are very effective in cleaning glassware. They contain a solid form of peroxide, which performs the cleaning part. Fill your glass with water and add two tablets. Let stand for an hour or so and rinse out.

Citric acid will clean glass and make it shine. 

Vinegar diluted with a little water can be very effective for cleaning glass. 

I hope you will find these glass cleaning tips useful and easy to try.


Friday, June 09, 2017

Pink Guitar-an ideal gift to your daughter.

The moment you look at the pink guitar below, you would assume it is for kids and you are right! It is for kids as well as guitar learners. Somehow we associate the pink color with kids, young girls, and innocence-right? I believe it applies to other gadgets as well; I once bought a pink mobile phone. I was 40 then!  My son liked his ceiling fan in pink when he was a kid.
Pink Guitar by Rogue Starter
Oh well, getting back to the pink guitar meant for learners and kids, this is from the shelves of Rogue acoustic guitar.

Keeping the kids in mind, this pink guitar has a small body frame. While the fretboard is made of Rosewood, the neck is made from Maple!

Available now at the lowest price, you can gift your daughter with a shining new pink guitar along with amp and strap case as essential accessories.