Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wanted to buy a mount but…

It is not quite often that when we intend to buy something but end up buying a totally different product. When I was recommended to visit for my lcd mount requirement, I did not expect a web site that has more products apart from mounts and stands.

First, let me tell you one thing, be prepared to see literally thousands of products at ranging from every kind of stands for your television, audio equipments, home theater seats to projector screens, office furniture and even hydrotherapy shower columns.

Yes, that is what I ended up buying-the hydrotherapy shower column with a black granite body. (See picture) Of course I bought a lcd mount too.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Superb bathroom faucets.

I wanted to buy the bathroom faucets that I happen to see in a television program. But my husband did not encourage me. Faucets cannot be bought for individuals in a family-right?

See the picture here and tell me honestly-won’t you want these installed in your bathroom? The pity is the price also fits my wallet but my husband would not listen to any amount of appeal.

Finally, I could not control my frustration any longer and asked him the reason for his rejection. Then, with a broad grin, he told me that he already purchased it and expecting delivery in two days time.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Be seen through attractive displays.

The moment I stepped into the air conditioned exhibition hall, I realized I am looking at stalls that displayed products on eye catching table top display. The products were immediately visible and for once the over enthusiastic sales girls faded into the background of neatly arranged trade show exhibits that spoke of volumes of aesthetic sense of the organizers.

The biennial life style exhibition is my favorite shopping paradise. I invariably end up exhausting my credit card limits in the exhibition.

My usual buys are table covers, mobile phones, artificial plants and home fountains. Do you see the picture in this blog? It is a plastic throw cover and I immediately fell for the color and texture. When I inquired where I can buy it, I was told to contact, a one stop online shop for all kinds of unique trade show exhibits.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Buy the best from

None of my existing communication gadgets are adequate for my new online venture that I have committed to.

Partnering with my husband, I have offered my spiritual counseling services. To make it short, anyone with any kind of so called problems can approach us and we strive to give the best solution possible.

For this we needed to buy a couple of ip phones that can connect to us to the Internet even on the move. It is not a problem to buy them but we need to buy the best available in the market.

Someone suggested us to look up at, a web site that displays various communications products based on reviews of other leading websites like Amazon.

For example, one can look up for the best ip-phones for small business at, where twenty two persons have voted for Linksys CIT400 Dual-Mode Internet Telephony Kit.

Similarly, they have displayed accessories for your communication gadgets such as adaptors, battery etc.

I would use whenever I need to buy something online.

Directory of spa, massage, beauty and career resources.

When my son wanted some money to go to a Spa, I asked him for how many days he will be gone. He burst out laughing. He then told me that a pedicure won’t take hours and he will be back for lunch.

I was under impression that spa means getting locked up in a remote place where one undertakes several treatments like massage therapy, mud baths, herbal oil massage and some secret herbal drinks that bring back the shine to one’s skin.

My son then explained that there are day spas too where one go for a manicure and pedicure

“Do you want an appointment mom”?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Irisys-a role model in pharmaceutical industry.

What am I doing here? What has gone into my head? I should have been busy on my white board working calculus problems for my 12th standard students. Instead I am arguing with a parent of my student about why many pharmaceuticals company fail in India.

Yes, I confess I am not that sound theoretically but I know what is going wrong in phrama industry. I was arguing that the practice of cgmp manufacturing is not being followed in an organized manner in India.

Obviously the parent was not fully aware of what is cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) which is actually is a term that is known as control and management of manufacturing and quality control testing of foods and pharmaceutical products.

I had to explain in detail about and their pioneering work in pharmaceutical packaging, formulations and cGMP manufacturing.

The complete machines for manufacturing and testing have to be approved according to predetermined specifications but that is the case with several small pharma industries.

Suddenly I realized that I have gone too far and I decided to let go of the argument and return to my class room.

The interview with a cook.

How long can I request my husband to help me with cooking? It is not fair on my part and so I decided to appoint a cook.

Quality cooks are a rare commodity in my city. Ours is a very orthodox family and we are pure vegetarians. But in spite of this condition, non-veg cooks only turn up.

Today, I interviewed a lady cook and fortunately she belongs to my community. But do you know what she answered to my husband's question? She said she doesn't know anything but willing to be taught! Who has got the time to train a novice?

And for all her inexperience, she demanded a chef's salary!

I think I have to put up with my husband's cooking for some more time.

What an Emcee can do you for you?

Sure, like you, I too sported a perplexing expression on my face when I first came across the word Emcee. Well, Emcee stands for MC-Master of Ceremonies. Oh yes, there are Mistress of Ceremonies too!

Mostly known as comperes or hosts of a show or an event or a ceremony, they organize everything like performers and caterers; they speak to the audience or guests in between the performances.

These MCs are now called as DJs (disc Jockeys) and they are hired to organize and host weddings, birthday parties, school events etc.

While hiring DJs, we must ensure they are experienced and we must ask them to show proof of their previous work. Generally, they would have documented their work.

Residents in and around San Diego area are fortunate to have the highest quality services of san diego wedding dj who has 10 years of experience. Since their services are in constant demand, you must check their availability well in advance.

If their dates clash with your schedule, it is advisable to adjust your event’s date according to their availability because an event that is not planned by won’t be all that memorable.

Over 26 million video hours.

26 million video hours! And I thought, YouTube is the only video clips site online! I admit I know only YouTube till now. But then, even YouTube is rarely visited by me; who has the time to watch video clips?

But what little I have watched in YouTube, I have enjoyed it and appreciated the skill and taste of the videographer. I only watch nature and birds.

I came to know about just a few minutes ago as I was researching content for my previous blog post on Mechanic's Lien. This video search engine is said to contain in its database, 26 million hours of video.

"Blinkx is the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine" since the tear 2004. It is a listed company in London Stock Exchange.

Who is a Mechanic’s Lien Attorney?

My husband’s golf companions comprise a diverse group of businessmen, lawyers, film personalities including a mathematics teacher. Yes, that’s I but I am literally a companion. I accompany him to golf course just to chat with other female companions like

Last week, I was introduced to a fine looking lady, tall and aristocratic looking. Bit taken aback by her looks, many kept a distance except me who captures the first opportunity to launch myself off into non-stop nonsense. I love talking much to the chagrin of my husband.

The new companion is a practicing Mechanic’s Lien attorney. I stared at her blankly. My self importance took a beating but only temporarily. Seeing my sudden defensiveness, she was kind enough to explain that a mechanic's lien is a legal hold against the owner of real property if he defaults payment to contractors after they have put in considerable amount of labor and material to develop the property into a building.

My new friend specializes in drafting a waiver for mechanic’s lien. I asked her what her husband is.

“He is a building contractor”.lol

Whales! Please stay!

Soon there will a campaign in the Internet supporting the offline campaigns to save the whales which are threatened to be wiped in the wake of increased global warming.

" According to researchers from the Federal Environment Department, humpback, southern right and minke whale populations could be damaged by a lack of food caused by a change in sea temperatures. "-Times of India

Well, I am not too bothered about the news but conservationists are all up against arms. So, what is expected from all of us who are the prime cause for global warming. There is no clear cut plan of action suggested by any global watchers of environment.

Again, who is to bell the cat?

I am only bothered about the present ugly situation in Tuticorin.

What is common between me and Jane Austin?

We both love cars but never possessed one. (Smile) That is all we share. But don’t ask me which Jane Austin?

But I intend to buy one within 6 months. It is a certainty. I have already identified exactly what I am going to buy. I have chosen a seven year old Hyundai Sonata, silver grey color.

I refused to listen to unsolicited advises as why I should not buy a used car. I know my needs and only I know what my bank balance is to make a down payment.

Looking at my choice, my husband criticized me and also asked me why he should sell his used dodge truck san diego which is serving well. I explained to him that we need to raise some funds for my car and I assured he can get by without his used truck. He can always hire one.

I avoided his look and pretended that I am on my mobile. When he was normal, I showed my husband how helped me calculate my repayments.

The San Diego Dodge web site has been designed to enhance and simplify your car buying experience.

U.S. dumping wastages in India.

Immediately after my post about the major environmental danger approaching America, I read in a magazine in Tamil about how the U.S. is dumping its toxic effluents in India.

Well though the dumping was not done directly, it seemed it sold wastage that filled 40 containers to the ITC, a major firm in India. Those 40 containers were docked at Tuticorin port, about 650 KMs east of Madras.

The containers said to contain contaminated municipal waster such as polythene bags, crushed soft drink cans, pesticide containers, used batteries, metal wires and others more have been rotting away at the port. A legal case is going on but the prestigious ITC says they are not poisonous wastes. America refuses to take it back.

Here is a video clip you can watch. Times of India too reported this.

What they are going to with such a garbage? Who knows, who is John Galt?

Where do you find probate attorneys?

I was busy going through questions and answers in Yahoo! Answers. I was obliging a school principal who sought my help in finding information about the role of Real Estate Probate Attorneys.

I know the school principal teaches English; so I wondered what her interest in a subject that is not even distantly related. (Smile)

Decently I didn’t ask her purpose but I promised what I can do. Not that a mathematic teacher (yes, that’s I) is closely related to the legal subject but my proficiency in using the Internet is well known among my ex-colleagues.

So, for my ex-boss, I devoted some time and came with a probate attorney directory that has all the resources. It is a nation wide, pre-screened directory of probate lawyers and attorneys as well as probate resources and estate planning information.

This opportunity proved to be beneficial to me also I picked up some valuable knowledge about probate which is a legal process of settling the estate of a deceased person, and distributing the proceeds to heirs and creditors.

I have heard and read about the long legal process in such cases where it even took as many as 15 years for the final judgment. Even my father fought for 6 years to lay his claim but unsuccessfully.

My God, the attorneys taking up the probate cases must have one hell of patience!

Image courtesy: Google Images

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don’t have sentimental attachment to silver.

I decided to book some profit two days before when the silver price showed smart upward movement. I could not resist the opportunity to book profit which meant I will deplete my fairly fat silver stock.

After trading in silver stock actively since my association with Monex Deposit Company, I learnt not to attach any sentiment to my precious metals portfolio. Generally women hate to let go of their precious metals possession at any given time.

Monex Precious Metals is home to a large and dedicated staff of hard asset professionals committed to serving your precious metals investment needs and being America’s best dealer with a convenient market and competitive precious metals prices.

I made substantial profit in the last transaction and the next day, I was again tempted to buy more silver stocks but I had to refrain from buying as I needed cash to payback the loan I took to buy silver stocks.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why blogspot is superior to wordpress?

I am of the opinion that blogspot is superior to wordpress blogging platform. I anticipate quite a few feedbacks backing WP and I have my reasons.

* WP releases constant upgrades to its version. For techno novices like me, upgrading WP is a big problem.

* It is very easy to modify the source code HTML in blogspot based blogs.

* Adding a new page element is easier than doing so in WP.

* Even inserting AdSense codes is easier in blogspot when compared to WP.

* There is never a requirement to upgrade blogspot. Man, what a relief it is!

* Getting answers to doubts regarding blogspot is also very easy as there are more places for that.

* I have come across so called experts and veterans of WP, but they were always reluctant to answer or they guide you else where.

* Above all, there is no installation headache in blogspot.

I love you Google for everything you do, for every product you develop.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Umpiring decisions can be contested.

At last, the highly conservative ICC officials have decided to be practical and allow the technology to be used in cricket matches.

For the forth coming tour of India to Sri Lanka, players are allowed to appeal against the umpiring verdicts if they feel he might have got it wrong.

Though, the initial rules concerning this arrangement are a bit confusing, I am glad the first step has been taken.

Just to keep the human elements of the game, why should a bowler or a batsman suffer on a wrong decision by the on-field umpire? A player's career may at stake when he is handed down a wrong decision due to human error.

Thank you ICC.

The drug reference guide from Epocrates.

I believe everyone in their lifetime comes across a bit of unconditional love which takes them by surprise but not immediately. Only after the effect of unconditional love settles in, the mind send signals to the brain which in turn decodes, analyzes, interprets and pass it on to the nerves and then only we feel the emotion-the emotion of gratitude.

The first time I experienced this gratitude which automatically brought tears in my eyes was when my father was fighting for his life. His body did not respond to several medicines. The doctors were baffled.

One afternoon, a doctor not attached to the hospital where my father was admitted heard about my father’s condition and studied for a long time his case record. Suddenly he pulled out his PDA, referred his drug reference guide online, made a few overseas calls and wrote out something to the doctors who were treating my father.

He simply walked away without even bothering to acknowledge the thanks from other doctors. It is needless to say that what he wrote-the medicines worked on my father.

With the Epocrates’ drug reference guide loaded on their PDA , clinicians can immediately access the information needed to make prescribing decisions – such as drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage.

This announcement was paid for by Epocrates

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What can you buy in Las Vegas?

My relative’s daughter showed me a handful of poker chips and shiny dices. And believe me dear, she is only 7 years old. I thought kids are mot allowed to play in Las Vegas!

She along with her mother just returned from a trip to the U.S. Her mother was telling me her Las Vegas travel adventures. No, she didn’t win any money or poker chips, she told me.

They went on a big shopping spree and almost all shops sell colorful poker ships and dices as souvenir. My relative then thanked me for recommending that made her Las Vegas travel arrangements.

Actually I came to know about Shermans Travel through another relative of mine who was all appreciation of their hospitality and their day tips.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What is a memory stick?

When my son dismantled his old and outdated desktop, I asked him if he can remove the memory card and use it to upgrade my computer’s memory.

He gave an odd look that conveyed something else. Did I read it right? Yes, his look was one of looking at a creature. “Mom, don’t you know your computer is also as old as mine and need to meet the same end?”-said my son.

I gave a sheepish smile and gave in. I know my knowledge is sub zero when it comes to computer hardware. I gave my family a rude shock when I bought a memory stick instead of a RAM just because the shop keeper convinced me that a memory stick is the latest technological development in PC hardware.

Oh God, when I am going to catch up?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I visited a home planetarium.

An unforgettable experience I had yesterday when one of my students brought to my office a strange new gadget called Home Planetarium.

She requested me to close all the windows and switched off the lights too but I let the air conditioning on. It was after 7 PM and it was already dark.

She then operated the egg shaped device that projected countless stars on the ceiling. What a sight! It was beautiful to see the night sky inside a room.

I wonder how it works! I could not understand the concept but what an experience!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Want to stop a foreclosure notice?

“That’s it! I have stretched myself to the limit Malathy, there is no point in pestering me further”-my husband told me rather mildly but I took that also very seriously. How can a man close a topic like that? I was fuming for several hours.

When calmness set in, my good senses pulled me back to review what my husband said and I weighed the pros and cons of raising further loan.

Yes, I should not have reacted like that; after all we are not facing any foreclosure. The situation is not that bad. Come to think of it after 24 hours, I realized I need not think about raising funds at all.

Even if the situation is that bad, I am sure the bank will give us some warning before serving foreclosure notice considering our stable record of repayments.

“Relax, Malathy; be cheerful”-I affirmed at last.

100,000 backs links for $15

I happen to read an ad somewhere in the past hour about how your web site can get 100, 000 back links in 30 days!

Quite unbelievable-isn’t it? Also, the ad says all the 100K links will get indexed in Google in 30 days.

Only newbies in the Internet will fall for such exaggeration.. Back links are to be acquired through scientific Internet marketing slowly and in stages as a sudden spurt in back links will be penalized by almost all the search engines.

Even professional directory submission service providers won’t submit your website to more than 1000 directories in 30 days.

Be alert folks. The advertiser may be capable of delivering but it is not a natural process.

Looking through the shutters.

I think I am the first one to use exterior shutters for my mathematics coaching center. Almost every day, I see passers by stopping to have a look at my newly decorated office.
One or two even walked up to me and inquired about the louver cedar shutters that I fixed on the two windows overlooking the main road. It is on my son’s suggestion that I went for it though it stretched my budget a little.
But I had difficult time in selecting the exterior shutters at as they have so many eye catching varieties of shutters of which the western red cedar shutters was most appealing to me.
But I settled for the louver type because of the size of the windows and also it is movable.

Received a surprise gift.

In one of my other blog, I write about wonderful products that we can use in our daily life. I love to blog about new products and I wish I have all those that I introduce in my blog.

Some times, I inform the product manufacturer or the blogger from where I found out the product though the credit to them is never forgotten to mention in my blog article.

In appreciation of my interest, I was sent a gift; it is a fan designed to be fun to look at. See the picture and you will realize that it is a fan powered by USB drive and not just a show piece.

Aren't they beautiful?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Don’t look beyond

One of my students borrowed my pocket watch for his school final exam two months before. When I gave the pocket watch to him, I told him that it is a lucky watch that is sure to get him a centum.

The next day, when he came to return it, he narrated an incident in the exam hall. Since it was a pocket watch (not a wrist watch), his hand often brought out the watch from his trouser packet to check the time. This aroused a suspicion for the examiner.

When my student showed the pocket watch, the whole exam hall burst into laughter.

My lucky pocket watch is 23 years old. For new pocket watches, one need not look beyond, where one can find out a vast range of pocket watches and wrist watches.

For internet marketing professionals..

I shamelessly consider myself as an Internet Marketing professional though I am not doing it professionally. (A paradox?)

What I mean is I don't offer my services to outsiders as I am completely using my knowledge to promote my web sites and blogs.

I frequently visit Sphinn to catch up news on the Internet world, get to know new technologies, visit new websites that are dedicated to web 2.0 etc. "Sphinn is a social site for search and interactive marketers. It's designed to allow you to share and discover news stories, read and take part in discussions, discover events of interest and network with others."-Sphinn

When you share your own post or the ones you find interesting, you can also start a discussion in that post.

An excellent place to network with specialists in internet marketing.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Market research by the world’s most curious people.

When my husband’s business was forced to close, naturally there was a lot of postmortem done. Everybody whether involved or not involved started voicing their views.

Though I tried to shield my husband from accusing glares, I too sided with a few who emphasized that the failure to do timely market research must be the prime cause for the business closure.

True, we did undertake a market research but the purpose was why the business was falling. Instead of gathering the market intelligence before starting the business, we did it at the fag end and paid the price for the wrong move.

Now, my husband has subscribed to the newsletter published by Synovate, a global market intelligence gathering company.

My husband showed a synopsis of the recent newsletter from Synovate where I appreciated their observation about a unique practice in Philippines where people buy things in single servings such as a single cigarette, one painkiller tablet, or even one disposable diaper.

This is an important observation and traders and distributors should never build up the inventory unnecessarily.

Synovate has more to offer to business people than just newsletters. They specialize in Advertising, brand image building, competitive market intelligence, customer segmentation and more.

Do you require our services?

If the question below was asked a day before, I would not have been able to save several thousand dollars for my ex-boss.

“Do you know where I can outsource shoe assembling services”, asked my ex-boss. I was a bit surprised that he still manages to run his small foot wear industry.

Suddenly, he faced a labor shortage and he had to meet a deadline. He was desperate and I was determined to help him.

Only the day before, I came to know of AMS fulfillment services. The company submitted their website to be listed in my directory. While describing their company, I noted that their area of services include assembly, product fulfillment, warehousing, packing and delivering, order fulfillment and more.

I read that they service several industries like cosmetics, hand bags, shoes, CDs and DVDs, jewelry etc. Since their services are widespread, I did some more research in the Internet and came to the conclusion that AMS Fulfillment Services Company has almost nil competition.

They have an in depth knowledge of the industrialists’ requirement and thus are offering excellent service.

When I explained all these to my ex-boss, he was instantly relieved.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Social news sites with a long term returns on investment..

Do you know that there are 380 social news sites in the web? But definitely not all of them can be useful to us.

I was very much impressed with an excellent blog post by Dosh Dosh on 48 social news web sites we can use to generate traffic to our websites or blogs. If there is one blogger that I want to emulate, that is Dosh Dosh. I admire him so much. His knowledge of internet marketing is amazing.

He has researched thoroughly all the existing social news sites, filtered painstakingly to list out the final 48 sites that deemed fit to spend our valuable time. He said that each site on this list is evaluated according to various criteria, including the no. of votes for each story and the frequency/date of submissions, all of which are indicators of user/viewer activity.

I am already using most of the sites on his list but I did find a few that are new to me. One such social news web site is I am Bored that has a strong focus on weird and offbeat news.

Read his article and share it with others.