Thursday, May 21, 2015

Want a bread maker.

Ever since my sister brought wonderful homemade bread loaded with raisins and oats, I started carving for more. However, such tasty breads can be made only at home and you need an automatic bread maker to bake such a delicacy.

As of now, we don’t have a lot of options to buy a bread maker in India. There are only brands that include Kenwood, Glen and Cuisinart. Out of that, only the Kenwood is a well known brand.

Kenwood breadmaker India

In addition, I read the quality of yeast in India is not so good. It it so? Is that the reason, we get breads that quickly gets foul?

I need someone guide me in buying a bread maker in India.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

The best pregnancy breakfast.

Whatever a pregnant woman eats, her baby eats the same. With this in mind always, carrying women should choose very wisely what they should and not give in to indulgences.

We have heard it often that we should eat breakfast like an emperor. It is applicable more for pregnant women. The quantity as well the quality matters. This would greatly impact on what you eat the rest of the day.

Start with fresh juice without adding sugar. Have one more.
Give a 5 minute break.
Eat the white part of a boiled egg without adding pepper.
Take at least 4 loaves of brown bread. Don’t toast.
Take two full tall glasses of milk. It should be lukewarm.

Foods to Avoid
Not all foods are safe during your pregnancy, there are a few things you should avoid eating:
Exotic fish varieties like  shark, as they are high in mercury
 Raw eggs
Fizzy drinks

Many women have reported they really enjoy eating healthier meals even after delivering.