Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who needs a financial adviser?

I thought it was quite odd to see a sudden burst of advertisement in newspapers from people offering their expensive services as "Financial Advisers". I wonder what they can offer to the current market that seems to be highly informed of their financial management!

Everybody these days are extremely aware of their financial management especially after the big American banks went under that sent the world economy into a tailspin.

No one has forgotten how Indian economy stayed afloat amidst widespread financial panic with the exception of Indian stock Exchanges that seem so much to depend on American economy. An offhand remark by an American politician would have adverse effect on the Indian bourses.

Even my son who has been employed since three years is so much knowledgeable when it comes to spending his salary or saving for the future.

So, who needs financial advisers?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

HGH-is it for all?

Where else can you look for more information on HGH (Human Growth Hormone) but on review websites if you don’t know anyone taking this hormone secretor? Do people really buy HGH based on reviews and ratings online?

HGH is a specialized medication that is not widely used like weight loss or vitamin supplements. I have my own doubts about the number of people who are prescribed by their physicians. It should only be a last resort to get the energy juices flowing once again.

A week before, I was discussing about the ingredients of HGH with my son who seems to possess knowledge about so many things in the world that actually never concerned him. My heart skipped a beat when he listed so many chemicals that make up a HGH.

Pituitary gland, the one part of our body that is capable so many things must be the work of genius.

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This is real folks! Not a film shooting.

What a shot! I mean, the photo, not the other! Ha, ha, this is the living in India. It is news photo in Yahoo! News.

This incident took place in Assam in which a policeman and a Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti supporter clash. The exact location is Guwahati, the capital of Assam.

The photographer must have been very close to the scene of action as is evident from the clarity of the photo and other minute details that the image shows.

Hey, there is something odd here! The other policemen are looking elsewhere and not at the man to woman clash that was happening just a few feet from them!

Plus size medical uniforms and scrubs.

Why nurses wear white scrubs always? Why don’t they wear colored uniforms? I was thinking aloud on these lines while I waited at the eye clinic where my mother-in-law had undergone a Lasik surgery at the wee hours on Sunday.

The ophthalmologist exuded friendliness. His cheerful attitude encouraged me to ask him about my thoughts. He took a long look at me and finally said he would consider it provided he gets discount scrubs at a minimal notice.

I assured him of my assistance on one condition that next time I seek his appointment; he should see me first ignoring the waiting patients.

He laughed out loud and apologized for the delay in attending to my mother-in-law. He picked up the sarcasm quickly.

Shrewd doctor-eh?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lasik cost in Chennai.

The cost of lasik (laser eye surgery) has gone up in Chennai by nearly 25%.

Lasik Cost in Chennai:
My mother-in-law was advised immediate lasik 10 days before. Within a span of that time, she had undergone vision correction surgery in both her eyes. The cost for the lasik was Rs.36,000 for both the eyes.

About 3 years before, my sister and her husband came to India from California especially to take Lasik. They paid Rs.30,000 at that time and the laser eye surgery was performed by one of the top eye care surgeon in Chennai.

My mother-in-law was treated very well by Dr.Ramesh Babu in Annanagar. She is now on the road to recovery.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to use a Blackberry SmartPhone?

I am clumsy when it comes to handling mobile phones like blackberry curve because of too many applications. Navigating such an advanced mobile phone is not my forte. That is why I always preferred simple communicating devices.

When my son gifted me with his Blackberry Curve SmartPhone, I could not hide my apprehensive expression. However, my son caught me immediately. With a reassuring look, he patiently explained all its latest features and functions like how to use the Bluetooth function, how to shoot a short video clip and how to insert Micro SD Card etc.

Knowing my weakness in using maps, he demonstrated how to locate where is living in Norway. I was amazed at his intelligence. Contemporary youth are so adept at learning everything on their own-eh?

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The best air purifier for your garage.

I don't like in-built garages. I mean, the garages that let you inside the house or office complex are the ones I am talking about.

People build it that way to show off their affluence more than convenience. Invariably, these garages are smelly with no ventilation at all. Even if there is a window, it is always closed. These garages are never cleaned and they stifle for breathe.

I once suggested an infra red air purifier to a garage owner. Today, he has placed a few furniture in the garage and converted it as a mini drawing room! The air purifier has made all the difference.

Click on the image here to find out this Infra Red Portable Air Purifier cum Heater can make you a proud owner of your garage.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cheaper ink cartridge options.

Are you aware that the prices of ink cartridges have come down? After nearly 6 years of paying through the nose for HP ink cartridges, I finally listened to wise suggestion from my system technician and bought a new Canon all-in-one printer.

Like everybody, I too refill the empty ink cartridges twice before throwing them away and buy new ones. My new Canon printer has a useful feature. On the dashboard of the printer, there is an indicator of the ink level in the ink cartridge. This is very helpful to be prepared. We all get caught unaware when we see the message ‘ink cartridge empty’ invariably when we want to print a document urgently.

Ink cartridges for Canon printer are cheaper than HP ink cartridges. Also, I find the quality of the ink is much better than HP ink. However, I should admit one fact; the HP color ink produces stunning color pictures. It is not so with Canon ink cartridges.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Pain after breast augmentation surgery.

My relative is migrating to Australia. She has built up some fantasies on her own about living in Australia. I don't blame her. She intend to augment her breasts before she leaves for Australia.

Pain after breast augmentation surgery.
She asked me if she will feel lot of pain after the surgery. How do I know? I have no experience. But, any plastic surgery will cause immense discomfort to anyone. It all depends on the endurance level of individuals-right?

Medical tourism destination
Breast augmentation is not all that popular in India. I wonder whether this plastic surgery is done in India though India is world's number one medical tourism destination in the world.

After breast augmentation is done, patients will feel plain because the tissue surrounding the implant hardens. Pain killers should lessen the pain but I have heard of long term discomfort leading to other complications. Sometimes, an additional surgery is required.

I advised my relative to think several times before she decides in favor of breast augmentation cosmetic surgery.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hit and miss? No chance!

Is it an irony or a coincidence? Sitting at the eye clinic, I was glancing through several magazines scattered on the center table (placed at an inconvenient corner).

There was a photograph of a lovely looking kid of about 10 years, looking through the lens of a toy rifle and creatively, the image he was looking through the scope was distorted.

I got the picture! I mean, I understood the advertisement which was about highly quality scopes that are used in binoculars and night vision surveillance gadgets.

I admired silently the copywriter and made a note of the URL of the advertiser. I intend to a send a complimentary email to the webmaster.

Good! Very creative!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Anxiety Treatment for Pregnant women.

Tomorrow, the appointment for my meeting with a group of school teachers is fixed at 11.00 AM. I am looking forward to it as it would be a chance to catch up with a few of them who are my good friends.

Anxiety Treatment for Pregnant women:
The modern world's speed and demands are taking a heavy toll on most of us who just forgot the art of relaxing. Anxiety enters even school children at an early stage and ripe over the years. It spares none in contemporary world.

Pregnant women bear the brunt of anxiety and lapse into panic attacks well before the wombs show the early forms of the baby.

I am going to talk on this serious issue and present a few scientific facts about anxiety and easy ways to cure anxiety related side effects.

Do you care to share any advice?

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The wheels.

My son nudged at me as we are passing by a street lined with automobile accessories. As I said, we were just passing by; we had nothing to buy there. I glanced at my son inquiring the reason for his poke.

He pointed at an ATV Tires sign. I understood. He wanted to remind me of our grandfather ATV that came to us as a sort of inheritance. Actually, it was dumped on unceremoniously by another family member.

We did not complain. It was our first vehicle and it was free! We were excited and went about getting it back to shape (if at you call it a shape). We bargained at a second sales shop and fitted the ATV with tires, patched up the upholstery and even managed to buy a spare tire.

Later, we had bitter memories with our ATV before disposing it off.

New bridal shower invitation formats.

I anticipated this not long ago. When my mobile phone started receiving short messages of myriad nature, I knew people would send party invitations and even wedding invitations through mobile phone messages.

Therefore, I was not at all surprised when I received bridal shower invitations that entered the Indian wedding culture three years ago. It was at a time when mobile applications developers were still groping with ordinary text based messages.

Well, three years is a long time for technology to stay static. Multimedia services quickly made inroads in mobile phones. It was only a matter of months before people creatively designed their wedding anniversary and birthday invitations using their mobile phone SMS.

Now, how long do you think before traditional invitation designers would start designing invitation cards and greeting cards exclusively for mobile phone users?

Hey, did I drop a new business idea?

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