Friday, October 31, 2008

Clutters are blockages of cosmic energies.

Nothing unfunctional will be retained in our house. Such gadgets and utilities that are no longer in working condition add clutter to our house and we believe strongly that such clutters are blockages of cosmic energies.

Do you know that this attitude of throwing away unwanted things proved to be beneficial for us? Yes, we had to keep replacing ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, food processors and even window curtains. As a result, our house is always packed with new utilities.

So, when replace, we buy new and contemporary designer gadgets. Last month, we had to replace as many as three outdated ceiling fans; we bought two monte carlo fans from

It was a difficult choice to make as the range of ceiling fans offered at Farreys was just too big. Everything looked like a good buy, especially the minka aire ceiling fans that were hard to ignore. So we bought one minka ceiling fan.

If you care to visit Farreys once, you are sure to bookmark it for your future needs.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miracle cure for cold and throat infection.

The monsoon as usual brought with it a few illness to my husband. Now, I hear that my sister's family too got the dreaded viral fever.

My husband ran high temperature and he also complained severe pain below the abdomen and his throat got infected too. Apart from the prescribed medicines, I administered a few doses of home made medicines and he believed that wifely recipes alone cured him.

Do you want to know about my healing techniques?

I gave my husband hot pepper water thrice a day. I also made him gargle with salt water in the night, just before bed time.

Both worked miracles! Try it without fear when needed.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

FREE subscription to Lean Body Fitness Secrets.

I am helping out a few of my students who are damn serious about getting slim. At present, with their body, they are ashamed to sit by along with male students. I don't blame them. And I also don't criticize them for being obese.

Most of those obese people, don't have it by choice. I suppose it is their destiny. But I know that they too can beat the destiny and fulfill their desire of a slim body.

There are a lot of secrets to sport a slim figure. Not only dieting and exercising can help but by following a few other steps, one can shed their weight.

Subscribe to a lot of lean body tips. It is free folks.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who needs counselling?

I am very perturbed to read more and more news about students getting physically punished by their teachers. Most of the punishment are leading to fatal decisions by the students.

Very recently, a girl student committed suicide because of the humility she suffered at her class meted out by her teacher. It was a co-education school and just because the girl didn't complete her home work, she was highly humiliated publicly and was asked to sit between two boy students.

She was so ashamed that she committed suicide. The parents suffered intolerable loss and the country is a silent witness to such gross negligence by teachers. What they lack basically is the kindness expected of them. How can that teacher think of such perverted ideas to punish?

God, please save the children!

Alli is an FDA approved diet pill.

Two kinds of people consume diet pills such as alli, noxycut, orovo etc. Beauty conscious people who are also in show business take diet pills as appetizer suppressant to prevent getting fat.

And there are those who regularly take weight-loss medications only as per prescriptions when they are at increased medical risk because of their weight

I understand both the categories of people don’t maintain their intake of diet pills over the long period. Diet pills alone won’t help one to shed their obesity; some may require additional treatment combined with vigorous physical activity.

These days, diet pills are sold over the counter with out the need of doctors’ prescription. Alli is one such diet pill that is approved by FDA and it is said to reduce the body’s fat absorption.

Alli might cause some side effects. Please go to for full information about the diet pill Alli.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to use Facebook to market your blogs?

Facebook for Professionals is offered exclusively via - a social networking platform where you can teach and take courses. Podclass is also a Facebook application.

Well, I am no professional social media marketer but I do use them to give exposure to my blogs and directories.

If you do not yet have a login at, you'll need to first register for a FREE account:

Click here to register at Podclass.

I have read everywhere about the potentiality of using Facebook as your Internet marketing platform and if you're not active on Facebook, your business could be left in the dust. But there's a science and an art to using social networking sites effectively for proper business building. Relationship expert, Mari Smith, reveals all her insider secrets for how to triple your income this year as a direct result of your strategic activitites on Facebook.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Biggest online shop for unlocked cell phones.

How a woman sitting in a remote corner in India helped a person traveling in Europe to get connected with his family in SriLanka?

To explain, you must know the woman is I and the person I helped is the father of an ex-cricketer in SriLanka. He is at present somewhere in Scandinavia and he is the proud owner of this stunning mobile phone.

The original price of this beauty is $399 and I helped him buy it for just $199. Yes, that a staggering savings of $200. I bought it online for him from the Internet’s biggest unlocked cell phones and accessories shop and arranged it to be delivered at the address he gave me.

To make a call in Europe while on the move, you require an unlocked cell phone that is untied from the mobile network service provider. is the best online store to buy unlocked cell phones at unbelievably low prices with a wide range of choices.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

I am proud of you Ganguly.

Thank you very much Ganguly. Though I missed see you score a century against the Aussies, I am immensely happy to see that big smile on your face. You had the last laugh. It seems Vengsarkar was too eager to come forward with his appreciation.

I don't know why the entire India is so much against you. You deserve definitely something better. I only hope you carry on unruffled for the rest of the series.

You are the only Indian captain who always stood for the India's pride and prestige. You gave tit for tat for several captains of other countries. Most of your predecessors always bowed down in front of them.

I salute you dear Ganguly. March on. India needs you.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How to save buckets of money?

Computers that are usually dependable, ditch us only at the wrong time always. While we have not much work to do with the desk top, it will standby you like a pet dog; but occasionally, it will fall sick when we want its support the most.

Oh, well, after all they are machines!

My desk top lost its source to the power and thus refused to wake up on last Wednesday. Fortunately, I have a macBook as a standby. But it is not always idle; my son uses it as a game console.

Now, I think I need to purchase another laptop that is ultra portable. I used to check up online to compare prices of notebook PCs before deciding on the brand. So, I visited Save Buckets and searched for ultra portable notebook. I was recommended Asus Eee PC by a few forum members.

But my son was of the opinion that the ThinkPad X series of ultra portables from Lenovo have always been excellent systems.

Hmmm…, now I am faced with a difficult task; Lenovo or Asus Eee PC. Hey, what about Toshiba Laptops? But whatever I decide to buy, I am sure of saving fair amount dollars by buying from

Since I have been using the laptop for the past 7 days, I am finding it much easier to use than a desk top. Laptop since portable, I could take it to my cozy couch and work without back and neck pain.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Using the CAT6 bulk cables.

Last Friday, my son took a break from his hectic IT training and came home. We all immediately gathered around him and requested him to talk about his training. When he started off, my husband was able to understand most of it including several technical terms and gadgets.

But he too looked blankly at his son when he explained how his company managed to network nearly 35,000 computers using high speed CAT6 Ethernet Cable. The details that followed made some sense to my husband but still he could not comprehend the applications of CAT6 in ATM networks, Gigabit Ethernet etc.

I secretly took pleasure that my husband’s usually sound knowledge took a beating from his own son.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can’t I dress it up differently?

Dressing it up differently, the corn based meal tasted ok of course but my husband ridiculed at my own certificate. “Malathy, a southerner should say whether your cornbread dressing is ok or not”. Yes, I too have read that the authors of cornbread recipe are from the southern part of America and Texas comes to my mind first among them.

Let me tell you how I made it differently. Instead of the usual celery, I used a few basil leaves and a generous dose of spinach. And I avoided garlic and onion totally.

I must agree that the buttermilk had gone slightly sour but I thought that will give a different taste to the dish.

I still vouch that it tasted different.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Is the brain shrinking?

As we age, most of our organs shrink due to the stopping of cells growth. Doesn't that mean the brain also shrinks?

Due to a study conducted by Oxford University on the elderly, researchers are saying that higher levels of vitamin B12 may make the difference between a brain that loses volume.

Naturally a shrinking brain translates in to memory loss and difficulty in problem solving and understanding and responding to questions.

Ok, now, the effect of vitamin B12 on the brain:
It is discovered that the higher the level of vitamin B12 in our body leads to less shrinkage but yes, the shrink occurs however. It is nature at work!

So, what are the sources for vitamin B12?
Since it is one of eight B vitamins that is important for the normal functioning of the brain, we must ensure proper intake of vitamin B12 containig food.

Vitamin B-12 is naturally found in meat, shellfish, milk and eggs.

Oh no, what am I going to do? I am a vegetarian?!And the fact that plants do not supply B-12 to humans makes it more difficult for me.

According to the U.K. Vegan Society, the only reliable vegan sources of B-12 are foods fortified with B-12 that includes some soy products and some breakfast cereals.

How much is an egg?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Come on Ganguly, come on!

So Mr.Ganguly, as expected (and as some people wished), you have not scored runs against the Kiwi A team thereby failed to build up self confidence. As you must be aware, the Aussies have been watching you and are likely to pounce upon you when you take guard at the crease.

Oh, poor man, how I wished you click! You have disappointed yourself and me too. Come on Ganguly, you can't quit now. Don't desert us now.

Show Ponting the doors to pavilion. Shoulders up my dear Ganguly and come back at the media which is gunning for your head. Have the last laugh Ganguly. Indian cricket team needs you.

Cheer up man! Cheers India!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Get rid off your fear of water.

No, not even this ultra thin water float can alleviate my fear of water. I don’t think even any Nobel Prize winning psychoanalyst can help me get rid of the deep seated fear for water.

But, my son becomes a dare devil when he is near any water body. In my home town, there are as many as 64 tanks and my son wetted his body in all of them. His mental state takes the mental state of fish I think, when he is in water.

The other day, in his office campus swimming pool, he made fun of all who were lazing on pool floats. He was joined by several girls who shared my fear of water. They sided with my son only because they can’t lye down on those colorful floats as they are all weighing above 90 KGs.

These reversible pool floats can only take people of lower than average weight. They better approach and ask them to make pool floats that won’t complain heavy weights.

Tata listends to Ayn Rand.

Ratan TataImage via WikipediaRattan Tata has decided to pull out of his high profile Nano car project from West Bengal. His sole reason is the arrogant behaviour of a political party leader Mamta Banerjee.

She is the biggest thorn in West Bengal's people welfare and she has been reported as continuously disrupting the setting up of the nano car manufacturing plant which would given a great economic boost to the state of West Bengal and would have provided jobs to thousands.

The current Cheif Minister of West Bengal is said to have pleaded with the Ratan Tata but he didn't budge. After all one can only take so much.

His decision of taking his plant away reminds me of the book Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand where all the leading industrialists just retiring due to polotical reasons and thus throwing the economy of the American continent in utter turmoil.

I salute Tata and I wish other learders of industries in India should take precedence of Ratan Tata.

Industrialists of the world! You are the prime movers of the world! Stand up for your values!

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