Monday, July 29, 2013

For the touch of aristocracy in mantel shelves.

I never thought the picture I posted on the Facebook wall of my cousin would be placed on the decorative mantel shelf in her Sussex home. The picture comprised of all the members of my family on my son’s wedding reception.

My husband who is famous for his sharp observation pointed out the new mantel piece in the London home. He told me it must have been recently replaced. He always maintained that the British deserve full credit for the best selection of mantel shelves in their homes. 

Even I too like the British style of furniture. There is a touch of aristocracy in them. If you ask me what is lacking in British furniture, I would say cheerfulness. Hey Brits, no offense intended please.

Friday, July 26, 2013

5 useful Tips to Decorate Your Home.

Though I like British style furniture, I think they don’t fit into modern homes. Ancient furniture don’t enthuse cheer-right?
The present trend is inclined towards modern furniture because they are designed to give ultimate comfort and warmth.
I recently read an article on modern interior furniture and I thought I would share it with you a gist of it.
·         Contemporary designs are made with subtle colors to make them completely different from the typical traditional colored rooms.
             Neutral colors are the finest choices for modern design. Neutral colors in your bedroom produce a clean and fresh look. They also create the perfect backdrop for a lovely modern painting that will add more charm to your room.
             Efficient lighting is important to prevent eyestrain. You may love to work in front of a window; but it is not the appropriate place for a computer. If you can find a L-shape set up, you can turn to face the window while your computer screen will face the wall. Consider a contemporary adjustable lamp, or fix halogen lights or spotlights to the shelf or a wall for correct visibility.
             In your bedroom, keep the other things to a minimum. Simple nightstands, full-length mirrors, subtle recessed reading lights, a pair of bamboo, wooden or chrome stools, on which you can keep cushions similar to the duvet cover.
             You can arrange your living room furniture in the method of the American Southwest. A stunning Italian leather sofa in front of an exposed brick fireplace in a subtle brown or red color can change the entire décor of your room. That single piece of contemporary furniture will transform the entire set up of your room and make it more attractive and stylish.
             While contemporary design, in spite of its influences remains sleek, cool and uncluttered, this should not make your bedroom cold and gloomy. Choose an encrusted look by white and black, or red and black sheets. If you desire a pattern, then again it has to be bold and cool. In a modern bedroom with neutral walls, bright red on a bed will add elegance and warmth to your bedroom. It will also lighten the room, and formulate it more inviting, just the way you want your bedroom to be.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How Hobie Sunglasses help you catch more fish?

I don’t fish but I like to watch those who while away their time lazily on shore fronts with fancy fishing gears. They would invariably sport a hat even if it is not sunny. However, many don’t wear sun glasses if the sun is out fully.
There are many features of Hobie sunglasses that make them great to wear when you are going fishing. For one thing, the lenses in the sunglasses are polarized which is what you need in sun glasses for fishing to reduce the glare from the sun reflecting off the water.

With polarized lenses, these fishing sunglasses contain reflective coatings to give you the best possible vision whether you are fishing or just lying on the beach. In the process of making these sun glasses, Hobie applies a series of coatings to the lenses under very controlled conditions. This produces lenses that not only block the glare but also shed water.

When you are fishing on a sunny day, the glare on the water sometimes makes it really hard for you to focus on your moving fishes.  The polarized lenses take care of this problem for you as they filter out the glare and only let the light through that you need. The result is that you have sun glasses that protect your eyes from the UV rays, reduce the strain on your eyes and improve your field of vision.

Every pair of Hobie sunglasses on the market goes through rigorous testing before they leave the factory. Because of this, these fishing sunglasses carry a manufacturer’s warranty against any defect in the lens.
As with other designer sun glasses, there are several styles of Hobie sunglasses for you to choose from. These fishing sunglasses are suitable for wearing anywhere so they are fashionable. Choose from a satin black frame with a gray lens, dark brown frame with a copper lens or a satin black frame with a blue mirror lens.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A brilliant business idea of a swimming pool owner.

The local newspaper published a cover story appreciating the innovative advertisement by a swimming pool owner. Though the pool is widely patronized, the majority of them were youth. Noticing many plus size people, especially women stayed away from using his pool, he put up an ad and circulated flyers that announced half a day session exclusively open to plus size women. Others were not allowed to use the swimming pool during that time.

This attracted a good crowd of women who were shy of their sizes till then. Utilizing this novel move, a swim wear dealer put up a stall at the entrance of the pool selling plus size modest swimwear and offered a discount too.

 A more enterprising businessman who is actually a swimming trainer came forward to print his coaching institute’s logo on the plus size swimsuits.

The rest is history and a shrewd reported covered the entire series of events.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pasala keerai adai.

As far as I am concerned, the image below requires no further explanation for me to know how to prepare the dish. I will eat it in less than a minute. However, many people would like to know what it is and how to cook.
spinach adai, pasala keerai adai

It is called keerai adai. The keerai is pasalai keerai aka spinach. I have heard of kerrai vadai but never adai made of keerai. Do you know how easy it is to make it? It does nor require over night keeping for fermentation. Yes!, you can prepare a crispy keerai adai almost instantly with the following ingredients.

Boiled rice   ¾ cup
Raw rice  3/4 cup
Urdh dhal  ¼ cup
Bengal gram ½ cup
Tovar dhal  ¼ cup
Moong dhal  ¼ cup
Cumin seed   ¼ tsp.
Red chillies 10 no
Ginger grated 2 tbsp
Curry leaves 2 stem
Hing   ½ tsp
Salt      as required
Finely chopped spinach  1 ½ cup
Finely shredded carrot   3 tbsp  ( Optional)
Finely chopped cilantro    1 tbsp.
Oil  as required
As far as to the actual method of making the spinach adai, you better read the original content located at

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Cheese and corn biscuits.

Whenever my husband's sister visits us from the U.S., we all put on weight, increase our blood glucose level and get lazy. She would cases of biscuits, cookies, chocolates and cheeses that would not have been tasted by an average Madrasi. Unless, you have a relative living in the U.S. and he or she occasionally visits you and of course has the heart to give you those relishes, you are missing something heavenly.

This time, she brought with her a few new varieties of biscuits and one of them is made of cheddar cheese and cornmael. When I read the ingredients just by smelling and not by looking at the label on the pack, I could smell the presence of small onions that not known to many Indians except by the people from Tamilnadu.

However, the label did not mention 'onion' among the ingredients. When I read it again, there it was, 'chives' which is the other name for small onions' leaves. We know it by the name of spring onions.

Our favorite Sambar Vengayam has another name!

Monday, July 01, 2013

How to convert a bar soap into a liquid soap?

Did you ever come across a paper soap? I received a sample of it 30 years before from Punjab. A small booklet containing ten leaves of paper coated with perfumed soap was a brilliant idea. It was meant to be a traveler friendly soap. The idea behind was to highlight the disadvantages of a soap bar while travelling.

I suppose that inspired someone to invent a liquid soap, another traveler friendly soap. I still believe paper soap was better than liquid soap.In addition, you are assured of a soap that is free of infection due to multi-users.

Can you make your own liquid soap at your home?

Yes! I read a wonderful 'how to' article in The surprising factor in the articles is, it explained how to convert a bar soap into a liquid soap.

Yeah, I know you are interested.

Please read the article here.

Look at the image below. Isn't it a creative liquid soap dispenser?