Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cheer the budding bloggers!

I have been training a few people at my blogging academy. The group consists of a professor of English, an electrical engineer, a medical transcriptionist, a software engineer and an online chemistry teacher.

Everyone displays a special skill but all of them are good at writing. I am fortunate to train them and it is a pleasure watching the budding of future pro-bloggers.

If only I have more time, I would love to pass on more in depth knowledge about the complete nuances of blogging.

The recent blog posts of the English professor are simply marvelous. (is it the correct adjective professor?). I request you to read her blog post titled, "Daddy, check in". What an apt title!

The blog post by the electrical engineer on the negative sides of using mobile phone is very well written.

The comments of the online teacher are always meaningful. She finds great pictures for blog posts.
The picture here is for our 'burning desire'.

Do you know the different names of the Passion Flower? I thank the medical transcriptionist for this wonderful information.

Give them a plug please. Thank you!

Monday, January 26, 2009

You click to grow a tree!

It is not necessary that you are an American or Canadian to be concerned about the ecology in the Niagara region. The world population is seriously trying to help restore the eco balance of the Niagara. They are committed to growing more trees there.

What is expected of you?
Just click on the link provided at Land care Niagara

When you click on the link, the next page says thanks and and shown the sponsors of this Niagara Natural Heritage Corridor Program.

Please click only once in 24 hours and forward this blog post to your friends. Be sure to bookmark this iny one of your favorite social bookmarks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A website on Vishitadvaidam.

I didn't expect to find the information I was looking for in the web. I searched for acharya paramparai and I got it but the surprise was my findings further led to me the complete detail on 'Vishitadvaidam'. WE belong to the Kidambi clan and I found out our own ancestors.

Actually, this is what I wanted to read since two years, ever since I surrendered (prabhatti) at my acharayn's feet along with my husband.

Once my husband told me about his visit to a person named Hari who is well known for his in depth knowledge on Vaishanvism and Vishitadvaidam.

He has put in extraordinary effort in giving all his scholarly knowledge of the subject in and

I copied nearly 90 pages of information on Vishitadvaidam and I also gor all the valuable work of Swami Desikan. My immense and sincere gratitude to M.S. Hari for his effort and interest in spreading Vishitadvaidam.

Does weight keep finding you?

There are 4 kinds of people.

There are people that make things happen.
There are people that watch things happen.
There are people that wonder what happened.
And there are people that don't know anything happened.

I want to add one more to the above list.

There are people who want to measure their weight after the scale is broken.

I know so many people who are hopelessly obese. When confronted, most of them say, “I try to lose weight, but it keeps finding me”.

My heart reaches out for them when I look at their dinner plates. The food on their plates won’t make a chick’s stomach full.

When they look at the shock in my face, they extend their palm where in I could see some diet pills. For them a diet is not a selection of food but pills like Fenterdren that is supposed to suppress their craving for food.

BTW, I mentioned Fenterdren as it is said to be latest diet pill.

Image gratitude to my friend Mrs.SGM

Monday, January 19, 2009

The visual Bible comes to life.

An hour ago, I saw off a student of mine to Sydney with a heavy heart. She is studying in Sydney and came for the holiday here. My friend Mrs. M brought her to me to enhance her mathematics.

The girl has been a regular since December last and well mannered. Today is her last class before she left for Sydney. She presented a visual Bible to me as a gift.

I stopped watching the visual Bible and writing this blog post because I could not wait to tell you the pleasure I get watching the Bible that has extraordinary pictures and sound. The Bible comes to life before your eyes with stunning visuals, engaging characters, and breathtaking cinematography.

In the past, I too shopped for Christian videos to be given as gift to my Christian friends on various occasions. But, I never came across the visual Bible.

If you want to buy the visual Bible or other Christian videos, Christian toys and books, please visit, the leading producer and distributor of inspiring, educational and entertainment products.

Peanut butter causes Salmonella!

Thank God I read the news about the peanut butter. I like peanut butter. I developed a taste for it when my sister-in-law brought it from the U.S. years ago. Whenever she came to India, I will get a couple of big jars of peanut butter.

The warning!
The FDA has warned the people of America that Americans should stay away from eating cookies, crackers, candy and ice cream and other snacks that contain peanut butter or paste. The FDA officials are on a war foot work to determine which kinds of peanut butter are responsible for an outbreak of Salmonella.

Amidst all the pandemonium, there is a streak of light; the concern is only about products that has peanut butter as one of the ingredients and not the peanut butter itself.

It is reported that Kellogs which has recalled its Famous Amos, a peanut butter cookie. No wonder my sister-in-law's son likes Indian cokkies only.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Using digital signage.

A not so well tapped industry for increasing brand awareness is the digital sign boards. I think I heard murmurs of disagreement from readers.

Let me put forward my case. Modern world digital signage technology involves… What, you don’t want to hear me explain behind the digital screen requirements like network cables, display components and devices, and mounting hardware?

I will make it short buddy. Of the various digital display sign boards such as liquid crystal displays and scrolling message boards, the last one is evolving into a full pledged video with great sound and content.

Are you aware that the digital signage offers the ability to change displays frequently meeting different vendor’s requirements?

The software as well as hardware for digital signage is definitely a bit expensive. The link above leads you to Black Box Corporation, a one stop place in the web for everything in the digital signage industry and other communication infrastructure.

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Misplaced idea of bravery.

It is extremely sad to read about the death of a few persons that participated in the Jallikattu-an annual sports involving all the village youths in Tamilnadu. They show their bravery by agreeing to tame the bull.

It is a sport that should be banned by the Government itself. But, they too enjoy the gore under the pretext that it is the culture of a Tamilian to show his brave acts to win the hearts of village belle.

What are their pretensions? Do they still believe they live in the famous Sangam era? This sport or any sport that is a symbol of violence that leads to hatred ultimately, should be utterly condemned. Yes, I point out boxing too.

It is ridiculous to see two men fight to injure each other just after shaking hands. It is more horrible that thousands of people watch them fight and cheer them to hit more harshly.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to apply for your first credit card?

Just at the time when we have realized that we have no options but to cut back on a lot because after paying off the monthly utility bills and credit card dues, there isn’t a lot left over for other odds and sods, my son came for the weekend with a bunch of credit card applications.

I suppose many people are sailing in the same boat; it is not easy at all trying to get by at the moment.

Since I am not an expert in choosing the right credit card, I decided to look at a few credit cards comparison web sites. From the search engine results, I happen to read a review of which is referred to as the authoritative source of consumer information by

The website is loaded with great and useful information of various credit cards, their features and benefits etc. There is an excellent comparison table displaying the benefits of different credit cards. Actually, I have a soft corner for American Express credit card as that was my first pre-approved credit card. They give a higher limit than any other credit card.

Since this is the first time my son is applying for a credit, I gave my honest recommendations based on the information provided by

He has started his life journey. I hope his application for a new credit card gets approved.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Wake up man!

leather jacketLeather Jacket

It is not exaggeration to say that English women’s fashion have influenced the lives of women in different countries. After all, English people have ruled the major parts of the world once.

Especially the so called third world countries were exposed to western clothing when they were ruled by the British. While men quickly adapted to the western trousers, ties and what not, foreign women’s clothing took their sweet time to influence the traditional women.

Well, that is history now. The diversity in the dress code that was once an identity to each and every nation no longer exists and is now completely replaced by a near uniform dresses.

Men’s clothing has not undergone any big change anywhere in the world. But women’s clothing continues to evolve at a rapid pace. I used to see Anglo Indians wearing old fashioned skirts and blouses with buffs even 10 years ago.

Now their children are sporting Fenchurch clothing and leather jackets. I wonder how and where they get ideas about the latest fashion trends.

Wake up man!

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Monday, January 05, 2009

Diabetics should read this.

My husband used to do this asana called Ardha Matseyandra Asana. This asana is done mainly by diabetic patients because it helps secretion of insulin due to the twisting of the entire stomach.

My husband knows three different postures for this asana. Once, while he was performing this in front of his yoga guru, he spontaneously applauded in appreciation. He even took a photo from his mobile phone and showed it to his assistant and other yoga trainees.

My husband is able to bring about the perfect alignment of right and left shoulders in straight line while twisting his body. This asana if done regularly by diabetics, they can do away their diet restrictions within a month.

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Finding diffiluty with scribefire.

After much hesitation, I am using scribefire blog editor now. I shelved it for a long time.
I don't like the small editing screen. I don't find the spell check facility. I don't see the coloring option.

I tried out Qumana, Windows Live but I am not comfortable with anything but blogger's inbuilt editor though it has its own limitations.

Then, there is this Scribefire's quick ads. I have not seen a single blog post that has incorporated the quick ads so far. I am on the look out for a nice tutorial on how to use ScribeFire.